Sunday 31 May 2015

Friends, Footwear, Frugal Food & Free Camping

Look who came and paid us a visit when we were selling our vintage wares in Bath yesterday, only Dee, Em & Gisela. It made an already great day even better (although I was insanely envious when they left us and went off for a pub lunch in the sunshine.)

The day after trading at a fab fair can be a huge come-down, a bit like returning from a holiday. After spending the day in a gorgeous place (and is there anywhere more beautiful than Bath?), surrounded by fellow vintage lovers, fabulous clothes and good music everything seems a bit flat. So, to cheer myself up I've dressed in my brightest colours and worn new shoes.

They aren't technically new as I bought them from a fair trade stall at a festival we worked at exactly a year ago.  It's just that today is the first time I've worn them. They only cost me a fiver and they're so comfy I could be barefoot so what on earth took me so long?

As it's almost Glasto time Jon put up the tent we found abandoned at the festival last year. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Why bother? You've got Gilbert. But Glastonbury is vast and the campervan field so far away that it can take two hours to get to the main site. Lugging a day's worth of booze, food, something to sit on, waterproof clothing and your coat is no fun when all you want to do is explore & wander about, dance around and get drunk. It's much easier nipping back to the tent when you need to, cooking your own meals instead of spending a fortune at the food stalls and, of course, the craziness of camping & the camp-site camaraderie is utterly amazing and an essential part of the festival experience.

As it's pissed down for most of the day I'm happy to confirm that the rescued tent is completely waterproof - hooray! This model gets rave reviews on various internet sites and retails at £79.99. Whilst we were at it we also salvaged 15 pairs of abandoned wellies last year and sold them at the next festival we went to. It pays to be shameless recycler.

The whole reason for buying a £3 slow cooker from the car boot sale was so that we could have dinner ready when we got back in from work, but I couldn't be arsed with chopping cauliflower at 5am yesterday morning so this is tonight's tea instead.

Aloo Gobi in a slow cooker

1 large cauliflower cut into 1 inch pieces
1 large potato, peeled & diced
1 medium onion, peeled & diced
Half a tin of tomatoes
1 teaspoon ground ginger
3 cloves garlic, peeled & crushed
3 whole chillies
1 tablespoon cumin seeds
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon garam masala
Pinch of sea salt
1 teaspoon turmeric
3 tablespoons vegetable oil

Chuck it all in the slow cooker, stir, cover and cook on high for 6 hours.

The cauliflower cost 50p from the car boot sale and everything else was already in the cupboard. There's enough for dinner for both of us for tonight & tomorrow - less than 13p a serving (and bloody gorgeous!)

1970s maxi (Vintage Village at Stockport) , suede moccasins (£5), vintage St Michael headscarf (jumble sale), child's denim waistcoat (lovely Welsh Lucy)
Anyone else loving the BBC's adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell as much as we are? That, and rum, is our entertainment this evening.

See you soon!


  1. I love bath too , went for the first time last year , Its expensive though , My nephew is going to live in bath next month after getting a promotion with sainsbury's , He wanted out of wolverhampton , He can't wait xxx

  2. Gorgeous dresses 2 days on the trot, it has to be Vix! The tent looks good. x

  3. I was scrolling through your photos and I saw the tent and then I thought the next photo was how you decorated the interior. I know you and Jon have incredible design skills, but then I realized you can't put a stove and oven in a tent. I'm awake now...Heh
    I love the photo of you with your gorgeous friends. And your shoes are very cool.

  4. God, it was lovely to see yer smiling face yesterday and Jon looking so dapper it's painful! It was a lovely fair and I'm made up with my Kinky frocks...I'll soon take them in...and my hubby loves his shirt.
    It was great day in Bath, fab weather, great company and top bargains.
    We must all get together soon.
    Loves ya!

