Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Rocking The Casbah!

Wearing these Palazzo pants ended in disaster for Rosemary who fell arse over tit (as we Brits so charmingly say) rushing to catch the train to Liverpool. 

Monochrome pants worn with leather waistcoat (courtesy of Helga), lace body stocking (75p, lingerie stall on market), crochet beret (from Elizabeth) with an antique silver & turquoise brooch (50p, League of Friends back in 2003)
After that unfortunate outing she kindly sent them my way, which, bearing in mind that I'm the clumsiest woman on the planet, could prove to be a huge mistake. I'm currently sporting an ankle support (from an epic platform shoe fail), a broken tooth (from a delicious vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognaise, lovingly prepared by Jon) & just 9 toenails after severing the tenth off at the nail bed after a particularly wild party.

This could be the last time you see me intact!

Barry M's Blueberry Ice Cream nail paint, turquoise rings on index fingers from Valerie & stud bracelet made by Krista, everything else haggled over in India or bought second-hand.
If Rosemary had offered me these pants back in the Nineties I'd have run a mile.

In my early 20s I used to be one of those annoying women who shriek "Oh, I couldn't wear that...I'm too short/skinny/it wouldn't suit me" at anything that was a slight deviation from my usual way of dress. After booking a flight to Morocco in 1992 I discovered from various travel guides that revealing clothes for females were a strict no-no which could result in anything from groping to full scale public abuse. I had to beg, borrow and jumble sale buy some modest attire as my usual uniform of 1960s leather mini dresses, bras as outer wear and lurex hot pants were likely to cause a national outrage.

Me as a 25 year-old natural blonde in Tangier

 After a few weeks of maxi dresses, cheesecloth blouses and wide legged pants I came to realise that less is more wasn't always a maxim to live by and that covering up can be more attractive that letting it all hang out (a defining Ta-Dah moment in my life). I even got presents from random strangers, including my Hand of Fatima pendant I'm still wearing 20 years later.

Being as you asked so nicely Jon braved one of the sheds of shame to dig out our Moroccan travel pictures and I've spent this afternoon scanning some photos. If you can stand over two minutes of old photographs the eagle-eyed amongst you'll notice I was still wearing the very same denim waistcoat way back then, some things never change.

Hope you enjoyed the show.

See you soon!


  1. Vix, you look so different from the blonde you... I prefer you darker! ;-)
    And I'm not into fabric trousers (too MC Hammer) but you can pull them off fabulously!

    I hope you don't injure yourself again soon!

  2. I'm sure that to wear those pants completely worth the risk to lose another body part! (I'm just kidding and I hope that nothing wrong could happen to you, but they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!).
    The black lace body suit add a mysterious vibe and is just lovely with the blue leather waistcoat!!!
    I loved to see your travel pictures and you look exactly the same as today except for the hair color!
    Thank you very much for sharing, I love to travel through the photos!

    Lots of love xxx

  3. Fab! They are wonderful trousers and I know what you mean about restricting your wardrobe in your twenties. I was like that over colours but now I'm not and I'm passed the age when I give a toss.
    That's a lovely photo of you, and your travel photos are terrific. I do like seeing peoples travels.

  4. I just love the interior shots in your little video you made. What a beautiful place. And I hardly recognized you as a blonde, until I see that familiar genuine smile you've been carrying around with you for years.
    Your jewelry collection has made me go through my stuff a few times and get rid of the items that just aren't truly me. And I hear your voice often telling me, "If it doesn't make you feel fabulous, get rid of it." ;)

  5. Your personality is so vibrant that the darker hair just seems to suit you better. But it is such a drastic change, I can't help but wonder how it came about?

    Broken tooth.....the worst!!
    Hope you get all your "parts"
    mended soon.

  6. Please thank Jon for us for getting these treasures out! How beautiful the setting and the younger selves! I dare say, you are even more beautiful now.

