Friday, 4 April 2014

Does My Personality Look Big In This?

Dressing for your shape, it's a big thing in Blogland. Gok Wan and Tyranny & Susannah have a lot to answer for. If I took any notice of their rules I'd be in a knee length skirt, a wrap top, pointy shoes and a cinched-in belt. I might look taller and more shapely but I'd be as miserable as sin.

Vintage '70s blazer (Vintage Village @ Clothes Show Live, 2011) and Jeannie Jersey maxi skirt (Georgia May's Vintage Wardrobe) worn with 1970s Brownie tee shirt (car boot sale) and knitted birdcage bag (91 Allison Street)
Why deny yourself the clothes you love in order to conform to body fascism? Maxi length dresses, Empire-line clothes, bastard massive wafting sleeves, platform shoes and an armful of clanking bangles might not show off my figure but they definitely show off who I am.

I know that underneath my clothes my body is in good shape but I seldom feel the need to advertise the fact. I'd rather my outfit reflected my colourful personality than a cracking pair of pins. I stopped dressing for sexual attention when I realised that witty banter, a passion for indie music & art house cinema and a subscription to Viz was far more likely to attract a like-minded mate than a Lycra mini skirt and a bejewelled bra top.

You don't get men fussing to show off their flat belly or pert arse so why are we, as women, encouraged to? Blokes manage to get jobs, find life partners and make friends without emphasising their waist with a strategically placed belt. Lets make a strike for equality and dress how we sodding well please.

Right, that's out of my system. Now let's take a deep breath and feast our eyes on some fabulous frocks.

They are just a few of the vintage lovelies gracing our rails at the Spring Vintage Fair at Linden House in Wolverhampton on Sunday.

Have a cracking weekend.


  1. Spot on as ever.
    Love, love love

  2. Too funny and oh so true! However, I beg to differ on one point - I could never bring myself to look at a man in saggy jogging bottoms :-)
    That Susan Small dress is stunning xx

  3. Brilliant post - the title made me laugh. That pink jacket and first black dress are both fab, you find the best things - please bring Kinky Melons down south! ;)

  4. Preach on sister!!! I love your style and I love your attitude! I dress for me and I don't apologize ;)

  5. Too true! Although I kind of wish more men did dress like that : )

    I personally don't like to be hidden under loads of layers of clothing. I don't see that you are either. All of your pieces accent your great body and are nicely fitted. I've yet to see you wearing something totally shapeless. But since confidence is 99% of looking great I kind of think you have that in the bag. In this case a pink fringed bag.

    That first dress is GORGEOUS! Have a great show!


  6. Yeah, it looks fucking massive. Your personality, that it! Well said, as always, I love it when you go on a rant, and I agree. Since our personalities are hopefully the best thing we have to offer the world, our clothes should reflect that. The problem I have with all the "rules"/guidelines about dressing to your shape is that is presupposes there is one particular shape we all aspire to, one template to aim for. Tall, slim, but with curves (out, in, out). If any of it is too big, you should minimise it; if too small, emphasise it or pretend it's really there. Funny, I bet no one told Erin O'Connor (or any long thin straight-up-and-down model) she was flat chested and had no curves, and therefore needed to wear a push-up padded bra, a belt to add a make-believe waist, and a full skirt to give the illusion of hips...
    I have preferred styles which I think suit me better than others, and that probably is to some extent dictated by my figure. But I reserve the right to wear anything I like, and sometimes that might be less flattering, sometimes more, but hopefully I always look interesting. Looking dull is worse than looking silly or like I have a big arse.

    YOU look amazing, clothes, personality and all. I adore the print on your skirt, and the darling little jacket. Pink, yellow, neon green, how delicious!
    Your 1950s frocks will fly off the rails, I'm sure, the second one is my favourite but they are all stunning. Have fun at the fair. Love you, you knackered ranting old trout! xxxx

  7. Yes, let's make a strike for equality, and still be fabulous. You're a vision, and your personality is *enormous*. You know, witty banter and (for me) being a geeky science nerd, is the sexiest thing ever. xox

  8. Let your personality rule and decide what to wear !
    If these tv "stars" should dress me i would look like a miserable old frumpy abd grumpy old bat ....
    I wote Vix for president !

