Tuesday, 26 October 2010

What Have You Been Doing Today?

What a horrible dull and wet day we've had here today, just as well I've spent it doing nice things...

Pulling old men in Wetherspoon's in Worcester city centre whilst wearing my pumpkin suede shorts and cherub and dove print silk scarf.

Finding vintage dresses in charity shops, stocking up on Lush supplies and a new eyeliner, adding to my jewellery collection and finding some fab clogs reduced to a fiver in TopShop.

Waiting for Jon to make his legendary pizza with chips on the side.

A spicy meat feast for him...

and feta, chilli and olive for me

 Booking our flights to Goa.....yipee!!

Hope you've had a good day, too!


  1. Hi doll......you look so cute in your kitchen cooking away:)

    Im at work....its been VERY wet and windy here too....have fun on your trip:)

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  2. The first thing that caught my eye was that wonderful silk scarf. it goes soooooo well with your shorts.
    Are you really going to Goa for the winter???? Will you be posting from there????.
    I have just realised that we are both like birds: you scape the cold winters and me the hot summers.
    Do tell us more.
    Un abrazo from a very pleasant 23ºc, at long last, South of Spain.


  3. Those shorts!! Amazing!!
    Oh and the jewellery I can spy....jealous! :) we need to do a jewellery swip swap I feel. I'll get my bundle up and running and if you fancy it then it's on. :)

    That meaty pizza looks fab, I've just had aubergine slices and chips. Random tea.


  4. Love the outfit Vix! the red and the blue scarf go so well together. It's almost 6:30am here my day is just beginning. Those pizzas look yummy!! xxx

  5. I adore this outfit, I love that scarf so much! I went to work (yuk) but reminded myself that I am now down to 37 working days to go which sounds more managable (and also very scary, I feel very 'unready' to go it alone)

    Must be something in the air, because we've just made pizza here too. Pepperoni, ham and jalapenos for the Aussie and chard, mushroom and jalapenos for me. All on homemade spicy tomato sauce *feels virtuous*

  6. Tee hee,pulling old men!!!
    Looking cute as a button!
    YUM pizza!That's good looking nosh,there Jon!!
    Sounds like a perfectly pleasant day,darling,esp with some goodies and flight bookings!!! Eeeek!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  7. What a wonderful way to spend a dreary day, and your orange trousers are just great! I don't know, I feel I'm working a bit too much... xxx

  8. Love the scarf and shorts Vix. Dx

  9. Looking rather snazzy today Vix! I love those orange shorts - they must make you so cheerful when you wear them cos I'm smiling just looking at them.

    When are you going to Goa?

  10. Well the weather sounds dull, but your day sounds lovely. Great orange shorts! And wow, what a deal on those shoes! You look fabulous. And your house is as cute as ever.

    heart: Kimberellie

  11. Spent last night stressing rather than sleeping due to big work meeting today. Up at 6am, pishing rain and street lamps out - grim. In office for 7am finishing presentation then 2 hr drive in the sleeting rain for meeting. Your fab shorts are the first thing to make me smile today - you really look as pretty as a picture in the super-cute outfit. xx
    PS Please don't go to Goa - miss your daily posts too much!

  12. Those shorts are beautiful and look fab with tights.
    Bet you are starting to get excited about Goa... we will miss ya.
    Kandi x

  13. Love the colours in the scarf. Plus, am always jealous of anyone who can wear shorts!

  14. Ooh, love your suitcase, v pretty. And well done on the Topshop bargain shoes! :)

  15. Those shorts are AMAAAAZING! *love love love* And your pizza looks so good. And Goa will be great. And you got clogs for a fiver. My day was nothing near as good as yours!

  16. Love this outfit Vix! what a horrible grey rainy day :( That pizza looks fantastic! xxx

  17. Fab outfit as ever and the scarve is the business.
    Love the luggage case looks wonderful xx

  18. Those shorts look really bright and cheerful, just the thing to brighten a dull day, (I'm jealous because with my fat calves I don't feel comfortable in any thing shorter than mid calf these days :( ) I just looove that feeling when you are looking forward to going somewhere and you actually get the tickets, from then on it all seems real and sooo exciting, but we will miss you! xxx

  19. Thats such a cheerful nice outfit x

  20. That outfit is so beautiful, the scarf and the shorts pop out against the simple black top. Enjoy yourself in Goa and can't wait to see you decked out in your wonderful jewelry and colourful clothes there!

