Thursday, 29 September 2011


"Hello, Sixties lady", a seller shouted this morning, "have you seen that amazing 1960s Beetle on the car park today?" "Yes, I came in it." I replied with a big smile. Yootha is rather gorgeous, isn't she? 

It's been a busy day what with a jumble sale preview (yes, I get to go through the stock before the general public go in), a car boot and a drive out to the next county. There's enough washing hanging in the garden to make the neighbours think I'm taking in laundry.

The car boot was full to bursting, but, as is often the case on such a beautiful day, it's full of the most uninspiring tat and typical of our British mentality, full of people who don't care what they look like as long as they get a tan, hence a humongous amount of half naked folk who really ought to know better.

This animated Elvis looks more Emo than rockabilly , in fact I think I might have fancied the King if he'd  looked like that. I thought of Scarlett but couldn't stretch to the £25 the man wanted. The way he swiveled his head and mouthed "Thank you very much" was terrifying.

There's always loads of vintage suitcases at car boot sales around here. I couldn't possibly fit another one in the house.

I can't understand why anyone would want to go to Ikea when you can furnish your home for a few quid by car booting.

This wall-mounted leather cupboard is rather intriguing. Yours for a tenner.

What on earth's Jon got?

I know I said I'd got enough retro lamps last week but how could I resist this 1960s vision of kitsch? It reminded me of something George & Mildred would have had in their home.

So awful it's kind of attractive. At £1 I couldn't resist.

More vintage sunnies for the collection (20p)

I love this antique tapestry handbag with an embossed silver bar (£3). 

I couldn't capture how gorgeous this silver handmade suit really is. It buttons up at the back and is lined with pink silk. It fits perfectly. £2

Who needs a special occasion to wear glittery tights? 10p

1960s crochet long-line waistcoat 40p

This beautiful navy blue lace shift has sheer silk sleeves and had been painstakingly handmade. It has got a liner but I took it out for the pictures.

These 1970s Saxone Young Colony "Alice" suede shoes are missing the laces but are in perfect unworn condition. 40p

A seller I know gave me these coin belts for free knowing I liked "weird" stuff. 

 Hawaiian mini dress (£1.99, Banardos), 1960s leather boots (£4.95, British Heart Foundation), Suede jerkin (£1, car boot sale), Great-Great Grandmother's pocket watch and 1970s Foster Grant sunglasses (20p, car boot sale)
Just time to reheat and eat the rest of last night's curry before I dash off for hospital visiting. 

Thank you so much for your kind words about Dad, it's hard at the moment and it really does mean a lot that you care enough to comment....I love you all. xxx


  1. vix! Oh how I do love reading your posts!

    1. I totally agree with people illdressing out in public. Especially when men take off their tops and go topless. Total, total, urgh. It's banned in Italy!!

    2. I love the dress you're wearing!

    3. I love, love, LOVE those shoes! And just get a bluey-coloured ribbon and they'll go PERFECTLY!! :)

    Jules {click on wishlish}

  2. You always find the very best bags and jewelry!
    Kisses to you and your Dad my love.

  3. Eeeeek! With a carboot like that I'd run around all morning in disbelief - full of goodies. The eyes weren't behaving themselves when I read what you'd paid for the lampshade - I nearly thought it had been £11. Glad Yootha got noticed. And hope your dad's doing ok xx

  4. Elvis looks a bit worse for wear - obviously styled on his Las Vegas period!

  5. You always come out with the best frases ever:
    I can't understand why anyone would want to go to Ikea when you can furnish your home for a few quid by car booting.
    I have bought my own domain in Blogger, so you might have to delete my blog and add it again. I can see my new post hasn´t pop up.

  6. Vixcita,
    You looks so cute next to Yootha. cool name.
    that Elvis looks creepy, I think Scarlett would still wanted him,lol
    I am so jealous of your 60's rose lamp. fits so nicely with your gorgeous wallpaper. In love with shiny handmade suit and suede gray shoes. you found a lot blingy goodies. cant wait to see you in that marvelous belt amor.

  7. hey, sixties lady, i'm totally in love with your outfit... and your yellow beetle!

    awesome finds again! can't tell which piece i like most...


