Sunday, 18 March 2012

Why I Frocking Love Jumble Sales

How much do I love jumble sales? More than any car boot sale, flea market or charity shop when I can find a fabulous Seventies frock like this for a piffling 20p. 

Crimplene frocks rock! This was washed and ready to wear in just over an hour and no need for an iron.

Thanks to Heather for the wooden star burst ring & stretchy wooden bracelet, Nelly for the Scrabble ring & Dee for the amber perspex cocktail ring, the Scandinavian Greek Key bangles were 1970s originals from my Mum's collection and the 1950s Siam souvenir bracelet was a Christmas present from a pal. Barry M's Spring Green nail varnish.

What else did we get?
When Jon and I go to a jumble we go our separate ways, buy independently and have a show and share session over coffee when we get home.

Jon found himself this Italian military jacket

 a groovy British-made 1970s wool suit

and a groovy psychedelic deckchair to add to our collection.

He also found the Foxcroft vanity case and the Harris Tweed flat cap, I bought the 1950s woven men's brogues and the "Made in Bournemouth" floppy floral hat.

I found this 1970s Keynote swimming costume. I'm a bikini girl but this'll be cool under a high-waisted maxi skirt.

A cute 1970s knife pleated midi dress.

An insane cotton velvet and lace Flamenco dress

 A Welsh Tapestry purse filled with old coins

An Exquisite Form "Festival" girdle. 

A cute 1950s plastic pinny

a "The Daily Wear" housewife apron,

and these wooden deer wall plaques. Aren't they sweet?

1970s Crimplene maxi worn with beaded panda bag (£4.99, PDSA), handmade hair flower, multi-coloured enamel earrings (50p, Bay Trading closing down sale), Dolcis suede platforms (£4.99, PDSA)

I spent yesterday afternoon was having a huge declutter to accommodate my new finds. I can now close my wardrobe door for the first time in ages! 

Hope your weekend's been wonderful.


  1. Jumble sales are an absolute treasure trove of thrifty magic, I'm so gutted there don't seem to be any local to me!!

    That crimplene dress is a gorgeous colour, it looks lovely worn with all those bangles!

    Jem xXx

  2. What a great load of swag! The dress looks amazing on you! Those deers are very cute too!

  3. I understand why you love jumble sales. You and Jon have brought home a fine haul there. I can't wait to see you wear that 70's midi dress - it's rocks! You gotta love a retro deckchair. My mum and dad had a fine collection of those back in the day :) x

  4. More fabulous finds! Nice work x

  5. I can't decide what I love the best but you are the undisputed queen of the jumble! That frock looks magical on you! and obviously Jon is the King, he finds some great stuff! Love those little deer! xxxx

  6. also, that's a Victorian penny isn't it? great find!

  7. i wonder if a jumble sale is like a rummage sale here in the states. churches usually have rummage sales here and they are usually quite large. sometimes the prices are not that great. the best buys here are at yard or tag sales.

    i love that maxi, again i have maxi envy. xo

  8. I long for a good jumble sale!!!! have'nt seen one advertised in an age... all car boots round here.


    great haul!!!!


  9. I am so addicted to seeing your bargains. You wear this stuff so well.
    I scored a bunch of vintage costume jewelry this week.
    Yay for me.
    I just posted a blog post on it. come see if you would like.
    Cheers from Pennsylvania

  10. Great finds as usual--and good for you for decluttering. It's something I'm due for as well, but I always find it a challenge.

  11. oh man I'm so jealous of you and your jumble sales, they just don't exist round here!

  12. You and Jon certainly hit the jackpot. Looking forward to seeing how you style the midi dress. Love the 50s pinny and the freaky but sweet deer. When do we get to see Jon in his fab finds?

  13. VIX!!!! We used to have those deckchairs when I was a wee nipper!!!! Aaah memories of summer in the paddling pool!!! :)

    I also adore that dress you're wearing. Am insanely jealous!!!!

    oh and I sent u an email!

    Have a fab day! :-)

  14. Vix, your wardrobe must be like a Tardis, you have so many stunning finds!

    'Needs no ironing'- You are a girl after my own heart, no doubt <3

    Here's to a fabulously frilly week - I adore the groovy flamenco dress for a start, and you in the peach are simply peachy!


    Fhina x

  15. I could SO use that military jacket! You look gorgeous in that peachcy-coral dress. Happy Sring!

  16. Amazing finds Vix, really cool stuff and love those deer plaques. My Nan and Grandad had chairs exactly like that one in their garden, I remember them like it was yesterday!!

    Lis x

  17. You must have the best jumble sales ever as the ones I go to are totally rubbish & I am a jumble sale aficionado of old. Love your finds esp. the Welsh tapestry purse xx

  18. I haven't been to a good jumble sale in ages! I really must look for one to go to now that Bob is mobile.
    I love all of your finds, but the dress that you are wearing and the accessories you paired with it is just perfect.

