Thursday, 1 December 2011

Neigh Christmas Spirit

Call me Scrooge and mutter Bah, Humbug all you like but I'm afraid that Xmas bores the pants off me. Fair enough if have small children or are a practising Christian but as a childless hearthen I find it a shameful excuse for greed and gluttony. Like my gorgeous mate Curtise says, "It's not that I'm mean, I love finding nice gifts for people, but I want to give them when I choose to, not when I'm told to, and not ALL my loved ones ALL at once". 

I don't get the stuffing your face with food. I'm not bothered by chocolate, loathe Christmas cake and as for a traditional (veggie) roast dinner? Yuk! Give me a spicy veg curry and a plate of chips and I'm happy. Just because it's a national holiday doesn't mean I need to consume any more calories than I normally do.

Don't even get me started on the lagered-up blokes who use Xmas as an excuse to grope you when you're out shopping and force their beery tongue down your throat just because they have a manky sprig of mistletoe in the pocket of their shellsuit. 

I've avoided all but one of the past eleven years by being in India but the situation with Dad means we're grounded for the foreseeable future. Rather than mope around, wishing we were chilling on a beach or backpacking round a bustling Indian city, we've devised our own way of bringing a bit of festive spirit to the month of December, we're necking a different shot of alcohol every day with our breakfast.

Today it was Tequila. Can you tell by the twinkle in my eye?

Changing the subject completely here's some of the jewellery my Mum made in the 1960s. Carved wooden and polished gemstone rings, enamelling and beaten metal. I can't tell you much about them as, sadly, she's no longer here to ask. The gem polishing kits used to be available to buy from most craft shops and enamelling was one of the industries the Black Country was famous for since the Industrial Revolution.

1970s maxi dress (courtesy of the sensational Scarlett), Crazy Horses (best Osmonds song ever) tank top (Queen Helga the Great), mustard hat (50p, car boot sale), 1960s leather bag (25p, jumble sale), 1950s copper choker (50p, church bazaar)

Thanks for the fantastic reaction to yesterday's post. I feel so empowered by the fabulously eloquent comments you left. If I hadn't discovered blogging I think I'd have imploded with feminist ire several years ago.


  1. Great look, I like the colours!

    Ayeee tequilaa :D

  2. Hehe, I know what you mean but I really like it (despite not being AT ALL religious). I love the pretty decorations, candles, fairy lights, and spending a day cooking and eating good food and spoiling Mr D with pressies. I think of it as a winter celebration, something to add sparkle to the cold drab days. Of course this year I'll be home so it is all about bbqs, swimming, and drinking in the sunshine with the fam! xx

    ps AMAZING outfit

  3. Your outfit reminds me of the Brownie uniform, ha!

    And, urm... I'm not a lover of Christmas, too :( boo!! xx

  4. Total horsey love oozing from every pore!
    Good colour combo.
    Z xx

  5. Ahh I'm a lover of many things about Christmas but do despise the forced giving [I reckon if you don't know what you should buy for someone you shouldn't be buying at all]. Love your plan to down a different shot every morning, I'd be joining you if I didn't think it'd get social services knocking on my door!!x

  6. Your Mum made beautiful jewelry. So wonderful you still have the pieces to enjoy.
    I am not a big Christmas fan. I give gifts all year so, except for my lovely children who never ask for anything, I don't give any at Christmas. I will admit to a strong weakness for mince pies and some cookies I only make at this time of year (isn't that silly). I have not had a good curry in years and years, sounds so lush.
    Carry on being you. I enjoy every minute I spend with you on your blog.

  7. The vest! O,hurrah,you've perked up my morning already,darling!(6:01am)Looks fab over that gorgeous frock,and I covet that bag deeply!
    mmmm,I get sick of explaining each year why I don't do Xmas,and it's for all the same reasons as you! It just makes no sense!I am seriously considering appropriating the American Thanksgiving though.Now that is quite nice,and no beery blokes in red and white leering around!!!
    O,that jewellery is just SO cool!~Enamelling was big in the 60's,how wonderful to have a grand tradition that stretches back so far!
    How wonderful to have YOU!
    I adore you!!!
    Helga xxxXXXxxx

  8. Lol! Loved the bit about a manky mistletoe down their track suits!

    I have to admit I do love christmas and believe very much in that its a winter festival with the pretty lights etc. And to be honest I dont need much convincing eating food either at any time of the year. I think this time of the year means lots of things to everybody. It's what you make of it. I rather like your making of it with a different shot of something with breakfast! I'm not sure a drunken school run in the morning would be taken in the festive spirit I might mean it but would a sneaky Baileys in a coffee that I am drinking now count?

