Monday, 17 December 2012

Post ......and Packing!

I was treated to a parcel of joy from my fabulous pal, Tamera, and had to test drive these fab flares right away.

Velvet with rhinestone studs, just right for popping into town to start my Xmas shopping.
(yes, I did say start, I loathe the whole thing and live in the faint hope that if I ignore it for long enough it'll go away). 

Tamera also sent this beautiful card, hand-made by her.

And some killer 1970s dressmaking patterns! Thanks, Tamera, I can't wait to get cracking on some of these.

Jon's got 'flu, he's confined to bed with no appetite and hasn't even had a fag since Saturday - he must be ill. To entertain myself I got cracking on my Goa packing and got the summer suitcases down from the top of the wardrobe and emptied them out on the bed.

Out went anything white/cream (pale clothing becomes ingrained with orange dust due to the laterite in the sand), anything needing to be worn with heels (no kerbs, you'd be mental to pack any) or worn with bras, slips or belts (too hot for all that fuss).

WARNING: Look away now if the sight of a bare-faced, near naked, middle-aged woman offends you!

Next I scraped my hair back, stripped off my make-up and stood in front of a well lit, full-length mirror & tried everything on. Anything that looks halfway decent when I'm at my worst gets chucked on the "Possible" pile. 

Once I'd decided on the best of the bunch I laid it out on the bed and made my final choice. 

Burgundy crochet bikini (bought at Anjuna's Flea Market), Purple crochet bikini (made by Nelly) and paisley bikini (car boot sale)
Three bikinis, crochet ones for sunbathing and a more modest one for our early morning beach strolls (I don't want to alarm the fishermen by baring too much before 8am).

I travel in a pair of boots and take a couple of pairs of Indian-made leather sandals, one pair go in my hand luggage which I slip them on before landing. I wear them until they fall apart, getting the odd repair done by the roadside cobblers you'll find on every street corner of India. Most of the time it's bare feet as we're on the beach morning, noon and night.

 A fringed lace poncho and up-cycled tie-died blouse for coverage in less touristy areas along with my trusty denim waistcoat and a couple of cropped tops.

Two maxi skirts, I'll travel in one to save space.

Psychedelia galore - a catsuit, two maxi dresses (top left beauty from Krista) and a groovy full length hooded robe for the beach. Bright colours & wild prints so the dirt won't show up.

Sarongs are a great to towels,virtually weightless in a backpack & dry quickly. The hand-made vintage curtain tote multi-tasks as hand luggage, a beach bag and for shopping whilst the Rajasthani leather cross-the-body bag is for sight-seeing and nights out. There's a couple of vintage silk scarves (one was a birthday pressie from Em) for tarting up my hair, two pairs of 1970s sunglasses & a massive reversible sun hat, too.

Books, jewellery & toiletries left to do then I'm ready! 

Velvet flares worn with 1970s crochet poncho (£1, car boot sale), 1970s Madeira souvenir basket (£1.95, Acorns Hospice), 1970s felt hat (courtesy of Zoe) and a heap of bastard jewellery (including a necklace won in Glynis's giveaway)
Talking of bastard jewellery have you checked out the Xmas edition of VOGOFF magazine?

I'm linking to Patti's Visible Monday!
See you soon.


  1. OMG you look great in a bathing suit! I love that crochet poncho and those pants, and those silver boots are great!

  2. You packed a rainbow! I love how colourful everything is and you look fab in your bikini! I hope you have a lovely time x

  3. what are you talking about? you look stunning. You've got some fabulous stuff to wear, you're going to look stunning and you're extremely lucky to be getting away during the most depressing time of year! Take loads of photos so I can live vicariously through your adventures! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Wow, you do a crochet bikini proud! Love all the colorful sarongs too. Hope Jon is feeling better soon. xoxoxo

  5. If this middle-aged make-up free gal looked that good in a bikini I'd be strolling around in December outside in it!!

    Love seeing what you've packed!
    I'm so glad the package made it!! I KNEW those velvet flares were meant for you when I spied them on the rack.

    Hope Jon starts to fell better soon!

  6. You make deciding what to pack seem so effortless. Obviously you have it down pat now.
    Aren't you packing the army kit bag? I expect to see a re-creation of the Landlubber ad taken in Goa :)
    Wishing Jon a speedy recovery!

  7. You look bloody amazing in your cossie!

    Great approach to packing, I get bogged-down with far too many impractical bits and bobs....

    Hope you have a fab time xxx

  8. Get you with a cracking bod'! So jealous of your impending trip. Perfect packing as always.

  9. You have got the whole packing thing down to a fine art! Love what you are taking. And I can't see how anyone could be offended of you in your bikini. I would ruddy love it if I looked half that good in one.