  5. Im going to try the aloo gobi in my slow cooker

  6. That recipe sounds fab, I want to try it!! I love cauliflower, bit obsessed. Well done on rescuing the tent, good ones can be quite expensive. xx

  7. that aloo gobi sounds yummy - maybe i give granny´s cooking box a try - a slow cooker without electricity!
    that found tent is great luck for you guys - people have to much money! laughed about the wellies :-))
    and do you look beautiful in that wild colored dress with waistcoat and headscarf, together with "bundschuh"! i´m sure they´r comfy! that neon pastel flowered dress of one of your friends looks familiar - could a twin of it has made it thru the iron curtain in my mothers closet????

  8. It was so lovely to see you yesterday and to finally meet John, I had a fab day.

    Well done on the tent. I know Reading council collect them up when they clear the festival site and then send them off to charity to be sent out to earthquake zones etc as emergency housing. It's mental to go past on the train and see just how many are left behind! I'm sure Glastonbury must do the same.

    I was all over that recipe until you said 3 chillis....

  9. You're looking groovy baby!

    I know what you mean about coming back from a show and being a little bit down. I used to do shows like you on the weekends and it was often the case. Either that or I was pissed I didn't sell more.

    I want to pin that recipe. I have a slow cooker I never use.


  10. Gorgeous dress Vix , what a great find the tent is ! great blog post have a great week ,best wishes x

  11. Oooh, have I seen you in a headscarf before? I LIKE! Sorry you are feeling a bit blue after the fair excitement. If it is any consolation, we just got back from Devon and I am feeling VERY gloomy about school, trying not to panic about everything I haven't done!
    MMm, Aloo gobi sounds tasty!x

  12. Those shoes look really cute and comfy, but that dress is the best! Love it! :)

  13. That's the style of shoe many people wear for renaissance festivals because they're more affordable than all the other historically inspired footwear. They're usually bought from a company called Medieval Moccasins. I would love to have a pair.

  14. I love how your outfit and the flowers and flowery shrubs behind you all match - a breath of spring on this rainy day here, dear Vix. And your headband - yes! xox

  15. Aw looking fabulous Vix. Those suede flat shoes look so comfy! I love them. Always great to catch up with friends too. Xx

  16. its strange to see you in flats, but those are gorgeous, very bohemian looking, very comfy! that crockpot meal looks and sounds very much like what we ate tonight!
    I agree, tenting is the way to go and to sell those wellies was a very clever idea!

  17. How wonderful - meeting blogging friends, fellow vintage lovers, finding this awesome tent, cooking delicious Indian meal (thanks for the recipe - I'm now on the adventure to learn Indian cooking literally from scratch, so it's resonating with me). And you look just fantastic! Love this dress, and your vest is always such a groovy addition. Your new shoes remind me very much of my Ren Fest days - I had (still have somewhere) shoes a bit similar to yours. Here we go - you and me, and shoes again! ;) xxxx

  18. You were so lucky with the tent, great find! You look fantastic as always!

  19. Nothing like having to work when your friends go off to have fun:) Great deal on the free tent and wellies - I would have done the same. It is so shameful that people just abandon perfectly good things on a regular basis. Dinner looks amazing!

  20. Abandoned tents and wellies ... I call that enterprising ... can't believe people would just leave these things behind.

  21. I'm so envious that you have all your fun festivals on the horizon. As usual, I like forward to your posts about them. Your found tent sounds like a good idea since it will leave more time for partying!

    Your Aloo Gobi sounds delicious. I'm going to try making it on the stovetop, as we don't have a slow cooker.

    I love the shot of you and your friends, in which each of you is wearing a fab dress.

