Monday, 25 October 2010


As I've mentioned before, life's far too short to spend wearing practical clothing hence the total absence of woolly jumpers and flat shoes in my wardrobe. What do I do for warmth during the British winter? Simple, I spend at least two months of the year on a beach in Goa.
Handmade crochet maxi and vintage lace-up boots (Car boot sale), Velvet tote (Jumble sale)

The lovely Margaret from Penny Dreadful is doing her utmost to convert me to the way of all things woolly and she posted some rather fabulous cable knit boots on her blog yesterday. She commented that she was tring to find a knitted maxi dress to cure me of my wool-phobia and I suddenly recalled a vintage crochet dress I bought at a car boot sale last year. Being gold and see-through it can be a tricky thing to wear but teamed with leggings and a waistcoat it makes for quite a cosy little number.

Channel Islands pendant (Salvation Army), Brass earrings (Women's shelter charity, South India)

At a recent jumble sale I stumbled on three pattern catalogues from a local wool shop which closed down in the early 1970's. For an outlay of 20p for the lot it's provided me and my friends with hours of entertainment. Here's some woollen wonders that could even tempt me:

 Crochet wedding dress, anyone?

How about a crop top and matching flared trousers?

I don't know what I love more, the hair, the frock, the shoes or her choker

Mum and daughter matching trousersuits. Don't laugh, Mum and I had these.

Very cheeky
Every self-respecting mod or rocker needs a cardi like this

Pretty in pink

There's hundreds more spanning the early 1950's until the early 1970's. I wish I could handle a crochet hook or a knitting needle.

Thanks for all your well-wishes, I can walk a bit better today plus I'm seeing my Orthopaedic surgeon for my annual check-up shortly so he can take a look.


  1. Wow, some of those patterns are crazy, Vix!
    I really do want to build upon my (non-existent) knitting skills! Scarves and one bag seem to be about my limit so far!

  2. Love a bit of crochet. I vaguely remember having a weird crochet swimming costume when I was little, it had a lining and then the crochet on top. Not a good combo. :)

    Love the pendant.


  3. What an absolute belter of a dress! I love crochet but am so accident prone I don't dare wear a whole dress made from it. I have one dress with a crochet trim and managed to get it stuck on a chair last time I wore it. I got up, so did the chair...

  4. All those pictures are fascinating!! I never knew such things ever existed. Even though they might seem a bit bizarre these days, I’m sure they were more than fabulous at the time!
    I really like the crochet maxi and the pendant looks fabulous too xx

  5. Hurrah!! This dress is amaaaaazing. But I don't blame you, if I could I'd also say screw the knitwear, I'm off to Goa!

    I used to have a bright yellow crocheted top and trouser set, it disappeared years ago but I wish now I still had it. However, I have at least decided now that I would like to get married in crochet. x

  6. Beat the cold by going somewhere warm. I love that philosophy! So much better than layering up with chunky practical bulky coats and jumpers!

    I do enjoy some parts of the winter wardrobe, but ultimately the cold just makes style so hard! xxx

  7. Schwing!!!Work it,you hot minx!!!
    This crochet frock is darling,and you look gorgeous!!!The cream over black is funky!!
    I reckon you could pull off the flares & crop top,babycakes!!O YEAH!!!I have some old crochet patterns too,cos they're so fabulous,but can't crochet worth a damn!!
    LOVE Hega xxxXXXxxx
    ps,I aim to be around tonight if you're up for a chat!!! X

  8. Hi there-what a gorgeous dress and I love those knit patterns too, I was generally in my mums knitted skirts, waistcoats and jumpers a lot when I was a girl, its a shame hand knitting isn't so popular anymore!

  9. Vix in a sweater dress, I never thought I'd see the day! I'm only joshing, that's no average knitted frock, it's a stunner. One of my favourite dresses is a gold crochet number, which isn't vintage but was bought from Warehouse for £5 in the sale years ago. I wear it to gigs regularly with leggings but had never thought of adding a waistcoat for daytime apparel, so thank you very much!

    I hope you aren't suffering too much from your boozy weekend, you are far too lovely to be pickled x

  10. Hi!! Love your blog!!. One crochet wedding dress for me please. I love the Wendy´s one. Besitos

  11. I like your free spirit. Wear what your heart desires and screw the 'practicality' :) I wish I could go and spend 2 months in Goa too ... That would be an amazing life!