    Funny how you say that your 20 year old self said, "I can't wear these--" as I always see you and think you can wear anything! xo. Bella Q

  7. Dearest Vix,
    och, sad to hear about your recent bout of injuries and bad luck...the nail incident sound particularly gruesome and as for broken teeth, I know all about that... grrrrrrrrrrr!
    I have to go to Morocco some day (soon)it just looks right up my street, Moorish architecture really does it for me. I was kicking myself at the weekend after missing out on a fabulous Moroccan djellaba coat, I hate when that happens.
    You look gorgeous as always!
    Lot's of love,

  8. first of all, it might be a really wild party to ruin your toenails that way!!!
    In second place, lovely palazzo pants and I think dark hair really fits you nicely, it's a perfect touch of mistery and sexyness!
    And I've enjoyed the show: it's interesting to know your style background!
    besos & clash

  9. Cracking pics Vic - it's funny how a change in hair colour can radically transform your appearance!

    I'm very much in the giant fabric trousers camp, though somewhat predictably, last time I wore mine I was asked if MC Hammer wanted his trews back. Philistine!


    ps I made it to your blogroll *eeek* thanks! :D

  10. You certainly look different between having the blonde and the black hair. So funny how the shade of our hair can alter our whole appearance! I shuddered at your pain of loosing the toe nail!

  11. Gorgeous palazzo pants Vix. I love wearing mine at the moment over my baby bump, they are so light and comfy.
    I`m also glad to know I`m not the only one that can break teeth on soft food!

  12. Shut the front door!!!! No way I am totally tripping on you as a blonde, who is that girl! You were a beauty back then but have really grow into your own haven't you! I really think you rock those pants so well and all of your battle scars only make you more fabulous to me! I so loved seeing all of the pictures form Morocco, you have been to so many beautiful places, I love seeing them through your eyes. You are Jon are aging so well, dare I say I think you both look better now, well I do.


    ps...oh no about the toenail....we discussed that might happen :)

  13. You do look so different in that other picture.

    Ouch at your injuries. I often trip up the stairs in my palazzos!

  14. I am sitting here laughing at your description of current injuries. But it's not funny!! I feel for you ... but I'm still laughing. I have some wide pants that I tripped over when I first got them. They have a damaged hem which I repaired as best I could because I wanted those suckers! Still wear them, but with much more care while walking.


  15. Oh my you are nursing some good wounds there!! Yikes a tip over in platforms or heels can really do a number on an ankle it is no joke there...Dr. Christophers bone an tissue ointment works great on this sort of thing you can get it off Amazon they call it bone butter I think it is made with comfrey great for sprains and breaks and probably most fashion accidents hehehe....I love those pants I picked up a few harem pants in the middle east you do have to be careful not to catch your foot in them when walking I have tripped a few times as well :P ...Great photos loved the slideshow with music :) Looks like an amazing trip another place I would love to see ~Be careful walking :) Love Heather

  16. Great trousers, I had some similar back in the day in white pink and black with black knitted waistband.
    I suggest a bottle of wine for the pain.

  17. Blonde with a fringe? Who's that girl?

    It's funny how we grow into our selves. It's probably why I love looking through my family photo albums. There are so many "what was I thinking" moments.

    Take a care, accidents happen

  18. I'm a big fan of wide pants myself and those look fab on you. I like them teamed with the blue of the waiscoat too.

    What beautiful photos - Morocco has always been on our 'To Go' list so I'm jealous :). Hope that bundle of injuries get better soon.

    Nikki x

  19. Wonderful look! What I found so interesting in Marocco was that women were wearing the shortest of skirts (at least in the South), but always had their shoulders and arms covered. We also have a Hand of Fatima (bronze, fixed to a plate) and told Sarah that it for holding meat in its place when you want to cut it... which she believed for over 10 years and proudly explained to all her friends :)


  20. Fab post, I love the glimpses of the old younger you - you don't really look that different, still the same smile. I really like wide leg trousers, I have similar though possibly not quite so wide - I've yet to damage myself too seriously!