  8. bahahahaha! Who went and styled Elvis with a Curt Cobain cut! Got to love the sheer naffness of a talking elvis bust - totally going to look for one now ;o)

    You look beautiful in the hawaiian print - a rockabilly classic :o)

    And free stuff at a boot sale always a winner. Im am also v jealous that being jumble royalty you get a preview - that is amazing :o))

    Hope your hospital visit goes well this evening, big love to you and your dad. Scarlett xx

  9. Nice to get noticed eh? Especially when Yootha gets a mention too!

    Really that's supposed to be Elvis, not in a million years would I have guessed that.

    I love your kitschy lamp, so bad it's good!

  10. how come when I go car booting I look a wreak and you look stunning!?

    Great finds. I like the lamp shade as it's very unusual.

    X x

  11. I actually think that Elvis is amazing! I love me some spooky vintage. Oh, and I love that tapestry bag!

  12. love the pictures, beautiful <3

    follow you !

  13. Sunshine, beetles and bargains - what a great post!

    You have such a eye for things - either that or the West Midlands is a nexus where all the vintage goodies get drawn too! There's hardly ever any true vintage at the boot sales I go to - I think I'll have to move!

    Best wishes to your Dad x

  14. "Emo" Elvis does look rather scary ... lol

  15. I'm always sooo jealous when you post about boot sales down your way - up here they are almost always full of the most uninspiring rubbish which is also inevitably over priced. The Elvis made me laugh, at first glimpse I was trying to work out who it was!! - I love Yootha she's gorgeous. Thinking of your hospital visits - hope your dad'd not too down. xxx

  16. Darlong Vix,that LAMP!!! EEEK! Mildred would have had an apolexy of delight over that!I think it's so awful it's HEAVENLY!!! Well spotted,Jon!(or was it you?!)
    You like "weird" stuff?! HahahaaaHA! Those coin belts look fab,not wierd!I'm adoring the shoes,OMG perfection!O,what fun!Can't wait to see what you scored at the jumble....
    Kisses to Yootha,the sexy chariot!
    Love YOU,hope the visit to your Dad went smoothly....
    Love YOU!!!
    xxxXXXxxx Helga

  17. Hi

    Just love your blog and style!

    I at first thought the emo elvis was a rubbish copy of Edward scissor hands! lol he sounds really scary. Good for halloween scary the kids maybe?

    Love Yootha she is seriously gorgeous.

    Hope you poor dad gets better soon.

    Take care

    MBB x

  18. Eek - a shop near me was selling those Elvises and they're just so freaky!
    That suit looks beautiful, what an amazing find x

  19. Big (((hugs)))for your dad! Blardy great finds there luv. Oh and I shall nightmares for life now after seeing Elvis! Gulp! Thank YOU very much! ♥

  20. WOW that Elvis would have freaked me out!
    Love your new sunnies and tights.
    Hope the hospital went ok x

  21. I love that Orbital video featuring a car boot sale, full of people dressed like they've hit the rag bag.
    Today, I was chatting to a lady in a charity shop who was sporting white towelling hotpants and an off-white halter neck top with cerise bra underneath. She was at least a size 18 and said to onlookers several times "if you got it, flaunt it, I say".

    You certainly have got it Vix, I love that dress.
    As much as Elvis, the lampshade and the bag have won me over, I must admit to the silver suit being my favourite find, it's beautifully designed.
    Yootha is the perfect chariot for you to arrive in, no Ford Focus for our Vix!

  22. Hey Vix! I've been so busy and I have hardly had time to blog, let alone follow my faves-but I am making time this evening! Loving all your booty, that lamp was an incredible find by Jon, and you're so right, I would happily furnish our home via bootsales rather than buy brand new. I got a wonderful vintage wicker laundry basket for £1-you'd never pay that on the high street!
    Sending you lots of love and hope your Daddy gets well soon xxxxx
    much love xxxxxxxx
    oh ps I am wearing a lot of vintage in my post today, which I thrifted for at home in Devon, thought of you whilst putting the look together! xxxx

  23. A-may-zing finds, as always. I'm particularly loving the navy lace and silk dress, the silver suit and the Saxone shoes. Whatever happened to Saxone? You never hear of them these days. Thinking of you and your Dad - hope he's back home soon.

  24. A-may-zing finds, as always. I'm particularly loving the navy lace and silk dress, the silver suit and the Saxone shoes. Whatever happened to Saxone? You never hear of them these days. Thinking of you and your Dad - hope he's back home soon.

  25. The first thing I thought when I saw the Elvis was... scary! I love your outft today and laughed at someone calling you sixties lady!
    The lamp is gorge.

