Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Lerose Amongst The Thorns

Okay, you can blame me. On Saturday, after sweltering in knee high boots and socks all day, I decided enough was enough and come rain or shine on 1st June it was sandals & Summer dresses all the way. Then what happens? The UK got battered by gale force winds, torrential rain and plummeting temperatures more akin to frosty February than flaming June.

Tasselled sandals (car boot sale 2014, £1), Indian bag pimped up with pompoms (jumble sale, 40p)

Luckily I'd got back from town yesterday before the heavens opened and my pompoms got soggy. Saturday's takings banked, charity shops raided and the Buy One Get 2nd Half Price on Vitamin E skincare offer taken full advantage of in Superdrug.

I've waxed lyrical about this range for years. The face scrub doesn't contain those plastic beads that f*ck up the environment, the eye-make up remover shifts even the most stubbornly waterproof of eye liners, the radiance cream makes knackered skin look fabulous, the body lotion is gorgeous as is the night cream and the hot cloth cleanser is far better than the poncy high priced alternatives (I know, I was once daft enough to buy them) and, what's more, it's cruelty free and dead cheap. No, I'm not being sponsored to promote it, I just can't see the sense in wasting money on expensive skincare when a chain store own brand does the job just as well.

Anyway, on to the dress. I've worn it loads but today is only the second time it's made an appearance on my blog. It's seen a lot of action in the two years I've owned it, from featuring in a nightclub photo shoot to more than a few festivals.

Taken from 2013 blog post HERE
It's by Lerose, a Birmingham brand manufactured 8 miles up the road in Aston, a suburb more famous for being Ozzy Osbourne's birthplace than for producing vintage fashion. Lerose was a label more associated with the more mature lady but considering that Vogue have stuck a 44 year old woman on their Ageless Style issue this month (HERE) I suppose that means I'm officially an older model.

Today's sandals are these plum leather Dr Martens I found in Cancer UK last year for £3.95

Lerose maxi (courtesy of my friend, Ellen
I've only been as a far as the washing line today, I'll try not to crack and go back to boots when go to the car boot sale tomorrow although apparently a heatwave is on the way (and I'll believe that when I see it).

See you soon!


  1. I HAVE SERIOUS DOC MARTENS SANDAL ENVY!!!! wow, what a find!!! As I said when we met, I virtually never find nice shoes in a 42 although I might start checking Menswear!
    Love that dress, it is very cool, very cool indeed!!! Lerose is a pleasing brand name too! The skincare sounds good, I usually try to get something with natural ingredients as I mentioned (apart from Lush Imperialis cream) but this lot sound good too. I usually get bought nice stuff rather than buying myself so should I run out, will fibe it a try!!x

  2. Lovely dress and your feet look so well adorned, I was in manky old boots today but will follow your example as from tomorrow without fail. Betty

  3. How do you get such pretty feet? Mine are a disgrace haha. Love the dress xx

  4. We buy Superdrug things too, theirs and Lush, although Lush are rather pricey and more of a treat :)
    You look fab in that dress. Hasn't the weather taken a turn! The wind blew my skirt AND petticoat right over my head yesterday and my hair scarf almost blew away xxx

  5. Sandals?! I had to wear my warmest snuggliest scarf when I went out today. Your wavy dress makes me think of rivers.

  6. you are a great testament to that line of skin care products cause you look beautiful, and soggy pompoms are never a good thing!
    I really like those Doc Martin sandals,

  7. Too cold for sandals here, but they are a lovely colour! x

  8. Im sat here with the heating on, a vest, jumper, welsh wool skirt,opaque tights and my Belmonde older lady jacket/cardi. Its freezing.
    I'm sure I've got a piece of LeRose in my stash somewhere, I will investigate further.
    I can understand you hanging on to that dress its gorgeous.
    Just time for a quick look round the links while waiting for tea to cook xxxxx

  9. I always forget what made me escape from England (English weather). Now when I think about it, it even sounds appealing.
    I love how you turn it around an confront it in sandals.

  10. I have a dress very similar to this...we could be twinsies! : )

    It was horribly cold here yesterday, we had to turn on the heat. Today it is lovely and 22 C.
    I'll try and push some of that good weather across the pond for you.

