Thursday, 11 April 2013

Blogging Brilliant!

It's always a bit scary meeting your virtual buddies for the first time, I know I'm going to love them but maybe I'll disappoint and not be anything like they imagined I am from my blog? This was me nervously awaiting Tania's arrival yesterday.

Curtise is a Picmonkey genius!

No worries, though. We had an absolute blast. After a ten minute walk into town talking nineteen-to-the-dozen, we picked Clare up from the train station and headed to Costa's for coffee and a natter, as usual attracting an assortment of dirty looks from our riotous laughter. After that we had rummage round the Wednesday flea market where Clare took a fancy to a 1970s patchwork lion and the chap in the flat cap and the cross-the-body bag took a fancy to her.

Poor Curtise's train was delayed by hours so we visited a couple of chazzas and treated ourselves to some bargain make-up from Beauty Queen Cosmetics before heading to Wetherspoons, to scare the locals and put the world to rights over drinks. When Curtise finally arrived we exchanged gifts and naturally I was asked by a pissed-up pensioner if I told fortunes.

From Clare - Lancome and Sisley lip gloss, a fabulous handmade Yootha Joyce brooch, a gorgeous 1970s maxi and satin scarf, two fabulous patterns and an amazing mix CD to share with Jon.

From Curtise - Two Cher LPs, a posh poodle ornament with a golden bone and the best jumpsuit pattern, ever!

From Tania - some amazing cards and a mug from her very own Freckleface range. Hand-made beads and a Helen badge, a Scandi thriller, fancy bath soak and a donkey ring holder!

After we'd eaten we set off for Second To None for an afternoon of dressing up. Here's June grabbing a marabou feather hat for Curtise to try.

Clare was rather taken with a gorgeous linen 1940s smock.

Tania was dazzled with psychedelia.

Curtise had a bit of a fetish for anything green.

Favourites selected off we went upstairs to strip down to our undies and let the cackling commence. If it looks wrong we tell each other, we can't be having our friends looking anything less than fabulous.

This 1960s frock was a definite yes!

Tania's 1960s shell top was another success.

But the boob action on this 1950s number was a resounding thumbs down.
After keeping Second To None open well past closing time we walked back to mine for tea and more hilarity.

The lounge is full of bloggers!

I took some moody shots with my bastard massive blogging camera. Clare, being the world's greatest second-hand shopper, bought this pretty 1960s bed jacket from Scope earlier on, isn't it fab?

Curtise is always a joy to be around - I feel like I've known her all my life.

Tania is an absolute sweetheart, she's a fantastic new addition to the gang, I can't wait for the rest of the blogging posse to meet her.

....after 8 hours my headband made my ears throb.

Tania and I dropped the girls off at the station and said our goodbyes. I was hoping Jon would be back in time to take some group photos but it wasn't to be. Never mind, we're just going to have to do it all over again.  Who wants to join us?

I bought this 1970s Sportville catsuit from Second To None the first time I ever met Curtise!

Cheers to blogging buddies!
Whoever said you can't find true friends on the internet was obviously mental.

Stay tuned - I'll be back with my purchases very soon!

Here's Tania's take on the day,
Here's Curtise's account,
And here's Clare's!


  1. oh i would so like to be there. it looks like an amazing day. all the stuff in that shop. i just want to rummage. you all look great. love lucyx

  2. Oh how awesome, you four! How much would I love to join you. I have to say, Curtise is a goddess in that vintage print. You are all full of beauty and joy, well done!

  3. Looks like you had a great day! If only I lived nearer! x

  4. Awwww this is so nice! bloggers meeting and such nice ones too - I know Curtise and Clare but i don't know Tanya but will check her blog for sure!
    Look at the place you went for thrift shopping, my kind of place i would go mental there!
    You girls are awesome!

