Thursday, 8 March 2012

Our Earthy Treasures

After the bitter cold of yesterday Spring has made a welcome return to the Black Country. A perfect day for a morning spent exploring the charity shops followed by an afternoon of hardcore manual labour. 

1970s leather jacket (£7, Banardos 1992), Blue maxi (Queen Helga), 1970s St Michael tee shirt (25p, car boot sale), Suede Aztec embroidered belt (50p, Age UK), Tooled leather handbag (£4.99, British Heart Foundation), crochet skullcap (£2, Scope)
Looking at all the brown in today's outfit it looks like the gardening has started to make a subconscious impact on my sartorial choices and I've embraced the tones of Mother Earth.

Enough of the hippy shit, look what I found when I was digging:

This ancient stone trough was lurking in the undergrowth. Our house started life as three farm labourers' cottages back in 1760 so goodness knows how long it's been there. It's too heavy to move.

This is one of a pair of lichen covered stone doves, now standing guard by the pond.

I'm sure I can find a good use for these beautiful Victorian cast iron railings.

 Here's today's family hand-me-down:

An Art Deco Lucite choker.

For those who asked about yesterday's Vesta case it's a (usually) silver box used for storing matches with a striker set in the base. Vesta was the Roman goddess of the hearth. My Mum and Grandma were both mad for antiques, I was christened Victoria after their favourite era.

These hair feathers are just one of today's chazza shop buys. I'll reveal more tomorrow, right now I have a date with a roll-top bath and a glass of something delicious.

See you soon!


  1. Lush, lush, lush! :)
    Love the jacket with belt and the hair feathers look amazing.
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, virtual styling, it's the way forward. ;)

  2. oh vix, that garden is looking delightful! I love your outfit and that jacket!

    I sent u an email by the way! xo

  3. I love digging up garden treasures, I got stupidly excited when I found an big old rusty key in my veggie patch last year lol.
    Your treasures are amazing, I would kill for those iron railings. Though I'd have to give the dove a bit of a clean if it were me!

  4. wow what goodies you found at the bottom of the garden! My parents inherited a stone tough from my great grandads farm. Before they got it they were after one for ages as a planter but the prices they were going for in junk yard and auctions were incredible! Was an adventure in itself moving it into the garden however when they got it!

  5. Fabulosity as always. I love the look.
    How exciting to unearth finds like that.xxxxxx

  6. What wonderful things to find in the undergrowth! That trough is fabulous, and such amazing cast iron railings - they avoided being melted down in the war, then!
    I really like the sky blue and earthy brown combination - fitting for you, I'd say, partly a creative, imaginative hippy chick, partly down'n'dirty grafter and realist!
    I adore your choker, it's a beauty.
    Enjoy your drink in the bath - I love doing that! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. How I wish my garden were like yours it has so much character, mine is a 60s square of grass, the only interesting thing in it is cat shit ;o)

  8. I wish we found treasures like that in our garden, the joys of living in a house with character eh? Very envious!

  9. oh that choker! and i must say i love the way you have belted your leather jacket. i'm a huge fan of the belted jacket you know. and i can't believe you found those ancient victorian grates buried, i'd probably have screamed in delight.

  10. You are looking so friggin gorgeous love!!! The feathers in your hair are wild like your spirit! The latest hand-me-down is killer, truly one of a kind! I am digging this outfit so much!
    I love that you unearthed that old brick from 1760! I can't wait to experience the UK's rich old past. I think everything must be a little haunted :) Those Victorian railings are simply gorgeous and would love a trailing flower.

  11. Hi Vix,

    Love the color of the jacket, i have found one about the same color, the belt is a nice addition.
    Good God about the stone, isn't interesting!

    We have original stables in the back garden, about 100 years old, it was used by Mr Molson's ( that was the owner of a big beer brewery in Montreal) coach driver
    So that is the bit of history about my house.

    Love your feathers! i have a feather hairpiece that i might giveaway soon.