    You are rocking that crazy horse outfit today by the way!

    MBB x

  9. O,G just came along,and loves the vest on you! And we are both WELL impressed with your festive idea!!! We'll have to join you,but in the evening after work!!!Much as I would like to stumble into work half cut,my boss wouldn't be too thrilled!!
    Love YOU!
    Helga xxxXXXxxx

  10. Can we please just snuggle all day and drink by the fire and then when we are good and buzzed go play dress up?!??! I love the sweater that Helga got you and with the hat, perfection. Your Mum's handmade jewelry is gorgeous, what a talent she had! I agree with you Christmas has never really done much for me, although I do put up a killer pink tinsel tree, it's too commercialized and way too much about over consumption. Cheers sweetie I'm glad you and Jon have figured to kick the crap out of the holidays!
    Love you~

  11. Your paragraph about shell-suited bloke has just made me spit my second sip of Sauvgnon Blanc of the week (yes, the WEEK) all over my keyboard. Oh well, any excuse for a refill - it is December, after all!

    PS Loving the idea of shots with breakfast every day! x

  12. I actually do like Christmas - BUT it starts FAR TOO BLOODY EARLY now so by the time its actually Christmas day I'm completely fed up of it and can't wait for it to be over! I *hate* Xmas tat in shops in August/September, ugh. Our tree will not be going up until at least the 2nd week of Dec! I'm Vegi too and so is my mum so we usually have something like a curry for our "Xmas Dinner", yum :)

  13. The older I get Christmas isn't the same as years before.Mostly cuz my gran is gone.It was her favorite holiday.I have spurts during the holiday.I like decorating but I hate it being forced down our throats as soon as summer is gone.
    Love your outfit today.That little vest is adorable.Yellow is always a pretty color.xx

  14. I'm not that gregarious, so having an official Present Giving Time gives me a bit of extra confidence, I guess. And I lo-o-ove the Christmas Dinner.

    But I like what you say! And the shots-with-breakfast is a certain kind of inspired.

    Mostly though I wanted to say YES, Crazy Horses IS the best Osmonds song!!

  15. Aw I love Christmas! Also loving todays outfit btw, excellent colour combinations! Christmas is the one time all my school friends come home, then I can eat chocs and drink earlier than usual on the day hehe! My mum is working this year tho so shes getting a serious huff sent her way... :)

  16. Yeah for your honesty! As Christians we celebrate, but keep it simple. We spend Christmas eve in Church and Christmas day with each other. In my neck of the world, we are now putting up with folks pushing, flipping you the bird and shooting each other all in the name of Christmas! WTH! -T

  17. What a great idea ( the breakfast shot I mean) by the end of the month you should be able to make new lyrics for the 12 Shots of christmas

  18. I love that you say what I am thinking so often! I despise forced gift giving. With a PASSION! My feeling is that Christmas should be about the religious aspect (I am a lapsed Catholic, but love the ritual of the church on Christmas Eve and Easter morning) and that Santa and the gifts should be for small children. The mister and I have never exchanged holiday gifts, preferring instead to treat ourselves and each other when we have the means and the opportunity. His grown son has all but ruined the season for me with his annual list of things he wants us to buy him. But I continue to transform my home into a holiday wonderland because I love my man, and he loves his children. Fa la la la la!

    I would be remiss not to mention that I adore your outfit! And the bag is fab, also!

    Thanks for the forum to vent, and the idea for a shot. Tequila sounds wonderful right now!
    xo, Anita

  19. You are so right, but being a vegetarian as well our food is not very turkey like; although there will be extra pounds gain, I am sure.
    I love The Jewellery made by your mum, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Having a piece of her art with you must make you so very proud.
    I laugh about the tequila mornings and the impoding, hehehhehe.
    You are unique, my dear Vix.

