Thursday, 20 November 2014

Happy Shopper - In Praise of Charity Shops

Yeah, I know that I'm already preaching to the converted but charity shops really are great, aren't they? Take today, for instance. Desperate to wear the suede midi skirt I bought in Burton last week, none of my existing footwear looked quite right. What I need, I thought, is a pair of vintage tan knee high boots. 

What was waiting for me in the very first charity shop we visited this morning? Only these British-made leather beauties by Trueform. Due to their age the rubber heel tip had perished but, at just £3.50 to replace, our local cobbler can sort them out while I wait tomorrow. 

Picasso pendant (20p, car boot sale) threaded on my Afghani turquoise beaded necklace, a 35th birthday present from a friend (almost 13 years ago!)
After we'd cleaned the house ready for Monday's photo shoot I mused, we need something to add a bit of colour & interest to the floor space running from the hallway, through the middle room toward to kitchen. 

What did Jon spot in amongst the bric-a-brac at one of our favourite charity furniture shops this morning? Only this stunner of a vintage tribal kelleghi for a tenner! 

Of course you'd be a fool to walk around with a wishlist of stuff you wanted to buy second hand. Shop with a fixed plan and you'll end up missing something spectacular like these incredible vintage evening gowns I found today.

This is so beautiful its almost museum worthy, handmade from black silk velvet with Baroque appliqué work, sequins, a boned bodice, metal zip and a net underskirt. It weighs a ton!

How such an amazing dress ended up in a tiny Black Country town I'll never know.

This satin number was from the same shop, languishing amongst the endless rails of George at Asda and Primark. What a sorry end for the poor thing! The construction is astonishing. Its like something you'd see some celeb wearing on the red carpet.

Remember the bag I bought from Burton last week? My dear friend Sarah, who I bought my Pucci dress from, tells me that its a groovy Scandinavian textile, Glimminge by Mona Björk, Borås Cotton, 1967. Cool, eh?

1970s suede midi & tote bag (both St Giles Hospice, Burton), vintage boots (British Heart Foundation) worn with animal print top (Topshop via charity shop) and fake fur jacket (£7, catalogue clearance shop, 2012)
We've got another weekend off but then it's well and truly back to the grindstone, kicking off with a groovy Mod/1960s event we're helping to host for the Black Country Echoes Festival. In the meantime I'm going to scare myself witless with series 2 of The Fall, stupendously good drama from the BBC.

See you soon!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille! Surviving a Pro Photo Shoot

Back in July a professional photographer snapped some test shots of our home for possible submission into an interiors magazine and a few months later, national monthly publication, Your Home said yes

After inspecting the pictures, the magazine didn't want us to change anything, but to look its best a thorough clean-up was a given. The Kinky Melon stock, rails and all (previously dominating the middle room) was shifted over the road to the empty parental home, where it was rehung and reorganised in its entirety - not helped by inquisitive neighbours popping by to see what we were up to. Leaves were raked up (and, with 27 trees in the garden, that's a bastard massive task) and every pot & planter on the terrace emptied out and re-potted with colourful pansies, cyclamen and ivy. 

Stonecroft scrubs up okay, doesn't it?
Nick knacks were taken down, washed and replaced; pictures & chandeliers dusted; cobwebs flicked from ceilings; bedding, cushions and curtains washed; rugs beaten; floors swept & mopped; furniture polished, mirrors buffed and any excess clutter stuffed into cupboards & wardrobes safely out of sight. By Sunday night we were so knackered we could barely speak, other than to dial a huge pizza.

Colin, the photographer, arrived at 10am bringing with him all manner of props including fresh flowers, luxurious wool throws, fancy toiletries, fake food and fluffy bath towels and, other than popping upstairs with the odd cup of coffee, it barely felt like he was there.

A bit too naughty for a family magazine!
After lunch our services were required, the TV had to be moved (ugly looking things hated by magazine editors) and a couple of pictures repositioned (bare breasts are a tad controversial). I posed with one of my patchwork creations, perched on the settee and then the pair of us sat at the kitchen table, deep in pseudo conversation, with a platter of fake scones taking centre stage.

The feature will be published in the April 2015 issue so the photos had to be seasonal. Jon's wool polo neck was exchanged for a shirt (less Wintry) and a huge lamp positioned outside the kitchen window to give the impression of hazy Spring sunshine. (See above!)

A final portrait of me done (for the magazine's directory page) Colin left at 4pm and life reverted back to normal, clutter, piles of tat and cats lounging in inappropriate places.

No entry till April! Dress last seen HERE
We've seen the pictures and they really are amazing, like looking at the place we've called home for over 8 years through a stranger's eyes. I'd have ripped them out and put them in my inspiration folder if it wasn't already our house. Sadly we're sworn to secrecy so I won't be able to share any of the photos with you until after the publication date but please do click "Our House" in my blog sidebar if want to see more (albeit with amateur photography). 

Colin Poole's website is HERE. If you're UK based and have an interesting, innovative or quirky home please do get in touch, he's very keen to photograph more unique homes. 

Tomorrow, its the journalist's turn to visit. See you soon! x

Friday, 14 November 2014

Not Only Here For The Beer - Adventures In Burton On Trent

Burton On Trent in Staffordshire is renowned for its brewing industry and, at its height, a quarter of all beer sold in the UK was produced there. The town still has eight working breweries as well as being the home to both Marmite and Bovril.