    Morocco also on my 'to visit' list xx

  21. Well you are the woman who can wear anything so of COURSE you are rocking the Casbah in those wide leg trousers! I love the print. Poor Rosemary, I hope you don't replicate her arse over tit incident, you've had quite enough incidents of your own lately! Dodgy ankle? Broken tooth? One less than the requisite number of toe nails? What next?!
    Your wonderful jewellery collection is always an inspiration, and I love your little leather waistcoat.
    Seeing you as a 25 year old is brilliant - it's you but it's not you, if you know what I mean! Isn't it great how we change, but remain essentially ourselves, just with a ton more wisdom and experience? Loved seeing your Moroccan pics, it looks beautiful. And your Hand of Fatima pendant is a beautiful reminder of that Ta-Dah moment! xxxxxxxxx

  22. Wow, you look so different and yet you can still tell it's you. Your pics make me want to go Morroco. You look stylish no matter what you wear, but you're right sometimes more is more. Xx

  23. Oh you look so innocent with blond hair, love you more as an Evil hippy villainasa!
    Only you can wear those hammer pants and yet look ravishing amor.
    Enjoying your holiday photos.
    hand of Fatima is so special and protects your from evil.

  24. Loved seeing the blonde and be- fringed you. How different you looked then, mind you so did I! Can sympathize with your broken tooth, one of mine became a casualty of a Curly Wurly last weekend. Wonder how much that'll cost me?

  25. Love your palazzo pants - I totally agree with you, covering up can actually be much sexier than letting it all hang out. I loved your Morrocan photos - look at you all blonde! I've been to Morroco twice and it wasn't enough - would love to go again.

  26. Dark hair seems so much more you somehow. And it's weird how you haven't aged a bit. If anything you look younger now! xx

  27. Thank you to Jon and belated birthday wishes too!
    You look so good with the dark hair that it is quite weird to see you blonde.
    OK, so that Morroccan slide show has set me thinking; but then, I love The Alhambra, so that figures.
    Who's version is it of the music? It was a Cure one originally, Arthur says, but he's intrigued who did this one?
    Z xx

  28. The pants are flippin awesome on you - please don`t fall in them! :D love all the photos and the music. you`re just so cool)))


  29. I love how you list your current ailments and follow that with a pic of you sporting THE cheesiest,"je ne regrette rien" grin!!! Ha!
    I adore the Morocco pix,you and Jon are so fresh and glowing!! Moroccan interiors have always been inspiring for me;I hadn't really thought about their countryside,which is gorgeous!!
    That Hand of Fatima pendant is glorious!I love how hands come up in various cultures!I have a Mexican one that has space for a phot!!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  30. Oh dear. I left a lengthy comment only to receive a warning page in return. :S

    Summary: you're gorgeous and fabulous and I saw a dress last week that would look killer on you but I was too poor to buy it. Haha! xoxo

  31. Just took your two minute tour of Morocco and loved it. What a hot blonde with a fringe you were, and now your are a hot dark haired beauty. Maybe you need a day with your feet up so you don't injure yourself anymore. Take care ♥

  32. How brilliant! I love hearing about younger Vix! Cannot believe that is you!

  33. You're going to hate but if I didn't know you I'd say you looked like a primary school teacher with your beautiful but sensible blonde locks! You still look gorgeous though. Obviously since I do know I can see there's a naughty glint in your eye and hooray for always being true to your own style!
    I would've been with you on the palazzo pants til about 2 years ago, they do look cool though and of course you look great in everything! I loved seeing the old photos, my Mum's parents went in the 60s - that's where I got the fez, I also have a camel shaped foot stool and a camel leather purse

  34. To me you look SO DIFFERENT blonde. Your still a beauty but don't seem to have that spunky edge to you that you have now with your black hair!
    So many lovely pics, You and Jon must have many many many great memories.

