Tuesday 22 December 2015

I See You Baby (Shaking That Ass)

Jon spotted these donkey ears in a cheap shop at the weekend and had to buy them. We've worn them ever since. Ha! Bet you thought I was talking about another kind of ass.

Wearing: Me: Ricci Michaels of Mayfair 1960s maxi (Bought at End of the Road festival). Jon: American cowboy shirt with wolf  print (eBay, £1.36)

We wore them to Wetherspoons for our weekly lunch date on Monday. The type of lunch date that starts at midday and ends with us staggering home half-cut at 8pm.

They came along to the market town of Wellington in Shropshire on Tuesday afternoon when we popped over to visit our mate Ellen, whose just become manager of this PDSA charity shop.

On both occasions loads of people stopped me to compliment on my psychedelic dresses, my jewellery and my Desperately Seeking Susan jacket (as someone christened it recently) but not a soul mentioned that I was wearing a massive pair of donkey ears. Just goes to show that you can get away with almost anything when you wear vintage.

Wearing: 1960s psychedelic maxi (99p, eBay 2006), Vintage majorette's jacket (part of a set, charity shop in the summer)

Xmas decorations? Nah, you're seeing things.

That's just Camp Stag. I got him from a chazza last week. Kitsch is for life, not just for Xmas.

As you can see from the rest of my décor.

So, what are our plans for this week? Tomorrow we'll be taking advantage of the Christmas holidays and socialising mid-week with friends who have normal jobs. Working almost every weekend this year meant we've hardly seen them.

The 25th will be spent in the curry house with the Dead Relatives Society, our little gang of orphans. No doubt there will be cheese, wine and loud music later on. We've successfully avoided watching Xmas TV since the turn of the century so there will be loads of downloaded films to watch including Desperately Seeking Susan - I'd forgotten how much I loved it until the lady who named my jacket mentioned it.

As to the rest of the week, in the words of my current favourite tune Who Knows? (it's amazing, makes me want to throw a bikini in a bag, jump on a plane and bask on a tropical beach...oh, hang on...that's next week!)  I've never been one for plans or traditions and I'm too old to start now.

Have a cool Yule and see you on the other side.

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  1. I want some stags just cant get whet i want at the moment , I want to go to Wellington haven't been for at least 6 months , Roll on next yaer and going to see Elaine at the salvation army shop xxx

  2. Donkey ears? My arse. (Or should that be ass?)
    You look like a glamourous Playboy bunny to me.
    Jon? Not so much.
    Wishing you a peaceful, relaxing and merry festive season.

  3. I don't even do all the mad shopping thing or even cook but it still mushes my head.
    You've chilled me out with your laid back cheery post, as did the lush picnic bench afternoon tea with my ladies.
    Enjoy yourselves lovely friends. Xxx

  4. Well, whether they are Xmas decorations or not, I love them! Especially the blue stag! Have a great time visiting. Ours will be a quiet and relaxing day at home, just the three of us :)

  5. I want to go to "Camp Stag". Oh, it's not a place?? Blue sequin and pink plastic stags are far more fun and certainly not at all like the ubiquitous white plaster antlers I've been seeing on a bunch of contemporary decor blogs. That jacket takes majoretting to a new trippy level!
    I'll have to track down your Melanie blogger friend and fill her in on her namesake. You're right, chickpeas are the hot now. Join the Chickpea Revolution!

  6. I was going to say, pom poms and deer are the norm!

  7. How clueless am I? I thought those were bunny ears. Adorable either way. That dress is so amazing I can see how people would be distracted. Desperately Seeking Susan reminds me so much of my days in New York in the 1980's. It was pretty rough around the edges back then. But way more fun! So true, my Dear, Kitsch is for Life!!!

  8. I'm with Emma Kate, those ears are less Bottom and more Bunny, but either way, you look adorable in them! And the psychedelic maxi and majorette jacket too, of course, but then you always look fab wearing those!
    I'm pleased to hear you had a proper lunchtime-through-to-evening session at Spoons, bet that was fun. And more socialising to come, excellent! Your house is always a shrine to kitsch glamour and fantastic decoration, so Christmas doesn't really make much difference, right? Camp Stag and his fluffy boa fit right in!
    Sending you and Jon big festive squeezes, and loads of love, as always! Xxxx

