Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Jumble Of Delights

Be afraid, be very afraid.
If you read the comments left for me on Friday's post you may spot a couple of shouty remarks. It appears Mr Dog-Print Fleece (or possibly one of his bitches) has tracked me down and after reading everyone else's opinions of the aforementioned acrylic monstrosity be warned, he may come after you. I was so upset by the fact an anonymous nonentity took exception to my outfit that I wore it to the pub and cried into my beer. Better to be ridiculous than anonymous, I always say. Now go and bother someone who actually cares.

Want to see Saturday morning's jumble sale buys?

Woven bedcover, Jane Shilton chain strap clutch, Enzo of Italy handmade leather shoes, two 1960's Tootal Kipper ties, Etiquette book, Vintage Windsmoor wool dress with detachable collar, 1960's Trevira jumper, 1950's raffia handbag, two folding vintage travel hangers, Elasticated waspie belt, Nautical peep-toe platforms.
A sweet enamel pendant.

Very little thrills me more than a 10p bargain

I love a fancy buckle

I have a few vintage travel hangers, they are perfect for backpacking. Cheap guest houses never have enough coathangers.

Maybe if I find enough vintage kipper ties I can make a fabulous tie dress like my new blogging buddy, the beautiful Iman.

I've got a bigger version of this 1950's raffia bag in navy blue.

I was so thrilled by these shoes I had to wear them to the pub today.

1960's crimplene mini dress (Charity stall on market £1), Vintage neck scarf (Salvation Army 50p), 1960's turquoise vinyl handbag (Salvation Army £1)

Not vintage but pretty cool nonetheless.

Hope your weekend's been a good one, too.


  1. I LOVE those shoes! Great bargains as always x

  2. Amazing finds and I LOVE your attitude xox

  3. you lucky, lucky thing! what fab finds!! Nothing more ridiculous than anonymous tosh in my book - you're a star!

  4. I LOVE that enamel pendant so, so much! I'm jealous. The shoes are fab too but I would probably break my ankle if I wore them. Isn't it nice that people have the 'bravery' to make nasty comments under the protection of anonymity. Rude, nasty b! Take no notice, lovely! xxx

  5. They are peep-toe! I love them but they are kinda hideous also.

    Enamel - tick.

    Buckle - big tick.

    I feel I should be doing something with kipper ties. Hm.

  6. Hello lovely. Yeah, I noticed that crappy remark....I do love an anon snark, don't you? And it is indeed better to be ridiculous than anonymous. You're fab...they aren't....end of.
    Love those shoes, by the way.

  7. The shoes, oh the shoes!! Like Lynda I adore the pendant very much it's a real find. Did you leave the mindless comments on show I'm off to laugh at the brave anonymous souls if they are still there :)
    Kandi x

  8. More fabulous finds. I can't bear it! Those shoes are glorious.

  9. How good of you not to bother with the none impostant issues.
    I always love your finds.

  10. oh some people are suck miserable old gits. I wore a beige mac with a waspie belt on friday and a guy at work looked at me frowned and asked if bought my coat with a belt that actually matched and why was I wearing that one? Grrrr. What's it got to do with anyone?

    It pee's me off! On a happier note, what gawj jumble finds!! xxx

  11. Great finds I'm going to have to turn in to a jumble sale queen again as so broke.

    Can't believe there are fleece trolls out there! Bonkers

    You finds are wonderful and those platforms are fab

  12. Feck I'm crazy for those shoes!!!EEEK!
    What a fab haul;!So many gorgeous items!!I've been hankering after an etiquette book for some weird reason.
    Your pub outfit is sublime.
    Mr Dog Fleece,you can shove it up your arse.Only utter cowards comment anonymously,BTW.
    Better to be looked over than overlooked,baby,and you are soooo overlooked.
    I love you Vix! xxxXXXxxx

  13. Few comments:
    1) Husband saw me lusting at that photo of you in the blue dress and gave me a little lecture about how 'pro fashion bloggers make a lot more than we do or they have connections- and you can't buy every designer wonder you see.' Bless him I think that's a literal & accidental 'you look a million dollars'!
    2) Dog fleece man can dish it out but can't take it. You may know my forceful opinions on judging people by their clothes (ie don't do it- i work with some lovely kids I KNOW fashion/vintage people would wrongly label chavs because they like trackies) - so let me make it quite clear that when I call him a knob I am referring to his hypocricy not his fleece.
    3) Those shoes brought me out all Veruca-Salt-stamping shouting 'I WANT THEM'. Husband points out that first, they are yours, second, they are 200 odd miles from our flat and finally, I (apparently) 'have enough shoes'.

