Friday, 7 February 2014

Jumble Sale Joy

The message left on our answering machine from our 83-year old friend Joan, asking if we'd be able to help her sort out and serve at this month's jumble sale, was just the thing to cheer us up when we got home last Thursday.

She mentioned there was something I might be interested in and she was right, how groovy is this Super Formella dress form? The original owner bought it over 40 years ago and used it regularly until emigrating to Canada last month.

Clothes-wise, it was mostly last years' high street stuff. Its an education to go through all the donations and discover what labels and styles have fallen out of favour with the local hipsters - Superdry & Diesel, Peter Pan collared tea dresses, mullet hem skirts, chiffon pleated midi skirts, faux leather tee shirts, peplum waisted tops, Aztec prints, denim leggings and tops with statement zips.

 Thankfully I'm not in the least bit fashionable and was delighted to get my mitts on the cropped denim jacket I'd admired (but couldn't justify the expense) in TopShop over four years ago. 

Wait long enough and what you want always turns up second-hand. 

 This 1960s broderie anglaise shell top was another find - not by me but fellow jumble helper, Tracey. She chucks the "granny" & "nursing home" stuff in my direction and I throw anything "townie" and "hooker chic" in hers.

This 1960s acrylic knit was in the same bag. I know, me and knitwear aren't natural bedfellows but it fits perfectly - unusual as most vintage jumpers tend to swamp me.

I loved this 1950s Nabisco Biscuit tin, its like a treasure chest from a fairy story.

And look, it's full!

This 1960s leaf choker was the best thing in there.

Unlike most of the vintage crew, I'm not a fan of dainty bone china.

These 1960s Portmerion Magic City cups and saucers are much more my scene, pleasingly chunky and full of Eastern promise...all the way from Wales!

To make room for my new finds I removed six dresses, two coats and a bag from my wardrobe and took them straight to Kinky Melon's pitch within Blighty Bazaar before I had chance to change my mind.

Here's some more of our finds, scrubbed, washed, polished and tagged and awaiting for new homes.Obligatory Bloggers Deer (OBD), a wobbly boob cup, a 1960s wedding doll and a Beryl Ware coffee pot. 

The 1960s Lady Sunbeam razor has never been used and works perfectly. I love the 1960s art glass dessert bowls but as we're both hideously clumsy I know they'll be destroyed if they stay with us.

Can you believe we can stock a 4 x 4 metre shop space, a double pitch at a vintage fair and still have a stockroom full to bursting?

Topshop denim jacket and 1960s shell top worn with 1960s Jeannie Jersey, London psychedelic maxi (Georgia-May's Vintage Wardrobe), bastard massive leather belt (50p, Age UK, 2010), Earrings (made by me)

 We've caught up with The Bridge - wow, wow, wow. Even better than the first series. I'm quite bereft now, I haven't a clue what we're going to watch with our rum & coke later.

Have a fab weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love a good jumble sale. Your mannequin is bloody lovely!

    I love Portmeirion pottery, it's sadly not made in Wales any more, but the older pieces that are, are really sought after.

    Okay, I may aswell just go ahead and list all the things I want!

    The yellow cat is just lovely.

    I have a Beryl dinner set and cups which we use daily,(but no pot) I'm so envious! Why can't you live closer so I can buy your wares!!?

    You my dear, are absolutely stunning!!

    Have a perfect weekend xx

  2. OMG, the Bridge! I know! It was brilliant. I'm missing Martin and Saga lots already, saddo that I am. Anyway, the mannequin is flipping amazing. V envious and I love that Portmeiron. Xx

  3. God, I miss a good jumble...I'd have been there like a shot.
    Excellent manny...they go for stupid money, and you know how fond I am of a bit of Sixties knitwear. I have the very same ti. I keep photos and my grans letters to me in it because I always thought it looked like a treasure box from some fantasy fiction novel not a biccy tin at all! Love a nice bit of Magic City too...chunky cups rock.
    The OBD is lovely, so are yu and bloody hell...The Bridge! Wasn't it amazing. I had a tear at the end I can tell you. More next year so they say. Are you watching Scandimania with old Hugh Fearnley-Whotsit?
    Loves ya, gorgeous. Have a cracking weekend.

  4. Rumble in the jumble!!!!! Before I die I must go elbow to elbow with these old gals. Right back into it for sure! The new dress form is a piece of art all on its own and you can always use another one. I think that purple sweater is just the thing you need for looking cute at home and staying warm, although I would wear it everywhere.