    P.s. Those pants are totally awesome but don't hurt yourself anymore. lol

  35. I love these trousers on you but would never consider wearing them myself. Funny isn't it, because I'll probably U-turn on that too!

  36. "In my early 20s I used to be one of those annoying women who shriek "Oh, I couldn't wear that...I'm too short/skinny/it wouldn't suit me" -- that was me too! I'm much more adventurous now.

    Stay safe in your awesome pants!

  37. Great time trip! The same but not the same - so much more piled on top. So much deeper and richer now. I loved your video. The pants are wild! Too bad we couldn't see Rosemary in them too, in the BEFORE picture. Tend those wounds. Time heals all wounds?...but not chipped teeth, you need cash for that. Travel safely in those pants!

  38. Injuries! Nasty.
    At least you'll always look fabulous when taking a clumsy dive!
    Great slide show. It's a beautiful part of the world. x

  39. You look so Cute in that pic from your 20s! You always look Fabulous that is for sure. Sorry I have been absent lately. Very busy enjoying the sun. I hope your summer has been Amazing and will continue to be!

  40. Thank you for scanning and sharing the Morocco pics. I love the architecture and landscapes, and, of course, seeing you and Jon as young 'uns.
    A woman after my own heart, still wearing your denim waistcoat and Hand of Fatima pendant. Lately, I've been wearing jewelery that I made in the 1970s, when I was a teen.

  41. I DID enjoy the show! Morocco is one of the places on my bucket list and I'm VERY IMPRESSED that you've been there, although I hardly recognized you as a blond!

    It's cool to see the same pair of pants show up on two blogs and you are rocking this pair. I love all the turquoise touches in the look. Be very careful and nurse that ankle, tooth, and toe.

  42. LOVED the pics - thanks Jon, ya big spunkrat!!! You look amazing in those pants, amor - please be careful! Love the leather vest and the bangles - especially the gorgeous beaded one. You are gorgeous as a blonde but SUPER gorgeous with your dark hair. I love all the beautiful tiles and colours in the pics. Love you more than Hand of Fatima! Sarah xxx

  43. Vix, you Brits have such a fun way with words!

    I really loved looking at your travel photos and consider myself rocked! Morocco just seems so lovely and exotic to me. Pls thank Jon for braving the shed of shame for us.

    I love you in those palazzo pants. You look gorg as in gorgeous.

    xo, Bonnie

  44. i love that you wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and makes you, you! Love the old shots

  45. Wow, I can see your smile in that old photo, but would not have figured you'd have been blonde. You are lovely either way. How do you manage to stay so thin? Aaack, I have got to escape from ice cream camp!!


  46. I did not realise that was you in the photo, even after looking twice. Totally different, love it but much prefer you with black hair. Loved the video.

  47. I love looking at people's travel photos, old or new, so I really enjoyed this post.
    I do agree with you, covering up can look much more attractive than flashing too much skin, and those pants are fabulous. I like Palazzo pants, but you can guarantee I'll trip up just going up the stairs!
    That's a wonderful Hand of Fatima, gorgeous.
    Btw, Y Not looked brilliant.

  48. Oh, my God you are so inspiring!

    I've just turned 33 and so many people around me, including myself, seem to just dress down and get so boring as we get a bit older.

    Thank goodness it doesnt have to be like that! It's really comforting to see that you can "grow into your style" as it is described here, rather than just get dull and bland.

    Yay for you! I'm so happy I found your blog, it is brilliant!

  49. Awww...thanks for sharing some of your travel memories with us!

    I think a lot of people had a "uniform" in their 20's - mine was black - lots of it!!

  50. Oh Thanks Jon the pics are fabulous, I loved seeing you guys in memories from the past.
    You look so different with blonde hair Miss Vix, so pretty then and so pretty now. Time is your friend.
    I hope you will stay in tact and be ok!!!!
    Big squirrel hugs and much love v

  51. Such a great post Vix, I love having a look back at your life and you sharing the photos is lovely. I do prefer you darker haired though. :)
    Your injury list made me shudder! Please be careful, but still have fun. If that's possible.

