Wednesday 27 August 2014

The Mid Week Rant: Mind Your Own Business

When Curtise forwarded me a link to this post I thought I'd slipped into a coma and woken up in the 1980s. 

In this day and age do we really need to be advised to wear "slenderising" dresses and to disguise our ageing necks with £100 skin cream if we want to succeed professionally? Will our businesses fail if we look a bit flabby? Will the customers go elsewhere if they detect a hint of a wrinkly neck? Man, it was bad enough 20 years ago when I got a warning for wearing a trouser suit and advised to make more of an effort with my make-up so I looked "more feminine".

Yes, you've seen it before, the nightmare that was the corporate whore.
Only someone who hasn't been forced to follow a corporate dress code would advocate wearing a pencil skirt to work. Fitted, tailored clothes might be all very well for posing for photos, catching taxis and acting out power dressing fantasies in the bedroom but for real working women they're not only impractical but, certainly in my case, draw unwelcome attention to your body, which in a professional capacity ain't much fun. Try keeping your cool when the managing director brushes your arse every time you top up his Sancerre or your male kitchen staff hold up pseudo ice skating score cards behind your back when you pop into the kitchen to check their work . In 1991 I got indecently assaulted on my way to work whilst wearing my hideous uniform. I know sex crimes are generally hate driven rather than through uncontrollable lust but I still blame that fecking skirt. With that hideous pencil-shaped nonsense restricting my knees, I couldn't even run away from my attacker. Take it from me, wearing clothes you hate can traumatise you for life.

Just wear what you think is right. You either work for yourself or were awarded your job on merit which means you're an intelligent human being who doesn't need the advice of a stranger to get dressed in the morning.

This was today's business attire,
.......naturally accessed by some bad ass rule-breaking, jingly jangly jewellery.

My working day included a 8am trip to the car boot sale, three loads of washing & pricing and ironing my stock for Moseley on Sunday. Practical (waterproof boots, non trailing in the grass hemlines, necessary for fields and walking to the washing line), modest (shorts prevent inadvertent knicker flashing when rummaging), noticeable (Jon can't lose me amongst the greige car booters, the sellers remember me and offer discounted rates).

More business. Now they're all washed, ironed, scrubbed and sorted here's Monday's flea market finds.

And, the pièce de résistance, my high priestess of hippy 1970s maxi coat.

Me-made psychedelic playsuit (seen HERE), 1960s fringed suede jerkin (Second to None, Walsall, 2010), beaten up leather cowboy boots (car boot sale on Sunday), 1970s tooled leather bag (Car boot sale this morning), Native American pendant (50p, car boot sale, 2010)
Now what on earth shall I wear to work on Sunday? I can guarantee it won't be understated or in the least bit current!

See you soon.


  1. When I first began working after uni it was suggested to the ladies in the office that we refrain from wearing trousers. They wanted skirts on the women. Thankfully, there were a bunch of us females there and we would have none of that. There's no doubt that if you must wear a suit to work, trousers are the way to go. Thankfully, those days are behind me and I just recently donated the last of my business suits. Now I'm enjoying myself shopping for fun clothes, but alas, am not having nearly as much luck finding them as you seem to have, all the time. As always, such amazing finds! I dream to one day have the good fortune of spending a day shopping with you!

  2. everytime I read you about all those dress codes and office appropiate clothes, I should run to squeeze you, dear sister, because you make me feel so fabulously free and happy to express my personality!!, oh yeah!!, everybody should dress to express whatever they want!, (even beige lovers)!
    And you look so gorgeous and colorful and sassy wearing your pretty dress and booties!, you're so glorious than obviously sellers remember you!, love your appropiate dressing up!
    besos & abrazos

  3. I love all the clothes (of course)!!!! But, I really love what you said!!!

  4. Oh no, reminds me of the hideous suits I was forced to wear as a hostess at corporate events at our company chalet at Air Shows in the 80s and 90s. Court shoes, name badges and tan tights ... it's all coming back to me like a bad dream!!
    You're looking gorgeous as ever.
    Great finds ...
    M x


  5. Dress codes are one thing, and only to be expected in a world in a world so full of corporate bullshit. But that comment about being "in our prime" at 12 or 13 is really weird. A very mixed up set of messages.

