Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Glastonbury - The 2014 Edition

Glastonbury 2014 - the festival that nearly never was. We failed to get tickets on the general release date, missed out again on the April resale day but, in the end, our fabulous friends Stuart and Kim discovered a secret sale and snaffled us a pair.

Stuart and Kim with Lee and baby Lily (at 2 years old this was already her second Glasto)

Because our tickets were on resale all the campervan spaces had gone so we had to camp and do you know what? We feckin' LOVED it! Our friend Jon couldn't come this year so we borrowed his tent, he was greatly missed but at least his tent got to see some festival action!

So, what is Glastonbury? Its only the world's biggest (and best) music festival. I won't bore you with the facts but you can read more HERE.

The Pyramid Stage

We travelled through the night, meeting up with the gang on a service station car park in Somerset at 6am on the Wednesday morning. We drove in convoy to Worthy Farm, parked up, strapped our belongings to our back and joined the queue of thousands waiting for the festival gates to open at 8am, trudging the longest 2 mile hike in our lives. We found a space big enough to accommodate our six tents, pitched up and walked back to our cars for the rest of our stuff. The rest of the day was spent lounging in the sun, drinking cider and chatting.

1960s Lagos-made maxi (from darling Curtise), floral headpiece hand-made by Kerry @ House of Harrie Hattie, sunnies, Melissa sandals and tooled leather bag (all charity shopped), Parasol (India, 2011)

Thursday was glorious. We roamed the festival site and basked in the sunshine.

Outside the Acoustic Stage

Thursday night was cold....but the cider flowed freely.

The festival officially started on Friday, opened by The Kaiser Chiefs and swiftly followed by Blondie, a band I've loved since 1978. It rained but did we care? Hell, no!

The Other Stage

The rain stopped, we went vintage shopping (poor us, always working), bumped into people we knew, totally mad considering that that there's over a quarter of a million people crammed into a few acres of farmland.

Hindu tee (India, 2014), charity shopped shorts, vintage cord trilby (belonged to a mate's husband)
We got filmed by the media, papped by the press and asked to pose for photos despite not owning a pair of Hunter wellies (the celebs' choice) between us.

1960s floral playsuit (Krista-licious), vintage high-heeled wellies, sunnies, feather boa and hair flowers (all second hand), Glastonbury '14 tote (given away free at the gates) 

We watched De La Soul and Rudimental, whose incredible set sadly got cut short after the Pyramid Stage was struck by lightning. We managed to make it back to our tent before the torrential rain took hold.

Skrillex on The Other Stage

After a sleep and a restorative Jon-cooked Chana Jalfrezi we watched some of Paolo Nutini's set before Skrillex took to the stage. His performance was our Glasto highlight. We LOVED it.

Afterwards we stood outside one of the many bars on site drinking our pre-mixed gin and tonic watching the world go by until well into the early hours.

Paolo Nutini

Saturday morning saw more torrential rain but it eased off in time to check out Royal Blood (rockin') and Fat White Family (fantastic!) over at the John Peel stage. We were in good company, Paolo stood next to us, such a lovely, down-to-earth chap.

Royal Blood play the John Peel Stage

What's a bit of rain anyway? 

Mac, waistcoat, tee shirt and shorts (bought second hand), Old skool Dunlop wellies (eBay, 2005)

No British music festival would be the same without a bit of mud and in between the showers it was gloriously sunny and hot. You should see my tan!

1960s nightie (jumble sale), bag (made by me from a curtain), floral crown (handmade by Kerry)

After Lana Del Ray's set we needed a nap (sorry love, you're just not our bag). We ate, stuck on a few more layers (Kiss Me Kitty leggings and my trusty fake fur) and caught the Manic Street Preachers (used to be a huge fan but not so much these days), danced to The Pixies (ace!) and rocked out to Metallica (AWESOME!)

Jon, me, Steven, Cat & Stuart

 We met up with some of the gang and headed to Arcadia for some after hours action.

Williams Green 

Sunday brought more sunshine and warmth which dried the mud up in next to no time.

After a hike back to the van, leaving us with all but the bare essentials to carry back on Monday, we headed to the Stone Circle, Green Futures and the Greenpeace field for spicy butterbean wraps, cider and chillin' in the sun.

Entrance to Green Futures

Greenpeace field

De La Soul tee shirt & sunnies (both charity shopped), 1950s Levi Panatella shorts (Indian flea market)

The farmer's market within the Greenpeace field

The Peace Garden

Green Futures

Tony Benn's Tower of Strength

Then we joined what seemed like all 180,000 of the other festival goers for Dolly Parton's set.