    Ariane xxxx

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous time and that shop looks amazing!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Oh what a fantastic day for you all! Everyone looks gorgeous! So wish I could join in but I'm on the other side of the country and won't be any closer until July :-( xx

  7. Me, me, me I want to join the gang. All there is to do is to arrange international flights, visas and trucks loads of cash for all the shopping with you lot.

    There is little else I can say about yourself and the ladies, all utterly fabulous and divine. So glad you all had a wonderful time.

  8. That looks like a fab day, and I want to visit Second to None SO MUCH!

  9. God you are all so fabulous I'm grinning from ear to ear! I'm so glad you all had a great could you not? Fabulous shmutter at Second to None and lovely pressies from the gals too...All I Really Want to Do was the first LP I ever bought with my own pocket money!
    You all look gorgeous and happy and badass. I love the lot of you and I'm coming next for sure.

  10. Brilliant! Looks like you had a ball! I am terrified about meeting you - I said to Amy that I will be all shy and will find that my brain goes blank and I will have nothing to say! Amy is like 'oh she is lovely and easy to speak to'! Looking forward to it too! x

  11. Oh I'm having major blog I would have LOVED to be there too. Just a bugger we live on opposite sides of the world. Shopping with you gals would be a dream date for me! You all look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing such a fantastic day with us! Xx

  12. Yesterday I was so excited!!!I was mentally on a plane to Walsall and I couldn't wait to see your photos!!
    I know that I sound like a crazy stalker, but it's my dream to have a meet up with all of you!!I'm sure that there wouldn't be embarassing silences and visiting Second to none with friends is the best adventure I can have!I love the patterns,I'm sure you are going to sew a lot of new fabulous clothes!!
    You look gorgeous in the psychedelic playsuit and fur, you are always a huge inspiration even for not caring about stupid people's comments!
    I love you more than the fab four!!!
    (I want a poster with Curtise's gang of ponchos!)

  13. I'd love to join up with you groovy chicks next time!
    Another fun and fabulous blogger meet-up in Walsall, I feel like I'm missing out on all the action :)
    Second To None looks like a Mecca for vintage threads, I simply have to visit that place.
    You all look gorgeous in these pics.
    I don't for a minute believe that friends that are made via the internet are any less true, it's all down to how you nurture your relationships.
    Looking forward to seeing your purchases.
    I love your jumpsuit, oh my, that print is divine...xXx

  14. Have to say that im feeling so envious of you girls!
    Such a lovely time it must have been and you all look so amazing!!
    Why do i live in Sweden

  15. So so seething with jealousy!!! What an awesome time y'all had!!
    Everyoone looked fabulous as always!!
    How i wish i lived several THOUSAND miles closer so I could join the festivities!!

  16. I am dying here, what a bunch of fabulous ladies painting the town all colours of the rainbow...I wish I was a part of the posse...Vix you look divine (the word does you no justice) in the jumpsuit, fake fur and headband xxx

  17. It looks like a fabulous day, you all had such fun. What a shame about that green dress, it could have been so beautiful. I always love a meet up. Xx

  18. Here's a big resounding 'I do' to your question of who wants to join in next time. I so enjoy your posts about your get togethers with your blogging friends. And I probably say the same thing every time ... You are all so lucky to have one another. So nice that you have a new friend in Tania.

  19. Yes please, can I come. Just tell me time and place, oh and date, ta muchly.

  20. Loved this Vix, what a great day, you all looked so good had a blast.
    Wish I could join you.
    Yes the internet is a marvel of our modern age, I met my husband on a dating site, he is a darling and ten years younger than me, how is that for fun!
    Love from Pam in

  21. I'd love to have a meet up! I'm renewing my passport this week. There's some funny bits: contact person is somebody your not traveling with(passport is good for 10 years)who would that be? And "where and when are you traveling?" Haven't a clue. I love paperwork!

    Anyway, looks like a fun time was had by all.

  22. I'm reliving it all over again through your post. Thank you so much for inviting me and for being such a lovely host. And thank you for your kind words, it was an absolute pleasure. I am still grinning.