    Oh well, he's good at recognising a stylish lady, not so good with judging how many pairs of shoes constitutes 'enough'.

  14. Bless the anon and his/ her anonymous compardres roaming the internet extolling such virtues of wisdom on us all. Such belief in your own opinions that you won't even put your own name to them. Such courage should be roundly applauded...

    F**k 'em Vix. I LOVE THOSE SHOES! xxx

  15. Vix, You have outdone yourself - those SHOES!!! I'll swap you for the Hasbeens!! Also I think I have the exacy same raffia bag. What gorgeous finds - and you look as gorgeous as always.

    With loads of love from one of your sucky suck sucks,

    Sarah xxx

  16. You are an inspiration to me...your bravery I mean... especially in England where people can be such c***s. I raise a glass to you! Splendid woman!

  17. great found lots of great goodies.
    at! what a coward.cutest pendant love the bag awesome pattern..want all your dresses amor.
    you know those shoes belong to me right? thats a hell of a rare find..never seen anything nautical rockabilly at the jumbo sales here.

  18. What wonderful pins! I love you in a maxi but it's a shame to keep such beauties hidden
    Ps. You look and are beautiful lady Vix. It's very easy to hide behind a pc typing vitriol. Let's see your photos trolls!

  19. SHOES where from l need them!!

    I'm so sorry that pucking frick upset you. Clearly they have nothing better to do. Time to put a block on anonymous comments perhaps? Maybe they wanted the hat and you bear them to it. xx

  20. I'd have a lot more respect for negative comments if a) they had any foundation in the truth and b) they weren't always anonymous! Have the guts to put your name to your words and until then, jog on. I was mildly shocked for all of 10 seconds when I discovered my nasty little commenter the other day and then just laughed inwardly at the fact it was all complete bollocks.

    And moving onto the clothes - firstly, I have total shoe envy. I spotted them in the first pick and thought WANT. Even now I know they're peeptoes I'm still envious of your luck. The frock is divine too - such a glorious pattern. Am intrigued by the red collared frock too.

  21. Those shoes are really cute & you look great in that dress.
    Your jumble buys are all lovely.
    That enamel pendant is SWEET!

  22. woo you look hot!

    Do you know I think you are an inspiration because I hear so many women say to me (because I have long hair) that anyone over 30 should have their hair cut!!! Such rubbish. I am going to have long hair when I am 50 I tell you. You are such a great model for women over 40 that look better than women in their 20's and 30's! you rock!
    Anyone who says you look ridiculous is plain jealous!

  23. Oh dear, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shoes and necklace!! Great bargains as per! And ignore the dog fleece guy, your outfits are always fabulous and you've got hundreds of followers who agree too!! xx

  24. Great finds - love the shoes especially. Anonymous commentators? Pah, have the courage of your convictions and put your name or get back to your kennel! We love you Vix x

  25. I love your finds! Those shoes are gorgeous xxx

  26. Hi Vix - I've been lurking (and admiring!)for a while but those SHOES have left me a broken woman!! I ADORE them!! Vintage or not they are truly fab! Oh and by the way - YOU look bloody amazing lady and I wish I'd got the chutzpah (and the ruddy figure goddamnit!) to wear the stuff you do! Anon needs to grow some stones and step from behind the dog print fleece curtains! Opinions are like arseholes luv - everyone has one!!

  27. I love the cruise shoes ! Anonimous are nobodies, and that is their problem !

  28. You always manage to find great items so well done you. And the dress you are wearing brings back happpy memories for me - I can remember my mum wearing the exact same style dress so its brilliant to see it here again. I always thought it rather snazzy at the time and suits you very well.
    Regarding anon, well at least you have someone bothering to write something personal to you. I just get chinese porn site links on mine.
    Enjoy your style - I think you look great in it and the only reason I don't wear the same is cos I can't!

  29. OMG what a find, LOVE those shoes, I must have some! So jealous you always find these pretty shoes in the right size, I must be doing something wrong! :)

  30. Great bargains as usual and how awesome is that dress and those shoes!!!

  31. Sad little people with nothing better to do than hide behind a computer and leave an anonymous comment!
    Those shoes are amazing. x

  32. I wish people would have the balls to put a name to their comments. Or take a leaf out of Thumper's book ("If you can't say something nice...don't say nothing at all").