  26. i first when i saw elvis i thought it was real !!.. who would want to buy such a thing really unless you wanted to pretend it was your fella!
    love that suit its devine and i bet it looks gorgeous on!..
    am loving your yellow bug aww i really wish we could have a beetle!!
    hope you get to chill out at some point hospital visiting can really take it out of you cant it especially when its a loved one..

  27. Fab!
    I used to go out with a lad that looked like the scary Elvis! I love that lamp it's wonderfully

  28. oh i love this tapestry handbag really genuine and beautiful!!

  29. You look Vix-alicious!
    Your car boots always look huge and fun. Our Flea Market here (Which I have only went to twice this year, and both times didn't buy a thing)are full of people who think they can charge a arm and a leg for everything. The items are priced higher than our thrift shop prices. IT'S INSANE!

    I thought the thing Jon was holding was a garbage can. *LOL*

    Your purchases are all great. I love the shoes, coin belts & sunnies the most.

  30. You get such fab bargains lady! Love the suit! I'm still very envious that you get boot and jumbles sales during the week, we don't where I live. Mind you, its probably a good thing as I would never get any work done!!

  31. That's only Elvis if he was actually cloned and then joined 60 seconds to Mars ;-)

    Love all your finds as usual, I'm never successful with clothes at boot sales. Can you do us a post on how to spot the jewels in the crud?

    Feeling a bit flat at the moment, my grey Nissan Almera would probably be decided on my strangers as my perfect car. Blah.

  32. Hey lovely. Amazing lot as always and i LOVE the lampshade - it's amazing, just amazing! I'm just catching up on blog reading (it's been ages) but I very much hope your dad's ok and that you're keeping well. Much love xxx

  33. Love that lace dress. You always find such nice things and it is a true talent. Hope you are ok lovely xx

  34. OMG, the lamp is a totally brilliant find. I love it. Lots.

    Hope your dad is OK. xx

  35. haha, really funny :) glad girl to be able to say that this beauty is yours :)

  36. That Elvis was an imposter! Love the car love your look & your finds. I couldn't stop laughing about George & Mildred.

    Don't mention spills I got bloody Lilly pollen on my new skirt and it go splashed with water at same time - worse combination. I'm going to have to hope dry cleaner can rescue! Xx

  37. Ah such lovely finds, those shoes are perfect! :)

  38. It is honestly one of my goals in life to go shopping with you one day. :)

  39. You need a shell bikini and a grass skirt! That lamp shade is gorgeous. My mother saw your picture while I was reading your blog and she says you look like a girl she went to school with, I told her there's no way as you live a bit away. Beautiful finds as usual. I really don't get Ikea either but I suppose it takes all kinds!

  40. Oh my god

    Elvis bust

    I *need* one.

  41. One of my plans when we sell our house and lose the mortage payment is to make a trip to the UK for car booting and touring the countryside. Seeing this post makes the anticipation almost unbearable! Lookin' Good. -T

  42. please bring me shopping with you, you find the best and funniest things. That £1 lamp I kinda love and the rose reminds me of the rose in the glass in Beauty and the Beast!
    I haven't tried the Pukka teas yet, thank you for the recommendation!

  43. "Hello Sixties Lady" is a pretty cool thing to be greeted with. I love Yootha! He's such a cute bug. That Elvis head is super freaky though, I'm shuddering imaging it moving and talking.

  44. Vix ~ You just get better all the time! I love Yootha my very first car was a 1959 ragtop beetle (I must find a picture) The Hawaiian mini shows off your beautiful legs and well you just GLOW dammit!

    Your shopping alone makes me hate the US. Even vintage is overpriced here, there are hardly any decent OP shows even the Goodwill is pricy. I mean your whole friggin outfit is under $10. I wanna come shop with you all next summer!!!! You know we would fight over stuff, no Vix I saw it first come on I'm visiting. hehehe The bag with the cool silver on top is really beautiful and goes so well with a lot you have. The silver suit is pretty sparkly sweet. Can't wait to see what you do with that.

    Oh Jon's lamp is the coolest, I have never seen anything like it. I would have to have it too. Sending tons of love your way, and positive vibes!
    Love you!

  45. Have always wanted a sunny yellow Beatle so am very jealous. And those George & Mildred lamps are just too darling! Lots of treasures - I would need a bigger boot to take them ALL home!