  20. Ugh, tequila. Shudder. On my can't be drunk any more list. But a cheeky JD mid-morning I could do! I still love Christmas though, never lost its magic for me despite the horrific number of people I need to buy presents for. I can't wait to go down to Wales and see my folks, have marmalade on toast and Bucks Fizz for breakfast (family tradition) and watch the kids open their presents. Plus I'm a rampant carnivore I'm afraid and love my Christmas dinner.

    Sorry you won't get to fulfil your traditions this year, hope you managed to sort out that disaster at the hospital over your dad's things.

    More knitwear today I see - it's great! And love your mum's rings, beautiful. xx

  21. You weren't kidding! You really don't like the Christmas season! Haha.

    Well, as a Christian, I can appreciate what the season represents. Or, what it was supposed to represent. I have my own personal theories, but I'm happy to have read and understood yours. I agree with you on some points too.

    You know what I love though? Your outfit. I love the colors and the super long hemline. Also, your mum was so creative! I see she passed a lot of it along too. :)


  22. Ahhh Vix i do love your honesty and i do hope your dad isn't getting any worse and that things are stable with him. Love your idea of the alcohol each morning thats cracking ;-)) Even though im not religious i do really love christmas but i think it stems from having my own children and wanting to make it magical for them. I love decorating the house and making it smell nice with spices etc. We don't go mad during the year and even at xmas i only ever get a few extra's in. The boys don't have fizzy drinks etc but at xmas they do. We play games as a family, eat nice food i don't cook the dinner until the evening and that way we enjoy it more. Xmas eve is my favourite time wrapping up their stockings etc, opening up the tin of chocolates, watching a film together, opening up one present which is always something to do with xmas. This year they have a decoration each with their names on which they will hang on the tree before they go to bed and i read the story "The night before Christmas". Im going to leave it there before i bore the pants of you ;-)) But i have to say Dylan knows that this year father xmas is me and alway has been that made me very sad so maybe the magic will die for me now to..have to wait and see. Love your outfit today and your mums rings are gorgeous she was a very clever lady just like you. dee xx

  23. Firstly I do hope your Dad is ok and as happy as possible.
    I have to confess I do like the basis of Christmas (hate the Christmas in August commercialism though) - I love to give presents and spend time finding the right things for people, though it's rarely reciprocated by my family. It will be a lot more interesting over the next few years as Baby Bird gets older and I'm starting our own little traditions. I actually love Xmas dinner, although it's nut roast for me.
    I think I'd struggle with the shot for breakfast, but you guys have one for me!
    Your mum's ring are great, she was a very clever lady. I have a similar ring to the first one on the second row, i wonder if mine was made from a kit too? Interesting factoid about enamelling in the Black Country, not something I knew.
    Great outfit - you can pull anything off, my dear!

  24. love your Helgastic Vest, and how you wear it over that fabulous maxi, and how it matches so nicely your beret!!, great color combo!
    And my family don't use to give presents about this time of year, we're a Scrooge family indeed!, we save our money for sales or better chances!.
    But I like a good meal no matter what's the excuse for it!, and enjoy the lights to celebrate the winter solstice!
    besos & fun

  25. Count me in with the bah humbug / Scrooge attitude, I loathe Christmas with a vengeance. And the ultimate irony is - my surname is Yule. My Dad hated Christmas too, so at least I'm keeping up the family tradition!!

  26. While there's TINSEL and OOOHHHH GLITTERY THINGS I cannot hate Christmas. But I LOATHE the communal forcedness and the guilt-tripping. Followed by endless ads for Boxing Day Sales of Tat. Makes me sad.

  27. Loving the different shot a day idea, I could definitely do that :) x

  28. I love today's outfit like I do any outfit you wear. Today this one just gives me that flowing, warm and snuggling feeling.

  29. I have my years when I am excited about Christmas and my years I am not. The past 2 Christmases were nots... So this year I have COMBUSTED and and quite thrilled about the season. If you stepped in my living room you might wanna poke your eyes out! *lol* There is wreaths, Garland, Shiny balls & more.
    But just like everything else.
    I purchased almost all on big discounts, garage saling and thrifting.

    I love your horse vest with the knit cap, looks like it would go good with tequila! And the jewelery your Mother made is rather lovely.

