Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Come Buy With Me

No need for a cape today!

I awoke to glorious sunshine, grabbed my most sensible vintage boots and headed to the car boot sale. On the way there Kerrang played The Dead Kennedys, Alice In Chains, The Cult, Jane's Addiction, Soundgarden and Nirvana in rapid succession, a near-perfect start to any morning.

Vintage Pat Rogers nylon maxi and tooled leather bag (Courtesy of  the divine Helga), 1960s suede jerkin (£1, car boot sale), Spotty scarf (part of Lady Liquor's give-away ), Ted Lapidus shades (Free from my favourite charity shop) 

Time for a quick photograph before I'm let loose on the booty.

Wonder if Sarah could find a bike amongst this lot?

Our local boot sales are packed every day, we've got one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country so everyone's either trying to scratch a living by flogging their wordly goods or save a few quid by buying their essentials second-hand.

Let's have a look around, shall we?

I passed on this freaky kid for my Wall of Misery. He was water damaged and I wasn't keen on the plywood backing. I prefer my kids encased in white wooden frames.

I know Kitty would have loved this West German pottery vase, at £2 it was cheap enough but I think the postage costs to Australia would have bankrupted me.

The elderly couple selling this tiled coffee table bought it in 1963. They wanted offers at around £12. 

I was quite taken with the lamp in the middle. The seller wanted £1 but I just don't have the room for another vintage lamp so I let it go. If it's still there next time I'll take it as a sign I'm meant to have it.

Restoring this £8 1930s radiogram and record player would definitely be a labour of love. Isn't it lovely?

The Black Country snack van was there today. Jon treated himself to a bag of Black Country scratchings with chilli.

Uh oh, he's spotted a 1970s car stereo.....50p? What a steal.

What's in the bags?

This little lot:

From top left: Je Reviens promotional boxed scarf, 1960s board game, 1960s lace shift dress, tapestry satchel, vintage brogues, 1960s silver lurex evening bag in gift box, 1950s paste brooch, 1950s cocktail tray with magnetic coaster, 1960s chain-link hipster belt, 1970s lace parasol, Aussie wildlife linen tablecloth and a vintage fake fur jacket.

All this and change from a tenner! If the sun's still shining I'll be out booting again tomorrow.

How exciting is this? I've made the top spot in Cision's list.

Top 10 UK Vintage Clothing Blogs

Vintage Clothing

Last updated on 20/09/11
I'm honoured to be up there with Margaret, Sharon and Roz.


  1. oh Vix, I do love your dress! :)
    And I love your purchases!
    And congrats on the blog list! :)

    jules {& saleelsol

  2. Excellent haul, Vix. I love that shift dress, and you look fab ready to go and grab a bargain or ten!
    Congrats on the award....well deserved. It's wonderful to see so many familiar names

  3. What a great boot sale - mine is usually full of high street rubbish and kids toys (although I've picked up some good things for BB in the past). Great finds and well done on the blog!

  4. Ooh we're both showing off countryside today, lol. I have a very simlar tray to yours except mines all black. I wouldn't be keen on that vase actually, I kind of like them but not enough to collect them. I'm quite taken with the red brolly too.xx.

  5. Congrats again on the top spot, I have to agree with them. :)
    Soundtrack sounds perfect to start a day, and what finds! Love the brooch and brogues.
    I think you'd look lovely with the 40's dishevelled waves, wish I lived closer to style you up.


  6. CONGRATS AGAIN!!!! You deserve to be on the top, you are THE BEST!!!!

    I love that brooch you got. It instantly grabbed my attention! :) Also liked this post about how you go about choosing what to pick and what to let go! Can always learn a thing or two! *hugz*

    ♡ from ©

  7. Wow i have missed a few posts! Sorry! first congrats on the blog list and i finally know now what car booting is, I had no idea what it was!
    I love all the outfits as usual!

    Lots of love from this side of this french world! xxxx


  8. Hi my dear-wow, you got some excellent bargains at the booty, no such luck for me, plenty of sellers but nothing worth buying!! The 60s shift dress is lovely! Have a nice evening and well done again on the topspot at Cision, very much deserved, you are a truly stylish vintage inspiration xxx

  9. What a lovely start to the day sunshine and Alice and Chains...bliss! I would love to go with you on one of these mornings. Jon's so cute checking out that old car stereo.

    You must be the cutest couple in that town of yours!

    Sending you both much luv~

  10. oh and CONGRATS on making the list, that ROCKS!!!!