  9. If you think Trinny and Suzannah are bad, you should get a load of the American version! The woman on that tells the ladies they should cram their feet into those god awful pointy toes 3" heels. I put on a pair of those once and couldn't stand up. Wear what you want!

  10. Bonitos vestidos!!

  11. Yes, it does, big and beautiful! Have you been watching that 'Get your arse out, mate' video? Made me laugh, but also made me think. There's such a fine line between dressing to be visible and receiving unwanted attention. In my 20s I discovered lycra, i wore catsuits and hot pants and sequin bikini tops to go out clubbing in. It felt liberating at the time, but It wouldn't suit how i feel now. You dress so well for you, for your personality and your shape and your attitude. You always look fab and fun and creative, which is the perfect reflection of the real Vix. I love that: Tyranny and Susannah! Xxxxxxxx

  12. vix - you read my mind!
    and your personality does´t look big - it is! big, gorgeous, lovely, wise! we all can learn from you.
    all this restricting rules seem to have "system" - make most women feel uncomfortable and not good enough, keeping them occupied and far from taking they´r lives in they´r own hands. imagine a world with all woman living independent lives like you and a handful others....
    wish you a spectacular fair this weekend!

  13. You look great today, love the skirt and jacket. Yes big personality, but I can't imagine a shy mouse wearing that outfit without looking apologetic and spoiling it, you wear your stuff with pride and so it always looks great. I was always told wear your clothes, don't let them wear you. I have begun creeping towards maxi dresses, they look so complete, I hate showing my too skinny legs and wear boots 3/4 of the year, maybe maxi's are the answer for the other 1/4. Thanks for advice re cod liver oil for old amber - she had a hard life before we met so life expectancy uncertain. Have fun at the fair as they say. Betty

  14. So true, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Great minds

  15. You look the picture of Spring today - beautiful! I shall have a rum and coke for you on holiday. Cheers!

  16. Those frocks are fab. Love it when you have a rant x

  17. I love pink and I love seeing it styled with green and yellow. It's not surprising that your fabulous personality looks fabulous in that outfit. I love your vintage pink '70s blazer and Jeannie Jersey maxi-skirt. That knitted birdcage bag is pretty too. I think you would look wonderful no matter what length of skirt or lack thereof you choose to wear or not wear. That big personality of yours is fabulous. It looks like there will be some lovely frocks at the Spring Vintage Fair at the Linden House in Wolverhampton Sunday. I hope you have a cracking weekend as well.

  18. Your personality looks bastard massive in this, as it should.

    Sad that it takes some of us (me) so long to leave behind all of the brainwashing and rules. I've always dressed to please myself and gotten comments along the way, but still clung to what I was told when I was younger: Yellow is not your color.

    I've recently thrifted several bright yellow pieces of clothing and have been wearing them because I LIKE yellow and I've decided I'm not interested in whether or not it likes me back. :)

  19. I love your jacket and skirt combination and I am sure those great frocks will find loving homes xx

  20. Well put(ur vibrant personality shines through ur garment choices & blog posts:)!


  21. What beautiful dresses ,i love the first one , why do they always seem to come in small sizes , you look fantastic in everything you wear but you also have the figure to show of if you want to too xxxx

  22. Here here! I agree if I had to dress for my dress for my shape aged knows what I would have to wear, a bin bag all over probably. Being short and fat I love long skirts which apparently is a big no no luckily I am getting to a point in my life where I don't care. I will dress to how I feel and will never grow up in my clothing choice.

    Loving the dresses just my colour as well.

    Have a brilliant weekend.


  23. Grr I hate predictive text!that last comment looked as if I was drunk! No such luck;0)

    P x

  24. I laughed out loud when I read that title. You must add 'excellent sense of humour' to the list of attributes that go a long way as far as making a person attractive, regardless of clothing choices.

