Friday, 14 February 2014

More Is More!

Keep it simple, understated, pared down, neutrals, capsule wardrobes......blah...blah...blah.....give me a break.......where's the fun in self-restraint? Whoever it was that said less is more was obviously mathematically challenged. Any fool will tell you that less isn't more, less is definitely less than more, or it was last time I looked.

Why limit yourself to a single statement piece of jewellery? Don't stop at one when you can wear the whole bastard lot.

Don't tiptoe around colour, dress in it from head to toe. Combining colour with subtle neutrals, sensible earth tones or boring ol' black only dilute the impact and, like a good rum, it deserves to be served up neat.

What's to be scared of? No-one ever died from wearing brights.

Play up either your eyes or your lips. Why not? You've got both, why make a choice?

What's rattled my cage? Just a morning spent mingling with the grey-clad masses and overdosing on glum, fashion-led blogs now my internet's all better.

Jon & I kept telling each other that we must be mad walking into town in this weather, holding on to our hats and grimacing through the driving rain, but I had a funny feeling that the chazza shop gods would smile on us today and it turned out to be well worth battling the elements for this little lot.

Clockwise from top left:
1980s fringed suede jacket - I'd have died to have owned this back in the day, I'd have worn it with black opaques, an arse-skinning Lycra mini, my trusty 16 hole Docs and my spiral perm backcombed to buggery; 1980s Lagenes off-the-shoulder sequin mini - a Brit boutique label I'd often paw over in my teens; Amazing Czechoslovakian-made 1970's oxblood leather thigh boots (sadly in a teeny size 4); Vintage cotton velvet cocktail dress; 1970s dagger collar midi dress by Berketex of Mayfair; Groovy 1960s vinyl shoulder bag; (This was one of last week's finds) An early 1950s taffeta ballgown; Sunnybel Sports 1970s mini skirt

Clockwise from left:
1960s The Keswick leather brogues; Vintage Crombie overcoat; 1960s Moss green English-made overcoat; 1970s leather Chelsea boots, 1970s tan leather Fight Club jacket

I can't take the credit for this find. The mother of all Flamenco dolls was found by Gail, a friend who volunteers in a charity shop in Birmingham. She thought of me as soon as it was donated. Ain't she a beauty?

1960s St Michael top (Titian-haired goddess, Curtise), 1970s Mushroom print maxi (Ella, vintage fair organiser and all round top girl), suede waistcoat (last seen HERE)
Yep, the internet's all better and the BT engineer loved our house, insisting on a full tour  afterwards. He was in awe of the Wall of Misery and posing by it today seemed a far better option than risking life and limb outside.

Happy St Valentine's Day & have a fab weekend.
See you soon, lovers!


  1. I had such a fringe jacket in the 80 's , a black one . And very cool boots with skull buckles ... and shiny black balllet tights . A lots os black lace ... how cool were we ?

  2. Oh god yeah! Colour and bling overload I say. I can't stand that if you wear large earrings don't wear a necklace as well 'rule'. Who the feck came up with that one?
    Love your outfit now a wee bit fed up of grey and gales and twats who haven't been flooded going on about the inconvenience.
    Do adore a big Flamenco dancer. I've got two and they mother all the little ones!
    Have a cracking weekend, love. Stay awesome and dry.
    Loves ya.

  3. Couldn't agree more. Don't know why so many people are so scared of colour. I would bite your hand off for that floral skirt if I thought it would fit me! x

  4. Oh Vix, I am so boring, not at all bright and lovely. I am trying though. Very trying some might say!

  5. No-one ever died from wearing brights. <-- best quote ever.

  6. oh dear vix i am one of those beige and white lovers. i suppose i love it as much as you love bright colors. i'm drawn to them as you are to color. but i also believe it can be done beautifully through thrifting and junking too. i guess it's just a different strokes thing. and i've always said, less is less!
    happy v day to you. xo

  7. Vintage mushroom prints always send my mind back to being a kid traipsing through the woods in my wellies, foraging for mushies and berries with my folks. I love that skirt, it's awesome!
    I really don't get why anybody would live by the fashion generalissimo's style rules? My instant reaction to that shit is, fuck you I won't do what you tell me! If you like what you see in the mirror after you've got dressed than surely that's all that matters. To edit your own creativity just to fit in with some standard (or should that be blandard)is just madness.
    You look amazing as always I'm not surprised the BT guy was impressed with your house, it ROCKS!

  8. hAHHAHAHAHHAHAH, you are as beautiful as funny, witty and glorious, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    lOVE YOU

  9. YOu do realise that you look like a flamenco doll- literally, the hair, colouring and the eyeshadow is the same colour as her eyes!!!!!
    Love your brights! I wore three conflicting prints today and was very happy about the fact!
    OOooh, that 50's dress is niiiiiiice! Is it going on Kinky?x

  10. You look fabulous & yes to colour & more colour. The rain can drive anyone mad so good for you for embracing it.....I just try to runaway! Have a good weekend Vix!