    Take care Vix

    Ariane xxxxx

  12. So pretty - love all the details and colors! Your garden is wonderful and so are you)


  13. There's gonna be squeals over that amaaaaaazing deco necklace!!And mine's leading the pack!!SQUEEEEEE!
    Bahaha,getting all earth mothery on us,are you love?!Could be worse...G wears brown so well,after years of loathing it,his influence caused me to embrace it.And now I love brown,especially with orange or green!As nature intended,obviously!
    Jeez,incredible what you can find in the undergrowth,and you've found half the decorative part of a garden centre!I especially like the Victorian iron railings.
    Love YOU more than the Victorian era!Really!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  14. I love it that you just 'found' the Victorian railings in the garden! And the doves, how sweet!

    I adore the choker, need I say more!

    You never cease to amaze, Vix.

    Please, never cease to amaze us, Vix!

    Enjoy that roll-top lounging!

    Fhi x

  15. You have an Amazing jewelry collection! I LOVE your necklace!

  16. I love this post. You are so fortunate to have such a lovely house and garden that just ooze character. I LOVE that art deco choker. For someone who never wears foundation you always look so fresh faced and healthy. I just look pale and washed out! x

  17. Your garden looks simply magical, you are so lucky!

    I am so envious of your jewellery collection, you have some really amazing stuff!

    Enjoy your roll top! x

  18. actually love your art deco necklace, and your fabulous jacket with that so pretty blue maxi, great color!
    And your garden is full of treasures!!

  19. Lovely that spring has returned! You've found some fabulous things in the garden - you must have really good treasure finding karma x

  20. I love the feathers in your hair. And that hat is adorable.

    And how cool that your house has such a rich history! I'm envious. In the US, you're lucky to find a house built before 1940.

    Is your house haunted?!

  21. gorgeous leather jacket, and love the garden finds, how exciting.
    I've got a little shrine to all the pottery fragments I found in my garden, including a 20s dolls face - it was a bit spooky digging that up.

  22. That choker is a work of art - like a museum piece.
    Brown and blue is a regular choice for me, in fact I have made a promise to myself not to buy any more brown clothes!
    You've had quite a week in your garden, all sorts of benefits to it. Seeing the difference a large dose of elbow grease makes and discovering long buried items made by hand many years ago - rather like our favourite clothes!
    You've earned a big reward for yourself this weekend, I'm sure you have something lovely planned.

    I wonder if you have an outfit which holds bad memories for you, one you haven't been able to wear because of this?
    Probably not, I don't think you're the type to make such associations...

    Lots of love

    Lucy x

  23. I love uncovering old bits and bobs. I wonder if the trough is really old? You definitely need to make a feature of both that and the iron railings. How about some old fashioned flowers planted in it?

    You look really purty, it's a lovely outfit!

  24. Love the colour of that dress, & amazing choker!

    Catherine, XO.

  25. Lovely post,I am sooo envious of your not so secret garden ;) and your home sounds lovely.I would love to have a home with character X

  26. What fabulous discoveries from your garden. My house was built on the site of an old brickworks so guess what I dig up? Absolutely ADORE your choker, your family definitely had style.

  27. You are looking as stunning as ever Vix.

    What amazing finds. I wonder what else you may find in that large garden of yours? You've been working really hard and I bet it is starting to look fab.

    X x

  28. You are looking as stunning as ever Vix.

    What amazing finds. I wonder what else you may find in that large garden of yours? You've been working really hard and I bet it is starting to look fab.

    X x

  29. 'Something delish' it's not tea!
    Those cast iron edgings are wonderful! they would look good down eith side of a short path or only down one side for longer length.
    You are really finding some treasures in that garden of yours.

    Love the feathers! My Neighbour bought me some bright green feather earrings...not sure I'll ever wear them though!

    Hope you enjoyed your soak, inside and out!

    Sandie xx

  30. Mmmm! What I'd give for a date with a roll top bath! I'd love to have one but I think our bathroom might be too small!

    Love your unearthed treasures. There is so much history in your home, it's such an awesome building with equally as awesome inhabitants!

    Love your granddads Vesta Case, it's beautiful! Such a treasure!

    Looking forward to seeing these charity shop finds, I made a few myself today! xxx

  31. Vix you are an inspiration. I too have a Vesta Case and always wanted to display it so around my neck it shall go. It belonged to an uncle of my dear dads so quite the antique. The garden is looking super duper, all your good work has paid off.