    You looked heavenly in your trouser suit, you were so welcoming and it felt so special to come and look round your beautiful and famous home! xxxxx

  23. I would love to come shopping with you all it looks so much fun :) Wow you looked like you had a great time, if only I didn't live to far away ha . You all look great, loving your catsuit and clare's lion :)

  24. Looks like you all had a ball :-)I did love second to none looks like its got stacks more goodies in there again. You all look gorgeous and im loving your cat suit. Next meet up I would love to join you again, dee xxx

  25. It looks like you had a fantastic day! And I love what you are wearing Vix, and the ouch-inducing headband.

  26. Glad to hear you had a grand time out with blogging-brilliant friends;)

  27. That looks like a fabulous meet-up! I'm sure the locals will be talking about you for days!

  28. Thanks for introducing us to Tania. I'll go check out her blog. Too bad about Curtise's train delay, but that amazing 60s print dress is some consolation at not getting to spend the whole day with you all. I can attest to the fact that you are a warm and gracious host. I'll be in the UK in May and June so would love to be part of a blogger meetup then.

  29. Looks like you had such a fun day.

    I'll come to the next one!!!


  30. How Fun! I would so love to have been there -xo

  31. Ooh that looks like so much fun! x

  32. Looks like you had an amazing time, the photos are amazing.

    Would you believe I have never been to second to none?! Shocking considering I am constantly in Walsall.

    I'd love to tag along one day if thats ok?

    X x

  33. It sounds like such an amazing day! I've met a friend the a only knew on internet last month and it was an amazing experience! I'm quite shy so I thought it would be awkward from my side but when she arrived I "forgot to be shy" and had the best time! It's such an exciting thing! xxx

  34. Looks like a wonderful day, bummer about Cutise's train, glad she made it in the end. will check out Tania blog asap! loving the finds, and the jumpsuit pattern and Yootha brooch are fantastic!I'd love to join a mass meet-up, just let me ditch the kids!

  35. Looks like you all had a total blast! Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  36. This looks like the most fun. I am just so jealous!
    Becky :)

  37. Seriously thinking about it now, even tho' you are halfway up the country. Glad you had an ace time, knew you would. Bloody arseholes to whatever network Curtise was travelling on.

  38. What a brilliant day! I love that someone asked if you told fortunes!! =) xx

  39. Friends and presents and chat and lunch and fabulous vintage finds and a visit to the most famous house in Walsall - doesn't get any better than that!
    I look drunk in that last pic of me, what's going on?!
    Oh I had a ball, Vix, bugger the bloody trains for making me miss a couple of hours' fun but the rest of the day was more than enough to make up for it.
    As always, you are a wonderful hostess. Let's do it all again - soon!
    Love you! xxxxx

  40. Grrrr lost my last comment. It looks like you had a fab time. Although I am local I am too camera shy to join your posse of groovy gals :-) I too have never been in to second to none having drove past it like a zillion times. I do intend to say Hi if I see you round town xx

  41. Bonitas fotografías!!

  42. Is it bad that I am as happy as I am sad right now looking at these. I miss you guys and wish I was there and I would love the chance to meet Tania~ her Freckleface stuff is crazy good!

    AH Second to None these really make me smile for I have been there and stripped down to my undies and came out with some treasure of my own. You all look bright and bold and free spirited. That catsuit of yours was such a score Vix, you look hot in it! Here is to getting out and making our online friendships offline too.

  43. I loved it all yesterday. I can see that guy sneaking up in the background of that photo! Also it's a shame you missed the singing sensation, we could've done back up. Shame we missed Jon too, he was probably hiding somewhere! But he likes the CD so that's great! I think you're the great 2nd hand shopper of all time! Good thing we're not in competition xxx

  44. Oh I'd come if only I lived a bit closer! Looks like you had a fab time & Curtise looks brilliant in that printed dress.

  45. I do love that jumpsuit you're wearing! Rummaging through piles of vintage clothes with like minded pals must be heavenn and looks like you four had a ball!

