Thursday 28 February 2013

The Reports Of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

It just goes to show how long it's been since I last went to a jumble sale. One of today's helpers, Tracey, another jumble sale regular, went to one last weekend and was asked if she's seen "that pretty girl with the long black hair who wears weird clothes". When she replied that she hadn't the lady said that she'd heard I'd died.

It might be 3 months since I last had a rummage but I'm still drawing breath although, after a few hours serving at the church hall & arguing the toss over 40p being too much for a dress, I feel ready for the knacker's yard.

No rest for the wicked though, this lot below needs to be washed, pressed, priced and packed, ready for taking to the fair on Saturday.

Clockwise from top left: St Michael raspberry ruffled blouse, '80s metallic brocade jacket, '70s Windsmoor suit, St Michael lace-up floral dress, tie bodice chambray dress, 1960s St Michael bri-nylon pyjamas, Old skool Adidas holdall, Windsmoor cerise wool jacket, St Michael 1970s-does-Victorian dress, 1970s Windsmoor tie front blouse, Rhinestone trimmed disco dress, Leather biker pants, lurex batwing jumper and a sage green knife pleat tea dress.

It's not all for Kinky Melon though, I did secure a few bits for myself.

I squealed with pleasure when I unpacked this 1960s lurex and crimplene maxi dress.

This delicate 1950s nylon slip has a small hole - the perfect reason to keep it.

How much do I love this unworn 1960s St Michael swimsuit? Loads, especially as it's my size! I'm thinking of wearing it with my wellies and a floral garland at Glastonbury, at least it'll dry quickly.

Jon found me this gorgeous 1950s leather overnight bag.

These will keep us quiet for a few days.

Just a sneak peek at this maxi dress as I'll be wearing it for work on Saturday.

Jon found this 1959 Halina Anastigmat camera with all the accessories.

 I managed to pull a very dodgy man today, old enough to be my father with hair greasy enough to fry chips in and more holes in his face from piercings than a colander. He told me that I was "the most beautiful woman he'd ever set eyes on at a jumble sale" which has to be one of the smoothest chat up lines of all time!

I'm off to load up the washing machine and reward myself with a glass of something alcoholic.

See you soon.

Wednesday 27 February 2013

A Grand Night Out

 When Wolverhampton Grand invited me to attend the Red Carpet Glamour themed opening night of High Society I didn't hesitate, not that I'm a fan of musicals but because, like the rest of my classmates, I fancied the pants of Michael Praed in the 1980s (Robin in Robin of Sherwood and Prince Michael of Moldavia in Dynasty) and he was playing the lead.

...and who wouldn't?

I must admit I was dubious when I saw the publicity shots, more naff 1980s light entertainment show than classy 1930s-based stage play but it's a night out in gloomy old February and an opportunity to frock up and therefore a perfect cause for celebration.

Talking of frocks I had a plethora to choose from. The final three being a crepe 1950s Young Mayfair number inherited from my mum, a cheeky Bernshaw maxi courtesy of the divine Curtise and my eventual choice, a 1970s Grecian-style cruise dress I bought in 2011 from a local chazza for less than a tenner.

I considered digging out my heated rollers for some red carpet waves but with a 20 minute walk & a bus ride along with drizzly sub-Arctic temperatures it would have been a futile exercise. Luckily, Liz being the fabulous friend she is, created a killer beehive battered into submission with enough hair spray to finish off the ozone layer. 

The vintage Siamese dancer pendant was a Xmas present from my darling friend, Dee.

With my trademark bling and matching Barry M eyes and nails I was red carpet ready.

Wolverhampton's Grand Theatre opened in 1894 and has barely changed.

Posh, innit?

Not too snooty to let us in, though. Jon looked rather dapper in his charity shopped threads. He's particularly proud of his 1950s wool trousers which he altered himself.

Necking a swift one before the show started.

Schmoozing with a couple of our gorgeous friends, Sharon & Jodie, the mother and daughter duo who organise several of the local vintage fairs. Sharon's slinky "That Peggy Page Look" lurex maxi came from the Kinky Melon shop.

A full house. As you can see everyone wasn't dressed to the nines, I even spotted a wolf fleece in the audience. Clearly my idea of "red carpet glamour" is at odds with a large percentage of Black Country residents.

Curtain up! Sadly we weren't allowed to take photos during the show but my initial misgivings about the costumes were unfounded, they were glorious, oozing '30s authenticity from head to toe and worth the ticket price alone. Mr Praed looked rather fine, too!

It's been years since I watched High Society but I recognised loads of the songs including Who wants To Be A Millionaire? and True Love. We had to giggle at the old boy behind us singing along at the top of his voice.

Despite not being a fan of musicals or costume dramas I must say that I absolutely loved High Society and would happily go back and watch it all over again.

High Society at The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton runs until Saturday night, touring throughout the UK until 13th July, 2013(full details HERE).

In the words of this old punk, "It wouldn't be my first choice of a night out but I was surprised how much I enjoyed myself".

