Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Kaya 2015 - One Love.....One Amazing Festival

That's incredible, I gasped, nodding at the Neo-Gothic splendour of Margam Castle, whilst simultaneously jumping down from Gilbert and hugging Corrie, Kaya Festival organiser who, after months of exchanging emails, already felt like an old friend. That's good, she replied, 'cos your pitch is facing that and the main stage. Could things get any better? 

So what is Kaya? A world music and arts festival in its fourth year. After three years in North Wales the organisers decided to move south to Margam Country Park, just outside Port Talbot, for 2015. It was the first time we'd traded outside England and despite the long journey we'd applied to trade there as we loved the look of it.

At Kaya the accent may be pure Tom Jones but Bob Marley is king.

After introducing ourselves to our new neighbours, we set up shop, cracked open a beer and went off to explore our home for the next five days. 

 No wonder Margam Country Park was awarded Green Flag's Best Park in the Country. It really is spectacular with lakes & forests, a mountain backdrop and a sea view.

Vintage cotton maxi (Ruby Slippers Vintage)

There's a farm trail with herds of roaming deer, cheeky goats and a rare breed of badger-faced sheep.

Some locals talking their dogs out for an evening stroll pointed us in the direction of the ruined Norman Abbey, destroyed during Henry VIII's Dissolution.

After exploring we headed back to camp and had an early night, the three and a half hour journey and six hour set-up had just about done us in.

Kaya opened to the public on Friday. The weather was glorious and the vibe was fantastic.

Vintage leather fringed top (courtesy of Helga), skirt made by me.

Sam, our nearest neighbour sold handicrafts and instruments made by various community projects from his native Ghana as well as running a drumming workshop. If I make any money this weekend, I told him, I'm treating myself to one of those baskets.

Friday's acts included previous Kinky customers, Welsh hillbilly rock band, The Noses.

And Afrobeat legends, Seun Kuti, whose manager called in and made a purchase.

Other attractions included a 130 foot inflatable water slide and a hot tub cinema (luckily I'd packed a few vintage swimsuits which were soon snapped up by festival goers keen to join in the fun).

There was kayaking, zip wiring, a climbing wall and a healing field. 

A circus.

A community piano.

 And even a Tardis!

Saturday was equally glorious.

Vintage metallic maxi (courtesy of Curtise), paper rose head dress (60p, eBay)
More and more festival goers were sporting Kinky Melon purchases.

The crowd was blown away by legendary festival DJ Norman Jay MBE

And The Brand New Heavies brought the house down.

Drummer Jan called in, loved our stock and made a few purchases before posing for a photo.

Sunday was grey and chilly but that didn't stop the fun.

Jon was glad of the 1970s velvet blazer I found on one of the charity stalls.

 My vintage Tricoville blanket coat (best car boot buy this year) was admired by many.

Samba dancers and processions kept us entertained.

I explored the castle

Watched a band perform in the library.

 We had fun dressing the teenage festival goers.

And hung out with the beautiful people.

Kaya was magical. A festival in the true sense of the word, an event that encompassed all racial backgrounds, classes & ages and really did offer something for everyone - entertainment, activities, workshops, nature, history, street food & shopping and talk about friendly, a five minute trip to the toilet could take up to an hour as everyone we met spoke to us. If you fancy Glastonbury but the enormity scares you then Kaya could be the one for you.

And did I buy one of those baskets? In the words of Sir Tom, Oh yeah! 

We had the time of our lives. Thanks Corrie, Kaya, South Wales and all the amazing people we met.
Want to see more? Check out THESE amazing photos of the festival goers (me included!)

Now we'd better go and unload the van and get ready for Brookestock, this weekend's festival.


  1. Holy smokes Vix that looks UH-MAZING!

    Top vintage gear, top entertainment and all in those stunning surroundings - fab!

  2. That really does look Amazing!!! Id be tempted to go to that! Kayaking AND TARDISes? I swoon!!!! Your blanket coat is Amazing and I'm glad you had better selling than the last festival.x

  3. Looks like an incredible cool festival. And when Jon gets tired of that blazer I know a man (it might be my husband Tomas) in Sweden who might be interested ...

  4. Looks like a great time! Just the kind of festival I'd love to go. Ps: Omg Tardis!

  5. What a fantastic event, wish I'd been there. That castle looks like an amazing backdrop to a festival. Awesome photos selling the event and Kinky Melon very well:) x

  6. awesome!!! what a gorgeous festival! and so needed after the last one!
    that castle! the parks! fab!
    love the metallic maxi from curtise on you - totally barbarella!