  32. Getting in touch with Mother Nature or not, you still look fabulous! Love the choker, and the belt, and the hat and the feather, and well, everything. Cleaning your yard looks like such an adventure!

  33. Maxis are absolutely the best;this one's no exception. Love the look, jewelry et al. What with the gardening, fabulous shopping and outfits, and last but not least, the beverage of choice, life sounds pretty good. I'm glad!
    Love, Jean

  34. I'm so EXCITED about your garden! Look at all the absolutely fab things you've uncovered! I love the doves and the iron work.
    That cap with the feathers looks so beautiful with your hair. Still so jealous of your jewelry!

  35. The feathers in your hair are stunning!

    I love hearing little details about a person; the story of how you got your name is lovely.

    xo, Anita

  36. Your garden is like an archaeological dig! I love the history. Speaking of which...the Lucite choker is fantastic. Your whole look is warm and then you mix it up with that mad blue maxi. Love it.

  37. The beautiful women with feathers in her hair!!!
    I just love the earthy tones on you!!!
    I'm with the fabulous Miss Helga, the necklace is amazing.
    What incredible heirlooms you have, they passed on beautiful treasure and beautiful genes.
    Love v

  38. The feathers look great, very Mother Earth :) Love them. Great finds in your garden, all I ever found in mine is flint!

  39. LOVE that trough and railings. Sadly our garden has only a rusty shovel, a rotten gate and an old for sale sign lurking in it. I MUST get them to the dump soon.

  40. Gorgeous! And what garden treasures!

  41. Gosh if only your house and garden could talk just imagin what they have both seen over the years that is a lot of history all tied up there. Love the little iron railings what will you do with those? Your choker is gorgeous both your nan and mum had the most amazing taste. Have a great weekend, dee xx

  42. Well, I shall go all hippy too and admire your lovely Earth and Sky combo. I especially like the skullcap with the feathers - a really lovely look.

    The trough and dove are gorgeous. You would pay a fortune for them from a garden centre. I must say your garden is looking lovely. You have inspired me to get cracking on mine. Have a fab weekend!

  43. Very nice the brown and then the blue :) ....I can't wait to get back to Cali and hit the thrit stores I would love a new dress, or a new to me dress really do have a secret garden it's beautiful...can I just add my 2 cents though ...I can picture back there a big tree swing doesn't that sound fun!! We put one in our yard for Anna but I ended up out there swinging all the time lol!! Enjoy the return of spring Love Heather
    p.s. I am not surprised at all there is a love of vintage in your family :)

  44. Very nice the brown and then the blue :) ....I can't wait to get back to Cali and hit the thrit stores I would love a new dress, or a new to me dress really do have a secret garden it's beautiful...can I just add my 2 cents though ...I can picture back there a big tree swing doesn't that sound fun!! We put one in our yard for Anna but I ended up out there swinging all the time lol!! Enjoy the return of spring Love Heather
    p.s. I am not surprised at all there is a love of vintage in your family :)

  45. I love the feathers in your hair. That necklace is fabulous, getting back to nature suits you. xx

  46. Those feathers in your hair look amazing Vix and I always love your style. You have such cool clothes!!

    I also liked your random garden finds!

    Lis x

  47. Vixcita,
    You look even more bella with feathers in your hair amor.
    brown and turquoise combination brings our your eyes beautifully.
    Your grand's Vesta case is amazing.he would be so proud of you.
    Trust you to find treasures in your back garden. that Victorian cast iron railing is a beauty.
    luv ya

  48. Love the outfit I love the tan belt with the black leather jacket xx

  49. It's great that your garden throws up little hidden gems like those. BTW - you and my Mum share the same name! Have a great weekend xxx

  50. Aha!!! Now I know your name IS really Vix short for Victoria- I always wondered but never thought to ask!!! I was never sure if it was or if Vix was just from the Vintage vixon!

  51. I love the stone dove! One wonders what you would unearth with even more digging. Beautiful necklace.

  52. Your garden really is full of so many wonderful hidden treasure Vix, thanks for sharing xxx


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