  46. This looks so much fun! Btw, I love the green thumbs down dress on her, she looks brilliant!

  47. lucky you getting to meet all those fabulous ladies!

  48. This post has me beaming! It makes me so very happy to see all of you together! How I wish I could join you someday. :D You all look beyond beautiful; gorgeous smiles and fantastic finds! And your home is positively fabulous, my stunning friend!!! XOXO

    I'm so bastard massive excited over you tarts getting it ON!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  50. Me me me me!!!!!! Love to join you (I suspect I am too boring! :-( )

    How much fun does it look like you had!!!! Totally brilliant! Clare's outfit was awesome- not surprised the bodybag man took a shining to her!!! You all look so cheerful and pretty!x

  51. Wow green is it!! Everyone is enjoying the green :) Love your jumpsuit!! Looks like you guys had a blast~ I wish I could find some people around here that were up for a meet up and shop like this. I tried to meet up with a few bloggers but they always canceled at like last minute HA maybe I look scary or something lol!!:P Those stores looked so packed with goods I bet it is alot of fun going through it all ~Love Heather

  52. Right, next time, I'm coming! Love Curtise's blog and looking forward to reading about the antix of the other ladies. It looks like you had a wonderful day and I can't wait to meet you one day in person, Vix!
    Much love xxxxxxxx

    PS sorry Ive not been AWOL, I've been on holiday in Portugal! Lots of posts to catch up with-yay! Love your blog x x x

  53. You can't beat a good girls day out with a healthy dash of vintage thrown in for good measure too! xxx

  54. I'll come in August! :D I've made some lovely friends off the internet. Cyberbuddies are the bees knees :D

  55. Oooh me me me me me me - I want to join in too!!!

    I just love these posts - they make me a bit teary (but don't tell anybody!). I fucking love that we have somehow all found each other. Shut up, I am not sentimental as anything!

    You look AMAZING, amor - as always, I farking love your jumpsuit and the other three are all in green! Clare's frock is divine, Curtise is, as usual, splendid in her maxi, and Tania is beautiful in that pretty green floral number.

    I'm so glad you all had such a fab time - and what brilliant gifts! I'm off to check out the freckleface range.

    Love you more than blogging!

    Sarah xxx

  56. Yes me please, pick me! Every time I see these posts I'm always rather envious but distance and circumstances have not been my friend:( There is too much to love about this post. I don't know where to begin. Clare, if you're reading this, that green dress and pink cardi are officially on my want list (along with most of your wardrobe). I love the handmade Yootha Joyce brooch. Curtise's 60's dress is amazing too. I need to have a lie down now to recover from all this eye candy! xxx

  57. oh I need to meet blogging buddies like this!
    I nearly spat my gin out laughing at this:
    naturally I was asked by a pissed-up pensioner if I told fortunes.
    thank you for today's best giggle Vix! xox

  58. Oh, I do, I do! I'm determined to get over there and meet all you marvelous dames! What a wonderful day, indoctrinating a new blogger into the fold. Your outfits are all very cool and you look like you're having such fun. I'm just as envious as all hell :)

  59. Looks like you all had fun!

    Amanda Rose

  60. Well it looked like you all had some "frockin fun"lol! And your narration keep's me grinning! Keep enjoying life as you do, and blogging about it, because although we across the pond can't visit in person,we can via your entertaining post's!:)

  61. I wish I could meet you in real life. Sigh.

  62. stunning ladies! I have an inspiration overdose from this post

    Inside and Outside Blog

  63. all that blogging buddies fabulousness is amazing, love that meetings so much!!, love your glamourous prettiness, dear ladies, you are gorgeous!!!
    I would love to meet the gang!
    besos & friendship!

