Thursday, 7 October 2010

Vintage Rocks!

I was a freaky kid, at non-uniform day at school I'd be the one in Mum's velvet hotpants, perspex jewellery and go-go boots whilst my classmates were wearing Chelsea Girl. I've always prefered rummaging for vintage clothes in charity shops to buying off a rail of identical dresses in a high street shop. 

Did I get bullied at school for looking different? Yes, but once the mean girls saw I wasn't bothered they soon got bored.

When you constantly go out and buy new rather than making do and improvising, you don't get to develop a personal sense of style and you lose your individuality. In my opinion a wardrobe that only consists of this season's clothes is as bland as one of those home makeover shows where the house is full of new furniture, lacking in depth and character. I like my clothing to reflect my personality not Philip Green's.

Here's ten reasons why vintage rocks my world:

1. I'm wearing history.
2. I'm recycling.
3. The clothes are better proportioned, we weren't a nation of junk food guzzlers back then, women had waists.
4. The quality is better.
5.There's little chance of bumping into someone wearing the same outfit.
6. It gets me noticed.
7. If I get bored can sell for more money than I bought it for.
8. The prints are fabulous.
9. It's a hell of a kick when you find a vintage frock for peanuts.
10. I've met some amazing new friends through my love of vintage (Jem, Helga, Kitty....)

What am I wearing?

I won both these Dollyrockers dresses on eBay over the weekend and they turned up this morning (along with a rather marvellous parcel from my darling Jem, but that's another post).

Vintage rocks my world!

Thanks for letting me know your favourite perfumes past and present, yesterday. I love finding out more about everyone who's kind enough to visit me.


  1. Hi Vix

    Well done on more ebay bargains, I'd love to know your secret! (I'm a bigger size than you, by the way x)

  2. Gorgeous bargain frocks(love then:0)!


  3. Beautiful, I love Dollyrockers gear.

    And I agree with all your ten reasons :)

  4. 'I like my clothes to reflect my personality not Phillip Green's' I love that:) you try telling that to the youth of today!


  5. You are so right about the fabrics. What has happened to fabrics and prints these days? There's nothing interesting out there!

  6. Each of those 10 reasons are sooooooo fabulously true!I totally concur!I totally turned to vintage in the 80's;as a goth,there was nothing better than 70's cocktails frocks(black,of course)and the odd Edwardian black velvet number!)
    By the way,you're still freaky,in the BEST possible way!!!
    I'm crazy for these 2 frocks,have never seen Dollyrockers over this way,and it's a great shame!We were a little behind in these parts,I believe.
    Looking delicious!!
    Love Helga! xxxXXXxxx

  7. Hi there-another fabulous post-ten great reasons why vintage and thrifting is the way to go, I so agree. Those dollyrocker dresses were just made for you, absolutley gorgeous my dear! x

  8. Every post is a snippet of inspiration.

    You look delightful as always. x

  9. Dear Vix, you are a girl after my own heart. You never fail to impress me with your style. I totally agree about vintage and secondhand. The saying "They don't make them like they used to" springs to mind. I agree with that in clothes and furniture. I love all my old pieces they are so beautifully made and I treasure the little bits of history that I own.

    I love both Dollyrocker's dresses! You wear them so well.

    In case you don't follow up comments - That's brilliant about the bed! Well done. It's going to look amazing. I love what you did with the other furniture. How fabulous! I can't wait to see it xx

  10. I have just come back from hospita. The op went so well I am on crutches, but not for long
    I could´nt resist comment your post I do so agree with you so much for my love of vintage and uniqueness.

  11. It is better quality, I jst cnat bear to buy cheap high street which is so poor quality when you can get a rare vintage piece for just a few pounds! I just got the best wooly hat off ebay, its a bit like yours x

  12. I'm obsessed more with vintage furniture than clothes but your blog is an inspiration - and now you've mentioned Philip Green's personality, I'm going to have to re-think the situation!

  13. Wow, well done. The green one is particularly nice, though I love the brown beret you are wearing with the other one - it really suits you.