The sound was pretty poor and we kind of lost interest after hearing Jolene,

but the people watching potential was spectacular!

Sequins, clashing patterns and floral head dresses distract from the fact I hadn't showered or washed my hair since Tuesday.

1980s sequined bustier (car boot sale), 1960s Samuel Sherman maxi (vintage fair), floral crown (handmade by Kerry) - muddy hemline courtesy of the good ol' British summer!

We managed to find the rest of the gang for Ed Sheeran (good), The Black Keys (excellent) and Kasabian (fantastic showmen but they didn't blow me away like they have done previously).

Waiting for the Black Keys

Steven & Cat

 After a few more beers back at the camp site we set the alarm for stupid O'clock and hit the sleeping bag ready for an early start. We met in Cheddar (home to the famous cheese) for a pub lunch - a Glasto tradition - and probably stunk to high heaven. 

And so ended Glastonbury for another year....

Sunset at The Pyramid Stage

6 days of not washing, using long drop toilets, queuing for water, consuming 32 litres of pear cider, existing on a few hours of sleep a night, averaging 6 miles of walking per day, cooking on a single gas ring and living under canvas....and I didn't want it to ever end.

Only 2 days until we do it all over again at Camperjam!

Linking to Patti and the gang over at Visible Monday and Judith for her Hat Attack.

PS: Not heard of some of the bands I've mentioned? Click on their names, I've linked to their Glasto performances so you can have a listen.


  1. Gutted I didn't get to see you lovely Vix, my phone gave up on me. :(
    Looks like you had an awesome time and stayed looking fantastic throughout.
    Standout for me was Dolly, I have a new found love for her. And De La Soul were good for a sunny boogie. Also sporting a classic Glasto tan. :)

  2. I wondered about you all weekend. I'm half jealous and half revolted by the thought of tents, noise, mud and stink. If they built a Travel lodge I'd be there!
    It does look incredible and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves! xxx

  3. Hello Vix,

    You really are made of strong stuff to be able to not only cope with such a lack of creature comforts but to positively revel in it. The loos would defeat us, the crowds would scare us, the mud would depress us....but we could cope with the drinking!

    However, both you and Jon look positively radiant throughout. Rain or shine your clothes and your smiles would surely have guaranteed the sunniest of times for all those around you. Joy!

  4. You know festivals aren't my thing but we watched Metallica on Saturday night and I was sooo jealous I'd have given my left arm to be there. This was the year I probably would have enjoyed most - (the Pixies and Metallica, hello!!!) - apart from Hole in 1999! Every year you always have the same enthusiasm and look fantastic. I was wondering whether I'd spot you in any of the footage I saw xxx

  5. Sounds fantastic - I saw the Pixies again recently and they were ace! Glad you're a Hunter wellies free zone x

  6. Welcome back, darling! What a festival - it looks as though it had everything, all musical bases covered, and all possible weather too!
    I think I would be utterly overwhelmed by it all, but you and Jon are veterans and made of sterner stuff than me. I was wondering how it would be camping instead of going in Gilbert, but it seems like you coped brilliantly with being under canvas!
    As always, you look fantastic and stand out from the denim-short and Hunter wellies-wearing masses. Colourful, vibrant and gorgeous, that's you!
    Now - is the washing machine on, and are you recovering?!
    Love you! xxxx

  7. Love this post! It looks like you had a brilliant time and I feel like I shared it with you through your photos.

  8. The orange outfit and the floral maxi combo are divine! did you get to see robert plant, too? need to make it to glasto one day.

  9. Music and booze outdoors: always a fabulous combo in my book. Oh and people watching, I always like a bit of that. Loving Jon's de la soul tee. xx

  10. Hi Vix,

    I feel knackered just reading all that. Have to say though I am so jealous of you watching Metalica. From what I saw on the red button on Sunday night they ripped Glastonbury a new one, totally awesome!Finished off my birthday celebrations with a bang. Have yet to see the Pixes set though I used to love those guys.

    You looked like you all had a blast and revelled in what ever Glastonbury threw at you.

    P x

  11. Brilliant festival, Vix - I so enjoy your photo essays and I can almost hear the music. You rock, xox

  12. holy cats! What a week you had. I still can't get over sweaters,hoodies and fake fur in the freaking summer! It's been near 100 here for the past week, I would drop dead if I went to an outdoor anything. Funny thing is, we used to do the musical theatre festival OUTDOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one died.

