Friday, 14 November 2014

Not Only Here For The Beer - Adventures In Burton On Trent

Burton On Trent in Staffordshire is renowned for its brewing industry and, at its height, a quarter of all beer sold in the UK was produced there. The town still has eight working breweries as well as being the home to both Marmite and Bovril.

Its also within an hour's train ride from Curtise, Tania and me. So, when they paid us a flying visit in Nottingham last weekend, we hatched a plan to meet there yesterday.

I'd been once before but they never had, so we were dead excited to explore.

Easy to get to and stuffed with charity shops, perfect! Bizarrely, Burton is teeming with mobility scooters, the pavements are littered with them. 

Lots of trying on, posing and cackling ensued. Curtise's Therapy navy sequined mini was fab but a bit too baggy round the hips,

The brand spanking new leather studded ankle boots were a perfect fit.

The pristine St Michael green velvet blazer got a resounding yes

 ...unlike the pinhead-sized '70s pimp hat or the Vintage seaman's cap.

Once Curtise had worked out how to get into it, the Welsh Tapestry cape soon got snapped up.

I'd have killed for this cool sideboard, a real bargain at £40. A customer, amused by us stroking and taking photos, said that someone trendy down London would probably pay £200 for it but people round here don't understand retro and that it had been stuck in the shop for months, ignored and unappreciated.

Don't you just hate it when charity shops state the blinkin' obvious? 

A market has been held in Burton on a Thursday since King John granted a Royal Charter in 1200.

...and look who has a regular pitch, only Walsall's very own Pom-Pom king. He was very surprised to see us. Sajid, I'm not stalking you, honest!

How grand is the entrance to the indoor market? After a £1.5 million refurbishment project lasting 18 months it reopened yesterday.

After stocking up on trimmings and raiding the chazzas Wetherspoons called.

 But not before a quick photo opportunity.

Superfood Pastas all round

Located in the former Woolworths, Burton's branch of Wetherspoons is called The Lord Burton, after the founder of the brewing dynasty. There was a frisson of excitement when we entered the premises but we found a booth to keep us safe from the amorous advances of frisky pensioners. 

After lunch we realised that Selfies, booze and women of a certain age didn't mix.

We left Wetherspoons for another wander and some ridiculous photos in a eerily deserted shopping centre (one of three).

Shopping opportunities of Burton thoroughly investigated we returned to 'Spoons for a cheeky bottle of wine. We cackled, gossiped admired each others finds before heading back to the station to catch our trains home. Curtise & Tania were on the same one and mine only left 2 minutes later, just in time to bid a hasty retreat from a couple of love-struck teenagers, You is so beautiful, innit.

What did I wear? 

Why, Pucci, darling! This was a treat to myself from my friend Sarah's shop, Tin Trunk at Stockport's Vintage Village. Its a negligee from the collection Emilio Pucci designed in the 1960s for Formfit, but in my opinion its far too fabulous just for indoor wear.

What did I buy?

An old skool 1960/1970s track suit top,  vintage scarves galore and some bright green 1960s nylon gloves...

A groovy suede panelled 1970s midi skirt, pom pom, pom poms and more pom poms and a huge handmade psychedelic shopper.

What a day! I wonder where the next blogger day trip will take us?

See you soon!

I was going to call this post Going For A Burton but, on reflection, its RAF slang from the Second World War for dying in action and no bloggers were harmed in yesterday's adventure!



    Oh my goodness, that's stunning - v jealous!

    Looks like you had another fabulous day out - love all the trying on pics. :D

  2. What a splendid day out - I note the pics in the toy raids was after the drinks - and why not!

    Killer boots!

  3. Toy rides, though toy raids might be fun after a glass or two!

  4. You went to my home town, why didn't you tell me :o( Should have gone to Burton Bridge Brewery near the Trent Bridge, lovely pub with home brewed ale. I spent my teenage Saturdays mooching round the market when I worked in Woolies.

  5. Brilliant smiles, brilliant prints, and faux furs! Do wish I could enjoy those wonderful chazzas and a good cackle with you all -- we're now up to our hips in Chinese (as, made in) Christmas tat and embalmed cakes.

    Abandoned malls are indeed spooky, especially if one remembers them as busy shopping centers.

  6. We had a visit to Burton last year went in to the cafe that was on the top floor of that deserted shopping centre and the woman that run it used to run the outdoor in Brunswick park Wednsebury , its a small world xxx

  7. Looks like some over-the-top fun, ladies! Wish there'd be a way to ship that buffet over here. What a treasure!

  8. Oh looks like so much fun WHEN ARE YOU LOT COMING TO LONDON

    I'm loving Curtise and Tan's matching leopard coats and how Tan seems to match everything she's standing in front of (or sitting inside of)!