    I sometimes wonder whether people think older clothes were better made because the really crummy stuff has long fallen apart by now ;)

  14. Totally agree. You rock girl and those dresses are fabulous!

  15. More fab bargains. It's quite funny sometimes that people just don't get the whole buying secondhand thing. Last weekend when I was at my mums she pointed out the bag I was using (EBay)and said "I don't suppose you bought that new did you?" When I said "No of course not it was from EBay" she replied with "I thought so you're too mean to pay the full price for a bag that good." The implication being that I only buy secondhand because I'm mean!

  16. You always look so classy and fabulous xx

  17. Grrrr...Blogger just lost my comment! I agree with everything you say, but do find it quite hard not to be swept along by the thrill of the new - in clothes, books, films etc. xx

  18. So right, Vix! Even though I'm not quite as big a vintage expert as you are I've got a wardrobe where I store everything I don't 'actively' wear, and a few times a year I check it and find the most amazing things - clothes from my mum, grandma, aunts, vintage and 2nd hand and things I bought in the 80s and 90s...
    I think we would have got on well in school. There is no school uniform in Germany and my mum often got a nervous fit when she saw what I was wearing to school (e.g. huge woollen sweaters with 20s underskirts). xxx

  19. You are the Queen of Bargain in my books! Do not know anyone who finds such fabulous stuff as such meager prices!!! Lovely outfit as always .. P.S. You would like that book - Bitches on a Budget! :)

  20. I loved reading your reasons for vintage and totally agree. You look fab in both dresses tho I am partial to the green one maybe because of the lace and I think the beret really adds polish to the other beautiful dress. You've got quite the collection of maxis going on!

    You know how I say I learn something whenever I visit your blog? Today I decided to google Dollyrockers, perspex and Philip Green and I have to say you are definitely broadening my fashion world!


  21. You're right about that!! Oh how I love anything vintage!

    Oh, and sweetie, have you inputted your location information yet at LOCATION CENTRAL? It's the blog where you find other bloggers in your area.

  22. Ah I agree with all your points! And I so remember Chelsea Girl!

  23. brilliant post and reasons for buying vintage. whilst i don't buy vintage, i buy the majority of my clothes secondhand as it's recycling, i adore telling people i paid fifty pence for a jumper, i don't like to spend a lot of money, and i haven't really seen anyone wear the same pieces as me :)

    i also loved your perfume post, vix. perfume is everywhere at the moment; magaines, museums..etc. i believe it's linking to the beautiful diaghilev exhibition at the v&a, there are currently a few talks in association with it :) xx

  24. I love that print! reminds me of my latest 70s post!

  25. Hey Vix. Lovely dresses, I love to look different too. Even if I do buy something high street I like to give it a twist of individuality.

    Don't think I've not been dropping by to leave comments by the way, I've been scheduling posts while I've been having a busy time at work so even though the posts are online, I'm not always lol.

    Love and hugs xx

  26. You look delightful as always, Vix.
    Oh, and today's post has some damn quotable quotethingummylines. :)
    'The clothes are better proportioned, we weren't a nation of junk food guzzlers back then, women had waists.'
    'I like my clothing to reflect my personality not Philip Green's.'

    LOL. Sometimes you really wish more people thought stuff along those lines. :)

  27. I was teased for wearing my mother's and my aunt's vintage clothes on a No Uniform day too! There's nothing like good vintage - it literally just gets better
    x Comtesse x

  28. I love both dresses and what absolute bargains =) xx

  29. I too hate to be "herded" into something, but I do enjoy stamping myself on current trends as well. There is nothing like a great vintage find and you always rock them so well :)
    I too was bullied in Jr. High, as my Mom made a lot of my clothes. I wish I still had them ;)
    The vintage fit is unkind to me, as I have no waist (boy-shaped w/boobs). I have had to pass up many great skirts/dresses as the waist was too tight ;( I suppose that's why vintage accessories are my passion. Also, maybe I should say no to the donuts once in a while ;)

  30. A great big huzzah to every reason on that list! I still don't have the confidence or the bargain hunting ability to dress entirely in vintage stuff but I do think I'm getting much better at mixing it into outfits. I adore the history behind some of the things I own now.

  31. very inspiring vintage rocks list! actually, it's very true and more power to you eh! love that camel purse!