  46. I Loove the lamp and the silver suit! You look Fabulous in that mini-dress and those boots! Very Mod.

  47. Your car is gorgeous and I love the name! I can't believe that crochet vest you got for sooo cheap! Jealous!

  48. Great booty as usual, Vix.
    I think the bag is my favourite, but the suit and shoes look amazing too. Glad you decided you could squeeze just ONE more retro lamp in your house, that one certainly deserves a place!
    Hope your dad is more settled, and that you are managing OK with all the visiting. I'm sure it's a bit of a struggle, but I hope the situation improves soon. xxxxxxx

  49. I've been really enjoying catching up this morning! What fabulous finds, that kitsch lamp is freaking amazing! By the way, you look utterly stunning in all of your outfits and yesterday's green dress is a KNOCKOUT!
    Hope you all keeping well and that your Dad is improving xxxxx

  50. *Shudder* thats one scary looking Elvis, and if I heard him talk I think I'd run a mile! Fabulous finds tho, I love the G&M lamp, its perfect for you.
    Sending my love to your dad x

  51. Yootha's a lovely lady and a great choice of name. You and Jon did well at the bootie; that lamp is amazing! I love those Saxone shoes, but the Elvis is too freaky for words and you're right, he does look more Emo than The King.

    Hope your Dad is recovering well and that he'll be out of hospital soon.

  52. It always makes me laugh- you get very tidy looking folk worrying saying 'oooh those shorts would be too short' or 'I'm too old for that'... then you go to a car boot or the seaside and see many a man with his moobs out or a woman in danger of a wardrobe malfunction!

    These finds are making me salivate for tomorrow's car-booting. I need to find a small sideboard. I also need to remember to measure my car with the seats down so I can get it home!

  53. Hi, Vix,
    Sincere wishes for you and your Dad. It`s such a hard thing when your parents become ill - the child becomes the parent. x

  54. the tapestry bag and the grey suede shoes are pretty wonderful.

  55. That lamp is perfection! I love that people know you by how you dress, that means you make a great impression. As always I am jealous of your finds. When I make my way over to England one day I will beg you to take me with you to one of these sales.

    Em x

  56. Those grey shoes are just gorgeous, and I love your silver suit lined with pink. x

  57. I would not have guessed that was meant to be Elvis! He is quite scary! My favourite of your scores are the shoes. Gorgeous!

  58. When I come to visit Ha ha I shall bring lots of empty bags and then order a shipping crate as I know I wouldnt be able to resist anything at your sales.I think I shall wear my yellow dress I wore today so I can look nearly as wonderful as you xxx

  59. I know totally what you mean about british people and how they dress in hot weather. I have seen so many men with no top on and I think its awful I mean it shows to me they have very little class and intelligence. I have seen girls with cropped tops on and tiny shorts and yes they have the figure but they look cheap!

    I love love love your outfit its gorgeous and the car is amazing.

    I love those shoes you bought they are just stunning an the navy dress xx

  60. Hi Vix, firstly i must have missed some posts i am so sorry to read that your father is in hospital i hope it is nothing to serious and he gets well real soon. Big hugs for you. Seeing your beetle brought back those times before i had the boys and i was with their dad we had one which had been lowered and was a goegeous see blue green. We used to head off to Newkey and run to the sun most years ;-)) But i did lose count of the many times i had to get out and push it ;-)Love your finds but especaily really like the silver suit i would love to have found that. Have a great weekend. dee xx

  61. Perfect weather for raiding... and what finds you've got! Cannot wait to see you in the silver handmade suit. Yootha is a beauty! xxx

  62. You look gorgeous, as always, amor! I love that fabulous/hideous lamp and there's no way I would have passed it up for a pound!

    The silver suit is amazing - can't wait to see you in it!

    Sarah xxx

  63. Absolutely love the navy lace dress!! wow, what a find! Congrats.

  64. That lamp is fantastic, I would have fought you for it if we'd both been there! :-)

    I really hope things get better with your dad, Vix. My thoughts are with you xxx

  65. That lamp is bloody amazing! Like the beauty and the beast rose but trapped in an awful lampshade! x

  66. My eyes are constantly drawn back to the lampshade - it's amazing. Weird and amazing! You, of course, just look AMAZING!!!!

    I love jumble sales and rummaging around looking for bargains. You don't get too many in the charity shops these days. But hey, the money goes to a good cause!

    Hope dad's ok!