  11. Congrats on making the list!! (Although I'm not surprised). I wish I had as much fun shopping as you do! ;)

  12. Congratulations on making the top of the list - how exciting. You'll have to have a party to celebrate this one!

    And what a brilliant haul - that brolly, the little furry jacket, the lace frock... and that tray!!! An excellent soundtrack of course... x

  13. Me Again! thank you so much for putting little me in your always worth a visit roll - i am honored!

    Ariane xxxxxx

  14. Vix - you deserve that top spot! You're so friendly and open and your devotion to vintage goes way beyond pure exhibitionism, it is embedded in your soul. Hope you have a celebration planned.
    What a fantastic soundtrack to your morning, I would have been transported right back to the fourth form at school!
    Fantastic finds,I think I speak for every follower when I say a charity shop/bootsale rummage with you is on my 'bucket list'.

    Lucy x

  15. Congratulations! Well deserved. It looks as though you had a good thrifting day and looked great doing it. -T

  16. Well done you!
    You deserve your top spot, of course.

    How happy do you look with your bags of booty? Great finds - brooch, brolly and belt are my faves, I think - all the Bs!

    Great look around your car boot, you are the hostess with the mostest, and looking gorgeous as ever - love the dress. xxxxxxxx

  17. Congrats on making the list - you and your blog deserve it! You've strucky lucky again, my bootsale visits last weekend amounted to nothing!

    P.S. I listen to Kerrang! too, they play a great mix of music.

  18. PS. Thank you for adding me to your blog roll. I feel very honored! Your friend across the pond.

  19. Fantastic booty their Hun! I adore that coffee table.

    Great purchases. Another fur coat? I'm so jealous.

    Well done on your top spot, you deserve it.

    X x

  20. oo what a lot of great stuff you've bought... love the little black dress
    well done on making the top ten much deserved me thinks!


  21. I loved this post, looking round your local booty was bliss, and what fabulous vintage finds on offer. If only there was a daily booty here, it would be worth taking sick days off work to get my fix ;o)

    I love all the beautiful bits you bought. I also must say a huge congrats on the number 1 spot on the list - very well deserved and you do have the most fabulous blog and we all love ya. Scarlett x

  22. You so belong on that list!!!

    Your boot sales seem to have much better booty than our locals, maybe I don't get there early enough. What time do you go?


  23. Nice finds!! I adore that little fake fur coat! :)

  24. An absolutely well deserved top spot it is too, although I'm a big fan of Sharon and Margaret too.

    Your bootsales look brill - as we know - was good to see more pics. Nothing's as cheap round here, or perhaps my eyes just aren't as sharp as yours. Does it help to get there early? I'd have thought I'd be holding out for a higher price until later in the day if I were a seller.

    That little boy with the guitar didn't look quite miserable enough for your wall anyway - he seemed pretty cheery about his lack of shoes!

    Fab outfit as ever, and I almost forgot - I'd be in a great mood after such a great playlist! I'll have to start listening to Kerrang! (I used to read it back in the day), I listen to Xfm usually.


  25. Congratulations on the top spot, you sooooo deserve it! Well done!
    This boot sale looks like a real treasure trove of fantastic finds! x

  26. Fuck YES!!!! NUMBER ONE!!! Of course,darling,I would never have doubted it!!! You fecking ROCK!!!!
    Now,you looked hot going to the boot sale,listening to hot sounds,cruising around with a hot fella,picking up a pile of hot goodies!!! EEEK! I'll be keen to see you in that lace frock,and I saw the twin of that tray,only where I saw it they wanted a tenner for it!!Pah!
    LOVE YOU!!!!
    Helga xxxXXXxxx

  27. I told you before: you are the queen of vintage.
    A car boot sale everyday??? I had never heard of that before, wowwwwwww You live in the right spot, Vix.

  28. Many congratulations for the award - totally deserved. Love your wonderful boot sale finds. I thought we were blessed here in SE Essex with a couple of boot sales a week but that's nothing on your area - sounds like it's thrifting nirvana.

  29. Congratulations you so deserve it.

    I love that black dress and the faux fur coat you know how much I love a faux fur!

    You look lovely too xx

  30. Congratulations on your listing, and love the red parasol. You look lovely in your dress and boots. Em x

  31. First off you look gorgeous in your pictures. And thank you for taking us along to your boot sales. I was so tempted to jump through my screen in my pj's and start trying to buy things up.
    Then I realized there was not a portal to get me back to Canada with all of my goodies.
    I hope that lamp is there next week, because it is rather nice.
    I have not the slightest clue what Jon treated himself too... Scratchings?? What is that?? lol
    I hope they were good anyways. The stuff you came out with IS FABULOUS
    my faves have to be.
    - Poppin Hoppies board game
    - Red Parasol
    - Black dress (You are gonna look HOT in that one.)
    - Shoes
    - Faux Fur jacket. (I have been keeping and eye out for 1 or 2 more of these for this Winter. They have jacked up the prices on them by 10.00 or so more since last year. )
    - Brooch (It is so gorgeous!)