  32. Dearest Vix...
    A great big 'Hear, hear' to that from me!
    I spotted those two dresses on eBay too & of course thought of you...well done for bagging both.
    There have been a few affordable Dollyrockers frocks up for grabs of late but needless to say I wouldn't dream of bidding on them now that I know that's your fave label ;)
    What I will do though, is to keep my eyes peeled for Dollyrockers on my travells, who knows I might be able to add to your collection?!
    I can't believe the parcel arrived already, I only sent it at 4pm on Wednesday...super fast!
    Sheesh, it's so late AGAIN...have to crash! We've got a plumber coming in a few hours as the bleeding tank in the loft sprung a leak :(
    Lot's of love,

  33. LOVE your Ebay did amazing....and you wear vintage better than anyone Ive seen girl!!

    Love the print on the dress...and super cute are adorable as always!!!

    Enter my Wendy Hammer Designs Purse Giveaway♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  34. you look lovely as always. the green leaves really charge the green pattern in the dress. the pattern is so gorgeous. all the right colors. you can do anything with this! i honor you!

  35. So, what you are saying is: you have always been spectacularly cool? Even as a child? Yes, yes, you are awesome. And I am totally into what you have to say about vintage (and those dresses, SMASHING!).

    Myself, I like to buy some new, some vintage, some just secondhand. You know, whatever strikes my fancy (and is CHEAP!). I do indeed hate it though when I am wearing the same thing as someone else. But it is usually mitigated by the fact that the outfit entire is vastly different (and by the fact that I am the one who is rocking said same item). ;-)

    You rock everything.

    heart: Kimberellie

  36. So nice.
    I wish I could wear layered clothing, but I'm not tall like you so I would look shorter :S
    Looks good on you!

    Camping on the clouds,

  37. Oh, Vix, I loved this. You have excellent points about vintage, and I agree, who really wants the season's "must-haves" when everyone else has them too? That's so cool that you've always rocked our own unique style, even as a child, you are awesome! XX!

  38. No one rocks vintage as well as you Vix! I look plain silly wearing vintage. x

  39. Oh Vix, your posts are always so insightful and interesting to read. I love love love that dress.

  40. "When you constantly go out and buy new rather than making do and improvising, you don't get to develop a personal sense of style and you lose your individuality..."

    YESSSSSSS!!! Absolutely.

    I do love my love of vintage (!) and my vintage collection (ballgowns mainly!) but my creed is mostly about money not buying style... I make it my POINT and GOAL to always be the best dressed for much less! I fon't care if it's old, new, retro or vintage... for me it's the thrill of the bargain!! AND... vintage here is quite expensive, even in op-shops. When I sell my vintage stuff I do get a lot for them! look FABULOUS!!! I LOVE the first dress on you and the first pic of you!! and your finger candy!
    ...and DAYAM! You looked hot in school!!

  41. You rock Vix. Since I discovered your blog I have been fascinated and mesmerised by your immaculate collection of all things vintage. You are a true inspiration.

    I think I’m so caught up in the history of vintage items. I’m obsessed with tracking down dates and era’s. Also I find it interesting to wonder who owned the item before me- something I may never know, but something I can imagine and dream about xx

  42. Jon was quite the fox! Meeeeeow ;)
    And your black belted outfit if ever so chic, I loooove it.


  43. ROFL @ "I like my clothing to reflect my personality not Philip Green's"

    So true. I dont buy vintage but try to add my touch to whatever I wear:-) I love the green dollyrocker.

  44. Nowadays it's so easy to just pop into Primark and by somehing generic. I am guilty of that, but I just love the hunt when charity shop shopping or carbooting. I love the recycling element, and knowing that I gave to charity too!

    Lou x -

  45. You really are an inspiration. I do so agree with your ten things to love about vintage. I'm going to have to get back into vintage shopping after reading this post and retract myself from the claws of Topshopping addiction! You're not the first fashiony/clothes blogger I've come across who has mentioned being bullied at school for looking different. I got bullied at school for having frizzy hair and for studying hard and getting good grades! Sad how human beings from such a young age are taught to value being part of the herd rather than value creativity and being an individual.

  46. You look fabulous, I find myself shopping more and more in charity shops(need to get myself out of bed early enough for a car boot sale!!)

  47. gosh, this should be printed and put into a frame. once the vintage flu catches you there's no way back to the high streets.



    ps: thanks for being my first follower! :)


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