    And Tin Trunk -- I used to follow her blog years ago (and on Flickr!), pity she stopped blogging though.

  9. What fun exploring! Your Pucci gown IS far too nice not to wear out. Love how Curtise is standing at attention in her Welsh tapestry cape.
    You all look so beautiful!
    Can we plan something for December or early January? Charity shops in London are too expensive and I'd love to see you and meet other bloggers.

  10. Hurrah! My gorgeous've brightened my day no end. So much fabulousness and naughtiness it has to be said. I'm surprised they didn't nick that scooter for a slow burn around town!
    That giant Playmobile pirate looks overcome and I love the tipsy Selfies.
    You is beautiful.
    Loves ya.

  11. a great post to read on a very chilly morning here in toronto~so much fun! thanks for sharing the goods.
    can i move to england now???

  12. Never mind Double Diamond working wonders, I reckon you three did that when you arrived in Wetherspoons! I bet you made the old boys day. Lovely negligée, it would be insane to keep that hidden and fancy Mr Pom-Pom being there, looks like Tan has added to her stash. I fancy you had a rather boozy day, lucky rotters. xxxx

  13. what time you all had and to have you share the highlights o it with us all is wonderful. As I sit in my grey white world, ( we are now full on winter snow, grey trees,), you're colorful attitude and life is a treat, you do color so well, lol, no boring beige for you!That green velveteen blazer is so rich and that suede skirt is wonderful,you all look amazing and its no wonder the old fellas were after you!

  14. I'm so envious of all the fun, booze, thrifting and booze! Love to join you someday. That's a fabulous cape Ms. Curtise is wearing, likewise your Pucci gown. xox

  15. Didn't we do well? Well, not with the selfies, obviously, but the browsing and shopping and lunching and boozing were very successful! I'm still laughing about that old fella in the St Giles chazza, and how hopeless we were at selfies. Oh well, can't be good at everything, and we're certainly skilled at chatting and laughing!
    I don't think I realised your Pucci dress was really a negligee, but of COURSE it's too fab to stay indoors. I can vouch for how gorgeous you looked, the yoof at the train station were quite right!
    Good to see that I'm pulling ridiculous faces in a few of your pics (well, it wouldn't be the same if I didn't look deranged in at least a couple...) and almost flashing my Sharon Stone in the kiddy ride (that can't be appropriate, can it?)
    We found some excellent stuff, and more importantly, had a brilliant time, so here's to the next trip. Love you! xxxx

  16. All 3 of you look amazing!! Beautiful! Why am I not shopping/drinking/eating and taking selfies with you?

  17. Pucci-tastic day out!
    You need a velvet rope to put up in 'spoons to keep all the 'friskys' at a safe distance!!

  18. This is fantastic! Omg what a day you guys stopped for drinks twice! I love seeing you gals out exploring new places and old ones too but mostly I enjoy knowing how much fun you are having. I adore both leopard coats that Curtise and Tania and rocking and your Pucci dress is so very beautiful! I imagine all eyes of you three everywhere you go.

    The pom pom stash is good enough to put on everything and I'm digging the big flower purse too, is the track suit for you or Jon? I dig that! Let's chat next week for sure!
    Love and miss you!

  19. I know you don't really do christmas but hose pom poms would work great on a groovy Christmas tree :) What a fun day. Great finds all round. Love the green velvet jacket and black boots!

  20. They have a very good scooter rally there in the summer

  21. You got me beer! Looks like you all had a great time. That capes fabulous... And I'm sure I've got that green velvet jacket , I found mine at a jumble.

    X x

  22. Looks like such fun, especially after you'd had a few! x

  23. What an ace day out I love it. I'm regretting not buying pompoms now!

  24. Fabulous - you found some great shopping - I love Spoons - their fish and chips/mushy peas is magic. Love your friend's faux fur coat. Betty

  25. What a fun day!!! I wish I could find a vintage cape in a chazza!! Looks like you had a super time. X x

  26. You all look fabulous! And I had to laugh out loud about the selfies, booze and women of a certain age!

    Pom poms - whoot! xox

  27. As I said to Curtise, I am jealous, jealous, jealoussssssssssssssss

  28. FUN!!!!!
    you girls did right! and yes - i´m jealous too :-)

  29. Looks like so much fun! That cape is wonderful, glad she bought it! :)

  30. Your blogger dayouts look like fantastic fun! Also great to see such stylish and colourful ladies out and about. Loving your hair too.