  6. Dress codes are indeed so restricting , being a bit of a nonconformist they never flew right with me either.
    That matador pic behind the High Priestess dress really catches my eye ...nice find.

  7. I seriously hate all that cooperate bullshit and these understated kind of sh.. . OH, I'm very expressive today, haha ;) When I fought I have to be a serious scientist, I hated the idea of wearing plain boring clothes at university. A blazer even would have been too fashionable, and a skirt would have traumatized the poor students too ;) Thank god for self-employment ;)

  8. I want everything you are wearing, but especially that suede vest! And I know if I had to work in the corporate world, I would probably go bonkers! :)

  9. Dear V - you are so empowering!

    I was offered a (part-time minimum wage) job but I have to wear a uniform. I'm really struggling with this; but I need a job of any kind asap. Wish me luck!

  10. nothing could be a better advertisement or endorsement for all you just said than YOU, you rock it!

  11. That vest is the very best version of Hippie chic I've seen. And the boots. And the bag.

    I'm so sorry to hear you were attacked on your way to work. How horrible and traumatizing. Some men are such pigs.

    Your workplace sounds like something straight off of MadMen. That is overt sexual harassment. Nowadays you'd sue for some big bucks for that.

    Personally I love my pencil skirts and just bought another one to add to my collection. It has more to do with my love of 1950's-60's style than corporate uniforms though.

    Funny enough I find that they make me feel powerful.

    I can see if you have so many bad memories associated with an item of clothing how you might hate it for life.


  12. What a crock of shit that post is.
    "hairstyles for women over 40"...WTF, where are we for chrissakes...N.Korea??? I've had to wear many uniforms over the years as a hostie and airport employee but fortunately never felt that any of them made me vulnerable. I did get a hand up my skirt once, but think that was more to do with the lech of a passenger more than the allure of my arse or the tightness of my skirt.
    Love ya jerkin.

  13. I'm so sorry some asshole did that to you Vix, that is awful! I have always felt corporate attire is for men, why would we choose such boring restrictive clothes? We wouldn't! I think all of us would benefit from NOT listening to media whores telling us what to wear.
    I love your work attire but your attitude is what ROCKS honey! Love the new batch of killer stock!! Speak soon.
    Lots of love!

  14. Horrible to hear about you getting attacked - what a git :/

    Love your outfit (as per) and my bank balance is in danger having seen your new stock (eeeek!)


  15. I agree. I'm also pleased to see the girls at school these days being able to wear trousers.

  16. For fuck's sake. That is so irrelevant. I hated my office uniform for the five looooong years I had to endure it. I insisted on wearing trousers instead of pencil skirts, even though they were 'preferable', because I felt so vulnerable and restricted in them. Add a pair of skinny heels or clumpy courts and there we go. Instant discomfort.

    As for 'hairstyles for women over forty' you know that drives me bastard insane. A current hairstyle. Fuck orf!

    You look the business love. Colour and confidence, and a terrific advert for Kinky.
    Bloody, fucking loves ya. Ooooh October!!!

  17. I agree with you a 100%. I get so tired of we women being made to feel like aging and looking older is some 'bad' thing we have to avoid and 'fix'. I don't read fashion magazines and I don't buy into this 'cookie cutter' fashion advice. There was a very interesting article in the French magazine Que Choisir. They tested all kinds of expensive/inexpensive face cremes and the one that worked the best was priced...€3. Bravo for this post!

  18. I agree, wearing what you love is a must--otherwise you look how you feel ... uncomfortable! I'll take that playsuit anyday! :) xx/Madison

  19. I love your rants!! I hate uniforms, on me that is, if others want to or have to wear them I say good for them but no thanks for me. I dont do suits, I dont want to look like a bloke! Shirts always have a button badly placed smack bang inbetween boobs, just not a happening thing if you own big ones. Yay for wearing what the hell we want to!!