    These pictures are particularly lovely. Great lighting. Oh and those dresses are gorgeous. Have fun at the fair! xo

  25. With age comes wisdom, and an "I don't give a crap" attitude! They only make those rules so we feel like we have to go out and buy new clothes! I'm so glad I can wear what ever I want now, life's too short!
    You look great by the way! :)

  26. Bang on babe. I'm not having any of it. If I listened to that lot it would be short hair, blazers and colours to suit my skin. Fuck that. I can't stand the imbalance and the assumption that women all dress to please me an dare therefore all fair game. The'Get your arse out' video is brilliant. I put it on fb...says it all! They don't want ladies with personality plus though I suspect.
    You look utterly fab and I love the frocks. I had the first Small dress when I was a teen. Exactly that one and I wore it until it rotted away! Loves ya,

  27. Right on Sistah!!! You always look Seriously Fabulous!!!!

  28. Spot on, you feisty old trout! I was telling my 14yr old niece the same thing (about men not worrying what they look like) yesterday when she came round with a body 'trauma'!
    I wore some bastard massive earrings this week and a niggling 'am I too old for these?' thought entered my head for a nanosecond and then I thought 'nah, fuck it' and was later complimented on them.
    Love the print on that amazing maxi.
    Hope you have a wild weekend.xxxx

  29. I just adore your radiant, vibrant, witty and feisty personality, my dear friend! I used to give speaches like that, mostly not about clothing (though I totally agree with you about all this global sexual approach to dressing up), but about living a free life, from within, being yourself, dreaming and realizing your potential... Most people, I realized, don't want freedom. And it is one of the saddest things about humans. Therefore, yes, we need authorities, we need to be followers rather than creators. Sad, sad, sad. Our style choices only reflect that. Most of folks believe in majority, not in their own uniqueness. That is what I like about this blogging community so much - these women are leaders, not followers. They are creators of their own life story. Including their approach to style.

    You look adorable as always! And your beautiful body is really hard to hide - no matter what you wear, but you know it, yes? :) The frocks are incredible! I am on a mission to find myself some amazing dresses. Preferably from thrift shops. :)


  30. Well said, bravo!! I wear what I like and like what I wear!

  31. Exactly my point of view , and I totally agree with Natalia too ...
    What disturbs most people , is the freedom we have to dress like we want ,to create our own (life)style , to be who we wish and dream to be ...
    Society imposes its rules , so that everyone looks the same ,dreadfully boring and loses his or her unique, authentic personality ...
    When I walked in town this afternoon , many people were gazing at me and I kept saying to myself : " Better being looked at and be remembered , than glanced at and be forgotten !"
    Right Vix ?! Haha ...
    Dashing looking as always , pink ang green being a fabulous combination !
    Gorgeous frocks you've found there , especially the violet one ...

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Magical greetings

    La Dryada

  32. Yep, it's so big it's practically blocking the screen! ;-)

    That second dress is gorgeous! Hope you get a buyer for it- it deserves to be worn!

  33. I do love your rants Vix, very well said! x

  34. I definitely think we should all wear what we feel good in. I love colourful clothes aswell although don't always feel comfortable in them for every situation. The pattern on that skirt is fab!

  35. Yep I'd rather my loathes say something about my personality and reflect what I love and how I feel about myself. Love your rants.

    The first black dress is utterly dreamy.

  36. Oh dear Vix, your personality is definitely too big for your own effing britches. But wait, you don't wear britches! And for good reason - look at what you DO wear! Massive, huge, massive personality. Thank goodness we don't all listen to Those Shows. I feel the bile rise when I even write about that. Incredible clothing. Almost worth a ticket over there.

  37. Very good post!
    Love the colour explosion of your outfit. that in itself is something the style fascists would frown about!

  38. I totally agree ... that and "age appropriate" ... what's with that and just exactly who decides what is and isn't appropriate??
    Love your dresses ... I'd buy one in a fraction of a second.

  39. Well said!!

    You look perfect as always and as always I love your bag!

    All those dresses are gorgeous, I'd definitely wear all three.

    Good luck at the fair xx

  40. I went thru a stage of reading Tranny I mean Trinny and Susannah and watching Gok, but I got to a point and thought "I will wear what I want" and then I found your blog and a whole lot of other amazing women. You make some very astute comments as always. My goodness that maxi dress is to die for and I love the pink jacket and bag. I love your dresses - especially the one with the velvet - if I wore a dress like that I would feel like a movie star.

  41. High fiving you!!!!! No amount of black us gonna make me look skinnier
    Or taller or younger so I might as well dress in what I like!!!

    You look as fabulous on the outside as you are on the inside!!!