...and so the glamour ended. Jon has a quick fag & turns his phone back on before dashing to the chip shop and catching the last bus home.... bet Daniel Day Lewis never has to do that.

No Wednesday glitz and glam for us, we're off to the church to get the hall set up for tomorrow's jumble sale. Hopefully I'll have a few gems to show you on my next post.

See you soon!

Sunday 24 February 2013

When She Walks Down The Streets, He's Never Far Behind

I was doing some more sorting out at the family home last week and rediscovered this battered old box on top of a wardrobe complete with my maternal Great-Grandfather's best hat.

Devilishly handsome but, by all accounts, an utter bastard, known throughout the city of Chester as a notorious womaniser and serial adulterer.

This was my other Great-grandfather, from Stone in Staffordshire, immortalised after his death on this silver mourning brooch. 

Christys' London still produce and sell the very same fur felt top hats for £275, way out of my price range. 

Tiger stripe top and 1960s st Michael psychedelic scarf (both second-hand), pink bow bobbles (The one and only Krista)

 Seems a shame not to give this one at try.

Massive heads must be a family trait, it fits perfectly! (Shame I can't say the same for my dress, there's a row of bulldog clips clamped to the back in a vain attempt to stop it from falling off.)

How bizarre, the date on the hat box is 1888, the same year as Jack The Ripper began his reign of terror on the streets of Victorian Whitechapel.

I can hang out with the divine Inspector Reid from BBC 1's deliciously macabre, Ripper Street,

and witness all manner of heinous crimes.


The late Screaming Lord Sutch performed this when he supported The Stray Cats (my first ever gig) at Birmingham Odeon in 1980.

1980s-does-Victorian tartan maxi dress (borrowed from the Kinky Melon stock room), muff (hand-made by me from a couple of vintage hats and strung on Great-Grandma's rose gold muff chain.
Back to reality and the Dickensian squalor of our dining room.

Thanks for being so sweet about my live interview, I locked myself in the bathroom when Jon played it and still can't bring myself to look.

See you soon!

PS Linking to Patti's Visible Monday.

Friday 22 February 2013

Hold On To Your Hat (now with added sound!)

I was so hot in town this morning I was tempted to Google "menopause" when I got home. I swear this hat has its own ecosystem. 

According to The Guardian "Cossack hats are "too showy" to wear post-Christmas. Personally, I'd rather look showy than lose my ears to frostbite.

I found this 1960s vinyl & tapestry shopper in a chazza this morning, declined the carrier bag offered and stuffed the bag I was carrying inside as it looked far better than my original choice.

Birthday girl, Tamera sent me a parcel of joy yesterday. In it was this cool Harris Tweed Baker Bay cap it's namesake's already laid claim to, two groovy 1960s patterns, a stunning printed velvet maxi (currently undergoing a makeover), a lurex ruffle-trim sweater and a fantastic handmade card.

(Check out her blog tomorrow as she's hosting a virtual party and all of Blogland's invited.)

We've got to find outfits suitable for a red carpet glamour themed opening night for Wolverhampton Grand Theatre's production of High Society next week, yet more wardrobe chaos.

Vinyl and tapestry bag (£3.95, Acorns Hospice), Devore and fake fur maxi coat (my friend, Janne), Silver and lilac maxi (The much-missed Terri), 1970s velvet blouson (seen HERE), Cossack hat (The fabulous Christina), Lamani coin pendant & silver bangles (India), Antique silver & turquoise brooch (75p, League of Friends, 2005)

Have a fantastic weekend, I'm off to the pub as soon as I've caught up with my blog reading.
Have a good one and see you soon.


Yesterday I was interviewed by the fabulous Joanna Devoe for her You Tube channel. You can see me in action (and hear my appalling Black Country accent ) HERE.

Thursday 21 February 2013

Frock Around The Shop

 Isn't it freaky when you find a handmade dress in a charity shop that must have been made for your body double a lifetime ago?

I'm not normally a fan of Fifties fashion but once I tried this frock on I was in love and, being on the greeny side of bronze, I decided to wear it for yesterday's photo shoot. So there I was all frocked up and ready to rock when I got the message it had been postponed.

Did I change? Did I heck!

My friend Jayne offered a donation to the charity of my choice if I got snapped in Asda wearing this dress

The wine rack needed replenishing so off to the supermarket I went.

Did anyone notice? I couldn't tell you. Once I'm in the booze aisle I'm oblivious to pretty much everything. 

Three bottles for a tenner? Call that a bargain? That's more than my outfit cost! 

1950s cocktail dress (£4.95, British Heart Foundation), leopard coat (£5,Age UK) worn with 7 year old lace tights, fake Litas, 1960s fishnet gloves (20p, car boot sale), chain mail choker (India, 2010) and chandelier earrings (from the lovely Louise)

Mundane tasks are a lot more fun when you're frocked up to the nines.

Like I always say, "A day without dressing up is a day wasted", so stick on your best dress, go forth and have fun, you're a long time dead.

See you soon!