    Maybe you should do a whole holiday advent thing in your house to count down to your getaway! A good time to go in the new year.

    P x

  10. Sorry to hear Jon's still feeling poorly, but at least he's got your trip to speed his recovery.

    You've really got packing down to a fine art. Taking the right stuff really helps a holiday to go well right from the start. Love the bikinis, and your flares andponcho. xxx

  11. You just made my morning, dare I say you are better than coffee :) Seeing you pack gives me hope for warmer days and better ones too. You have a beautiful bod Vix!!!I love these pants from Tamera and the poncho is pretty fab, those colors are a favorite combo. I think I need a Vix fix if you are around later I will ring you at lunch.

  12. Well, all I have to say is if I looked as great as you do in a bikini, my blog would be dedicated to vintage bikinis and I'd be plastering pics of moi all over the place!

    It's so great that you're taking your time in preparing for your trip; that must make it all the more exciting. Will you change your mind a lot before you decide on the final outfits?

    Hopefully Jon is daydreaming of Goa as he convaleses.


  13. Stunning body, mind and soul,Vix.
    best wishes to Jon.

  14. You are a stunningly fine figure of a middle-aged woman, darling, and you rock a bikini! Jo's right, you DO make packing sound completely effortless, it must come with practice! Your selections are appropriate yet typically YOU, and therefore perfect.
    You've got to love Tamera, haven't you, she sends great parcels - look at those amazing patterns and the flares are fabulously groovy!
    Hope Jon feels better soon, a bit of boozing and partying is the only way to get through Christmas!
    LOVE! xxxxx

  15. Your holidays always sound so amazing!
    best wishes to Jon. x

  16. You look fabulous with no makeup and no clothes! Goodness me!
    Hope Jon feels better soon. A man with flu is a nightmare! x

  17. Dear vix. Can I have your flat tum pls?!
    Like omg, you have a fab body for someone in their 40s!!!! Jaysus!!

    I do love that catsuit... And great tips about travelling light!!!

    I hope Jon recovers soon!!!

  18. Just sent you something for your trip so I hope there is a little more room in the suitcase...... ;-P

  19. Have fun, dear Vix! I love your flares!

  20. Damn, girl, if I looked half that good in a bikini, I'd be showing it all off, too. Your packing is making ME excited for your getaway. Hope your sweetie feels better soon.

  21. You look great even without make up and your body is stunning!!So lucky to run away from this awful weather, please share with us as many photos as possible, I enjoyed your last trip's reportage so much!!
    I'm sorry for Jon, I hope he 'll get better soon!
    The new pants are fab and so Vogoff, it's already my favourite magazine!
    Love xxxx

  22. You look superb as well on Vogoff
    I did not know what bastard jewellery was until i saw your piece on Vogoff!
    Lucky you going to warm weather, we will probably go in Feb somewhere warm
    Poor Jon, colds and flue are bad this year, i got a pretty nasty one as well

    Ariane xxxxx

  23. Vix! You are such a Babe! If the bikini doesn't get Jon out of bed, I don't know what will. Vitamin Vix! Hope he feels better!

  24. Er Vix, I'm going to turn veggie, swim everyday and take up drinking in the pub if it gets me a body like yours! :-) YOur packing skills are brilliant and I love how you take the time to reassess everything.
    Poor Jon, hope he gets better soon!

  25. You look great in a bikini ! Nobody gets offended by such a hot babe !
    I love your new flares - it´s something about velvet that makes me happy.....

  26. You are so gorgeous! I love to see that wild colors being packed for your holiday, and you in your bathing suit- goddess woman!

  27. you look fabulous on your pink poncho and flares outfit, love your hat and great bag!, and you look also fab on your bikinis, lovely and ready for the beach!
    Love your advices to packaging, you're a wise lady, because really you're not going to need anymore on the beach, just some bikinis, light dresses and sandals (and love your huge hat!). And I agree with you, sarongs are great, colorful and versatile pieces!
    besos & wish Jon get well soon

  28. So excited for you! Brilliant packing strategy for warm climates which I'll refer to in the future.

  29. Love the poncho & bag! The trip sounds amazing. I hope you will continue to blog during your stay or else I might have withdrawals. XXX

  30. OMG Vix...your body is gorgeous and healthy and you are an inspiration to us all...hope Jon is better soon...Hannah xx

  31. Screw the flu! I've been sick since Friday. Get well, Jon.

    You look like you're 25 in your swimsuit. And I loved the photo in Vogoff! The photo reminded me of a woman named Fayette Hauser. She was a member of The Cockettes in the early 1970's. She wore piles of necklaces instead of a top.