  42. Your comment about dressing to attract a mate strikes my funny bone tonight. My uncle by marriage just passed at age 91, still up and about to the end. He married my aunt over the protests of his family because she was 20 years his senior and not a pretty (or wealthy) woman. The match lasted more than 50 years, until her death at 97. He lamented to me: "What will I do?! She made me laugh every day of my life." RIP Uncle Mason, and Viva, Vix!

  43. Heck yeah your personality is big and bright as a rainbow I barely even notice your fabulous outfits:). Totally digging this pink jacket with the print on that maxi! I used to dress for the wrong kind of attention, most bad fun girls did at one point, but now I have so much more to share with the world than just my ass.
    These gowns are gorgeous just like you darling! Have a great weekend!
    Love you

  44. Dear Vix you totally kick a$$ with your comments about how women should wear what they like rather than try to be a sex object. I totally agree with you on wit and charm and all else. That attracts the type of man you want. Kudos Vix I love you!!

  45. I agree wholeheartedly, can't bear the makeover shows where a woman is told the way she looks is all she has to offer to the world, sheesh.

    Love the kinky melon stock x

  46. Agreed! However, I may be biased as the all round mirrors in M&S show me I have no arse, flat all the way down!

    Yesterday I bought a pair of 1950s kitchen curtains with which I am going to make a skirt - with a few gathers to compensate for the above! It is the most wonderful red background. Your influence is rubbing off!

    Good price too because I did what my friend Lin does and examined every inch and found a mark I'm sure will come off in the wash - if it doesn't people shouldn't be looking that close!

  47. Vix I don't know what I do without your wise words on our bodies !.
    How right you are in this post, I wish you where with me in the morning when I'm being silly about my body and what to wear and give me a good slapping and tell me to stop being so silly LOL!!!.
    Have a great weekend Best wishes x.

  48. Here here! Why do men get to dress as they please without worrying about their hips and bums? Well, I love dressing to please myself and I think all those fashion types would class me as fashion backwards but who cares! I really believe that the only rule in fashion should be to dress each day so you feel fabulous.
    I adore your pink jacket. I don't think I have ever seen a collar so groovy and gorgeous. And those dresses are to die for! XXX

  49. Great title! I love the pink jacket & the first dress.

    I think you can dress to suit your shape and colouring, BUT the most important thing is to suit your personality!

    I hate dressing too "grown up" - it feels really frumpy and boring. Also, what kind of bloke are you going to end up with if you are dressing to be someone you're not? I might "look good" in pretty pastels or a wrap dress but I'd feel an idiot.

    You look great and you look like you. Most importantly.

  50. That maxi skirt is absolutely divine! I love reading your point of's so refreshing. Xx

  51. Wear what u want!! Exactly.
    Those dresses--I really like the middle one. You look fantastic as usual.

  52. Tyranny & Susannah!! Haha! So true! You do crack me up!
    And what a personality shines through your outfits! Your heart is always right there on your sleeve.
    All those dress for your body type usually seems to be about trying to trick the eye into believing one is 6 ft tall with an hourglass figure. Whereas it would be nice to think that the definition of what is an attractive body shape is wider than that which only 3% of the population are blessed with. Dressing for your personality makes far far more sense! No way am I stopping wearing maxi dresses just because I'm short. No visual trick short of stilts will convince anyone that a shortie like me is taller than I actually am.

  53. "I know that underneath my clothes my body is in good shape but I seldom feel the need to advertise the fact. I'd rather my outfit reflected my colourful personality than a cracking pair of pins. I stopped dressing for sexual attention when I realised that witty banter, a passion for indie music & art house cinema and a subscription to Viz was far more likely to attract a like-minded mate than a Lycra mini skirt and a bejewelled bra top."

    SO love this Vix and completely agree!

  54. ooooooooooooooh, those vintage frocks are so gorgeous! sadly i can't stop by at the fair ..

  55. I bought a piece of clothing the other day that I would not have bought before if it hadn't been for you and your philosophy of dress how you want not how others want you too (or something like that)

  56. Oh how I love it when you rant. Probably because you say what I would say too if I were good at ranting. I have given up on dressing for my shape and I can't even figure out what my shape is anyhow. As a tall woman I never understood why anyone would try to look taller anyhow. It's overrated. I admit I do attempt not to look like a blob, but that's about the extent of my self imposed rules. Put on clothes. Look in mirror. Not a blob? Good. Wear clothes.