  52. wow I thought I was the Queen of Klutzlvania but you are giving me a run for the crown! Ouch--be careful!!

    Love the palazzo outfit!! All the pops of the blue really set it off!!

    I so enjoyed the pix of Morocco-what a beautiful country!! And to see you as a blonde and Jon with hair!!! Still with the same beautiful smile!

  53. I know that I've seen you blonde before, but you just don't look like yourself!

    Totally love all your jewellery and covering up - it's the new black :-D

    Ali x

  54. I did laugh at poor Rosemary's tale. Mainly because I always do the same thing (in pants less than half the width of those!). You look so different as a blonde. It's funny the way our personal styles change so subtley over the years and then you look at an old photo and hardly recognise yourself. You totally rock now. I think you suit being raven haired better!

    Btw, great choice of accompanything track. Was it Siouxsie or The Creatures? I love that you love the music missus xxx

  55. You were and you are beautiful, but I prefer the way express yourself now!

  56. Great pants!!!! XD

  57. Eeek broken tooth I feel your pain.

    I love your pictures but I cannot get used to you with blonde hair!

  58. I love it when you do your "say cheeese" smile:D
    Poor you, suffering from multiple injuries like that, get well soon!
    And wow, you look completely different back then....loved seeing your Morocco pictures!

    I get this feeling that I HAVE to meet you someday..So If one day you land at Mumbai Airport and notice some paparazzi behind the bush, its probably me with my big serious camera:p


    Shubhi's Revels!

    Shubhi'sRevels! on Facebook

  59. Arse over tit!! Well, I never!! OK, actually I did. I'm so glad that the trousers look good on you and I wish you all the good karma in the world wearing them. Although how anyone could lose a toe nail at a party (however wild) is beyond me. That must have been something else!

    How interesting to see you as a blond. I think you made the right choice to go dark. You're a lady of mystery, etc.

    Cheers from Rosemary

  60. Love your old holiday pics - you suit both being a blonde and a brunette, lucky you! And I would so go 'arse over tit' if I wore those wafty trousers....I'm a bit short so they would be a bit no no for me - or I'd have to hack a good few inches off the bottom first! ;) x

  61. LOVELOVELOVE. The green vest is such an interesting shade and combined with the graphic pants, I'm totally obsessed with this outfit. The accessories , of course are INSANELY beautiful as well. I can't wrap my head around you as a blonde. I much prefer the brunette.

    Someday I will go to Morocco. I love the architecture, art, jewelry etc. I'm told the people are amazing in their warmth and hospitality. xxoo

  62. The pants are perfect for you and how generous of Rosemary to send them your way after her fall. Love the beret that tops off this ensemble. I had to smile at you as a blonde; you were beautiful then too.

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  64. omg i can´t believe you were blonde, for me you are always the beautiful oriental godess ;) you rock this pants

  65. Well hello blondie! And to think I thought you came out of the womb as a dark haired vintage vixen. I enjoyed the show and the tale very much. I think that would be a great feature for bloggers to post about, how they came into vintage. We all must have a story...

  66. Oh Vix you look so beautiful back then and you still are!! You have such gorgeous skin. xxx

  67. love the pants :)


  68. Neat story- thanks for sharing! Love you with dark hair- more vixeny! I love your palazzo pants and that lace body stocking- fab idea for coverage when you don't want a bare midriff! Will be using that idea :)

  69. Your style is so unique!!! I love it!!! keep up the good post!!! xxx

  70. I love your exotic dark hair. Hope all your injuries are sorted soon ... M x

  71. Wowsers you look so different in that picture. You are certainly aging well that's for sure! ;O) x

  72. I loved your Morocco photos. I think you suit dark hair so much more than blonde.


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