  7. What a fabulous castle, this must have been your best event this year? You look lovely in all your outfits. The baskets were pretty, I had one from Kenya for years and ditched it as it was very heavy but regret it now!


  8. What a wonderful world this festival! I will always admire the music festivals organized in places like this, music is art and so it is right to be surrounded by beauty and creativity, no? Maybe I'm boring but in Italy it is impossible to go to a concert in the summer and feel good, we will die from the heat on the stones of the city selfish, thinking only to raise cash. Forget ..
    This castle is fabulous, as the ruined abbey, I love the charm of these places rundown and Gothic ...
    And then the little goats, how they are nice! Strong groups and nice people, I'm happy for you!

  9. how wonderful! this looks much more relaxing and enjoyable after what happened at Dubstock (or was it Dubfest?) it looks like a wonderful festival with just so many things happening!

  10. Looks like you made up for the disappointment last time! Enjoyment to spare.
    Loved those baskets and drums!
    What a pity we can't hear the music. I feel deaf when I look at the photos.
    I love that big bird puppet and the big chair.
    So glad you had a lovely time...and that castle!!! Xo Jazzy Jack

  11. That castle is incredible! And I love a romantic ruin and oh my, a bunny! And a moulting bunny at that ❤ ours look like they're growing feathers too xxx

  12. Looks like you hit the sweet spot, dear Vix! Gorgeous setting, great music, and there's you and your man looking like a million bucks. Hooray for all of you. xox

  13. Looks like it has everything! And on a smallish scale, just my kind of festy. Actually it reminds me of the old Elephant Fayre that took place in Port Eliot in the 80s (which has since relaunched/renamed and poshed-up)... and now I'm off to fall into the timesink that is the UKRockFestivals website...

  14. Oh my, it looks like another time, another land. Well, it is another land, now isn't it? That castle! You both look fabulously happy.

  15. What a beautiful place! Glad the weather was good. I would love to check out the castle:)

  16. Oh Vix!! After the disappointment of the last festival, how absolutely wonderful that this one was so fabulous! Glad to hear you got a basket - now which one did you choose!? I bet it was a difficult decision.

  17. This will balance out the poor show you had just prior.

    Looks like an amazing time. Just the castle itself deserves a visit. I like that it looks like it was even more eclectic than usual. Great to shake things up a bit.


  18. Glorious festival! I wold loved to have been there. The castle, the people, the music and of course, you and Jon as the special attraction. It was wonderful to live the beauty of it all through your post.

  19. Spectacular! That sounds like the experience of one's dreams. Bet you had to pinch yourself now and again to make sure it was really happening. The castle must have been amazing to be inside.

    I love this post and am so happy on your behalf that you had the opportunity to experience Kaya. And you both looked wonderful while doing so. I love all that you wore, especially that beautiful metallic gown.

  20. I've got to say this looks like the fest for me. Loved the sound of all of it and you guys seem really at home there.
    Enjoy the next fest on your list, busy people. Off to get ready for my "60th" fest on Thursday heehee. I'm excited xx

  21. So glad you had a good trading festival after the dud last weekend. I love that blue outfit - I really think you look incredible in blue. This has to be one of the absolute most beautiful sites for Kinky Melon ever! A castle and Norman ruins? Score!

  22. What a wonderful festival and set in such gorgeous surroundings too! I'm glad it was a success after what happened at the last one xx

  23. I love Margam so much. Many a school trip, and family day out has been spent there. It's also been the venue for some cracking gigs. I can see you enjoyed it loads.Friends of mine were going and were so looking forward to it.
    The Welsh know how to do a laid back festie that's for sure.
    Loves ya.

  24. That caste really took my breath away!
    So cool you were facing it so you could enjoy the view!
    ....while I scrolled down I couldn't admire this festival enough....water slope? Tardis? I mean they had it all.

    I'm glad to hear you had an amazing time...as usual I really loved both yours and Jon's outfits (that vintage blazer of his is gorgeous!)
    I really liked that maxi dress of yours...and that combo with a leather top and a diy maxi skirt is so fabulous. I can certainly see why that cape of yours was admired !

  25. what an amazing time you had, that looks like a wonderful festival, wow, what a venue, what variety of performers and things to do,, such a beautiful spot,,

  26. Wow! That looks fantastic, and you do too! Amazing. Xx

  27. aahhh what a gorgeous photo of you both at the end :-) Wow it looks and sounds amazing what a gorgeous location to. Love the idea of the hub tub cinema :-) I bet you are both shattered now. Hope this weekend is just as fun for you both and you get to rest a bit in between, dee xx

  28. :-) it was our 6. wedding anniversary!
    google translator is just stupid sometimes....