  9. OH! These ears of an ass want them too! As fate would have me to live a stone's throw from the town of Pinocchio and sooner or later I am going to become a donkey! ehehhe Your psychedelic dress is just wonderful, and even more because you're fine! I love these decorations in your house, the deer is very glamorous! Oh, I too would like to get away and maybe sleep for all parties, but I hope to spend a quiet day with my family and eat the "panforte" made by the bakers in my village, my favorite dessert! "Desperately Seeking Susan" how many times I've seen the movie ?! It 's great, I wanted those second hand clothes and those parties! My best friend, Daniela, then contributed to my passion when he worked in TV and impersonated Madonna, you can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK6i2gvO3Co was divine!

    good night


  10. Love the donkey ears! Remind me of Nick Bottom in Midsummer Night's Dream.

  11. Those donkey ears kick ass (sorry I couldn't help myself) and make a fun change from reindeer antlers! We have already caught up with the family, so on Christmas day Rich is making pancakes with fresh summer fruit and maybe we will grab nandos later if we are hungry? I love the Desperately Seeking Susan jacket, I've never seen the movie! My aunty had a big poster of it in her room when I was a kid and I remember thinking how cool the women in the poster were (I think one of them was Madonna? Maybe I just made that up). Merry Christmas Vix!

  12. Ha, donkey ears are super! I wore my big holly headband that Clare Miss Simmonds made for me today!!!! Camp stag is super! Our Christmas decorations from last year have been up all year- oops!x

  13. Your bunny ears (un-remarked upon!) are fab, and so are the stags. Our Christmas day will be watching the new Star Wars movie with a dear old friend, followed by ale and wine at the Pig & Whistle. No presents, no cards, just fun and relaxation. Hope you day is delightful,



  14. You can actually pull off wearing pointy ears. ONLY YOU. Though I bet Goody could find a bag to match it.

    Kitsch deer is super. Sparkle is always welcome.

    Not long now till that beach, not long...

  15. And a very cool Yule to you and Jon from a not-so-cool Yule.

    PS You've got me wanting to watch Desperately Seeking Susan again now too.

  16. Camp Stag is magnificent and he would be out on display all year round in my house too!
    Enjoy your curry. x x

  17. I thought that they were bunny ears too. Anyway, they make you look dead glam. I love that maxi/jacket combo. It looks fabulous. I don't think that I have ever seen "Desperately Seeking Susan". I spent much of the 80's with my head in a book and no TV. Camp Stag is a sparkly wonder. We are in a tree-less, decoration-less state here and no one cares, not even Sprogzilla. I did suggest curry for Christmas but got outvoted. I think your idea sounds better. That is a top tune. I wish I was where they are. Xx

  18. On you even the donkey ears look adorable! So, no wonder nobody asked about them, they just look like a part of your image! The sparkling deer is super!

  19. "Kitsch is for life, not just for Xmas" would make a nice cross-stitch gift kit.

    And *ahem* those aren't the ears of an ass; those belong on a bunny, which means to complete the ensemble you need a large pom-pom on your posterior. Somehow, dear Vix, one believes you could pull it off...probably in blue marabou.

  20. Playboy bunny ears! That just SCREAMS Christmas! Ha! ; P

    LOVE the maxi dress!

    So happy to see you both enjoying your down time before you head off for your annual India trip.

    I'm hoping you can avoid all the Christmas music at this time of year. It's been driving me crazy for over a month now!


  21. Only you could make bunny ears look cool Vix. Sending festive wishes to you and Jon, enjoy your curry! xx

  22. Loving the psychedelic maxi and majorette jacket combo - only you could pull off those ears with such nonchalance! Have a good 'un! xxx

  23. It just goes to show that you make everything you wear into something super chic, even donkey ears! "Camp Stag" fits in very well with the rest of your decor, and I heartily agree that Kitsch is for every day, not just holidays. I don't have any Seasonal decorations in my apartment,but I received a gorgeous handmade fabric tree in the mail yesterday from an artist I met in NY and it will be my festive decoration.

    Enjoy sharing good food and conversation with friends over the holidays, and safe travels, if we don't "see" you before you leave for India. XO

  24. Love the Donkey ears! They are perfect this time of year, and would also look great for a Midsummer Night's theme too. Quite like your idea for the Dead Relatives Society, why didn't I think of that? xxx

  25. Funny how people will avoid mentioning the obvious like a gigantic pair of donkey ears. I would ASSume there was a joke there I wasn't getting.

    Enjoy your Dead Relatives gathering, eat cheese, and be merry. If I don't catch you before leaving for India, best wishes for a great New year.

  26. somewhere in my house is a really Desperately Seeking Susan jacket that my BFF found at a thrift store years ago. Recently re-watched that movie, it's still good.