  11. Is flamenco girl giving us the finger? lol :D Think I need to change my glasses! Look great luv as always. Be careful out there in that weather, it's been pretty dire from what I'm seeing from over here x

  12. Oh how I love fringed anything, I had a long suede fringed waistcoat, long gone sadly, but these are awesome finds, the oxblood boots are magnificent! yes I love 'no-one ever died from wearing brights! brilliant! I love your mushroom dress, the suede waistcoat and your blooming jewellry, when people wear colour it makes me happy! have a great weekend Vix!

  13. Wearing colour is uplifting especially on an already dull day. That flamenco dancer is you Vix, I think you could strike that pose!

  14. Those thigh high boots are gorgeous .
    Good grief size 4 , I don't think even Cinderella had feet so tiny ~
    even if the size was doubled my clonking feet wouldn't fit in them ! Tall I am ~ my feet go with Tall... mum always said my feet weren't big , I was just TALL . (easy for her to say she wears a size 6 ) Ha

  15. I remember those Spanish dolls - used to have a couple. Aunties brought them back from their holidays. Happy days.

  16. A taffeta ballgown - gorgeous! Sometimes, more *is* more, and you wear "more" so gorgeous-ly, dear Vix. Congratulations on a fine day's shopping. xox

  17. Now, now! Go easy on us black/grey/glum folks! It's half the reason I come over to see you all the time - to get my color fix!

    Honestly, your coloring - that dark gorgeous hair - and shape - long and slender - make it easier to wear those gorgeous colors and look fabulous. I would look rather clown-like, I fear :)

  18. I am completely in love with your blog!

  19. Yes to colour Vix! I'm not surprised that the BT guy loved your house, it's fabulous xx

  20. Oh I love the mushroom print!! You look fabulous!!!
    You got some awesome goodies at the chazza!!! I haven't been in one in months!!

  21. The mushroom print is amazing! And yes: more is always good :) Love it!!

  22. I'm shite at maths but have to agree more is more. Love your bold attitude Vix, it serves you well. Looking fabulous as ever.
    'Wear the whole bastard lot', pretty sure I'll be quoting that and offending someone with that soon, haha x

  23. You are a visual tonic. More, more and MORE indeed. Not surprised the engineer loved your house. His day must have been considerably brightened.

  24. I'm frankly appalled. A woman of your age should be wearing a nice knee-length frock with some nude shoes and a grey coat, maybe one slim bangle, and a bare minimum of slap...
    Hahahahaha! As bloody if! Go for it, darling, go bright, go bold, go beautiful! You look fabulous in red, that mushroom print is wonderful, and seeing you looking saucy against your Wall of Misery is a marvellous antidote to this shite weather.
    Great finds, is it odd that I am strangely drawn to the Berkertex? Good to know the chasing gods are smiling on someone, cos the buggers are ignoring me a the moment. Glad your Internet is sorted, bet Mr BT thought you were a star - and he'd be right, you ARE! xxxxxxx

  25. Oh that mushroom print is so great. Nobody's going to keep you in the dark and feed you s#%t. Really. Thank you so much for doing your part to rid the world of blah. Gorgeous Vix. Life is too short to wear neutrals.

  26. wouuu, so much fabulousness, always love your bijouterie, and you're right 'more is more, and less is a bore' (as Iris Apfel said!)
    love your maxi print, those blue-green mushrooms on red background are so cute! (and a little bit hallucinogenic too!), and you look gorgeous wearing red!
    You're right, why make a choice when you can have lots of fun wearing everything!!
    besos & maximalism

  27. Good grief Lagenes, I had some of their things that I wore to death. It's a damn good job my mushroom collecting friend Soo doesn't read your blog or she'd have that dress off your back beofre you knew it!

  28. Awesome! You found a flamenco doll!!
    I'm in awe of your haul - I'm especially drooling over the fringed suede coat and the thigh high boots.
    Totally with you on the more is more thing. That less is more thing always annoys me too. Neutrals are easy to put together because they require little thought and they serve a purpose in that respect. But isn't it soooo much nicer to put some thought into an outfit and luxuriate in rich combinations? always love your bright make up!
    Thanks for your well wishes too - will definitely post a vid if someone takes one - if not there'll be pics!