  21. love those red shorts and i'd love to have a slice of these delicous looking pizzas!


  22. You look fab, as always. We will definitely all miss you when you're in Goa. xxx

  23. That scarf is absolutely gorgeous! The colors are striking. :) And those pizzas look soooo yummy!

  24. PS. Thank you for being such a sweet friend to me. Friends like you are the reason I know blogging was the best decision of my life. xo

  25. Wow you have suck a fantastic blog!
    I'm loving that scarf

    xx Black Adder Fashion
    *** GIVEAWAY ON NOW ***

  26. How cool! Your bags are packed and are you ready to go? :) Love the Veg Pizza and your Red Shorts! :)

  27. What a grim, awful day yesterday was. Those pizza look superb. You must be getting all excited about leaving the horrible weather behind for Goa!

    Shirl xxx

  28. Your outfit is fantastic !
    Oh ! Dear ! I adore your style so much !!!

  29. I spent the day trying to decide to pack for my brother's wedding in Australia, there is a heap of "options" in a mountainous pile in my corridor I have no hope of fitting into my suitcase and I have been banned from hijacking boyfriends weight allowance - help! Nine hours before flight time to edit...
    Love your pumpkin shorts! You're so inspirational at combining colours. So jealous of your clogs! I never see anything that nice for £5 in Topshop Oxford Circus.
    When are you off to Goa? Wish I was off for two months like you but two weeks in warm weather will be a welcome break from this cold and rain.

  30. Hi there-what a lovely day you had, looking radiant and stylish as usual!! The pizza looks delicious and lucky you, booking your flights to Goa! xx I posted a pic of the Topshop dress label, I think its mid 70s!!

  31. Damn cute outfit. :)
    And Goa! Oh joy!!! :D
    Lucky girl!

  32. Every time I see those shorts I love them more and more!
    And yay for the flights being booked, when are you off?! xx

  33. I love this outfit, I was wearing shorts yesterday over tights but convinced myself I must have been committing a wardrobe sin, but you have proved me wrong. The scarf is so vibrant and lovely.

    & those pizzas… look amazingly delicious! xx

  34. I LOVE those shorts Vix, so perfect and a gorgeous colour. I really, really am jealous your heading to Goa...and I hope you've saved me some of your pizza, it looks amazing!

  35. Cute shorts!!! Sweet as a pumpkin! Your kitchen is much cleaner than mine at the moment, but I'm too tired to clean it. Besides paying $40 in fines and having a yukky headache, i had a good day, thankyou!

    xx Claire

  36. look at you..your too cute..you look like a spoiled little girl waiting for her dinner,lol
    pulling old men,hahayyy
    oooh I love lush pretties..I have been thinking on getting more..you are awesome finding all those great goodies.

  37. You look gorgeously stylish as usual. And those shorts! I wouldnt be able to ever pull them off, but on you they look great! And i love that green suitcase!!

  38. I am loving those gorgeous shorts! Can't get enough of Wetherspoons whenever I'm in the UK - they even use free range eggs in their massive value fry-ups!
    xx Comtesse xx

  39. The scarf is nice, but I'm crazy about the shorts! And Goa sounds like great fun :)


  40. Mmmm...pizza. Topshop clogs for a fiver?! Woo.

    Today I bought one of the doggies on a walk, got drowned in the rain but I found a new vintage shop just around the corner from me! Going to explore when I get some money.

    (I wore the Windsmoor dress to Lady Gaga last night!! I might do a post on it even though I didn't get a good shot of my outfit. I wear the yellow scarf nearly everyday in school, around my head aswell. LOVE.)

    x x x

  41. Dear Vix, I adore your outfit! The shorts are gorgeous, I love orange. Those pizzas look delicious too xx


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