  19. Oooooh, my granny and grandad up north used to have those deckchairs - happy memories! Fab dress on you. xx

  20. Wow I love that bag more each time you show it! I can't believe you got that dress for 20p! That's CRAZY. Jewelry is amazing you just have the best bangles

  21. Another great haul, would love to see you modelling the girdle and plastic pinny hahaha

  22. Well this is my 3rd attempt to write a message hopefully it will send to you. I feel like i have been on the generation game and im trying to remember all the gorgeous things i have just seen and there are many ;-) Love the red vanity case and the chair. I have a purse just like that one but mine is blue and green i have been using it the past few days. Those little deers are adorable ;-) And you look stunning that peach dress is gorgeous. dee xx

  23. Crimplene, aaah. You look divine. Those enamel earrings are incredible. My faves from your new stash are the flamenco dress and the girdle! How fun to debrief with each other over coffee after your jumble workouts. I love John's 70s wool suit too.

  24. Vix, I love your purchases but especially that gorgeous red dress- it looks like a sailor dress in red- why am I so addicted to Sailor dresses!!!?!
    I'm a jumble-sale virgin, we don't have them near me! I'd like to go to one after all I see of your experience of them!

  25. Hi my dear!! Wow, an amazing dress-the style and colour are gorgeous on you and both you and Jon found some awesome pieces, I really love his Italian military jacket! Sorry I've not left a lot comments lately, I always stop to read and view your wonderful finds though and pleased to see you're still managing to collect such fab finds! Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

  26. Dearest Vix,
    frocking heck, what fabulous finds! I'm definitely missing a trick not frequenting jumble sales, I'll have to grab the local rag & see if there are any nearby?! I had a rather lacklustre booting trip today, the best score was a gold coloured 80s cocktail frock...never mind, there's always next week :)
    I have a vintage maxi dress by John Charles in the same exquisite hue of dreamy peach as your frock, I really love that colour and you look amazing as per usual!
    I had so much fun going through your blog looking for green outfits the other day, I think you look wonderful in any colour.
    Lot's of love,

  27. This is FROCK-tastic! I missed out on a jumble yesterday on account of a severe lack of advertising. SIGH.

  28. You two are experts at finding the bestest jumble ever. So amazed at your finds and the prices are stunning. 50p is the going rate down here. (still not pricey tho')
    My faves in your haul are the military jacket, deck chair, vanity case, pinnies and girdle! (18hr?)
    Thanks for your comment, am pleased you like my card.

  29. Fabulous finds, as usual! I love how that dress looks with the panda bear purse and your green nails...lovely!
    That deck chair is pretty awesome too :-)

    Thanks for the info about the "porn chair"...hahaha, I figured it was something like that. Now whenever I look at mine (which sits out on my front porch) I'm gonna picture that topless lady with the pearls around her neck :-D

  30. The deers and that flamenco dress are super! I have recently moved, so am getting used to where/when my local jumbles and bric a brac sales are. Luckily there are a LOT of churches (and hence church halls) within walking distance. :)

  31. Jon is as clever at thrifting as you are! Mine always comes away with cigar boxes and old tools. The Flamenco dress is a stunner but my heart has been stolen by the deck chair. Great finds.

  32. I'm always bamboozled at the sheer volume of fantastic vintage both you and Jon unearth. Which led me to think "Where do they store it all?" Alas, you've answered my question! I'm terrible, still have stuff from when I was a vintage seller 20 years ago, just can't let go yet! I use the excuse that I have the Punk Glam Princess (who at 12 has outgrown me in height, but we wear the same size, yes I'm kid-sized!) and she may one day want it since she loves vintage too. (And steals my vintage shoes!) Good excuse, no? (; Love, love, love seeing your finds -- you have a great eye and should have a shop! Or at least buy for one (marking up those 20p pieces to at least £5 which would still be a steal and easily marked up for sale!)

  33. O,freaking HELL,I feel faint!
    This frock is HEAVENLY!!! You look totally GORGEOUS(that HAIR!),and the accessorising is to DIE for!
    Fark me,and then all these magnificent scores!they just keep coming!The vanity case probably has me the weakest at the knee.....but I love it all!The deckchair is scrummy!Ah,jumble,how much do we love you?!
    How much do I love you?!
    THIS much!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  34. Croikey! After that haul I'd consider doing a jumble sale again even with my fear of them! :D So when is the lovely Jon gonna pose for us, he can do it clothed if he wants! ;-D ♥

  35. I hearby declare you Queen and King of the UK Jumble!
    That crimplene dress is amazing I love the collar detail.
    Jon found so many awsome things!
    I love that vanity case.
    The color of the keyhole swimsuit is lovely.
    The old coins are quite the score!!
    The pinnies are both so sweet. And those deer make me smile. heheh @ their mouths.

  36. Brilliant finds Vix. We don't seem to get any jumble sales around here anymore. In fact I think the last one was several years ago. Shame as I love a good jumble. xxx

  37. Loving your donkeys and the deckchair! Reminds me of ones we had at home when I was a kid! :) x

  38. Whaaaa, my Mum got married in 1981, and one of her bridesmaids wore a dress just like that peack maxi. How cool. I love your jumble sale finds, there's still never any good ones near here and I never got to the one in Kenilworth :-( xx

  39. I love the idea that you go your separate ways and show and tell when you get home. You found some great things,....and I want Jons military jacket!