  30. You won't catch me going mad but I do enjoy christmas. It means the MrVV actually stops work and we get time together :)

    Don't go mad foodwise - a few treats - certainly not the trolley loads I see some with in the supermarkets.

    However the beery men with mistletoe - yuck !

  31. Oh, this tank top is amazing!
    Fantastic rings collection

  32. Adore you in the knits today hun! I also think your morning shot routine is brilliant! I would make my work day a bit brighter lol. Mwah Scarlett x

  33. Christmas day on a beach in New Zealand is hard to beat! You should some try it one year :D

  34. I love your beret, it really suits you... you should definitely wear more berets! Yellow looks great on you too.

    I like some bits of Christmas, like midnight mass, Christmas dinner and just being a bit lazy and surrounded by family, but I hate other bits, most notably I hate Christmas trees and yet I'm forced to endure one every year. :-( I hate that the shops are only closed for one day and yet every loaf of bread will be bought up like war's going to break out. Nonetheless, I hope us bloggers can bring a bit of festive joy to you over your grounded December! xx

  35. Hope your dad is OK...
    I am not too keen on the massive commercialism of Christmas and the way everyone panics about gift shopping and buying enough food to feed 5000!

  36. really a lovely and honest post! xmas bores me up a bid, too. wishing we could escape to a warmer place this year, too.
    love your outfit and the jewellery your mother made.

  37. I love Christmas, probably the only time my whole family are together, or semi-together in one room/state/country. lol.

    But, my bf and I have different dishes that we're bringing this year, since we're the only vegetarians. I do fancy a good vodka though! Great colours Vix! xo

  38. vixie you've done it again!

    i don't know what the christmas holiday is like in england but i can tell you that here in the usa it is out of control consumerism. buy, buy, buy is what it is about here. and while you are at it, everything better be picture postcard perfect. it's one big giant headache to me. my sons are all grown and lead their own lives so that is a relief. i kinda just check out and rejoin society in january.

    we will be channeling you and jon on saturday night when our town hosts the annual christmas parade. we are planning to get dressed up and walk downtown and hit the local pub and mingle with the people...vintage vix style!

  39. What great jewellery that your Mum made!
    Funnily enough today I've just unearthed an enamel ring that I made in metalwork at school.

  40. Great post and gorgeous jewellery xx

  41. I do love Christmas, but then again my family doesn't exchange gifts, so it's pretty simple. Actually there's been a bit of book exchanging, but that's it.

    Your Mum's jewelry is gorgeous. I love the look of beaten metal in ring designs.

  42. Ah! I would LOVE to go to India. Your Mum's jewelry is Absolutely Gorgeous!! I am Loving your outfit too. I really like the sweater vest over the dress. Super Chic as always.

  43. That outfit is SPLENDIFEROUS! I love the maxi and hat and the vest is EXQUISITE!!! Yay Helga!

    Your Mum's rings are amazing - you are so lucky to have them - I especially love the enamel ones. She was so clever and talented.

    Love! Sarah xxx

  44. You look gorgeous as always - ok tequila enhanced here lol!
    We do it all for the kids but even they are beginning to suspect Father Christmas. I really do not need anything but somehow people just don't believe me!

  45. Vix, I'm sending thoughts and prayers to your dad. It's sad you can't escape the Christmas this year but the shot of alcohol for brekkie sounds a good start. :)
    As always gorgeous jewellery, your mum had an eye for a gorgeous piece of jewellery. And you've definitely inherited that. Would love to see a post on your most special pieces of jewellery and memories behind them...
    And you totally suit a hat.

  46. I actually love Christmas, but don't go crazy, we don't have the money and even if we did it would be waste, but I love the lights and the sparkliness of it all, I'm also one of the few that loves all the christmas tunes ha ha!

    But I hate the excess, people getting into money trouble just because of Christmas, it's silly, and unnecessary. We don't buy each other pressies cos we can't afford it and don't need anything. It's more about the sparkly lights and movies about snow that I like :o)

    I love your shot a day for breakfast, mmm once I'm finished work for Christmas might give that a go!

  47. We are the jack-sprat-and-his-wife of Xmas: my husband cares not a jot for decor or religion but roast turkey is his favourite dinner and thus he dotes on the big meal. I would rather nibble on twiglets but love decorations and going to church for Midnight Mass.