  29. O, kerist YES!!! More is more is MORE!!!!! Such a load of twaddle these fashiony bints go on about! I can't be arsed with such bollocks.
    YOU look mega superstar bastard GLORIARSE!!!! Tasty, even!!!
    Fabularse scores, that taffeta ballgown and the ox blood boots have me DRIBBLING! Worn together would be even better! GRRR!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  30. Well Vix, you have put a smile on my dial today - your more is more philosophy is a win win with me. I love the mushroom print on the dress very cute. Hope you have a lovely Valentines Day :-)

  31. I too am in awe of your Wall of Misery ... I'd love to study it for a while in detail ... adore it.
    Love today's outfit too ... the mushrooms are perfect.
    Less is less and more is more ... whatever ... I think you got it just right :0)

  32. Haha, I love the way you think. I am such an accessories lady too. You look gorgeous! Happy weekend. xx/Madison

  33. Your jewelry, your pretty turquoise eyeshadow, the colour of your lipstick and your mushroom print maxi all look fabulous.
    It's amazing how much mindless drivel the grey flannel dwarf minions recite while promoting uniformity and trying to avoid having to make colour coordinating decisions. Less is more - hahaha. That reminds me of the Orwellian sayings War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery".
    I don't think Ringo Starr was a "less is more" person either.
    Your nailpolish coordinates nicely with your makeup and outfit too.
    That vintage cotton velvet cocktail dress is pretty.

  34. I would also adore a house tour!Both you and it look amazing. Your wit shines through your clothes and decor. Love your blog. Makes me smile whenever I read it! And that you can wear and be photographed in a string bikini???????? Respect!!

  35. PS
    Forgot to add on my comment - the whole darn point - you show that less works for you too!! But less with the promise of more!

  36. SUPER bling envy again!!!!!!!!

  37. I've always worn more jewellery than is good for my joints to carry. Probably comes from strict uniform regulations at school then work, my immediate stubborn response is to go home and put on every piece of jewellery I own.

    Make up is the same. Won't leave the house with out a face on and the more black eyeliner and mascara the better. I have tried alternatives but my grunge/goth/indie influenced teens means I will never change.

  38. I love your ethnic jewelry, especially the necklace. And that mushroom print is so cool. You look fabulous as always. And that doll is indeed a beauty, kind of looks like you.

  39. gorgeous Vix! I've been reading so many blogs lately about people pairing down their wardrobe or only wearing black, white and gray, and then getting in a slight panic that the fashion world is going in the minimalist direction and here i am sewing up a technicolour storm! So thank you for reminding me! f**k 'em! If they wanna look (boring) simplistic than let them! And if i was a techie i'd love to tour your house! imagine all the boring stinky houses he must visit every day. you were probably the highlight of his week!

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. I so love your take on fashion, so tired of ppl and their style commandments..You are fab x

  42. Totally agree with you ...I couldn't have said it better !
    You look wonderful ,especially on the third picture , so dreamy ...
    Love your jewelry , the bright colours , it's sheer harmony , perfect !

    Just keep your magical Dream alive , Vix ...

  43. You always wear such gorgeous pieces of jewellery, so why not wear the bastard lot! :)

    I'm so in love with your mushroom/toadstool skirt.

    By the way, just saying, that beautiful Flamenco doll looks just like you!

    Have a wonderful weekend, stay cosy and warm xx

  44. I love you!

    You wear it well, as you like and unapologetically.

    You are a Rebel Fashion Queen!

    You inspire me with your boldness.

    I admire you, your bangles, your bright makeup and your head-to-toe ensemble.

    (fist pump) You Go GIRL!


  45. Can't argue with your logic - lol! Love your gorgeous outfit today. Even I'm wearing orange with green - whatever next?!!! That velvet dress is wonderful - I got a strapless version in black - why did I get black?! The doll is lovely! xx

  46. Ah my sweet Vix, I write this from Sunny San Diego my god you and Jon would love it here! I can't agree more with all your words, color gets me out of bed and puts a smile on my face and other people can't help but be lifted by color maybe they just aren't brave enough to wear it.

    That fringe jacket was a present just for you for braving the crazy weather and you will rock it no doubt! Lots of goodies and that new señorita Bonita!

    So happy the internees all better, we will talk when I get home. Miss you in the sunshine more!

  47. Top finds, how I longed for a fringed jacket like that when I was a teen, I used to go and see the Alarm a lot and was desperate for one , had to make do with a leather bike jacket off the market :)
    My Dad had a Crombie like the one in the photo, very lovely

  48. Hahaha you had me laughing out loud with this post. Less is definitely less, in deed! I love the 'shrooms pattern on your skirt.

    And oh my, that red cotton velvet dress is an amazing find. I have my fingers crossed in hopes that you might model it for us.


  49. Is the fringed jacket for you or for sale?
    Z xx

  50. Ohhh I love your bright frock and mushroom print and all your bastard jewellery. I can most certainly tell you, you'd be a source of great entertainment with arms filled with clinking silver like that to my little Fraser.

    Great finds I'm absolutely loving the mini. Wearing all the shorts I m at present a mini would a fabulous departure. But you know what you never see vintage mini skirts in the op shops here.