  40. Wow, just wow. Simply stunning dress - can`t believe it was only 50p! Freakin amazing!!! And the suit, and the chair, and the hats, and the sheos!!!!! Oh Vixen!!! You and John had an amazing loot!!!


  41. Jeez everybody's been at this decluttering business of late! Hush now or Mr V will be pointing the finger at me to get at it next! Love your finds and you look wonderful in peach! And didn't Jon score with that jacket and suit - really love that military jacket - you'll have to post him wearing!

  42. Vixcita you look like an angel.
    love your the pretty flower in your hair.
    You two are jumble magicians!
    your using the cute panda bag,love how your worked the panda bag with this 70's south Maxi.
    I admire that you both go your separate ways.
    I have a jumble in the village coming up. Buddy doesn't like to go to the jumbles with me. he says the smell makes him sick.
    Oooo will you wear that girdle for us and the velvet flamenco dress.
    look at all the shit Jon's found. hope he will model for us.

  43. Ooh you look super gorgeous in that lovely frock, amor! And that pands bag is amazing - I love it! Your super bargain treasures are gorgeous - especially love the deer, the swimmers and the girdle. And YOU! Love! Sarah xxx

  44. A girdle! I love the British suit John found and I want to see the flamenco dress on you soon.

  45. Wow! You sure did score some amazing things. I love the maxi looks so lovely on you. Loving all of your rings as well. And a green swimsuit....FAB! And those deers were a wonderful find! Xx

  46. ahahaha I love the post title!! that looks fantastic I love love love that dress it is so pretty had a great day you found tons of neat stuff!! enjoy all those new treasures Love Heather

  47. The coral maxi in the garden screams spring. I laughed when I saw the girdle. I was in high school in the 50's so this photo was a flash back.

  48. I would so love to see you in the flamenco dress!! You so know how to shop and enjoy the whole experience. Well done you!!!

  49. That's a great idea you and Jon go your seperate ways when going to jumble sales. I love the jackects he found. He has great taste just like you :) xxx

  50. You're the queen of charity shopping, Vix!!!
    I love vintage, I bought a beautiful jumpsuit this Saturday. See in my blog ;)

  51. You guys are thrifting superheroes together! I love Jon's military jacket & suit. I think my fav find of yours is the crazy flamenco dress.

  52. Oh what excitement the treasure is amazing, I don't know what to comment on it's all to much. The dress is just perfect, you look so very beautiful in it. Don't you just love a wash and wear dress.
    Ahhhh yes the apron with the roses, love it.
    Warren and I do the same as you guys, we go our own way and then meet up to look over the finds. It makes it so much more fun.

  53. Jumble sales sound so amazing. I wish we had them here. You always find the best bargains. You look fabulous in your crimplene. I love the floral deck chair. It reminds me of the ones my grandma had at her bach when I was a kid.

  54. Love your hair in this post and I'm impressed with your numerous finds!! The plaid suit is particularly cool!

    Love, Jean

  55. You find some gorgeous things! Far better than what I saw at the village one!

    Love the housewife apron, your dress and the deer .. and vanity case!

    Thank you for being there for me.
    Are ther jumble sales in August, and how do you find them?
    Much love ALWAYS.

  57. Jon is up there with you as an eagle-eyed bargain grabber, isn't he?
    I really MUST try to get in on the jumble scene around here, the prices and finds you show us never cease to amaze me.
    You're lucky to have a man who shares your passion for vintage, but then again, he's more than lucky to have you!

    Love the way you've styled this dress, by the way.

    Lucy x

  58. That Flamenco dress is so out there hope we get to see you in it!! Love how you have show sessions after you get back, me and Joe tend to go around flea markets and the like together because I always get him to carry everything!

  59. Man, you must have the biggest wardrobe in England. I keep squirreling my stuff away, but even so, it is getting harder and harder to find places for it all. Maybe I should "de-clutter" but the problem with that is, I actually love all my stuff! Sentimental old fool that I am!

    Cheers from Rose

  60. I swear my parents had deck chairs in that fabric! jesus christ that flamenco dress!?!

  61. Wow love your dress..... coral is hot this Spring! Love the military jacket too & you always find the best!

  62. Look at this haul OMG! This peach number at 20p I just can't believe the things you find? Where does all this loot at jumble sales come from??? I love the neckline on that dress you look simply delicious and your beaded panda bag is precious! The jewelry is pretty bad ass Vix I love that silver cuff! Jon scored too I love that Italian military jacket! The color on that swimsuit is spectacular!

    I can't wait to jumble with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you!

  63. I've got that deck chair!

    Loving the flamenco dress.

  64. You always look so stylish! Such great finds!

  65. The dress you are wearing is beautiful and I love the green swimsuit such a nice colour for brunettes.

    Those aprons are so cute xx

  66. Gosh! That dress is darling and so meant to be discovered by you. The welsh tapestry purse is a firm keeper and I can’t quite resist the look of that plastic pinny, too cute! xxx

  67. I cannot take in all the fabulousness! These finds are just awesome. One of my favourite looks on you ever, what a great dress and a lovely colour xxxxx


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