    LOVE that purple dress!

  57. hehe, well said that gal. Love your style Vix x

  58. Why yes, now that you mention it, your personality does look rather large in that....I've been meaning to point that out to you for some time.

    I do agree with you about not following fashion's dictates about wearing "X" if you are this size, or this shape, etc. but I do think a lot of women lack confidence and have no idea how to dress their body, and for them, ideas of how to make the most of their curves, or minimize a large bust that they are uncomfortable with, can be helpful. You are lucky to be blessed with a cracking body, and everything you wear looks great on you. I've found that my waist, which was never very defined, has disappeared, so I like wearing things with wide belts or fitted waists,because it makes me feel better, not because I read it in a magazine. I never dressed in an overtly sexy way because I didn't feel comfortable putting my body on display, but that doesn't mean I don't feel sexy. I also have worn something with a none-too-flattering shape because I love the colour or fabric.

    Confidence, an interest in the world and a snappy sense of humour can be incredibly sexy, and unfortunately, many women who prance about in stripper heels and bra tops feel that their body is the only thing about them that is appealing.

  59. Ahhhh Vix you are just fabulous......I always love your approach to what we wear and how.
    Looking just stunning in that fantastic skirt....the pattern is brilliant.
    Sending much love V

  60. well spoken Vix! Women should not be measured by their ability to dress 'appropriately', which is the most irritating notion of all. who dictates what is appropriate for your shape, age, skin tone etc? just wear whatever you bloody well like and most of the time your confidence will ooze out of you tempting the ideal partner! I always see those silly girls who whine about their disrespectful boyfriends. how can you expect anyone to respect you, when you can respect yourself! and so much of that comes from dressing as you like and taking time for hobbies and interests, not chasing after boys at the late night shopping night at the mall!

  61. you look gorgeous. women should be free to wear whatever they want. I was so afraid to wear a corset. but i did it and love it.

  62. Gawd you look bleedin' loverly in your giant paisley print maxi and scrumptious jacket and bag! Thing is, you'll have blokes young and old dying for a crack at you Vix, you dress the way you love to and people are naturally attracted to such confidence. Casting my mind back, I think I dressed to "attract" when I was 18, but I didn't realise I was doing it, got the kind of attention I loathed, then dressed to please myself. From then on, I've never strayed from my path to dress to please me. I am so enjoying your Vixen Sermons lately. xoxoxoxoxoxoox

  63. I love your pep talks. I wish I had your sass.

  64. Spring is in the love love the jacket!!x

  65. Too bloody right! and I adore that black dress.

  66. Hope you had a good day's trading, Vix. No buying for me today as the car boot sale was rained off. It's been shocking weather all weekend down here in Devon! x

  67. Amen to the rant. Your outfit is perfect AND you look sexy as hell. Your vintage dresses are lovely, too. Oh, I meant to say on the other comment that I loved the glimpses of your home, as always. Lucky Krista. :-)

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. Fabulousness is the most flattering thing for a Great Personality!!, so you look Gorgeous and love your attitude and style!, so pretty pink jacket and so pretty printed maxi, love that subtle matching color combo, pink, yellow, green!!
    So bored about all that 'flattering dictatorship', particularly when you don't fit so called 'normal' sizes. I don't want to be Normal, I want Pretty Clothes and Enjoy Fashion!!
    Those 50's dresses look absolutely covetable, cool!!

  70. Oh dear I will confess to having a soft spot for Gok. I think dressing for your shape has a certain place but these programmes always seem to go too far. I shudder to think what I'd get put in and on the tv or not, if someone I didn't know grabbed my boobs I'd smack them in the face!

    I heart that purple dress with all of my too fat for it being.

  71. I'd rather like to shit on T & S's faces.
    My GAWD, those 3 frocks.................fecking love 'em!!!
    Missed you!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  72. I stumbled across your blog and think you look fantastic! You can pull off ANY style (and you do have an amazing figure!

    So true about body fascism and actually, it's true with gay men at least, with their selfies sticking their arses out etc. Inspiring me to start vintage shopping!


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