  51. Vix for Prime Minister I say! You talk more sense than most anyone I know. I do love it when your cage has been rattled, makes you all feisty, which always makes me laugh. Yes to colour and yes to more, bet the BT man tells everyone about you and your lovely, unique house. Spreading the Vix magic, one encounter at a time. I love you all in red with your wonderful jewellery and make up looking like a twin to your flamenco doll, Ole! That mini skirt has a fab print, and yes, you have been blessed. The chazza gods are obviously rewarding you for keeping the fAith! Xxxxx

  52. Yer right, girl. Less is just less. Of course. It goes without saying, doesn't it?

    As far as glum, head-to-toe beige, yuck, yuck and double yuck.

    Rosemary from

  53. really agree with you, there shouldn't be limits in expressing yourself! love the pink back you found!!

  54. You are as amazing as ever Vix. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mushroom skirt. I remember a tiered mushroom fabric dress from my childhood in the 70's and I loved it (I also had a same styled dress but the fabric had pink elephants holding balloons in their trunks haha, who said the 70's was trippy!) V xxx

  55. You look stunning in red, and it's a perfect antidote to the vile weather we're having. Love the mushroom print.

    How great is the flamenco dancer? My dancing pair from Kinky Melon have pride of place in my display cabinet.

    I've loved your Goa posts, a real tonic. Really looking forward to seeing you again soon. xxx

  56. I love you. I'm totally a more is more person too. One of my friends once told me that my outfit reminded her of an Italian prostitute in the 80s. I was so touched. Loved your India posts!

  57. That flamenco doll is one of the best ones I've ever seen. I have a really nice one that I found on Ebay, but she doesn't have a Mantilla!

    You suit the bright makeup colours - I'm too pale and it looks too harsh on me. With your dark hair and eyes, you have a very flamenca vibe.

    Nice Chazza scores, especially the fringed jacket - I think you should do a photo of you styling it now before you put it up for sale.

  58. THIS is why I love your blog Vix! Yes! Wear whatever makes you happy and bugger "fashion" whatever that is anyways. I'm no fan of basic colours and prints. Speaking of prints - that mushroom print skirt is amazing. Your flamenco dancing doll is just lovely as well. I hope that hideous rain has calmed down a bit now, if not, I hope you're dry and warm at home!

  59. Happy belated Valentines Day! You inspired me to create my own Valentines Day card for my hubby and he really enjoyed it. Your outfit is so pretty, love the red. ;-)

  60. Your fab finds were definitely worth braving the weather. It is so funny that a few years ago I was one of the black/grey clad masses- I was so scared of colour! I almost didn't want anyone to notice me. But now, my ethos has become more colour. More is more! Bring on vibrant, crazy shades and patterns. The more the better! I think some of my transformation was due to discovering such amazing and beautiful personalities like yourself, who wear colours with passion and pride. XXX

  61. Oh yes! What a haul! The chazzas always seem to deliver when the weather is crap, thank goodness! Those boots are fab, I'm a teeny size 4, pity I couldn't walk in them!!

  62. amen :-)
    your red from head to toe is fab! and mushrooms!
    have a love for indian jewels since my teen days, and yes, it has to be worn as bulk!

    gorgeous finds - would wear the glittery dress with the czechoslovakien boots and the fringed jacket together - with big hair! and cause a traffic accident ;-)

  63. Haha, I think I am, at this moment in time,anyway, a member of the grey-clad masses! I'm just not in the mood for brights now, but that will change .... Meanwhile I am loving your brights and this outfit. The mushrooms are so whimsical, and how cool that they match your eye shadow? Xoxo

  64. Fabulous mushrooms! I'm also gutted about the thigh high boots as you'd have looked amazing in them!
    Hooray for charity shops! xxx

  65. I'll admit, I'm quite jealous of your stairway there - you can't decorate like that with a one year old around!

  66. You're deffo right Vix!
    Amazing finds, last autumn i got a suede fringe jacket in a second hand shop too, i love it!!!
    Your mushroom skirt is amazing!!!
    Have a fab monday dear! xx Tani

  67. Loving that mushroom print and your complete outfit - you are so right about doing your own thing and not being dictated to by fashion! xxx

  68. ooh, that pink bag is my favourite of your finds for a while - definitely worth venturing into town!

  69. boo to internet woes! Got mine fixed, too. What a crazy haul, don't English people wear coats? Must not be the fashion right now. Love the doll (or course I would!!)

  70. vix those shades of green and blue are my favorite. love the curtain fringe on the sleeves. you are amazing. x

  71. LOL VIX! When is your E-book dropping because this can go on for a few chapters. Mathematically challenged? Hilarious. What also kills me is when people say they can't wear something because it is not "their style." I tell them I don't subscribe to one style. Why would you pigeon hole yourself unless you are truly a pigeon?


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