    Those sandals were quite the score!


  11. Ever the fan of Doctor Martens, I've fallen in love with your sandals, but it's still a little cold for me to be without my boots just yet.

    You all look so foxy in the 2013 bedroom photograph.

    There's a promise of sunshine tomorrow (fingers crossed). xx

  12. Yeay ! Heatwave ! They are promising us some heat to and i cant wait to wear some sandals and dresses .

  13. Good old Lerose, I have one or two dresses from that brand, and have sold a fair few more. They are always decent quality, and I am delighted to discover they are were a Brummie label, I had no idea! Yours is a beauty, but goodness, you're a tough old bird, baring arms in these temperatures! And sandals too.- but then you have gorgeous feet, with the most elegant toes in the world. Gawd, I sound like a right old perv, don't I?!
    As talking of old birds - 44? Are they kidding? Stella Tennant is beautiful, of course, but what a very, very dull cover photo... I'd rather see you in a groovy vintage maxi any day, love!
    I'm a Superdrug fan too, they have loads of offers all the time and their skin are ranges are really good value. Btw, I am loving the snake venom eye cream you mentioned (ages ago) - I am so unconvinced by claims for lotions and potions, and highly cynical about "products" but I actually think this one has made a difference.
    Loving the Doc Martens sandals, and loving yoooou! xxxx

  14. Hang on in there for the heatwave Vix! Do you do cardies? You look lovely in that slinky dress and what bargainous sandals!
    I must give Superdrugs Vit E range a try again. I've suddenly gone allergic to everything I put on my face. The Simple range is very expensive although I managed to snap up some of them on offer at Superdrug.
    Happy car booting!

  15. Oh my goodness soggy pom poms are something nobody wants! Or is that saggy pom poms? Regardless you look fab as always. I really love the cut of that dress; it is so flattering. And the purple Docs are to die for! I love that sort of plummy shade. I agree with you that there is no point at all in spending money on the fancy expensive skin care, unless spending money makes you feel good. I don't use many products but definitely use basic drugstore ones that are cruelty free, paraben free, sulphate free and a big NO to those plastic beads. I just take some brown sugar from my cupboard and mix it into my regular cleanser if I want a scrub. I have to remember not to eat it though. ;-)
    You have reminded me that there is a pile of laundry to be washed today. I actually like doing the laundry though I doubt I would say that if scrubbing in a washtub were involved.
    Hope that heat wave gets to you soon! xoxo

  16. What's going on??? Keep seeing you in flatties lately....that 's not the Vix I know. My feet usually throb after a 12hr shift and guess standing all day at vintage fairs is no joke for tootsies either. You converted me to Superdrug Vit E last year. Good luck at the car boot. Xxx

  17. Wah!!! Doc Martens for 3.95 pounds!!!! That is an exceptional thrifty find.

    Bleah, don't get me going on the weather. I recently lost some beautiful plants due to frost.

    You look so lovely!!

    happy thrifting ;)

  18. Love those Dr Martin sandals - what a fabulous colour.

    I'm wearing a vest, a winter jumper and a really thick cardigan (yeah, I know, uber stylish but it's only for about the house) and am so flippin' freezing that I'm seriously considering putting the heating on for an hour or two. I have a sneaky suspicion that the much-forecast heatwave may only really be for the 'sarf east' and London area - so am not holding my breath that I'll be wearing my summer clothes any time soon.

  19. Ahh the dress, perfect for summer. I didn't know Dr Martens makes sandals - every day is a school day.

  20. The weather is absolutely pants! Although we're promised better days ahead...
    Love your Doc Marten sandals... didn't know they made them! Such a gorgeous dress :-)
    I'm with you on the skincare range.... no point in buying expensive brands when ones like that do a better job at a fraction the cost to our pockets and the environment!

  21. You are the pom pom bling queen, love the bag and sandals. Those plum Dr Martens are pretty great too - even look comfortable!