  13. Been looking forward to this post and it didn't disappoint!
    Couldn't bear it myself but love reading your take on it; now with added camping element!
    So glad it was a goodie. Camperjam here you come!
    Z xx

  14. We love our music but festivals have never appealed to us, anyway why go when you have such fantastic blog with brilliant photos for us all to have a look , fantastic blog once again xxx

  15. It just gets better and better doesn't it. We watched lots on the box and your pics bought back lots of happy memories too. Haven't been for a few years now and really wished we were there this year.
    You looked fab! M x

  16. Man, you have the stamina of a 20 year old Vix! I don't think I could keep up with you. Sounds like a great show. I would have really enjoyed Skrillex, Blondie, and Metallica for sure. My son got me in to Skrillex a few years ago when his music taste really started to develop. We're anxious to see DK Krush next week here in Seattle. He's been on my bucket list for a few years.
    Have a great week!

  17. I mean DJ Krush!!

  18. Glad you enjoyed it. I don't think the festival thing is for me. I love camping and I love music but the crowded, drugged up and messy element (not to mention the toilet facilities) put me off.

  19. AND a great time was had by ALL ~ love it !!!!!!
    Mountain man would have been in his glory .
    That first pic super fab of you guys.
    Mr . Nutini YUM ~ just saying.

    Must also say I'll have a bit of whatever Jim ( need to check the name ) was drinking he looks quite content.

    Can't beat a good mud pit in Wellies can you now :)))

  20. Wow, that looks incredible! The pictures remind me a little of our Oregon Country Fair, but with faaaaaar better music! Glad you got to go!

  21. Holy crap that was an amazing! I just had to look at all these pictures again because how is it possible to cram that much fun in such a short time. Both you and Jon look fab and not like everybody else. Your sequined bustier and mad quilt skirt are festival favorites for me, plus you wore my jumper, it's like a part of me was with you!

    I'm so happy you had a massive dose of sunshine and the Skrillex set looks amaze balls! I would have been dancing my ass off as I'm sure you guys were. The gang looks happy even on that very last day and I don't think it's because you were going home, you love this shit!!!!! So glad you dug Metallica too Rob Trijilo the bassist is a pleasure to watch and listen too :)

    Yes let's chat today!!!! SO much to catch up on!
    LOVE YOU!!!

  22. Must have so so great to be there ! Love all the pics .
    Hugs !

  23. The press really should hire you to cover that even, so much more interesting than what other reports put out :) Did you manage any sleep?

  24. Looks like you had an epic time, so jealous you got to see metallica, one day I'll get to Glastonbury with me mini's in tow. X

  25. You two are made of much stronger stuff than I to be able to cope with the massive crowds, hiking,carrying, lack of sleep, etc. etc. It does look amazing, but I'm afraid the crowds would completely freak me out.

    From the photos it appears you were the most fabulously dressed woman there, no surprise! I love the Flamenco Dancer tent/stall!

    I feel rather old as I realize I haven't heard of more than half the bands that played there. I would have enjoyed Blondie, The Black Keys and The Pixies though. Glad you had a great time, and thanks for letting me attend vicariously ;)

  26. Fabulous! I love your Glasto posts...I haven't been since 1989 and you always make me feel a bit wistful for it.
    What bits I saw on the box rocked but you gotta be there.
    No wonder you were papped and filmed. Look at you! Fecking festietastic the pair of you.
    That Paulo Nutini's a fine looking boy and not a bad singist either. I'd have gone once Jolene was done and dusted too!
    Loves yer stinky bits!!

  27. Your photos of Glastonbury blow me away! I'm a fan of De La Soul, so can't even imagine how much fun you and Jon had with the music, the people watching and the atmosphere. Looks like pure celebration from here. You live life more fully than anyone I know.

    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous headwear with Hat Attack. And bringing Jon along too!

  28. I had absolutely no doubts that you would ace it at Glastonbury! No surprise then that you had an amazing time.

    I am in Avignon with The Beloved, getting ready for the festival next week all excitement. Hoping to return with a great tan but right now waiting for rain!

  29. yeah, looks like a blast!
    good to see some other fun festival pics between all these viva las vegas posts i just went through... ;)

  30. So pleased that Glasto did metal this year. I'd have loved seeing Paolo Nutini (saw him on tv) and Blondie (I know every word on Parallel Lines) I'm ashamed to say I've never heard of Skrillex...don't hate me! I couldn't have coped with the crowds and loo's though. Respect girl, you even manage to stand out in a crowd of 175,000! Loving your festival gear. How nice was that hot shower when you got home? xxxxxxxxx

  31. I'm just so happy for YOU - you look stunning as always, happy and inspired! That's all I need to know. :) Missed you! xxxxxxx

  32. Great photos! I got a real feel for it from you! I haven't really had that before! I just don't think I could cope with the mud, no shower thing!!!x

  33. You look fantastic and I'm not at all surprised your pics were taken! I've seen pics of the celebs at Glastonbury so I know what you ean about the Hunter boots! It looks fun but I would be so overhwelmed there I wouldn't be able to cope. I would park myself in the peace garden and just stay there-lol. Hopefully I would manage to get myself in the vicinity of Blondie and then I'd probably give up.