    Between us we make one festive day!

    I agree about gross drunk guys though- it's the time of year I like to entertain at home because you get some drunk idiots out there. I only want to associate with carefully selected idiots LOL!

  48. Absinthe for breakfast! If it was good enough for The Impressionists...woohoo!
    Get yer brushes out!

    Mr B

  49. I love this post - but then I would, wouldn't I? Being firmly in the Bah Humbug camp!
    You look amazing, the tank top from Helga with its crazy horses looks superb with that hat and frock, and your mum's jewellery is just fabulous.
    I really adore the tequilla-induced Twinkle Eye photo - you look such a naughty minx!

  50. Ooh I love these colours, I would have never dare mixed the two. I am drawn completely by the warm mustard tones. Such a remarkable collection of jewellery- your Mum was a very talented lady indeed xxx

  51. I'm afraid I do love Christmas :) Like the idea of a dufferentdrink every day ... But I better not ;) Love this outfit! xXx

  52. Such a great post, I enjoyed it so much! Really nice photos!

    Last day to enter the Fox House giveaway on my blog!
    Take a look and maybe follow?: Cosa mi metto???

  53. Oh dear.. sounds like some unpleasant experiences!
    It sounds like you're squashing christmas down just because you don't like what you see, you don't have to do it the way everyone else does! I've always thought Christmas was just a time to get together and bring some cheer to the season not go all psycho killer qu'est-ce que cest fa la la la la).
    No decorations for you at all? Anyway sounds like you are doing it your own way but it's a bit ironic that drinking a different tipple everyday doesn't count as bit of gluttony- see- you do enjoy it!
    I'm very amused by your title though, very good :-P Love your hat and the tank is amazing.

  54. Ah the shots for breakfasts sounds one hell of a good idea! I'd be tempted to stick my cereals in it myself too!

  55. Your Christmas spirit tradition actually made me spurt tea. Can I join in and stick with a shot of gin each morning. Probably do me the power of good. Em xx

  56. I love Christmas ,but I rather spend it in California, for me is more about familia and since we have little Zethia makes our home even more happy.
    and I always stuff myself with chocolate ,but I learn my migraine lessons so now I stuff myself with white chocolate.
    I do love your drinking different drinks idea. You look glowing with tequila gotta get drunk with you one day. I am in love with your knitted hat and vest. always perving at your make up. Your MaMa could make the most fantastic jewelry, I see where you got all your creativity and more fromOh and I hate having roast dinner as Xmas dinner hello we have it everyday freakin sunday but Buddy said its the law. I want to make tamales this Christams.

  57. Bless, I do like you idea of a shot at breakfast! Not too sure that I could do that before work mind!

    I love Christmas. Not because of the spending or pigging out, but because of family and beliefs. I was brought up in a christian house hold and have strong beliefs, unlike hubby! (who would believe he is a ministers son!) But they are my beliefs and I would never impose them on some one else.

    That said I do hate how rude people become during the festive season and also the pressure for people to get them selves in debt in order to give what they thin are the ideal gifts. The best gifts I have had were the ones made with love and not because the price tag was the highest.

    X x

  58. haha funny you made this anti-chrismas post, i almost feel like a grinch, cause i really can´t wait this crazy and awful christmas time is finally over and people are more or less normal, and especially i can´t listen anymore to all this christmas songas and i don´t want to see reindeers and santa clause every where...oh your outfit is gorgous as always, i love this mustard and brown combo and this knitted top is fabulous!
    love and kiss,mary

  59. I really love your outfit. The yellow hat and tank top are amazing.

    I am feeling a bit disenchanted with Christmas lately.It just seems to be one long round of spending and everyone just ends up arguing. We keep talking about going away but never have the nerve to do it.

  60. Hi Vix, This is the first time I've chatted on here but have been following your blog for awhile. Love all your vintage finds and especially love the jewelry your mother made. I feel the same way about Christmas. I live in the US and it's out of control with the shopping here. It really makes me not want to celebrate at all, but my family would be sad so I go along with it. Enjoy reading and seeing all your wonderful purchases.

  61. I LOVE the idea of having a shot with breakfast! I so would if it wasn't for work - although maybe it would make me more productive??



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