  64. Oh Vix i would be the same, a complete bundle of nerves, I would have change outfits heaps of times...eeek.
    What the most wonderful get together, you have many lovely poppets from around the world so wishing they were spirit we were.
    I love your pants suit and seeing everyone in your very cool lounge.
    Love V
    oh I am so excited about the dress coming and you sound like you have been naughty and added an extra something, so lovely and making me even more excited. thank you. V

  65. What an awesome day! Everybody was having such a good time. Count me in for the next one!

    Annie xxx

  66. These blogging meet ups look like so much fun. Wish I lived nearer.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the catsuit pattern made up and I love the one you're wearing.

  67. Wow that looks really fun! Meeting bloggin buddies in personal takes some excitement and whole lot of fun. Got my eye on your next posts.

  68. What a wonderful time you had! I always love to meet my 'virtual' friends... especially because they are always different than you expect - which is a great thing. xo

  69. yay! top fun - such a great post and i need to go to second to none like, now! x

  70. oh vix i love it all. i esp love tania's 60's shell. so cute!

    how lovely that you were all able to meet and connected so well.

    this is def the upside of blogging. xo

  71. Ah this post has made me smile, looks like you had the BEST TIME! What a lovely day, it's exciting just looking at the piccies! Fabulous catsuit and how great do those vintage finds look on you all. You gorgeous gaggle of gals were showing us all how to shop, wish I'd been there with you - shame you're so far away as I'd love to come one of your meet ups one day!

  72. All I can say is GASP and SWOON! The frocks, the fun and the FRIENDS! THIS is what life is all about! You are all lucky ladies indeed.

    Can't wait to read the other gals' posts about their day. Love to you all! :)

  73. Vix, I would *love* to have you tell my fortune, and I would pay good money for it, too. I dare you to say "Why yes!" and actually tell a fortune to the next snarky inquirer. ;-)

    What lovely, fun-looking ladies. I'm glad you all had a merry time.

  74. This looks such a fun day Vix. First of all I have to say you looked amazing in that white swimsuit, I think it was on Clare's post? You should go back for it ASAP! You all looked fantastic and I would love to rummage in Second to None, this house isn't quite full enough of stuff yet, there's still some space left I can squeeze more second hand stuff into. I really enjoyed all your posts today, must go and check out Tania's blog now, she looks very Liz Taylor in Curtise's Picmonkey picture. xx

  75. I would love to join you, but in the mean time I shall join in by viewing your blog. You make it feel like I am there anyway!!

  76. It's great to see you all had such a great day. I'd love to visit second to none, I just fear I would spontaneously combust if I did walk in there! I'd be fighting Curtise for all the green things too.

  77. Looks like you girls had a blast! I love the jumpsuit pattern, can't wait to see what you do with it! Second to None looks like a fav place to score some vintage and secondhand! xx

  78. What a marvelous times my dear!
    I wish ti win the Fl lotto or some other lotto to go visit my blogger's friends and have a fun-loving vintage and drinks day like this one!

  79. Looks like so much fun. Definitely need to find more time for meeting up with blogger friends.

  80. Oh boy! What a hoot!
    I need a Vix Fix. And soon!
    Z xx

  81. Now that's fast becoming my idea of an ideal day. It's like too much fun. sigh. oh well, at least I can enjoy it all from your (and others) blog. Thanks for the trip, Vix!

  82. I loved this post so much Vix!!! I'm sorry I didn't comment sooner, as I was in such a hurry to meet up with Krista. BUT, must tell you, it did inspire me out of the planned black dress and into a purple one to go with my new peacock leggings. Yep, seeing all you fab girls did it, got me out of my black dress formula/rut. So, thanks for that!;)

    So many awesome pictures of all the amazing Blogging Goddesses, having what looks like the best time-love it! I especially love the one of the guy checking out the super hot Clare, how could he not! She looks so cute in her pink sweater and rocking green dress! And, Curtise looks so amazing in that dress, I'm so happy she found it-so perfect for her! And Tania looks so fab in that cute shell top!

    I would have loved to join you cool kids and like another lovely gal commented, I'd be so excited to see everyone I'd forget to be shy too.;)


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