    I love your short dress-the one worn with rain boots! So cute on you. Glad you had a good time shared it with us here. That's about the only way I will ever get there!

  34. Haha I like the flamenco dancer float! Hat's off Vix! I don't know how you manage to keep up the glamour factor going for 6 days at Glasto! Looks like you had a ball and I enjoyed the review. Felt like I was there (without having to deal with the mud and the long drops - you are a million times stronger a woman than I!)

  35. Oh to live in Vix's world. This was amazing. I'm honestly exhausted just reading about it. You are one tough cookie. And a beautiful cookie at that. All the fashion news around here is about Coachella style but it mostly involves expensive new clothing made to look vintage. You, my dear, are the REAL DEAL. I love the shot of you with your Indian umbrella. And Jon's tee shirt wardrobe is quite impressive. I'm so happy that you had such a beautiful time. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  36. this festival is made for you!!!!!
    gorgeous outfits - all of them. sounds like you had some fun eh :-)
    i would like to see the bands live too but i can´t cope with the masses....

  37. Such a fantastic collection of photos and it all looks amazing. I so must go, every year we say it but never do.

    Loving the outfits Vix, no wonder you got paper by the press you looked stunning hun.

    X x

  38. Sounds like you had an amazing time! As I said on twitter, I'm so jealous that you got to see the Metallica set. I wanted to jump through the tv and join everyone!

  39. Love your photos and great stamina while still remaining stylish - Glastonbury is such a huge site to move around. Hope you are showered and rested xx

  40. Fantastic post! It sounds like it was such a great time. Good for you and your friends. You both looked terrific throughout! I especially love your polka-dotted nightie and your parasol. xo

  41. I think I would enjoy one day or maybe two, but six! You are crazy! but in a good way! My favorite outfit was that floral playsuit! So cute! :)

  42. Whoa!! So much fun...and then some more! That must have been six CRAZZZYYYY days! :)
    And you look as gorgeous as ever! <3

  43. Great pics! So glad you had a wonderful time. I would have loved to see Metallica and Dolly and ( Canadian band) Arcade Fire, but I would have hated the crowds, mud, etc - def not my bag! Xo

  44. Fabulous Glastonbury, we watched metallica on TV... You looked so glam in every single outfit. I would love to go! Betty x

  45. Oh I loved every single pic! loved it! summer is Glastonbury to me and I loved living vicariously through you all - the Flamenco statue lady was magnificent (I see Flamenco, I think of you) Paulo Nutini's voice is incredible and I love Blondie 4 eva!!! and Dolly! shame about Rudimental's set though - and of course you looked divine through it all and showers at a festival? isn't that why baby wipes were invented!! x x x

  46. You're so fabulous living your badass life.

  47. OMG what a crowd, and what a festival. Did you see many of the Hunter wearing celebs. Usually they are in all the gossip mags, maybe you will be in a photo near them. I shall look out for you. Bet you are glad to be home in your bed, flush loo and hot shower tho'.

  48. Wow you both had a blast! I would love to do that. You saw some great shows. Thanks for sharing your photos, they are awesome!

  49. Another year, another Glasto and once more I get to witness the spectacle through Vix's psychedelic lenses!! I'm just glad you made it ... don't even want to think of a Vix-less Glasto. Thank you so much for sharing the excitement, better than any roller coaster ride imaginable ... so incredibly envious of Jon's De La Soul tee and the fact you SAW them!! xoxoxoxoxox

  50. Fantastic report. I would have liked the Greenpeace field, but I can't stand crowds so I wouldn't go. I watched Dolly on the iplayer, and agree, the sound was awful. I gave up at Jolene.

  51. Everything Sounds Fabulous, and you rock it, dear lady!!, love your illustrated report!!, so much music (and mud) and amazing atmosphere!
    and you look so gorgeous even in your not perfectly washed version!, Gorgeous with a capital G!!