    Congrats on your top spot, you deserve it!

  32. Congrats on being #1 on the UK vintage bloggers list! This is no surprise to me, you are THE best vintage blog I think. The picture you found at the boot sale is great! I just love your wall of misery!

  33. And you should be up there, Vix because you are lovely and your blog is a constant inspiration! As always amazed by your finds - though I'm glad you gave the creepy kid a miss. xoxo

  34. Congrats on your number one. Very well deserved of course. Oh and thanks for taking us round your car boot, thoroughly enjoyed it!

  35. Congrats on being acknowledged at top blog! The boot sale looks like a hoot and a half - loving that red umbrella and the shoes and the cocktail tray, especially the cocktail tray.

  36. Congrats on being acknowledged at top blog! The boot sale looks like a hoot and a half - loving that red umbrella and the shoes and the cocktail tray, especially the cocktail tray.

  37. What a great haul, I love the lace dress and the tray.

    Congratulations on the top spot.

  38. I LOVE this post! You look absolutely gorgeous - that frock is so similar to one I have - and I love the vest/scarf/boots and bag combo too.

    The lace parasol is spectacular and I love that yellow lamp too - I have nowhere to put my vintage lamps, but for one pound I couldn't help myself!

    Hoping for more fair weather so you can this all again tomorrow, amor!

    And congrats on making number one - you're ALWAYS number one to us!

    Sarah xxx

  39. Ah, I've been listening to Dead Kennedys recently!

  40. Vixcita,
    Congrats on blog award, your mi number one amor.
    Fab musica choices, love how your showing us around the boot sale. Looking so ravishing in your cute frock.A boot sale on a weekday? well you sure are blessed. I would of snatch that lamp up. But as you say not good to be too greedy. Creepy boy frame, i agree your wall does look better with white trim frames.Adorar how you listed the pictures of your wonderful finds. Fave items brooch, your red umbrella,fur jacket.

  41. Deserved! Totally! Congrats!
    Great scores, as usual! I would have been less restrained on that yellow lamp purchase!!

  42. Congrats on making the list! I want to come car boot saleing with you! Your buys are gorgeous and such bargains.

    E :)

  43. Oh its as if we were with you, thank you for taking us along, fab finds and great weather, the perfect day :)

  44. CONGRATULATIONS on making number one!

  45. ooh great music to start a bounty-full day ,I think we need to try and trace that station on our car radio.
    Congratulations on being no1 you have earned it sweetie
    xx fee

  46. Congratulations #1! You certainly deserve the top spot. I love the Pat Rogers maxi, what a crazy print.

  47. Congrats! You DEFINITELY deserve the top spot. Your blog is one of the best I have seen. I am really Loving that dress!

  48. i agree that you are deserving of the top spot!! well done ! :)
    and i love the bargains that you found, i want to see more of that red parasol, please :)

  49. Oh I LOVE that tiled coffee table, isn't it fabulous. I wish a genie would pop it into my loungeroom right now. I feel a bit sad for the guitar boy now, too miserable even for the wall of misery, what a fate!

    Huge congratulations on the top spot gorgeous, you so well deserve it. We all love you to bits xx

  50. YaH Vix!
    I knew you were a star!

    Hey, they do car boots in Tennessee!!!
    I went to one there when visiting a friend!

  51. Congrats on topping the list!
    Looks like you were remarkable restrained on this carbooting occasion and still came away with some fabulous things. I'd have been piling right into those pork scratchings!

  52. Congrats on making it to the top of the list:D I wish we had car boot sales in NZ (Maybe there are some around, but I have never seen any in any town or city I've lived in). I have friends from the UK that say they are such a blast. You got some great goodies:)

  53. congrats, dear vix! and your outfit is hippie perfection!

  54. Hi, Vix,
    May I add my congratulations to the list. BTW, I`m moving to the Midlands - your weather seems so much better than here in the North Wettest! x

  55. wow what beautiful stuff you got in that boot sale!!! by the way also the dress you are wearing is fabulous as always!!!can´t wait to see that fake fur coat on you!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  56. Such a well-deserved spot on the list Vix, this blog is so much more than a blog, you have been kind enough to share so much of your life, and beautiful home with us and continue to inspire many a reader. I feel so lucky to have found you xxx


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