  20. When I see women teetering in stilettos and a tight pencil skirt, it reminds me of a line from Clueless, when Cher says sometimes she has more fun vegging out at home, because all her party clothes are "so binding". Which sometimes goes for a lot of what women have been advised to wear... I've never understood wanting to wear street/work clothes that you can't really move in properly (parties/clubs/posh restaurants etc are a bit different anyway).

    Except, funnily enough I was actually wearing a pencil skirt myself today! But then again, mine's got a bit of stretch to it, so I could run for the bus when I nearly missed it. Otherwise I'd never have worn it. But you'd have thought I was wearing bleeding animal skins on my legs instead of a pair of mustard yellow tights, going by some of the dirty looks I got today! Not just from women, either. That sort of thing would have bothered me once, but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to (it just puzzles me). Now I just think of you and Krista and Curtise and all the other lovely ladies I read, and I smile. Thanks for that.

  21. I have worked hard for my wrinkles and I'm dammed if I am going to spend x amount of money on cream that will do zilch to eradicate them.
    Don't get me started on the Corporate world as I know from bitter experience what a load of T***ers they all are.
    As for the botox queens yuk!!!
    You are an inspiration

  22. I feel you on that corporate dressing shindig, my lady! I used to HATE wearing those ass-hugging formal trousers with those short tailored shirts all the while I was stuck in that 9 to 5 job!

    One of the reasons I love being an entrepreneur is that no bitch of an HR manager dictates how I dress! #win

  23. Personally? Hilarious.

    "The natural beauty that we had in our prime, when we were twelve or thirteen years old". Creepy.

    The fact that some women pay for advice like this? Bemusing.

    I think the US seem a lot more corporate and maybe more anxious about being appropriately dressed than the UK? Thats how it seems to me from browsing the web at least (feel free to throw rotten fruit lol).

    I don't like the notion of needing to be 'fixed' or 'repaired' at whatever age you find yourself. I mean - the 7 signs of ageing - what kind of crap is that?
    Serums - what?

    I watched this
    and thought - blimey, my self-esteem must be through the roof, because I wouldn't put up with that crap for an instant lol.

    The no-trousers for women thing in my experience - was enforced by other women. Presumably to they could hiss through their teeth at trollopy types who then wore their skirts too short lol. Wouldn't have taken any job with a dress code - school uniform was bad enough.

    As to sexist feckwittage - living well is the best revenge. - cellulite, 7 signs of aging and all.

  24. Word sister !
    Love your attitude and your wardrobe !
    Somedays i even love my wardrobe .. but never the corporate one !

  25. Haven't read the article, haven't read the comments written. Just appalled to hear of your attack. At least in those boots you're wearing today you could do some lasting damage!
    (Not that that is the answer either! But you'd feel better for it...possibly?)

  26. I am so sorry to read about your assault, and all the harassment you had to endure. Unfortunately it's still a very common occurrence for many women in the workplace.

    I always feel limited in high heels, conscious of not being able to run or climb, or even walk confidently in them. I feel trapped, as in so many other female garments.

    That high priestess gown? I covet it :)

  27. Indoctrination begins where freedom of life style ends !
    Society doesn't want people to be free , no way ...Just follow the guide lines/rules , don't express yourself , don't be authentic nor creative , be sure not to stand out , just be a common number in the greyish invisible masses , and so on , and so on ...
    When compared to etnical cultures , like India for instance , western " culture " is far from being exuberant ...
    You know well what I think about hair cut advices for women over 40 , isn't it Vix !
    Another great post ...
    ~Expressive kisses~

  28. What a load of crap! Gym membership, leather bound notebooks!! Do me a favour. I worked at The Times with purple hair, tattoo's (on show) and New Rock boots. I figure if it was good enough for them then it's good enough for any employer

  29. that post is strange..... once i was sad thad i did´t got my first job as designer because i was dressed wrong (grunge millefleur dress and boots - all the woman in that fashion company wore black trouser suits with white blouses or shirts, skintight). but now i´m happy that it was that way - working there would have only made me miserable. so for the rest of my working live my "personal style" protected me from bad jobs.... and from getting bank credit ;-)
    wonderful working look your are wearing here!