  12. Firstly I love the titles of your posts they are so imaginative and 'knit-wit' is great lol

    I love crochet I don't think I would ever have a crochet wedding dress but I like it on clothing and its very feminine.


  13. That crochet maxi is the most fabulous thing I have seen in a LONG time!! You always have the most unique clothes that make me long to go shopping! ;)

    PS. I hope your knee feels better soon and its something that can be easily taken care of! xoxo

  14. Go on take up those needles, you know you want to! I'm well impressed with your lovely crochet dress, I thinks its absolutely lovely. I can't crochet, but I think it would be worth learning to make a dress like yours or that cheeky yellow number! xxx

  15. Oh but I love a bit of granny chic, I mean flat shoes and woolly jumpers, not your fabulous crochet dress!

  16. Hi Vix,love your blog. Must tell you that my Grandma crocheted a wedding dress for her niece in the late 60's/early 70's but it was never worn. Roll on forty years and it is still in the wardrobe as neither have the heart to bin it(too much work went into it).Alison x

  17. Hi Alison - Granny's knitted wedding dress sounds amazing. What tremendous effort must have gone into creating such a thing and how sad it was never worn. x

  18. I used to crochet and knit as a girl though I think I only got as far as scarves. I would have loved to have produced a entire garment. You look great in that dress! Very festival appropriate. Well done for doing knitwear completely your way. I love that you and your mum had matching knitted outfits!
    Lucky you going to Goa for 2 months during winter!

  19. wow, 2 months in goa - lucky you!! I love the crochet wedding dress - something different and delicate..

  20. Love the dress, it looks great on you. I could really see you in the wool pant suit though!!

  21. I love, love the dress. the sleaves are magnificent. Love your handbag, too.
    I have a laugh with the pink crochet number: mother and daughter...that ´s a lot o crochet.
    I have a smile again thanks to you wonderful!!
    Mil besos.

  22. O Vix dare I say I`m a fan of snuggly jumpers and long cardigans and flat shoes lol! I love the crocheted dress, must have taken someone ages to make. Those patterns are great- reminds me of a pink crocheted dress my Aunty had. It was made for her in the 70`s and stayed strong and was worn to a fancy dress not so long ago with long white boots!Dx

  23. I love the crochet, especially the mini dress! I think you have the best idea for keeping warm during the British winter :)
    Hope your knee is getting better xxx

  24. Fabulous patterns - makes me wish we had more like these today. Perhaps a revival is long overdue! xx

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  26. Dear Vix,
    Firstly let me thank you for the fabulous book that I received this morning.
    As a matter of fact I've been in a bit of a quandary of late, pondering over how to redecorate the place for wintertime so the book will supply me with much needed inspiration…. Is this further proof of your psychic abilities or what? ;)
    Speaking of inspiration what a golden find those pattern catalogues were!
    My mum-in-law has a huge stash of vintage VOUGE-KNIT magazines that I love to look through when I'm visiting.... inspiration galore!
    I do love that crochet frock and it would make a stunning wedding dress teamed with a light coloured floor-length full-slip.
    I love that crochet frock and if it was teamed with a blush coloured floor-length slip dress it would look amazing as a wedding dress.
    Two months on a beach, I WISH ;)
    Lot's of love,

  27. Hells bells...I'm not having much luck with the old comments do da'h today, Argh!
    I should have added that I think you look FABULOUS but instead I repeated the second last sentence twice...D'OH!
    You look after yourself my love, take it EASY!

  28. Ohhh I love that. The trouser suits are so 70's - imagine how heavy they would be if you got stuck in a rainstorm :)
    Kandi x

  29. Great dress! I can knit, but I just can't get my head around crochet for some reason.
    Good luck with the surgeon - maybe that will have to be a flats day!

  30. You will not believe what I've got - an original 70s book how to make these fabulous crochet suits and dresses. This one looks great on you, Vix - but asked to decide between a wool dress and 2 weeks on Goa... Easy! xxx

  31. I have to admit I'd be doubtful about a full length crochet dress but you make it work!! And I LOVE that pendant, beautiful. :)

  32. Love the vintage pictures!!

  33. That dress is amazing. It looks great teamed with the little waistcoat. Patterns look fun, love the crop top and trousers!!! x

  34. You look lovely as usual. The dress is divine. I'd love a crochet dress! I love sweaters! Of course, I don't spend any portion of my winter on a beach. Though I am particularily envious that you do!