    Your stall looks bursting with cool swag, I'm laughing at the size of that gals boobs on that mug, someone could lose an eye! I hope you guys sold tons while you were in India because I want you to come visit us!!!!!!! We'll talk soon I promise things have been a bit hectic over here.

  5. What is this BRIDGE show you speak of....must look now:)

  6. I love the blue coffee pot , it would look great in my kitchen , really jealous of your manakin , its fantastic , i have just cut out my first dress to sew too , hope you have a profitable weekend i'm looking forward to the only jumble tomorrow , cant wait xxxx

  7. I think you should surprise everyone at the next jumble, and keep some of the townie/hooker chic stuff you usually chuck at Tracey, and do a blog post wearing it! Funny, as I perused the chazzas in town today, I saw very similar stuff to your list of the out-of-favour. Thank God for not giving a shit about fashion!
    LOVE that dressmaking form, isn't she gorgeous? Your broderie anglaise top is anything but granny/nursing home, and it looks stunning with that groovy maxi skirt and your cropped denim jacket.
    Oh that tin is a beauty, and I'm sure I have a similar-ish necklace somewhere... Now where did I put it? Your Blighty Bazaar pitch looks fabulous, but HOW can you bear to sell those amber glass bowls? Good luck at the fair tomorrow, love you! xxxx

  8. The wobbly boob cup is not going to be a Valentines gift for Jon? It's so cool.
    I'm so envious of your tailors dummy. I've never seen such a groovy one.
    Have a super weekend Vix. xxx

  9. The dress making body is such a score! So pleased you had fun at the jumble.

  10. Loving your holiday pictures. Wish we had jumble sales here.

  11. Love the tailor's dummy and the cups. Have really enjoyed catching up with your holiday posts ... M x

  12. I haven't been to a jumble sale in ages, and I miss them ( last one was Mr F's home made 3 piece Santa suit with a proper school bell, a tenner!) You got excellent goodies there though and the dress form is fab! I should chazza next week actually and get some more out of favour bargains, good call! I do like the booby cup, I think Mr F would love it more! and I just love your pitch too, enjoy your rum and coke and have a great weekend x x x

  13. I really enjoyed those jumble pics. Busy isn't it? Nice scores, thAt denim jacket reminds me of Curtise. I had one but gAve it away in a fit of madness about five years ago. One will find me soon. Love the knitwear, there's nothing to object to there. Now, i think you might have some liquid eyeliner on there. Am i right? God, the bridge, i loved it so much. It's ridiculous, but i miss martin and saga. Did you see them on bbc breakfast? They were very cute together. Good luck tmrw. Sell, sell, sell! Xxxxx

  14. Ohhh that dressmaker's dummy. I really want one, and now I want one that pretty.

    I'm with you on the bone china, I love how it looks but prefer a chunkier cup usually. Those ones are nice! Also, magic treasure box, how lovely!

  15. Brill finds, love the cups and saucers
    Twiggy x

  16. Oh my! What fabulous finds yet again! Completely adore your treasure box, I can imagine it looking beautiful filled with your jewels!

    Kate :)
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  17. Wow ... Totally fabulous finds ... all of them.
    I need to hunt myself down a jumble sale.

  18. Nothing more wonderful than a jumble, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    The demin jacket is wonderful, as all the rest.
    Have a fabulous weekend, Vix

  19. Great booty, and I do agree: if you wait long enough, you will find it second-hand. Gorg body fiorm, and how funny: I gave away two when I left Canada for the UK! I admire your discipline in getting rid of stuff every time new items come in, to balance things out. I need to start selling soon as my triple closet is bursting! Love the eyeliner and lipstick. A different look for you and so pretty - colours of Goa? Xo

  20. So envious of your fab mannequin! Totally groovy :) I love the crockery too, I'm also a fan of the more chunky 60s and 70s styles.

  21. Cosmic! Love it all...really. The broderie anglaise blouse looks ab fab on you, as does the marcasite necklace. Lovely Portmeirion pottery too, I don't do dainty either-must have a big cup for my builders tea. What a gorgeous yellow cat, is he plastic? (I'm thinking I might like to buy him if he's unsold) Didn't watch The Bridge/Borgen etc altho Dad raves about them but excitedly awaiting the return of Les Revenants. xx

  22. Its amazing what people throw out these days, some fab finds xx

  23. wouu, I'm absorbing your jumble-sale wisdom, 'Wait long enough and what you want always turns up second-hand', it's true!!. And you can enjoy all the advantages of not being afraid of colors!
    Your denim jacket looks pretty over your fabulous maxi and orange top!, delightful color combo!
    And that little purple cardi is really cute!! and it's Purple!!
    Have a nice weekend!!