  30. I am off to work in boots and leggings tomorrow as its so cold. Luckily I have employers with a liberal dress code.

  31. oh god, I couldn't work under a dress code anymore! (Other than to cover oneself so that no bits are hanging out). I feel such empathy for your days in corporate hell. Love your look today, and I am crazy for your new regal cloak! xox

  32. So sorry to hear about your assault Vix.

    As someone who will shortly be returning to the corporate world (I feel sick just thinking about it), I can tell you that I pay not a blind bit of notice to normal corporate wear. Granted I do favour a mod style which is smart anyway but my suits are made from crimplene and are certainly not black!

    I love your suede waistcoat by the way, so cool! x

  33. I was at a huge corporate event and saw a lady dressed differently from everyone -- black head to toe, slacks and pumps with a big multi chain gold necklace and a chain belt. When she walked past me, I stopped her to tell her I loved her accessories.

    Turns out she was the top officer of the division - the highest ranking person there. We chatted about her necklace and belt. They guy I was there with thought I was brave but I told him "no, that's a girl thing." I honestly didn't know who she was and wasn't afraid to approach her and compliment her. There is nothing wrong with that!

  34. When the corporate world and I were young, I dressed according to the code -- well do I remember the turmoil occassioned by the invention of pantyhose! Did a control-top count as a de rigeur girdle?!

    One rebelled by wearing the most bizarre undies one could find. This is still an empowering response to uniformity and uniforms.

    Your rants are always welcome, Vix. One suspects your personal soapbox is a redecorated collectible!

  35. Ahh Vix. You hit the nail on the head. My soul is shrivelling inside as I read that advice post. Comfortable 21/2 to 3 inch heels? Comfortable??? I'm constantly amazed at the people who are so afraid to express themselves or so lacking in courage and self confidence that they hire someone else to dress them and decorate their houses! Fortunately there are blogs around now that extol individual style and encourage people to tap into their own passions and play! Your blog being one of them:-)
    You are looking gorgeously visible in your jumpsuit and fringe! I gather the weather has improved slightly :-)
    That haul you had had a lot of high necked clothing I noticed. Did you keep the coat?
    I'm jealous of all these people finding cowboy boots. I need some! Lovely rant! I fully concur! Up the individual dresser!! Xo JJ

  36. And - if you do work somewhere that they tell you how to dress ie femininely then get another freaking job. I love myself and all my wrinkled bits - even the plump ones. I think everyone else should too. You look much more joyous now by the way - Joie de vivre!

  37. I fecking LOVE it when you have a good rant, and I couldn't agree more! That bloody blog again, huh?! Ugh, I'm not even going to bother to read that shite!
    You foxy hot thang, it's a brighter bloody world with you in it.
    Love Helga XXX

  38. O, and I have no dress code, thank feck. It would KILL ME if they tried it on me.XXX

  39. Whenever I count my blessings, and I try to daily, I often include the fact that I can wear whatever I want whenever! That wasn't always the case, although I've never had a "corporate" job. I also tend to avoid activities that require ugly (to me) clothes, like golf and tennis for example. I'd probably get kicked out for wearing a maxi skirt.