  27. I feel that I must confess I've never seen DSS...don't hate me.
    That you look super cool in the aforementioned jacket, groovetastic frock and undetermined ears goes without saying.
    Loving Camp Stag and no decs (none here either) but where's your cards?
    Have you got so fecked off with xmas that you put them on the wood burner? Haha. Thanks for yours btw.
    Enjoy the 25th and roll on next week! xx

  28. I'm going with cute woodland creatures rather than mucky barnyard dwellers. Your Sunday afternoon at Witherspoons sounds like fun, as do your plans for a midweek hangout with your friends.

    I love your dress and jacket. So unique and so darn cool! xo

  29. Somehow you look elegantly and Classic in your ears. But not surprisingly because when you wear something that you are comfortable in ... And the psychedelic dress looks to be a Pucci from in 1966.

  30. Have fun with your friends!!! You wear your donkey ears beautifully and I'm not surprised everyone noticed your vintage attire. You make everything look hot!! Loving your makeup too. As always, glimpsing your home is a joy as well.

    Love to you and Jon!!! XXOO

  31. Have a blast, Vix and J!!
    And I adore those donkey ears - head stuff rocks! xox

  32. Well, I was shocked! Vix doing booty shots? Of course not, you're too much of a lady for that. Lovely dress and the donkey ears - well what more could a girl want?

    What is it with the deer/stags? How did it start? Why? Why deer? Somebody tell me pleeese....

    Have a wonderful holiday and come back all nice and relaxed before the mayhem starts again!

    Veronica xxx

  33. wish you a fab time with your friends!!!!
    i need some costume ears!
    hugs! xxxxxx

  34. Rocking the ears! I love desperately seeking Susan I have it on video somewhere, were still analogue here lol. After all we are in the good old north. Xxx

  35. How fab to have friends in the right places! I do admire you for ignoring the hype and commercialised crap side of Christmas..I'm still fighting it! The ears are fun, have a great Christmas break in India - can't wait for your Goa posts - please take hundreds of pictures of absolutely everything!!! Betty

  36. Adore the ears, but that stag truly rocks!

  37. I have lights up all year round in my garden and on my deck. I put up a tree and decorate it and that is me. No bun fight to attend with family you fight with for me! We are hoping to head out to the beach later today to run the dogs and the lads are thinking of going for a surf. Traditional, I think not, but it's how we roll down here in NZ!!

  38. Love the ears!
    Merry Christmas to you, Jon, the kitties and Jacob xxx

  39. You guys both look adorable in these donkey ears. I was wearing giraffe ears once for Halloween dinner out and got so many compliments. But of course, I don't have such phenomenal vintage dresses! Yours are fab! Have a wonderful time with Jon and friends. Lots of love to you!
    PS I was traveling in Oregon earlier this week and so wanted to run into Krista. Do say hello for me!

  40. Very cute! Those donkey ears are hilarious. Hope you're enjoying your holiday. Happy Christmas to you and a wonderful new year. x

  41. That cropped jacket makes me wanna scream with envy!! You're a prettiest ass ever!

  42. The stag in the mirror now has a twin!
    Your ears were probably too way out for people to comment on. Clothing is acceptable!
    Wishing you much joy in India!!! Your real Christmas.
    Love the term "cool Yule". Xo Jazzy Jack

  43. Great costume ears! Okay, I'll admit it, you got me. I thought it might be a different kind of ass. Even worse, and more egocentrically, the first time I saw your post title I wondered who the post was about and if the post was about me (dreams of grandeur) or about you and some friends gyrating to wild music. Great prank! I see you rocked those costume ears at Ellen's PDSA charity shop too.
    The colours of the print on your Ricci Michaels of Mayfair 1960s maxi are fabulous! Jon's shirt is a beauty too. Wow, midday 'til 8 PM is a long lunch date! The sleeves and embroidery on the vintage majorette's jacket you wore with your 1960s psychedelic maxi and your home decor are fabulous - love the reindeer!
    Have a wonderful year 2016!


  44. those donkey ears are so cute!!!!!!!! and I really like your outfit...that bolero jacket stole my heart...it is a work of art.

  45. fabulous music to cheer up my day!! thanks for sharing!
    Love your kitschy deers decoration, colorful and delightful! and also loving that somebody called your jacket a 'desperately seeking susan' jacket!, such a funny comment! Sometimes people rock!

  46. What a wonderful post dear :) I wish you a happy healthy 2016 with lots of fun!

    Check out my new post - My amazing kitchen floor makeover :)

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor

  47. Amazing ears! I love a bit of fancy headgear; I used to go out every weekend with some sort of outlandish head decoration. When Adrian and I first started dating my go-to piece was a huge puffy glittery bow headband; very 80s but I loved it! Love the jacket too-its dreamy! xxxx

    Credit Crunch Chic


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