    Oh, and that one men's cardi, is that knit or crochet? Actually, either way, would there be anyway for you scan the instructions and send them my way? I wouldn't knit it myself: I'd get my husband too. Seriously, he has skills.

    heart: Kimberellie

  35. Dear Vix, your outfit is a million times better than any of those patterns! It's gorgeous the way you've styled it.

    I'm the same as you I have barely any knitwear and one pair of flat pumps. I'm not counting flip flops!

    I hope your knee's better, I'm willing you to be better soon xx

  36. I remember that dress, so so pretty and the vintage patterns! I'm obsessed with all things crochet, maybe one day I'll find a ton of patterns =) xx

  37. Beautiful dress, and I love the way you're wearing it.

    I love knitwear, but really only "interesting" pieces (Bus Stop jumper with strawberries on it, Ossie jumper with cut out shoulders, Alice Pollock stripe knit maxi with puffed upper sleeves....) or plain knitted minis which I can wear with unusual tights.

    I keep getting gawped at every time I leave the house in weird tights. Honestly, people don't have a clue, do they?

    Sorry to hear you've been having knee problems, I can definitely empathise!!!

  38. Now I've got to get out a map (or goggle) to find Goa! I'd like to Go-a SOMEwhere soon! It's starting to get cold in North West Indiana, U.S.A.

    The patterns are fascinating! It's like reliving my college years looking at them....

    I sympathize and empathize with your knee pain. Hope you get some help and good advice (and that you TAKE the advice to heart)!

  39. Dear Vix, in case you don't do follow up comments. I answer to your lovely comment the other day...

    On Keith - I knew there'd be no chance of me being up. I watched it on Sky+ but at the end it said the interview in full can be viewed online on BBC iPlayer, so you're better off watching that.

    On my bedroom - Ahh! Thank you, it's probably the most masculine room in the house! The wall colour is from Fired Earth and it's called Dragon's Blood Red, the gilt mirror I've had for years and the green crystal lamp was a present from my dad, he bought it in the Fifties when things were 100% lead crystal. I'm so glad it's survived my lifestyle all this time!

    On life laundry - I'm shifting the bags out as quick as I fill them in case I'm tempted! Very good advice as always xx

  40. holy, Moly !!!!!!!
    That is the most beautiful dress I've ever laid eyes on :)
    I do admire a great crochet job, but have never seen a long dress like this one !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Perfection in every way, including the jewelry.

  41. Yes, yes, yes !!!!
    Just perfect !!!

  42. well you most certainly work it Vix! i love longer lengths on you.
    i'm thinking we could coin it 'boho/disco'!

  43. Hello! May I ask what you are wearing under the crochet dress?! I got a very similiar one in a charity shop a couple of months ago but have no idea what to wear under it!! It looks gorgeous:)

    Carol x

  44. I totally see you in the crop top and flared trousers, Vix, go for it! XX!

  45. You look divine! The biker cardi's might give me nightmares! I am off my chair over the mom and child pant suits! Hey let's have a crotchetiness party! I will bring the tea.

  46. Love your crochet maxi, I'm liking these crochet dresses - they look fantastic!

  47. Goodness, that crochet maxi dress is a stunning example of what can be done in the medium! And imagine all the time it took....

    I sometimes wonder if embroiderers, crocheters, needlepointers of the past could ever have imagined the histories some of their pieces would earn. The person who made that dress would probably have been delighted to know it would be selected and shown on such a nice figure, with striking accessories, on a globally-viewed style blog!

  48. It's good to see you're open to being "converted". :) This dress looked gorgeous on you ;)
    Have a lovely week!

    Jungle World Citizen

  49. I just LOVE that your 'warm wear' is a gold crochet dress! Simply fabulous and so you, my dear. :) x

  50. Awesome dress! I couldn't chose which kit/crochet piece from those patterns they all looked so funky.

  51. While I just love the mother/daughter pattern, my fave has to be that crop top and trousers one - I almost wish I could crochet... Haha! :)

  52. That dress looks amazing on you Vix!
    I loooooove crochet and the sleeves are just too friggin' cool.

  53. yeah, i adore this long knit dress! it's coloer is so beautiful.

  54. "ay mama is there anything you dont look great in?".I love all the crochet patterns ,but sadly I'm too lazy to learn..hope everthing goes well.


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