    Ali x

  67. Hi my dear!! I adore the lampshade, very kitsch and cool and your other finds are amazing too-the silver suit is gorgeous and I love the navy lace dress! Wishing your dad a good recovery and have a nice weekend xxx

  68. Oh you always find the most amazing things! Reading your car booting posts always makes me want to move out of London!x

  69. I want, nay, need that Navy blue lace shift! Stunning!

  70. Wow looks like a gorgeous day there!! and you look like you had a great time at the sales!! ~ Oh I love the white vest that is so up my alley :) ~That yellow bug is fantastic I have been begging my husband for one for like forever ...he found a place here that is supposed to be able to get you any car you want to rent so of course I told him a bug we shall see if he is able to find one. Won't that be a hoot driving around the Middle East in one of those lol!! Enjoy your new treasures. I will keep you & your Father in my prayers. It sure does make a difference to know others care I know I have been so blessed over at my blog including with all your kind words. Wishing a Wonderful Weekend for you!! enjoy your leftover curry I have some in my fridge as well ..Oh and Yes I love Paneer :) ~ Love Heather

  71. Another fabulous haul!

    I have to say, seriously, what is it with British people and the sun? In NZ we have really harsh sun and we are trained from a young age to be super careful about being out in the sun - cover up as much as you can, wear sunscreen, wear a hat, wear sunnies, don't go out at the hottest times if you can help it....but in the summer you can always pick the British tourists - they are out at the hottest times in next to nothing and as pink as lobsters!!

  72. What great finds. I love the silver suit and the lace dress.

  73. Hi Vix! Thanks for your comment on Lucy's blog - I agree you should have decamped for a while, it's an amazing experience!

    You're making me extremely jealous to be missing out on traditional boot sales though. I'm such a hoarder that it was really difficult for me to give away my collection of charity shop tat when I moved.

    I'm yearning for those 70's suede shoes!

    Loren ^_^

  74. I am so sorry to read that your dad is still in hospital. It must be a hard time for all of you. Much love for you and you dad...
    I love the photo's with the beetle, so sixties! Like you just came back from Woodstock. :)
    And that lamp is cool. I would have taking it with me also. And I know my boyfriend would have hated it. :D

  75. I am officially jealous, I did not realise you had a VW Beetle! Great bargains but that silver suit is amazing! Hope your dad is doing better xx

  76. Great finds as always, the Alice suede shoes are my favourite naturally. You really do visit so many wonderful second-hand haunts, I am ever envious of your travels. (And my do you know how to travel in style) xxx

  77. I am SUPER jealous that that's your car! What a beauty. And that silver suit... omg. Seriously amazing find, I really hope to see it featured soon! It's quite similar to a shorts-suit by an NZ designer from a couple of seasons ago so I'm twice as amazed by it!

  78. I see so much I want.That lamp is amazing.If I would have seen it I would tackle.that is so pretty.I love roses so that tose in the shade makes me drool.Love the suit too.also love those shoes and stockings.I want to go to boot sales.:(

  79. Love the silver suit Vix! What a great find. And you look stunning as always... almost better than the car (but not quite) ;) x

  80. That Elvis is quite creepy. I can't believe he's on the blog, but I guess it's one of those things that you have to see to believe. The metallic suit is a score. That's my number one search on Etsy.

  81. Those blue suede shoes are to die for and I bet Elvis would agree (not sure if anyone else has commented with that lame joke yet!!) But really, I ADORE the shape! And you are gorgeous, 60's lady! I had a small boy point at me today and say to his mum "Look at that lady" and later, "mum there's the funny lady again"...oh children! They have no tact.

    Take care beautiful xxx

  82. Great photo's,I so need to got to a car boot sale soon,I love all your bargains :)

  83. Hi Vix, I've been out of the bloggy loop for ages and I've missed you but you're so prolific that I just don't have the time to catch up on all your posts. I don't know what's happening with your Dad but I do hope he's ok! Thinking of you and him!

    That car boot sale looks about a million times more inspiring than the rubbish we get up here (Elvis head possibly not included in that statement!) Lots of love xxxx

  84. What fabulous finds. Your car boots look so much more interesting to the ones we go to. Looking good next to Yootha

  85. Hey, I LOVE your blog! I went through all the older posts, and have put some of your pics in my blog, which is still new. You have some awesome jewelry and the only one that seems to match that ( aside from me;))is
    I love your vintage maxi dresses as well.

  86. have been looking here for a clock just like that!


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