  29. What an incredible setting for a fabulous festival! I'm so pleased that after the disappointment of your last event, you had a really good one this time around. The castle, the park, the animals, the people, the music, the vibe, even the weather (mostly!) - all perfect! And you and Jon looked the part as always, and it's obvious you had a brilliant time. Nothing drums up trade like sellers who actually like their customers, chat to them, and have enthusiasm for their stock and their job! (It's amazing to me how many don't seem to get this...)
    I like to have a little neb at your rails, and I spy some fab stuff there. And it's good to see that metallic maxi again, I'd forgotten all about that frock!
    Phew, nearly time for the next one then. You've got some stamina, darling! Love you! xxxx

  30. No way!! I love beautiful Margam Castle and park. Kinky Melon were just up the road from me and I didn't even know it!

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful time xx

  31. i just can't get over the beautiful venues you have at your disposal. this one is just over the top gorgeous. glad you hung with the beautiful people b/c you bot fit in perfectly with them. x

  32. What a spectacular venue! Your enthusiasm for Kaya is palpable and I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time after the disappointment of Dubtoberfest. As ever you two look marvellous. You are rocking the home made skirt and Curtise's metallic maxi, and what d'ya mean hanging with the beautiful people.....you are one of them! I love that shot of Margam Castle at the top of the post, it's well spooky with all that low cloud. I'd be seriously tempted by those baskets too, glad you treated yourself.xx

  33. everything and everybody look amazing!, such a great festival! the castle and park are simply breathtaking!
    love particularly that good vibe and all those nice people wearing their purchases inmediately!, fabulousness!!. And you're gorgeous (as usual), your blanket-coat is my favorite!, and Jon looks elegant and cool!!
    Glad you've enjoyed a fabulous time!!

  34. another country, silly me, Wales is another country. We think of England as the whole island. Looks like a fun time and that castle is beautiful

  35. Looks fantastic fun Vix and you both look gorge xxx

  36. Where every you go you always look great. And you also look like your having a wonderful time.
    I like the grey cape and your standing by some boots. Nice looking cape. Is it wool?

    Coffee is on

  37. So much fun was had by the looks of it! I didn't even know about this festival, but I wasn't in Wales that weekend anyway. We keep missing each other like ships that pass in the night, if I'd been around I would have tried to come along, I'm always up for discovering new festivals xx

  38. Such an amazing place.....it seems you can't hold a festival without kinky melon,,,it's a must!

  39. This looks amazing. We did go to a VW festival at Margam Park before but this looks miles better. May have to add to the list for next year.

  40. What a stunning setting and Jon looks dapper in that velvet blazer. Sounds like it more than made up for the previous disappointment. x

  41. It looks just so good - maybe I can persuade my daughter and her partner to make a foursome for next year!

  42. What a beautiful setting for a festival. I am in love with that castle. It looks very "Scottish Baronial" even if it is in Wales. :) The grounds are just stunning. So glad that this one was better for you. Nothing worse than slogging to get everything set up and then it all fizzles out from there. I love your dress. You look fabulous as ever. Hope the one this week is a belter too. Xx

  43. I had no idea such a lovely place was near Port Talbot.

    Jon's velvet jacket is very Doctor Who (Pertwee, my favourite Doctor). That's a look that could do with making a comeback.

  44. This festival looks like a real blast, especially coming after the disappointment of Dubtoberfest. That castle looks like it came straight out of Jane Eyre. Sounds like there were lots of fun things to keep people entertained, and good vendors besides yourself. So cool you were outfitting the youngsters!

    That Tricoville blanket coat is the Cat's Meow!!

  45. What a glorious looking festival. I can't believe you have so many happening there during the summer months. I can think of no better place to earn a living! Xx

  46. WOAH!! This looks amazing from the castles to the parade to the bands!! I can see why you guys had a blast xo

  47. What a wato see the country. Margam castle is so romantic in the mist. Wales has so much history. Those baskets are lovely. I always hover over them, but then wonder whether I'll use them or not. See, you had exactly the right stock again, you clever pair. I recognise that pink dress! You look lovely in that purple maxi and that Tricoville coat is definitely a superbuy! It looks so cosy and stylish. That guy in the fur coat is fly, man! Xxxxxx

  48. Can't wait on your next post! You've earned a subscriber! :) More fashion styles!

  49. Can't wait on your next post! You've earned a subscriber! :) More fashion styles!

  50. wow, this looks amazing ... I hope you had a lot of fun - the pics looks like that ...!


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