  22. Dr. Marten makes sandals? And in purple? You learn something new everyday.

  23. Nothing worse than soggy pom poms, I think. You look like a star in this fab dress and shoes. Hope you get some sun tomorrow. xox

  24. I loved your commentary on the products. I'd been using a face scrub that apparently had those nasty little beads in it. I ended up going to the eye doctor twice because they'd lodge somewhere, like in my eyelashes or something, I'd rub my eyes, and voila!! I'd have a a little piece of foreign matter under my eyelid, scratching the hell out of my eyeball. Hugely irritating. Now I use a little scrubby sponge thingy.

    You are perfect in your maxi, as always. I hope your weather has been cooperating so you can sell a bunch of stuff. I thought of you today as Joey and I went to the most AMAZING Indian buffet for lunch, 10 minutes from our house. There's a large Indian community here and this restaurant has a huge clientele. I could eat there every day.

    Hope you're enjoying life!! I think of you and your dad as I visit my mom every day or so. I'm still trying to balance all THAT out in my life, in addition to everything else. :-) Love you sweetie. Good to see you. XXXOOO

  25. Such a great frock, you look mega hawt in it. And I am gagging over those awesome sandals! Who knew Doc Martens were making such great sandals? Not me, that's for sure!
    Feck yes, that over priced shite is for idiots with more money than sense. I'm pretty keen on an inexpensive Australian brand, Sukin, myself. It's got all the good stuff going on.We'
    re looking awesome for our age, so we must know what we're talking about!
    Love Helga XXX

  26. Soo seductive bed chamber image.

  27. Wow, those Dr. Marten sandals are fabulous! You must love them. What a great find.

    I love this dress on you and remember that cool photoshoot you did while previously wearing it.

    That skin care line appears to be right down my alley. I agree, why get the expensive brands when there are better alternatives. Not sure if they do the same in the UK, but here, those alternate brands are stored lower on the shelves than are the big brand name ones, so you really have to bend down to see what's available but it's completely worth the extra effort!

  28. Doc Marten sandals in the nicest colour, what a score!!! Your good weather will arrive and you will soak up every minute of it. We have been enduring rain, lots and lots of bloody rain. Wish we had pom pom trim like your multi ones on black, I have only found some on white, just not the right look.

  29. I do really like the dress and what a bargain those Docs were. I keep being told it's going to be a lovely sunny weekend.

  30. I had gloves on me coming home the other night ... but still the sandals are on in the house at least... I love those Doc Martens, they're brilliant. but I'm seriously having bracelet envy... going to check out Superdrug for some of that range. Thanks for the tip :)
    Happy hunting
    Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

  31. You do look fab in that dress. We're due for a heatwave, so don't give up on the summer styles just yet.

    I discovered that Superdrug stuff recently - I've got horribly dry, sensitive skin, and it often seems like the pricier the moisturiser, the more likely it is to make my face react. The night cream is perfect! But I hadn't considered the other things in the range till now, and I *do* need some more makeup remover...

    Hmm, I don't like that Vogue cover, but then I've never got the Stella Tennant thing anyhow. A bit too pared-back for me. Iris Palmer was my favourite model of that era.

  32. fab dress!! beachy!
    your beautiful skin is the best advertising for that skincare brand - they really should pay you!!!!
    the heatwave is already here. i work in the garden in a little playsuit and no shoes :-)
    sunny greetings! xxxxxxx

  33. Fingers crossed you get a bit of summer soon ... doesn't seem right that both hemispheres should be enduring the cold weather :0)

  34. Lerose is one of my favourite makes and I didn't know that the company was based in Aston. That dress does look gorgeous on you and the cut is so flattering too.

    Yup - I swear by Superdrug's Vitamin E range, so I'll have to hot foot it down into town to stock up now, so thanks for the tip-off :-D xxx

  35. you may be an "older model" but you still shit all over some of the younger ones out there!
    I would love for a heat wave right now! I freezing now down here. 16 in the day - i know thats probably laughable to you but its too cold! I've been booking summer holidays to make myself feel better
    I used to buy the very expensive face cleansers too, but I found the cheap ones are always the best, and you never feel bad about that fact that you're just washing it all down the sink. Simple used to be my fave, but now I use Sukin which is also organic and nice to the environment in that way. And each item is about $10 each! much better than $45!