    Have a good week, my friend. xo

  22. having a vestibule like that in a tent is a really handy feature, a place to stow your gear and muddy stuff and keep your sleeping area clean! I miss my tent like that-

  23. Someone left behind a WHOLE TENT! WOW! So glad you guys rescued it and will put it to good use. Also love those shoes, a bit like moccasins? They do look comfy xo

  24. Love the rail of hats you girls are standing in front of

  25. How smug you should be with a free waterproof 80 quid tent? And how very enterprising to sell all those leftover wellies. Loving the headscarf look and the soft shoes were probably well needed after a weekend on your feet. Going to try your Aloo Gobi in my slow cooker, I know, who wants to chop up loads of veg first thing in the morning? I do mine the night before and shove it in a Tupperware in the fridge. xx

  26. Really cool looking shoes! And you and you blogger friends look great on that photo. Aloo Gobi is one of the everyday dishes here in Nepal, I love it too.

  27. Good to see you gals! how lovely! I love seeing blogger babes together! my eldest and her friends abandoned a tent at a festival one time, I nearly passed out!! still, I read Gisella's comment and feel happy if it's helping someone else now - brilliant idea to sell the wellies too and making the aloo gobi, must try it, it looks delicious - LOVE your outfit and your shoes, a fiver too! am smitten with any shoe that ties around the ankle, yep they look comfy and totally gorgeous x x x

  28. I did try with the Strange Norrell but it lost me.... perhaps should give it another go..... am feeling very hungry now!!x

  29. We are off to Bath for two days at the end of June via Telford to see a friend who owns 3 gorgeous papillon doggies. We've got them a fleece each with their names on, Daisy, Ella & Holly.
    I'm say in the can waiting for Philip to come out of the charity shop. Fantastic bargains today, all ladies wear half price. I got a top and cardi for less than £3.
    On our way home from a lovely weekend in the lake district and we are on a downer now. Glad it's not just us who feels like that.
    Got you a little pressie xxx

  30. aahhh it was so great see you and Jon both looking as gorgeous and dapper as ever. I wish you could of come and had lunch with us but next time is a must :-) Thank you for my gorgeous dress I bought from you and John loves his Tootal top and shirt I fact he wore the top when we went out that evening he loved it so much. Loving your flats. That aloo gobi looks and sounds delicious I may have to try that although I don't have a slow cooker but I can cook it slowly. Have a great week lovely, dee xxx

  31. Glad you had such a great time in Bath! I'm desperate to visit the city sooner rather than later and maybe this Summer, can't wait.
    Your shoes are gorgeous! I'm going to save your receipe and try it. xxx

  32. I am a Strange and Norrell addict too - all that frantic applique work by the enchanted maiden made me smile - she would be a modern day craft blogger for sure! I can't wait to see the next episode (the only programme I have ever enjoyed more than this was The Americans). I think you could make your fortune out of discarded tents and wellies from glastonbury - my oldest left a brand new tent behind last time - I was so cross (as it belonged to his brother) but apparently there were at least 50 sitting in his field forgotten! Your curry looks delicious, we had something similar last night and I have it for dinner at work tomorrow - yum. I love your dress today, it certainy is cheery :D

  33. I'm waiting for Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. It's on BBCAmerica latter this summer. Your new shoes look so cool. All that chopping up veggies in the AM is the only downside to a slow cooker

  34. Oh I love those shoes Vix, you look amazing as always and I will have to try that recipe definitely - looks so yummy! - Tasha

  35. You could get a nice little side business there by rescuing and selling abandoned tents, willies, etc. from summer festivals! You two are so resourceful it astounds me.

    I wish I could eat cauliflower as your recipe sounds yummy but it doesn't sit well in my stomach.

    I found a copy of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell at a thrift store and I plan to dig into it this summer.

  36. Oh!! I had Aloo-Gobi for dinner tonight too!!! *same pinch* :)

    And of course, loving the maxi + denim waistcoat combo! <3

  37. Strange/Norell is one of my all-time favorite books!!! I am so stoked
    to hear that the BBC is adapting it! They won't ruin it unlike, say, if HBO got a hold of it (all the women would be naked).