  24. Jumble sales look like so much fun and I don't think we have anything on a par here which is a shame. Your mannequin is truly amazing - very funky! XXX

  25. I want that jumper…and the leaf choker. So much fun that you have so many vintage friends to keep and eye out for what you'll like.

    Have you started watching True Detectives? Its the best series on right now. The Americans are great too if you haven't started watching that.


  26. Oh how I miss jumbles, I loved your pics, they took me right back to those days when I could find a great jumble every weekend, sadly long gone now.
    I am loving your holiday posts, fabulous.
    Love from Pam in Texas.

  27. WOW that purple top is fab. There's nothing better than a biscuit tin full of goodies, edible or sparkly I'm not choosy.

  28. The dress form is really fabulous - your friend has superb taste! Love the cookie tin, too. Thanks for the update on what's no longer in style at the High Street shops (as if I shop there : > ). Have a fabulous weekend, xox.

  29. Unique and groovy dress form. I'd display it 'as is' in my living room! The cups are my style as well...wonderful finds. And of look fab as usual!

  30. There are so many brilliant things in this post! I must say, that is the best looking dress form I've ever seen! Jumble sales are great. You can find anything there, and I find that too - that you seem to see a giant wave of all the past trends in them from last year. I love that biscuit tin, it's so pretty and does look like a treasure chest.

  31. oh i wish i could come and visit your shop! Are you not selling things online anymore? :( that tea cup set is exactly what i look for too. anything with a Scandinavian or eastern look.
    And omg what a beautiful tin! and it was for biscuits! no way!

  32. That dress form!!!!! Want want want!
    Didn't know they even made them in such groovy patterns. I found an OBD this week too---a candle. Love those blue glass cup and saucers!

  33. Right on. ... You got some great stuff. I love your little denim jacket on you. And the blue coffee pot is a real beaut.

    Wishing you guys a great weekend. I just had dinner with a friend who is off to the UK in a few days and I was thinking how great it would be to hide in her suitcase and come for a visit!

  34. A real treasure chest - that is incredible. My heart would have skipped a beat feeling its heft. That jacket looks like it has lived a long life but it's still so young - I guess you'll have to give it a few adventures. And what an incredible super form - the mannequin one is nice too.

  35. Great finds! Love that biscuits tin, looks amazing, indeed like a treasure chest. And that choker - what a beauty!

  36. hilarious: 'granny' and 'nursing home' vs. 'townie' and 'hooker chic'. ... i had the same deal with a friend when going to the flea market ... i send her to the 'young girls stalls' selling mango, h&m, zara ... and she send me to the old ladies selling their old stuff ....

  37. I've still never been to a jumble sale-wish I had! Superdry is still very much the thing where I live and teach-sigh. I see it everywhere!
    I'm still a sucker for a Peter pan collar tea dress (if not chiffon) so maybe I'd have nabbed those! Your knit top is so cute!! X

  38. The OBD is so cute - and I want the purple jumper and that leaf choker = gorgeous.
    Seeing you peeking out behind the wedding doll made me chuckle.

  39. I'm always so impressed by your resolve to move things on and out of your own wardrobe in order to accommodate new finds. I would just dither and convince myself to hang on to all of it. Ah I haven't been to a jumble sale in ages. Your treasure trove of goodies is pretty spectacular, especially the dress form - I've wanted one as nice as that for ages (even though I have nowhere to put one!)

  40. dress form envy ;-)
    gorgeous colorful thing!
    wish i´d been there, digging for great finds at your side.
    thank you for the lovely comment(s) on my blog my dear <3

  41. Love the biscuit tin and the choker x Got the list for the forthcoming fayres so hope to see you at one soon :-)

  42. Amazing, I love a good jumble sale!

  43. I love a jumble sale! you got some goodies too!

  44. I can believe you can stock both ;) I know you well and there is only 1Vix, Queen of Vintage! And one of the most beautiful friends I know Xxx

    What a fabulous collection of goodies!