Its also within an hour's train ride from Curtise, Tania and me. So, when they paid us a flying visit in Nottingham last weekend, we hatched a plan to meet there yesterday.

I'd been once before but they never had, so we were dead excited to explore.

Easy to get to and stuffed with charity shops, perfect! Bizarrely, Burton is teeming with mobility scooters, the pavements are littered with them. 

Lots of trying on, posing and cackling ensued. Curtise's Therapy navy sequined mini was fab but a bit too baggy round the hips,

The brand spanking new leather studded ankle boots were a perfect fit.

The pristine St Michael green velvet blazer got a resounding yes

 ...unlike the pinhead-sized '70s pimp hat or the Vintage seaman's cap.

Once Curtise had worked out how to get into it, the Welsh Tapestry cape soon got snapped up.

I'd have killed for this cool sideboard, a real bargain at £40. A customer, amused by us stroking and taking photos, said that someone trendy down London would probably pay £200 for it but people round here don't understand retro and that it had been stuck in the shop for months, ignored and unappreciated.

Don't you just hate it when charity shops state the blinkin' obvious? 

A market has been held in Burton on a Thursday since King John granted a Royal Charter in 1200.

...and look who has a regular pitch, only Walsall's very own Pom-Pom king. He was very surprised to see us. Sajid, I'm not stalking you, honest!

How grand is the entrance to the indoor market? After a £1.5 million refurbishment project lasting 18 months it reopened yesterday.

After stocking up on trimmings and raiding the chazzas Wetherspoons called.

 But not before a quick photo opportunity.

Superfood Pastas all round

Located in the former Woolworths, Burton's branch of Wetherspoons is called The Lord Burton, after the founder of the brewing dynasty. There was a frisson of excitement when we entered the premises but we found a booth to keep us safe from the amorous advances of frisky pensioners. 

After lunch we realised that Selfies, booze and women of a certain age didn't mix.

We left Wetherspoons for another wander and some ridiculous photos in a eerily deserted shopping centre (one of three).

Shopping opportunities of Burton thoroughly investigated we returned to 'Spoons for a cheeky bottle of wine. We cackled, gossiped admired each others finds before heading back to the station to catch our trains home. Curtise & Tania were on the same one and mine only left 2 minutes later, just in time to bid a hasty retreat from a couple of love-struck teenagers, You is so beautiful, innit.

What did I wear? 

Why, Pucci, darling! This was a treat to myself from my friend Sarah's shop, Tin Trunk at Stockport's Vintage Village. Its a negligee from the collection Emilio Pucci designed in the 1960s for Formfit, but in my opinion its far too fabulous just for indoor wear.

What did I buy?

An old skool 1960/1970s track suit top,  vintage scarves galore and some bright green 1960s nylon gloves...

A groovy suede panelled 1970s midi skirt, pom pom, pom poms and more pom poms and a huge handmade psychedelic shopper.

What a day! I wonder where the next blogger day trip will take us?

See you soon!

I was going to call this post Going For A Burton but, on reflection, its RAF slang from the Second World War for dying in action and no bloggers were harmed in yesterday's adventure!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Hair, A Square and Some Fairs

You want big hair? Here's how I do mine.
(Music and video direction by Jon!)

In other news, look who came to add some glamour to the Kinky pitch at Nottingham's Fayre In The Square on Saturday, only darlings Curtise & Tania. It looks like they're trying to kidnap me.

Tania bought the purple Snow Queen cape from us last month and Curtise went off to the pub wearing the sassy cropped leopard jacket she snaffled on Saturday (and I had to stay behind with cheese sandwiches and Thermos of coffee).

Hello to Zoe. Originally from Canada, she reads both Curtise's & my blog and came along to say hi. I love it when people do that, I'm not as scary as I look, honest!  

  The rain kindly held off until we'd unloaded the van and set up the stall, but continued relentlessly all day.

Wearing: 1960s Hardy Amies fake fur, Levis shirt, self skinny-ed trousers, original 70s cherry red DMs, tweed flat cap

 Not that it dampened our spirits, if us Brits were bothered by a bit of rain we'd have died out centuries ago. We had a roof, a suitcase boombox and a MP3 player loaded with classic tunes so we danced the day away.

Wearing: 1970s Tori Richards of Honolulu psychedelic maxi, vintage Saluki fake fur, 1970s platform boots, Lamini tribal pendant

...and then we got to do it all over again the following day at Stockport. Two 5am starts in a row, smashing!

Jon: 1960s Hardy Amies fake fur, vintage Bri-nylon shirt, Tootal kipper tie, 1970s denim blazer, skinny-ed up trousers, tooled leather belt, 1970s DMs  Me: 1970s psychedelic maxi, white go-go boots, marabou trimmed velvet opera coat, Lamani tribal belt (worn as a pendant)
I even managed a couple of sneaky purchases, too. I might be having a day out soon and obviously need something to wear!

That's it - no more vintage fairs until 29th November but there's no time for slacking. We've got an official photo-shoot for Your Home magazine happening next week and a house that looks more like an explosion in a charity shop than a stylish pad.

Linking to Patti's Visible Monday.

See you soon!