    As always, you look divine. Those boots are perfect, and I love all the warm burnished colors of your accessories. LOVE YOU!!!! XXOO

  40. I'm so sorry you were assaulted back when you were wearing your "uniform". You are absolutely right, its hate and "power over" that perpetuates these types of assaults towards women -- I was walking down the street in my normal "gear" and the same happened to me so many years ago. I love your rants and I DESPISE those stupid lists! I feel sorry for those of us who have to adhere to them to make a living and wish the world would catch up and let women be themselves and not carbon copies of some corporate (or otherwise) "ideal". I haven't gone missing, but have had terrible probs with all my devices so can rarely comment, let alone update my poor neglected blog!Love & miss you! XXX

  41. A well said blog post Vix , how right you are , love your outfit !, on a different note are you finding your blogger dashboard the reading bloggers list is not coming up for the last couple off days, it's so

  42. God that article is so depressing, I bet she writes for the daily mail!

    The infamous hand up skirt incident happened when I was in a pencil skirt too, never again will I wear that shit.

  43. Hello Vix,

    Your points are exceedingly well made here. Dress Codes are one thing but problems do arise when those responsible for the codes either do not have to wear them themselves or are insensitive to the needs, cultures and sensibilities of those who do have to follow them.

    After many years of teaching, we were convinced that school dress codes were very important. In this way there was far less difference between the haves and the have nots and children can be very cruel to each other. A dress code meant that although everyone did not look exactly alike ( always some room for personal style) there was a levelling and those who did not have the latest training shoes etc. did not feel inferior.

    A bigger point which you touch on here is the lack of individual style these days. More and more people seem to be confined into wearing what everyone else does without striking out on their own. This is very sad. Keep up the good work!

  44. Oh I remember the bad old days of corporate dress codes … my first job was at a traditional (stuffy) bank where we were not allowed to wear trousers and had to wear pantyhose with our skirts at all times.
    So glad I moved on … not sure if they have though.

  45. I'm so glad you swapped your work suit for all the fabulous clothing you wear now. You have a dream job, having fun and doing something you love. Isn't this what life's all about? xx

  46. This was a GOOD rant, I really enjoyed reading it, but was saddened to hear about your assault.

    It's only now in my 30's that I have realised just how much I'd been brainwashed to think that we live in a fair world where harassment at the office was a thing of the '60s, when in reality that kind of thing still occurs scarily too often.

    I now have to admit that I like pencil skirts - but agree they're not always appropriate. I wouldn't wear a tight tailored one when seeing a patient, too corporate for a psychology setting as well as too figure-hugging, but I do wear them to the office when doing research, as I'm basically in a room on my own and can pretty much wear what I want!

    As for rules about what to wear at what age, it all seems a bit ridiculous to be so specific. And what's the bit about leather-bound notebooks?! I have to go and read it again and have another laugh.

    P x

  47. These posts always confuse me deeply too... half the time they are utterly impractical and bear no resemblance to what people actually wear in their workplaces. They play lipservice to various dress codes (whilst being not-quite-there e.g. a barrister would wear a traditional suit not a bright jacket... and someone with a looser dress code wouldn't need to have all those rules) when it's actually a mainstream magazine's 'fantasy' of what a woman wears.

    And leather bound notebooks? What??

    Sometimes I wonder if the successful women writing this tosh realise those of us reading it are career women too, not fantasising about 'if only we could have a job...' as might have happened in the distant past.
    Yet they still sell their weird fantasy to us - even though most of us know exactly what a woman in management looks like and how that varies from person to person in reality.

  48. It still shocks me to read about these so called 'professional attire guidelines'. You're veyr lucky to have the confidence to wear exactly what you want - not many do and never will. I feel fortunate to work in a creative field and never had to deal with the typical corporate mentality.
    You look gorgoeus in that outfit! That maxi coats in stunning! xx

  49. I'm so so glad I've never had to put up with anyone telling me how to dress, even with work. Maybe because they take one look and imagine the swear words that would follow. I will never understand people telling others how to dress, what to wear and what's appropriate. It's your life, your wardrobe, want to wear a pineapple on your head and a raincoat, do it. Life is too short and sometimes so are my skirts. And what. :)
    (great post darling, and you look fantastic!!)