  32. You are hot hot hot in that Bikini and I did a mini swoon at the crochet bikini how cool is that! My little bro had some handmade (by nanna) knitted swim trunks when he was a kid and that immediately took me back to visions of that early knitted disaster :0) xx

  33. Well, that certainly brightened up a dull Monday!

    In no particular order, I want that bag, that hooded beach robe and to look that amazing in a bikini. :)

    How lovely to be packing for the sun. xx

  34. I love your holiday wardrobe - it's fabulous. You look good in a bikini - I'd be wearing one if I looked like that.

  35. You can show off your middle aged bod any day of the week, baby! You look after it well, and it deserves to be out there!
    Nice job on the packing,you always inspire me!I really think my packing style has improved due to you, but it still needs work! Such a lovely selection, you'll brighten up the beach or wherever you go!
    I hope you flashed Jon.That might perk him up out of his ill stupor a bit!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  36. You are gorgeous in pink (first photo) and marvelous in the bikini, Vix! As light as you pack 'em, I think there ought to be room for me in one of those suitcases!

    Sure hope your Jon is back to his normal self soon. It's awful to feel so bum.

  37. Girl, your blog is amazing.. I'm totally in love with it, just discovered and already become an addiction! would you like following each other? Let me know <3

  38. Would it be inappropriate to cat call at your awesome body in the bathing suit picture? ;) I'm not even much of a beach person and your trip planning has me thinking of lovely sandy shores! Hope Jon feels better soon!

  39. I love that you put in a warning before your bathing beauty picture. I wonder why you wear make-up at all, you look stunning as is. Seeing you pack makes me excited to go on vacation, but alas, I'll have to do so vicariously. Hope Jon is well by the time you plan to leave. Although recuperating in India doesn't sound bad...

  40. Vix, you look awesome in a bikini and have the body of a teenager. Jealous! xx

  41. You are very visible, in a wonderful way!!!! I adore hearing about your packing and what you take! Seeing the contents of your wardrobe is like going in the most delightful shop which makes you laugh in glee and wonder!x

  42. Do you have your belly button pierced? I just forced mine back in today after leaving it empty for almost 8 years - still feeling squeamish now!

    FAB flares. So jealous of your upcoming hols, furthest I'm going is Watford!

  43. i will have to show this post to larry. i used to wear a purple bikini in the 70's that he has quite a few fond memories of.:) he's gonna die when he sees this. ahhaha.

    you look fab and i love your packing style. have fun. it's raining here in southern california. boo.

  44. "WARNING: Look away now if the sight of a bare-faced, near naked, middle-aged woman offends you"
    PAH!!! I will make it my Christmas wish to have a body like yours before I am 35! (It will probably take me even longer than that. IN FACT I might never even get there dammit!)I love all you have packed. Love that Psychedelia galore photo. I need some outfits like that for this summer.

    *Hope Jon feels better very soon*

  45. Your body is amazing - love how much color your packing into your suitcase! All the best to Jon hope he's right as rain soon!

  46. You're so brave posting a bikini pic on your blog - don't think I'd ever do it on mine. You look awesome! x

  47. Brilliant Vix! You're an absolute beauty dear. I'm all over those fab flares. Love ya! Enjoy your holiday. xx/Madison

  48. I think a good prescription for Jon is a trip to India. And you in your bikini. I hope he feels better soon... Nobody does hippy-psychedelic-flower-child like you. I must look for shopping pants like yours with matching platforms. Tamera is a genius for getting you in those. Thanks for letting me live my thoughts of sunshine vicariously through you.

  49. I'd MUCH rather be packing for India than packing presents for Christmas.
    Sorry to hear that Jon is poorly, but at least he's getting it out of the way, it'll make the holiday even more of a treat.
    I do admire the practical thought that goes into your travel wardrobe choices, mainly because you don't let style take a back seat. Great advice about sarongs replacing the heavy stinky towel too.
    Tamera sure sends you some marvellous parcels - those flares are exquisite.

    I think with you being unwell this year, the work you've put into the vintage fairs, Jon's 'flu and having to brave yet another UK Christmas, this next trip to India will be a huge reward for you both.

    Saj and Bobbi at the shop can't wait to see your photos!

    Lucy x

  50. Now why would I look away at a gorgeous woman with a bod like yours? You're hot darling! And a packing master! I do hope Jon is feeling better soon -- he's got to get ready for your trip! You must be so excited, and I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see pics so I can travel vicariously through you. You're as bad as me with the holiday shopping, but this year I got it in check early. Too many birthdays to contend with in conjunction with the holidays (YAY only have hubby left!) XXX

  51. You must by now be the queen of packing!! So well organised a well thought through, I shall aspire to be this good at packing next time i require to pack. As for nearly naked and no make up, YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!