  36. Wish we had a Super Drug store here, those products look great! I have to admit, I don't use much on my face except sunscreen.
    We had another cool spell last weekend, but it's slowly warming up. May get hot and humid next week.
    Another gorgeous dress, I just love the fabric! And those cute sandals! :)

  37. We are having pre-monsoon heat wave here, the temperature is 32-34 C. I wish I could transfer a little bit of sun to your corner of the world. Beautiful sandals, both of them!

  38. Our weather has been all over the place too - we seem to have settled at around a comfy 20 degrees Celsius the last two days, which is just fine by me. You look superbly svelte and sexy in that dress; it's obvious why it's a favourite. I wish I could find a pair of Doc sandals that fit me - those ones are a splendid colour!

  39. This is a striking dress, and I remember those photos of you with two gals - I browsed your blog archive a while ago, more than once. :) Love the massive blue (turquoise I suppose) pendant and blue nails. You are brave to confront the bad weather just like that! We're lucky - it's been a warmer than usual year for us, and early Spring. This week is gray, but not cold - feels even refreshing after long sunshine.

    I'm with you on cheap lotion and stuff, I'm quite content with mine too. I still do not have a routine and often forget to put lotion on my face though, so it lasts forever in this household. :) Have a wonderful week! xxxx

  40. The sandles look comphy and I -adore- the dress. It's crazy we're the same height, I've always shied from maxis for being short, but your confidence makes me want to rock them.

  41. Gawd, it's freezing isn't it! glad your pom-poms survived the rain though, you look smokin' in your dress, it's a beauty! love your Doc's, fab find! Superdrug is great, I do need to sort out my skincare, because I do nothing and my skin is now complaining (the rough towel facial exfoliation leaves my face raw!) like you I'll believe the heatwave when I see it haha! x x x

  42. I am on board with you about how inexpensive products can do the job expensive ones do. What freaks me out is the use of nano-technology in cosmetics. These bits are so small they can migrate all over your body and even into your DNA. Okay, on that happy note...
    You look smashing in your maxi. I hope you got the heatwave you dream about. I like the Vogue cover photo but they would never put a younger woman on the cover in that outfit, would they?

  43. The weather changes have been very sudden here as well...I woke up sweaty at 7 am this morning! I had to get up early anyway, but it is strange how sudden Summer has come especially after all those rainy days we had...but at least we're not bored right;)?

    you look phenomenal in that amazing maxi dress...and I just love those dr. martens sandals. I once bought leather sandals from a brand called Art, I think they're sth similar to dr.martens they sell in the same store here- they were heavenly comfy!

    I also really like that indie bag...and the salads with fringes- love the hippie vibe.

  44. Yep, we're all converts to Superdrug face creams because of you. Mind you, I was only bargain basement Boots own brand before that, but I like the shimmer of the superdrug moisturiser. I do love to see you crack out the summer maxis, let's hope we've got month's worth of bare arms to come. Wow, those Doc Martens are a bit of a find, they look comfortable AND stylish. I thought of you yesterday when I was reading Saga magazine (!) (at my mum's, i don't subscribe). A lady called Audrey Watson has just sold her collection of clothes from the 60s and 70s. 26 suitcases worth! There are articles and pictures online. She had some fab stuff. You would have loved it, her style and spirit reminded me of you. Xxxxx

  45. There's something really sad about the thought of soggy pom poms.

    I love that dress on you, it's fab. I've been encouraged by your comments about maxis and am currently stalking a few on Ebay! If anything, I need more maxis purely to cover my burnt leg for the summer while it heels up.


  46. Fickle weather here, too. You look stunning enough to entice the sun to come out.

    I so agree re. the pricey skin care products.

  47. lovely dress! The shoes are super cute and look super comfty too (mind kind of shoe) :)

  48. That dress would look amayyzing under lights!
    I always struggle to remember more than one point to comment on. Was touched to read your scarf tribute :-)

  49. Amazing DMs Vix! Love the plum colour and the dress too! I also adore that Superdrug range, the hot cloth cleanser is just as good if not better than the Liz Earle one (Although I've only ever tried a sample of that) but I love it! They do such good deals in there too xxxx

  50. I love the vitamin E range too, I shall have to pop into Superdrug tomorrow to see if the offer is still on! I love your dress, the colours are great x

  51. This dress you're fine! Also interesting are the sandals!


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