    Do love the ren fair shoes, especially in red :)

  38. Your tent find is just brilliant and I love the idea of collecting the abandoned wellies to resell, clever!

  39. I confess to feeling a pang of jealousy, seeing you, Em, Dee and Gisela together, surrounded by glorious vintage clobber! Wish I could have joined you.
    That psychedelic maxi is fabulous with the groovy scarf and moccasins - they do look comfy. Though I have to say, I don't associate you with flat shoes!
    Great to nab that tent for free (bonus that it's waterproof!) and good idea about rounding up the stray wellies too. Who leaves all this stuff behind? People with more money than sense, I suppose.
    Mmm... aloo gobi. Delicious.
    Haven't seen Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell; the book is on my waiting-to-be-read pile (which is huge...) It was filmed in part at Wentworth Woodhouse, which as it happens is on the market again. So if you fancy moving to South Yorkshire, have a spare £8 million, and another estimated £42 million for the repairs, then a stately pile could be yours! Alternatively, living a fun, frugal life in Walsall sounds pretty good too!
    Love you! xxxx

  40. So sorry I missed you in Bath! but I was at Vintage Nostalgia in Stockton on the weekend. I can't believe that so much gets discarded after Glastonbury. It seems to go against the principles of the festival. Good for you though that you managed to get such a fab tent and great that it gets recycled. I have a slow coooker too, so good for having dinner ready after work.

  41. That recipe sounds great, will definitely have to try that out. Oh, no, I've completely missed Norrel and Strange, in fact I've hardly seen any telly recently. Might see if I can find a way to catch up. You look superglam in that maxi and feather boa and how wonderful to meet up with the girls. Your moccasins are great, they look a bit native American Indian and very comfortable. I can't believe you found all those treasures at Glasto, they must have paid for your ticket! Xxxx

  42. Feck me, both of those frocks are heavenly!
    What a treat, having those lovelies rock up unexpectedly! I suspect I would have peed myself!
    Indeed, I figured it must be nearly time for Glasto. Huzzah!
    Love Helga XXX

  43. Shameless recyclers indeed!! I love it, and why would you not. What a great name for a shop that would be.

  44. Whatsweet new shoes and so unusual. I'm not so sure about the whole camping thing. I need warmth, softness and most of all silence to fall asleep so I think Glastonbry would kill me. And how would I cope with consumption of alcohol with an aging bladder in a tent??? No, I don't think I could hack it.
    Love my slow cooker too. It's a great feeling when dinner is sorted first thing in the morning! xxx

  45. I had to laugh a little at your statement of being a shameless recycler. I have a friend who's only found the love of vintage in the last few years and just the other day grabbed her first abandoned item off the side of the road. She said she had now become "one of those types of people" we just laughed and laughed and poked fun at her. I always love when you share a recipe, it's because of you I have experimented with pears and apples in soups. I might have to give this meal a go too. I'm shopping tomorrow so hopefully the cauliflowers are cheap.

  46. Loving your comfy shoes!

    Wow! 15 pairs of wellies, that's good going, and a free tent too :)

    I'm absolutely loving Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell but hate having to wait a week for each new episode.

    looking as gorgeous as always xx

  47. I'm enjoying Strange and Norrell too. Buts its a bit confusing when they jump from one situation to another when one minute he is in the war and in the next scene he is back in London. It felt like something had been missed out.


  48. Selling vintage in Bath, surrounded by friends sounds like the perfect way to spend time! And your Aloo Gobi photo is sending me to the kitchen as soon as I finish this comment.

    How beautiful you look next to the flowers in your colorful 70's maxi and suede moccasins. And of course I adore your headscarf. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

  49. Looks and sounds delicious!! Will have to try it. XXOO

  50. i love that dress! and the detail on the shoes with the lacing is beautiful! And what a great idea to recycle the Glasto tent! All these rich kids leaving their things around are so kind to let the rest of us recycle their stuff! good spotting there Vix!

  51. Those shoes! That is all.
    Oh wait, also love your frugal festival recycling, and once again you look amazing.

  52. Thanks for the recipe Vix. I tried it out this week and it went down a storm with my carniverous males. A non flesh meal met with praise is an achievement with those two believe you me!


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