  50. Gosh, I had no idea about that awful incident that you suffered, how terribly traumatic that must have been. I looked at that article and found it fascinating. It is so removed from my life, it's almost like a fairytale, but maybe that fits for some people? I don't know. What's important is to find what's right for you. And of course you have, and that never fails to inspire me. I'm so glad I found you Vix in this big old weird world of office attire and proper haircuts. Xxxxxx

  51. Great post Vix , so true ! You look fabulous love your fringed long waistcoat Toni x

  52. That's a beautiful rant, Vix! I usually skip articles like the one you linked to - at least, these days, when I seek for more and more inner freedom. I find it deeply, deeply sad that people seek for stability and acceptance which equals to a dreadful uniform life - they choose it over freedom to explore who they are. We all do it one way or another, perhaps, at some point of our lives, and I am no exception. Your rant helps to get more confident in trusting my own inner voice when it comes to my choices, and I don't necessary mean choices in style - there are so many choices in life to make. Only when our inner voice is stronger and more relevant to us than a voice of an "authority", only then we can say that we are truly free. It doesn't come easily to most of us, and it doesn't come overnight - it's a lifelong process, unique for everyone of us.

    So sorry that some bastards could assault you. You are beautiful inside and out - you were then, and you are now. The only difference I see is that you gained more inner freedom. Please don't call yourself "a whore". I know it sounds dramatic in writing, but what a cruel message it sends to your soul... You did the best you knew how to. That's all we can do, at any point of our life. Why we are so harsh on ourselves? I think we all need forgiveness from ourselves more than anything in this world...

    As always, you look absolutely gorgeous!

    With love xxxxx

  53. I love your philosophy on dress code. I totally agree with you. You look great in that outfit! Thanks for your wonderful wisdom! :-)

  54. Totally agree. I wouldn't look right if I copied your style, I have my own style thank you very much. I like teeshirts, sweatshirts, trousers, and boots, that's my style and I'm sticking to it :o) xxx

  55. Thanks for this rant, I completely agree! Goodness knows there are enough confines in society without others inflicting "rules" on what we should wear!
    I was bullied at a job when I was in my 20s for not wearing enough makeup, it was awful!

  56. So sorry to hear about the horrible assault, Vix. Some men are just disgusting. Thank god they are in the minority.

    On a lighter note, that link really made me laugh. The 'best' line was "Kate Spade makes a fabulous 18” fashion pearl choker ($128.00) that I’ve advised many of my clients to buy." Yeah, right, pay $128 and get the same necklace that your 'expert stylist' has recommended to every-one else! For crying out loud!

    Anyway, you look fabulous as always. The jerkin is heavenly. Looking forward to our visit to Second to None in October!

    Love, Annie xxx

  57. I love this message so much and thank God I'm not the only one from reading the comments! I've just graduated and have been feeling a lot of pressure to start dressing formally and business ready, but it's a bit soul crushing because I'm quite creative and I love the outdoors and my clothes represent my personality - I want to be comfortable and feel happy! Thank you so much for this post Vix, it's made me feel 100 times better about my own style! - Tasha xxx

  58. Corporate dress codes ruined my wardrobe- and like a fool, I let it happen because at such a young age I loved people taking me so seriously in my pants suits. Three years later, I'm still trying to recover form my days of khaki slacks, pinstriped skirts and nude pantyhose. Ugh!

  59. i could not even imagine wearing a pencil skirt in a kitchen. i worked in many and was always dressed exactly like the men and was sexually harassed on a daily basis. even the managers felt it was appropriate. nowadays i'd like to think that mentality has changed but man it was rough.

    you look gorgeous, happy and content! xo j

  60. Thankfully I no longer have to wear a fun sucking drab uniform anymore, but get to fill my days (and the lives of the residents I get to hang out with) with lots of bright colour and crazy patterns. Love your "work uniform" you now get to wear - hurray for dressing to please ourselves! XXX

  61. I left the Corporate Hamster Wheel just over 10 years ago and not having to dress appropriately is so freeing. I work from home in a variety of fetching little numbers - jeans that have immovable cat barf stains, t shirts that strain just a little too much around my middle, big soppy slippers with pink jammy bottoms and fleece tops big enough to rent out to a family of 4. When I go out to 'meetings' ie the local coffee shop I just wear cleaner jeans and tops that fit! So freeing! BTW your fringed waistcoat is one of the best 'work' outfits I've seen you in - really lovely.