    Your asking to come shopping with me made me chuckle - says the lady who has such individual style and mega hauls. I think YOU should take ME shopping instead m'dear! But thanks for your kindness :) x

  33. Another day of amazing finds! Particularly love the folding travel hangers, the rafia bag, and the dress with detatchable collar! xxx

  34. Oh Vix, I just seen/read your last post now and I think that you looked like a vintage goddess in that outfit. It would make my day if I seen a woman dressed like walking down the street.
    When I went to collect my much beloved vintage grey faux-fur hat from the post office and was trying it on in my ma's car, some man that was walking by took one look at me, rolled his eyes and tutted. And I, having the weird sense of humor that I do, pissed myself laughing.
    I always get wonderful comments of random people in the street when I wear it. A taxi driver even rolled down his window to shout over "I love your hat" when I was waiting at the traffic lights haha.
    The power of joyful furry hats!!
    x x x x

  35. You have such a great eye. I wanna go shopping with you. You also have great legs. Just sayin' .

  36. TOTAL shoe envy, so very pin up

  37. Hmm, it seems we have both upset someone simply by being ourselves lately then. Whatever happened to the 'shutup if you can't be positive' thing? Great shoes, love them!

  38. Vix! Good attitude and boo to nay-sayers! I LOVE your new shoes and Windsmoor dress especially!

  39. Aren't the anons sad? I bet you had a good laugh into your beer, Vix! You are looking lovely as ever, and I adore the 'sailor shoes'. xxx

  40. toujours aussi jolie.....j'adore tes chaussures bleus, et ton sac rouge

  41. Pffft don't you listen to them haters.. Just whip your hair back and forth :P HAHA! :) You look nice, sweet shoes, you always always suprise me! I would have never expected you to like those particular shoes, but I guess I still have a lot to learn about Vintage vixen! :P :)
    Plus, I think 'better be ridiculous than anonymous' will become my life's motto! :)

  42. Ohhh you have an etiquette book! I just love them! (Does it say anything about being abusive online?! I'm sure it must be bad craic) xx

  43. i'm not afraid! i'm in love! you look wonderful!

  44. Vix, as always fantastic finds. The raffia purse and the Jane Shilton chain strap clutch are of course my favorites.
    I really like the new comment addition. Continue doing your thing!
    We love your style and admire you as a person!

  45. Admiring the new shoes!

  46. A dress made out of ties like your finds would be glorious. You could stitch it all winter by your warm stove, savoring all the different colors. I love Iman's shimmering dress -- thanks for the link!

  47. Dear Vixy,
    I'm all for people expressing their opinion but it would certainly be much better if they would do so with some backbone and refrain from hiding behind gutless anonymity & also perhaps elaborate a little on their critic…or is that asking too much?
    A few Saturday’s ago a group of “lads” all dressed in Superdry garb came into the pub & as I was serving them one started pointing at me & laughing.
    Normally I would just say something like -“oh, it’s nice to see that I still have the ability to make silly little boys laugh” but I was a raging hormone that day so I just flipped…
    -Have you got a problem mate? -N’ah! -Well you will have if you don’t stop pointing at me & laughing, didn’t your mummy tell you that is very rude?
    He mumbled sorry & slunk off with his tail between his legs; his pal who was paying for the round even left me a tip; maybe I had done them all a favour, eh?
    I’ve found that more often than not the people that critique my outfits are so far removed from my own individual take on style that I can’t even be bothered to take them seriously.
    My boss will say something like –“Jem, nice dress, that print would look good on a deckchair”…I just think, well at least I’m not perpetually trapped in a white shirt & black trousers like you, what a bland existence that would be.
    Precious Vix, I know that you genuinely couldn’t give two flying ducks about this forlorn troll & that it will always be business as usual on your blog i.e. more positivity & creativity than one can shake a stick at & that you will keep the unique outfits coming, much to your devoted readers delight.
    My advise to the troll would simply be to go elsewhere & find a place that doesn’t stick in his/her throat so much…the blogosphere is a big place, that offers up as much diversity as the Amazon rainforest & I’m sure there’s a place where he or she will feel happy too!
    Take care luv,

  48. Vix, don't you take any crap from that miserable dog fleece-loving-person. Look at all these comments - we all love you and adore your style!

    Love the short frock, it reminds me of one that I have. I'll have to do an outfit shot with it soon! Oh, and the heels! Gorgous! You need a little sailor hat to go with them :)

    Xox Claire

  49. Oh Vix, some people are so petty and pathetic. I know you are a tough chicken but I am so pissed off on your behalf. What an absolute knob-end (I can think of many more words but will keep it relatively clean for the blog).