  45. So many INCREDIBLE things in this posts - but THAT dress form!! I have wanted a dress form for the longest time (It will have to wait till we move to a bigger place) but that one is exceptional! I love the Kinky Melons space, SO MANY TREASURES! I love the booby cup lady - she's hilarious.

  46. You are my guilty secret today. I couldn't resist diving in for a peek here when I should be packing up our shite to move tomorrow morning. But with a house full of sick people, I'm struggling and I give in! Is it possible for a biscuit tin to match an outfit? Oh yes it is! Good job on scoring that beautiful dress form, beautiful and useful! I'm yet to catch up on your Indian adventures, yet I can see your holiday has invigorated you no end you gorgeous, scrumptious woman!! xoxoxoxo

  47. Feck me, that dress form is FANTASMO!!! Score!
    In fatc, there was a whole lot of scoring, I love everything you've picked up!! YAYS! The tin is rather funky too, shame it didn't yield more than the leafy necklace!
    And then you were ever so virtuous and cleared a few things out....I'm not worthy!!!
    I can well believe your pitch only harbours a teensy amount of the treasures you two have tucked away!!! jaysus, I'd love a good rummage!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  48. Fabulous finds, as ever, Vix! Welcome back from your hols - really enjoyed reading yours posts about your travels. xx

  49. Great finds Vix, I love the little denim jacket and that dress form is great. I've yet to find one second hand that is small enough for me but hopefully I will one day.

    I've not caught up with The Bridge yet, I'm about four episodes in and have the rest on catch up. It's such a great series isn't it. x

  50. Great leaf choker , and of course I am taken with the deer . Have been slow getting to blogs lately , so I was just back tracking your photos and narrations of your trip ... fantastic !

  51. I love the descriptions of yours and Tracey's respective styles - there is certainly nothing of "granny/nursing home" in your outfit in this post! I would love to have a rummage in your booth (there's no double entendre there, I swear). We don't really have jumble sales here. There are the church rummage sales in the fall, but they are rather calm compared to the bargain-seeking frenzy that goes on over there.

    The pattern on the dress form is very pretty, and good for you for waiting til the denim jacket turned up second hand.

  52. Hi there! There's nothing like a jumble to get the adrenaline going- your denim jacket looks so cool and love the dress form!! Wish we had more where I live! xx

  53. I love jumble sales and the joy of finding treasure, your choker is absolutely lovely and I am sure this mannequin acquisition is going to result in some amazing frocktastic inspiration x

  54. The mannequin had your name on it, clearly!! How wonderful to reunited in this lifetime. The first pic reminded me of the very first rummage sale I ever went to when I was about 11 years old, just the way the tables were set up and the kind of room it was in. I've been addicted ever since.

    I'm so happy to see you back in your colorful world, sharing pictures of all the goodies. I'm not a delicate china person either. Maybe it's because I'm extraordinarily clumsy too? I was happy to get a glimpse of the dress I sent in your wardrobe. Fits right in, doesn't it? :-)

    Wish I could shop your booth. I'm always obsessed with footwear, so if you just HAPPEN to stumble on something fabulous in a size 8 1/2 to 9 (US) let me know? That, and an armful of silver bracelets, you know?

    Love you madly. XXOO

  55. I'm a fan of dress forms, and The Super Formella is gorgeous. It's hard to believe that the cropped denim jacket would leave anyone's closet, but happy to see that it landed in yours. It's a perfect partner for your gorgeous psychedelic maxi!

  56. I can't believe that dress form is real. It's too awesome to be true! I am so in love with the patterns on those mugs. And you know, I thought I had every shade of nail polish in the world, but you just made me realize that I totally don't have lime green!

  57. I always say it you do find some amazing stuff, that Mannequin is gorgeous and i am also loving those cups and saucers. Seeing your Hornsea canisters i have been looking at these just lately and feeling the love for them i love the design and colours, and i have bought a tea pot and a pot in a similar design my taste seems to changing somewhat. Good to see all is going well at your pitch it looks fabulous. Have a good week, dee xx

  58. Oh my lord, so many wonderful goodies you've got there.
    The OBD are totally my scene - I have a herd of them back home in Lisbon and I'm starting to gather another one here in the UK lol. I just love them :D

  59. That denim jacket is fantastic on you! I think vintage knitwear when it fits is oh so special - lucky you! xx

  60. I just replied to the other email did you get that? I miss you!


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