  52. great hat, nice bikinies, the one you tried really looks great on you:)

  53. What a SPLENDID parcel from darling Tamera! Those flares are gorgeous and her handmade cards are so amazing! And speaking of amazing - HELLO HOT BIKINI CHICK!!! I can't believe it's that time of year again. I love seeing you pack for India though I know I shall miss you like mad! Love you more than hooded psychedelic maxis! Sarah xxx

  54. Looks like you're a pro at packing for Goa, some lovely choices!!


  55. I don't think ANYONE looked away from your super body, Vix. I've been successful at ignoring the upcoming festivities until today, when I'm sitting down to write some Christmas cards. X

  56. You look fantastic Vix! I didn't look away one bit. ;)
    I love your philosophy in how to weed out the so so stuff. Since I read your comments about getting rid of it if it doesn't make you feel fabulous my wardrobe is much smaller, but I love it so much more.

  57. Great packing tips - only wished I'd done that last year.
    Look forward to seeing the snaps.

  58. Hi my dear!! Its lovely to hear you are on your travels soon and your packing always is so inspirational-you manage to survive on so little yet always looks so very stylish and lovely! Hope Jon gets better soon and wishing you a good week ahead xxx

  59. If I looked as good as you with out a dot of make up and a beautifully toned body I would be tempted to wear a bikini every day! Looking stunning hun.

    I can;'t say I blame you jetting off to sunnier climates. I do hope Jon recovers soon.

    X x

  60. Such smart and wise packing Vix and WOW you've got such a toned body- totally destined for Goa!
    I'm so excited you are going back to Goa and although I will miss you blogging, I know you will have an amazing time and have lots to tell on your return! xxx

  61. Sorry to hear Jon is still flu-ridden - hope he's better soon! You make packing look so easy - now which of those bikinis is the "modest" one again ;)

    If I looked that good in a bikini I would find an excuse to wear one every single day of the summer. I'm excited for your trip!

  62. Oh poor Jon, I hope he is feeling better soon!!!
    Miss Vix you look so very very fantastic in your bikini!!!!!! Amazing!!!! I have never worn one and as it stands now I probably never will.
    Your packing is always so inspiring, I love seeing what you put together to take.
    yay Yay Yay yay Yay yay holiday time soon...........
    Love v

  63. Hot bod lady! From: pregnant, stretch-marked, 27 and very jealous.

  64. I look forward to seeing these outfits on your amazing body after your stay at Goa.

  65. wow vix, i want to know all your secrets to look that hot and stunning in a bikini. i´m green of envy;) really you can compete with any 20 year old girly woooaw i can´t concentrate anymore to write you properly hihi;)
    a lots of love and kisses,mary

  66. What a brilliant parcel and those patterns look great, can't wait to see what you get stitchy with! Liking the holiday packing too, especially those crochet bikinis - perfect to show that killer bod off in! xxx

  67. such great pieces! I love all the silver bangles that are all stacked up!

  68. Your as much as a knockout out of clothes as you are in them. One word GORGEOUS, dee xxx

  69. You look hot!!! Love the purple crochet bikini, the leather cross body bag, the catsuit, and the hooded maxi!!! Nice packing :))

  70. I really really love the long dresses, the colours and the patterns are just fabulous!
    I wish I was as methodic about packing as you are. I'm preparing for 2 weeks in Florida and my bag is a mish mash of random stuff I've been just throwing in there ahaha.
    The grey boots are fab, are they originally from office? I got similar ones in black from Ebay originally from Office!

  71. Very jealous of your bikini body, in fact very jelaous of your trip to Goa. I love the poncho. Hope Jon is feeling better soon.

  72. Is it Goa time again? Wow! You will be scorching those beaches! Love your crotchet bikinis...You look super!

    Lots of Love


  73. You look fantastic in a bikini; many 20 year olds would be jealous of your body!

    It cracks me up every time you mention your bastard jewellery.

  74. You look absolutely AMAZING in a bikini! And those rhinestone velvet flares suit you down to a tee - love them with the velvet boots! Happy holiday packing!

  75. Whoa woman! There is no middle aged to it!!!!!


  76. No we shouldn't look away-we should all follow suit and be fearless like you! You look amazing in that bikini-I think the fisher folk would be happy to great their morning with you!
    Your packing is like a fashion time machine, as if you're not just going to another place, but to another period-just love it!!:)

  77. What a body!

    You can't go wrong with velvet and rhinestones.


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