    On the haul: my faves are the 50s bag and nautical shoes. I would have worn them out immediately too, who cares if it is vintage or not as long as you love it! xx

  50. You do look ridiculous in that hat - RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING! Why do people never leave their names with those comments? Pfft, assholes.

    Also, you are the jumble sale queen. I bow down to you, and those shoes.

  51. oh dear why have people got such sad lives that they feel the need to be rude on other peoples blogs? Really very sad!

    Love the shoes!!

  52. I really like the outfit with Autumn leaves! So cheerful and vibrant! : )

    So many wonderful stuff. Lcukily they have a great owner!

    Chicken with socks on their heads,

  53. Super jumble haul Vix! I especially love that enamalled pendant and the raffia bag, but those shoes are totally fabulous. I can imagine one of those Vargas poster girls wearing these and not much else!

    I'm not going to comment at length about Mr/Mrs Anonymous or whatever they want to call themselves, because they're not worth the time and effort or the space on your worthy blog.


  54. I LOVE those shoes!! Like amazingly love. Love them.
    The pendant is very sweet, you don't half bag some bargains Vix.
    Missed fleece troll, sure you were really bothered...ruined your weekend I bet? Oh no hold on, couldn't give a toss? That's my girl. :)

  55. Very sorry to hear about your anonymous troll - funny how they are always too cowardly to comment unless they are anonymous huh?
    The only problem with people like you who shine as being amazing, creative, original and just downright fabulous is that it is always going to put out the noses of some people who aren't and mistakenly think they have some kind of right to be nasty about it.

    Anyway to your loot - what a colourful bright stash - love the shoes!! I also love that little floral mini dress - so Erdem (yet not anywhere near Erdem prices!).

  56. Happy Valentines Day to My Lovely Bloggy Sweetheart! Love Annie ♥*:•.♥

    Those shoes are bloody gorgeous! As Are the rest of the finds!

    Mr Fleecy - sending you a big bloggy hug! If you play nicely you can come back! Our Vix was being jokey and funny so be nice back!

  57. I'm so jealous of your jumble haul, especially the anchor shoes and raffia bag. My Mum had loads of those jumpers in different colours.

  58. wow you got the shoes they would look so nice in my wardrobe!!..

    people are just sad arnt they...why they feel the need to be rude is beyond me...
    keep looking fab hun

  59. It's so unfair that you get nothing but nice comments from all your fans and followers and then suddenly along comes one person with obvious jealousy of your oh so wonderful taste which makes you resort to monitoring comments which you've never had to do before. It's just sad and if that person had any brains he/she would give up on their tirade of useless comments.

    I just wonder why this person doesn't go find something that interests them rather than spend their time here if they detest it so much..

    Anyway.. moving on!

    Those nautical shoes are SO kitsch and cute! They remind me of Pearl Harbour the film haha!
    I also really love that pendant, that is a beautiful find.

    I can totally see you sporting that red basket type handbag during the summer months!

    I subscribe to GoodHomes magazine and each month they do a spotlight article on 3 different peoples homes and their decor/style. They have shown some pretty amazing colourful homes in the past but I think yours would take the cake and eat it! I would absolutely love to see yours in that magazine! xxx

  60. Vix I am so much more conservative than you in my style .. yet I thought and do think you look amazing. I love the shoes today.. there is always one thing I like above everything else .. also love the belt buckle ..
    I agree with Thumper xx

  61. Hello vix,
    Just found your fab blog and I love it!
    Em x

  62. Hi there-you are looking as gorgeous as ever and your finds are as always, truly amazing-I just adore those shoes and your raffia bag!! All silly Mr Anon has done is made everyone love you even more for your stylish and unique persona and he/she is just a sad, jealous nobody. Wishing you a fabulous week ahead my dear xxx

  63. i love the pink bag so much, i am going to try and search for one :) any tips?

    and those shoes are devine ;) maybe you could take me jumble-saling?! xx

  64. Hi Vix, sorry to hear you are having troll trouble. Some people have nothing better to do. There is a bit in the settings where you can stop anonymous comments without having to put moderation on. Go to dashboard, click settings, then go to comments (the one on the bar below) and second question down is "who can comment?", if you choose "registered users", it will stop anonymous comments. Hope this helps.