  52. Wow, what a grand event! I enjoyed all the photos! As always, you looked fabulous in your maxis and minis.

  53. Ooh, Paolo, he makes me go a little weak at the knees I must admit!
    It certainly looks like you had fun, I leave the festivals to my sister! I don't believe she was there though, I think she went to Download this year

  54. You're a walking, talking Festival promoter! Who cares about the long drop toilets, the mud and the discomfort - your optimism and pure love of it all just seeps out the screen! Send your Blog to the Festival website! x

  55. That looks like so much fun, and the outfits are beautiful, as always!

  56. I feel like I've experienced just a little bit of Glasto through your wonderful post Vix :-)
    6 days of living rough and you still look gorgeous!

  57. hi vix. wow, sounds like so much fun. i'm so glad you loved the camping. it's so fun! sounds like you didn't see jack.:( it's so hard to catch everyone isn't it? you really did see so many fab acts. i had no idea dolly parton was there!

  58. good heavens! Too much awesome! I especially love the peace garden! It all looks like SO much fun and all of your outfits are superb!

  59. What a wonderful time you all had , great pictures Vix, you found camping ok , Mr M was just talking about camping the other day , great post xxx

  60. What a great experience ... I'm totally jealous ... except for the mud ... you can keep the mud ;0)

  61. Oh Vicky! You've taken some amazing photographs. I love all the mud, it certainly wouldn't be Glastonbury without it, and I'm so envious that you got to see Metallica :)

    I've heard everyone raving about Dolly Parton's set. Can't say I've ever been a fan myself, but I can see the male appeal.

    So glad you had such a perfect time, thank you for sharing xx

  62. oh dear it all looks amazing but I read it thinking I'm so glad I wasn't there. *Shuffles off with hanging head*

  63. Oh you awesome couple you, looking and clearly feeling fabulous the whole time. Great array of Glasto-suitable Vix style paraded too. And your energy is enviable.

  64. Wow Glastonbury looks amazing if a little muddy. Sound like some amazing line ups! Your outfits are as usual amazing and so much better than that same old festival fashion look everyone seems to do lately. The parasol is the most fantastic thing ever. Your mention of the Manic Street Preachers and John's De La Soul T shirt definitely take me back. Hope you have a fab time at Camperjam. I can't wait til we finally get to go to Truck Festival, next year I definitely need to book lots more.

  65. Gees, I wish I had your stamina. And you looked good throughout too!!!

  66. Holey moely what a week! I can see why your were getting snapped by the paps -your festival kit is way more awesome than anything the high street could make up! I love all your dresses payed with your wellies! How fab are you!! I'd love to make it to Glastonbury one day, but our equivalent festival - splendour in the grass does just as we'll! Mud, music, freezing cold, camping! All the best things in to make memories with

  67. Holey moely what a week! I can see why your were getting snapped by the paps -your festival kit is way more awesome than anything the high street could make up! I love all your dresses payed with your wellies! How fab are you!! I'd love to make it to Glastonbury one day, but our equivalent festival - splendour in the grass does just as we'll! Mud, music, freezing cold, camping! All the best things in to make memories with

  68. You have the stamina of a goddess - blimey, 6 days!! Festivals are hard work, but looks like you had a blast. Watched lots of it on TV, from the comfort of my armchair! x

  69. You are amazing. The mud and the cold would have killed me off. Glad you had an amazing time. X

  70. I love your commitment to the music!! You are a festival queen and Jon is amazing as well. I couldn't/wouldn't do it, but I love getting the first hand report.


  71. Oh woah it looks amazing! I've sadly never been but maybe one day! I love the skirt you wore on the Sunday, it's absolutely gorgeous. XX

  72. Fuuuuuunnnnn! I could not love your maxi skirt and sequinned bustier outfit more. It's perfect. Jon's De La Soul tee is also prefect.

  73. Feels like I'm there!! It looks fantastic and you both look so happy - still as wonderful as ever despite the spartan conditions :-) xx

  74. Brilliant post Vix. I knew you'd enjoy the camping. In fact, it was your festival tips and enthusiasm that persuaded me to camp at the Radical Herbalism Gathering, and I had a great time. Even the compost loos were OK! You really are an inspiration! xxx

  75. You impress me, looking radiant, fresh and fantastic through the mud, rain, etc...
    Fantastic festival that too impressed the shit of me, wow!
    Sorry for the lack of comments, but I'm doing really well these days and coming back slowly



  76. High heeled willies- just love it!

  77. Oops, WELLIES, the vision in my head when my post popped up will haunt me for days!

  78. Vix I am SO happy you got to go, Vix not going to Glasto just seems wrong somehow? Like the universe was out a alignment or something? Love all the photos, but that sparkly bustier is such a winner for me - perfect!


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