    Linda xx

  62. G'day hotness, I adore your work attire and so glad you're free of the hassle involved in misogynistic corporate wars. Strange how office dress codes seem to be dictated by men, time more women stood their ground and say "feck off, the clothes I choose to wear don't affect my job". What a horror story you relate about the harassment and abuse you suffered. My blood's boiling! Hugs xox

  63. Oh, some tossers just love to assert their version of power over women, don't they? How bloody dare they? Makes me sick.
    I knew that link would make you laugh, but I am very pleased it has also inspired such an excellent rant! It's frankly unbelievable that any successful working women would need advice about how to dress. Surely they know what is considered acceptable and appropriate for their particular setting, and can work out how to make that a reasonable fit for themselves? Pencil skirts, blouses, nude shoes... It's all a bit Mad Men, isn't it?
    You have found the ideal working role for you, Vix, which allows your fabulous style and creativity free rein. You are always the most wonderful advert for your business - and not a nude heel or a blazer in sight! xxxx

  64. It always annoys me when articles talk about 'must haves' like they are trying to dictate what we have to wear. Love love love the fringed waistcoat so much better than boring old work wear.

  65. I've been lucky enough to have spent most of my adult working life in places where they didn't dictate what I could and couldn't wear. There were a few part-time jobs along the way in offices that had dress codes, and I had one outfit that met the rules, so that's what they saw me in, day after day.

    I'm sure my lack of professional success must be due to my refusal to get an appropriate hairstyle for a woman over 40 ;)

    I'm so sorry you had to experience such horrible treatment when you were working a corporate job. People can be such assholes!

  66. I love every once of your business outfit and as a former corporate drone with attire getting more bohemian by the second to go with the new lifestyle...I feel yo pain! The pencil skirt/button-up combo does have the unfortunate side affect of looking like sexy secretary fantasies to men, swear I was checked out more in my required work-wear sometimes. Ew. Blah to that ridiculous list, too! All you need is your brilliant mind and good health, the rest is silly.

  67. Good lord that article is depressing. Thank goodness you are so bright and cheerful!

    I'm now over 30 but not too bothered about it, but reading that apparently my prime was when I was "12 or 13" is just an awful thought. If I'd have known that at the time... I probably wouldn't have given a toss ;)

    Sorry to hear that you were attacked; all jokes aside that is a horrible thing to happen to anyone.

    Thanks for your lovely blog cheering me up every week :)

  68. I can't even deal with how hideous that article is!! I have pretty much never wore a suit in my 10 year career as a public servant and have not failed because of it. Jeez! I love you playsuit and your inappropriate oversized bling :D

  69. Gosh! That is so shitty to hear about your assault! It's makes me so angry to think that men out there (employers and strangers) think you wearing something is an invitation to be a c*unt. Harshest words I've ever used here, but that because they are! The other evening I was walking home in a black dress and boots. It's cold still so everyone is wearing boots. Some knob of course yells something out his car window and then decided to park at the kerb ahead of me. As I was walking that way, I prepared myself for a showdown of epic feminist proportions about men treating women like objects etc, but he drove away without saying anything. At least I would have been ave to run away in that outfit! That really fucking gets me. Clothing is for us to express ourselves to OURSELF not to gross dudes or other bitchy ladies. And if we want to wear boots with colourful dresses and suede vests "after 40" then feck'em! I feel sorry for the ladies who buy into this tripe too. Thinking that have an expiry date and that they should just recede into a an invisible pastel landscape once they hit 40

    I love your outfit my dear. Keep being awesome and colourful and jangly!


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