    Your jumble sale finds are fab. I had a wasted trip to Frinton today, nothing in the charity shops at all: normally I'd be most depressed, but, I can't be depressed today as its the loveliest day of the year ... :0)

    Shirl xxx

  65. Eeeeeeeeeeek squeak! I am so inspired by your blog..........I'm 30 and have a crazy collection of vintage 1950/60's evening bags etc.....have 8 faux fur coats(least expensive-95p.......most-£5)....started collecting vintage glassware now.....I think I have a good eye...but when I read your blog you seem to have a knowledge of everything you buy...from the material, the brand etc.....need more knowledge, do you recommend any books, sites?

  66. Hi Carol! Lovely to meet you, you sound like my kind of girl.
    My late Mum and Grandma were both into antiques & collectables and I suppose I've inherited their eye. The Vintage Fashion Guild has a fantastic on-line label resource for checking the origins of old clothing:
    Vix xxx

  67. Vix there is nothing more thrilling and encouraging than people who take risks especially fashion risks. I think that you are amazing and so does everyone else who stops by or follows this blog. Your confidence, personality, and style are all out this world. One snarky comment is nothing compared to the dozens of lovely ones. I know it hurts, but this means that you're popular, The anons only comment on the most popular blogs. Don't let assholes get you down honey. I've seen much worse on other blogs. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful heart and a KILLER CLOSET!

  68. Your finds and your outfit are fab as always! I'd be even more envious if my mum hadn't had a good day at a jumble on Saturday and got me a few bits! We have no jumbles up here - one a year if we are lucky, no joke! Thank you for the Vintage Fashion Guild link by the way - can't believe that one has passed me by! I got a book at a Charity shop last week called Secondhand Style - you should write one. I would mention your anon, but I can imagine the frisson they must be getting every time someone comments on it, so I shall refrain. Love your blog. xx

  69. First of all - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you! You look terrific, as always. I'll take the nautical shoes and the etiquette book, please.

    Then I just have to say, Mr./Ms. Anonymous really pisses me off. (And I don't use the P word very often.) I've only seen that kind of mean comment once before - and it was on the blog of another very popular & beautiful woman. Jealousy, I say.

  70. Vix - Keep Calm & Carry On Being Awesome.

    I bet your avid (anon) fan has never had so much attention. As to the 'ridiculous' thing - well I always respond to comments like that with - "And your point is?"- which is a somewhat tactful way of letting someone how rude they are being.

    I never like to sink to their level - I was brought up to be better than that :)

  71. I hope you are ok Vix, I hate it when people feel the need to be mean.
    Fabulous finds as always, I am very much in love with the 1950s raffia bag, and those nautical shoes are by far amazing, very you indeed xxx

  72. Ps - ignore the to**ers and don't let them get to you...we all get that sort of thing from time to time and becasue they have no balls they are always anonymous x

  73. This pair of shoes is simply amazing! And those beautiful little anchors!)))

  74. Anonymous can suck it. Some people are just mean assholes. I can't figure out what in hell they get out of it.

    Love the shoes!

  75. I just ignore the Anon comments. If you dont have the guts to put ur name then its not worth reading!

    Love ur shoes and what a haul!

  76. Went to see Romeo and Juliet yesterday after reading here. The speech below jumped out at me. I just had to post it. Ha Ha!

    Thou! why,
    thou wilt quarrel with a man that hath a hair more,
    or a hair less, in his beard, than thou hast: thou
    wilt quarrel with a man for cracking nuts, having no
    other reason but because thou hast hazel eyes: what
    eye but such an eye would spy out such a quarrel?
    Thy head is as fun of quarrels as an egg is full of
    meat, and yet thy head hath been beaten as addle as
    an egg for quarrelling: thou hast quarrelled with a
    man for coughing in the street, because he hath
    wakened thy dog that hath lain asleep in the sun:
    didst thou not fall out with a tailor for wearing
    his new doublet before Easter? with another, for
    tying his new shoes with old riband? and yet thou
    wilt tutor me from quarrelling!

  77. Dearest Vix, great dress, really great shoes and even better attitude. I love it xx

  78. Ok, those are the best shoes I've seen in a long time!

  79. Any tips for plus ize vintage? I'm a uk size 16-18 and only 5'2" xx

  80. Claire@ Funnily enough I tend to find far more vintage in curvier sizes than I do in my own. I often find pretty size 18's which I send to my friend in NZ. Heightwise 5'2" was the average woman's height thirty years ago so you'll probably find a well-portioned garment more easily.


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