  31. O, feck ME, there is so much FABU-fecking-LARSE here!!!!!
    G says to tell you he loves your lipstick and hair, before I go any further...
    So do I, but anyways...SQUEE! You gorgeous wenches!!!! I am loving the cape, all the leopard, your PUCCI, that crazy credenza (G hated it?!), all the lovely loveliness of the three of you hanging out having a great time! I disagree about the booze/selfies/women of a certain age thing however-ALL THE MORE REASON!!!
    Gawd I am so frigging isolated down here!
    Love Helga XXX

  32. What an excellent day out you three lovelies had. Of course you bought more Pom Poms, you can never have enough of them.

  33. You IS so beautiful, innit!

    This sounds like it was too much fun. The thrift shopping looked crazy good, and what a treat that the refurbished entryway had just reopened.

    I loved this post! So good to see you and your cute friends out and about, having a blast.

  34. What fun!

    That suede skirt is gorgeous and I am dying over Curtise's cape.

    I love the photos on the toy rides.

    Looks like the perfect blogger meet-up day.


  35. The Pucci did not disappoint! It's marvelous with the wide silver cuffs. And what a fun day and treasures galore!

  36. love it all! love your pucci too. such beautiful ladies living it fun! x

  37. What fun, and great finds! :)

  38. The Pucci negligee is stunning! What wonderful treasures you unearthed in Burton (now on the list of places I have to visit) That sequinned mini looked fab on Curtise, and she didn't buy it??

  39. We had so much fun! This post is an education to me, it's lovely to hear all the facts and figures. Well, where do I start? You looked dazzling in your Pucci with your Priscilla hair and my, didn't you do well with all your treasures! I am still giggling over the man watching you wiggle into that suede skirt. I've never seen anyone so focussed in all my life. It was fun catching up with your pompom man. If you want a date Vicky, you just have to ask! See you at the Hippo! Burton did us proud. It's a fabulous way to see the country. Where to next? Xxxxxxxx

  40. I love Burton - I think the buildings are lovely and I'm so glad you had a good time. I think the sparkly dress is amazing and I love the blue printed ones your wore in the evening.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  41. Still giggling over "we realised selfies, booze and women of a certain age didn't mix" ... I'm yet to have that epiphany :0)

  42. I've never been before but the chazzing looks good there. Curtises cape is lovely. Not quite so enamoured with your nylon tracksuit top. I remember those too well. Hopefully that's in the selling pile! xxx

  43. It makes me soooo happy to see you girls spending a fun day together - lovely and colorful, with lots of foods, drinks, giggles and thrifting! One hour by train? It's unbelievably close for such fantastic meetings with good friends. You look like a beautiful princess in your maxi dress, and that suede skirt is heavenly groovy! Loved seeing little corners of your gorgeous and such unique home again! :) Cheers! xxxxx

  44. This post just reminded me of my life long dream of owning a sequined mini dress. Why don't I have one already?? I have no idea! I gotta go get on it fast!

  45. This post just reminded me of my life long dream of owning a sequined mini dress. Why don't I have one already?? I have no idea! I gotta go get on it fast!

  46. I already know it would be so much fun shopping with you. The suede skirt is perfect! x :)

  47. Another fun day out :)

    Oh that sideboard! It's gorgeous! As is that brown handbag xxx

  48. Looks like too much fun and you're right about the 'nightie' much too gorgeous to keep indoors. xx

  49. No wonder the Pom Pom King thinks you're looking for a date, with all the trimmings you buy from him ;)

    Looks like the three of you had a lovely time - you can't beat a day of thrifting, eating and drinking. I would have had to wrestle you for that delicious sideboard; mind you, I wouldn't have been able to afford to ship it home :(

  50. What fun was had by all, even those of us just tagging along in blogland!

  51. What a great day out. That welsh tapestry cape is fabulous, you'd never find one of those in a charity shop where I live! x

  52. Wow that looked like one hell of a fun trip. I'm very jealous of the green velvet blazer and likewise I would kill for that sideboard it's AMAZING. Love seeing you had a good time and things were a little crazy.

  53. I always love seeing blogger catch up and this one looks so much fun! I'd be buying so much trim! You comment about that set of drawers made me smile. Something like that would sell for a bomb in Wellington too! Kind of reminds me of when we travels to my parents place in a rural part of the country and the most amazing furniture is for sale for like $20 and in Wellington they would sell it for $250 dollars! (and someone would buy it!) Lovely frocks on all of you and fab finds!


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