Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Getting To Know You

 The lovely Christina from Fashion's Most Wanted tagged me with these questions. If you haven't popped over and visited this gorgeous and glam lady you really are missing a treat, not only does she live a life I can only dream of but she's truly lovely and her blog is a joy to visit.

My bedside table

1)  What is your favourite time of day? I'm a morning person and wake up ridiculously early. I do try to read quietly but my jangly bangles and my inability to lie still and in silence totally annoy Jon, who is a night owl. When I'm in Goa I'm up with the lark for a sun rise skinny dip and a sea shore Sun Salutation.

Jon and I at Glastonbury, 2010 - eighteen years and five months together.

2)  Where and when did you meet the love of your life? In a biker's pub back in 1992 whilst playing pool with a couple of Hell's Angels. I was dressed in hot pants and platform shoes with a pint of bitter balanced on the table, after years of being on the road chased by girlie groupies he knew I was the woman for him.
Me and my old man at The Green Man 2010

3) What three words would your friends outside the blogging world use to describe you? Fun, positive and glamorous.

Some of the gang at Glasto

4) What country would you like to visit and why? India. I've been fifteen times and have barely scratched the surface of this wonderful country. I adore everything about it, the colours, the warmth of the people, the food, the scenery....each time I arrive and smell the incense, wood smoke, curry spices and cow dung I feel I'm home and it never fails to bring a tear to my eye.
Me on Arambol Beach, Goa

5)  What is your favourite dish to cook? Vegetable Lasagne, I love the therapeutic feel of chopping up vegetables and I make a mean bechamel sauce.

Me being a Stepford Wife in our kitchen
6) Salt or sugar? Salt, I'm very much a savoury person and can demolish a wedge of Stilton, a pot of olives or a party pack of pretzels without a second thought.

My famous Party Tree and the Peanut Duck

7)  What are your must have make-up or beauty items? I don't spend much on beauty products and only buy what I like and when I need it, and unlike my wardrobe, my bathroom shelves are quite minimal.
The Bathroom

I adore Lush products especially their Karma shampoo and Jungle conditioner and I'm also rather partial to Barry M nail varnish.

My Barry M collection

8) What are your favourite flowers? Hardly surprisingly I'm rather fond of big, blowsy, over-the-top tropical blooms.

A gift from a kind friend

 9)  What do you think are your worst vices, honestly? I've got a serious charity shop addiction and cannot walk past one without popping in and scouring the rails. I can't resist buying vintage dresses and could probably wear a different outfit every day for a year without the need to buy more. I'm also very blunt and honest to the point of brutality, I don't mean to offend but I have a habit of putting my foot in it and speaking without engaging my brain.

One of my wardrobes

10)  At what time of your life were you happiest and why? Now I've reached my forties I am truly happy.I know who I am and accept my faults plus folk finally stop their nagging and realise that I'm never going to get married and have kids and there's no convincing me otherwise.


 I'd like to all tags all the blogs I read with the same questions so feel free to join in! I'm naturally nosey and love finding out more about my favourite people.


  1. Isn't Christina amazing? I'm so glad I discovered her blog and what interesting questions she's posed you.

    Excellent answers too, not that I expected anything less. I love your photos. Please can we have further glimpses into the wardrobes? I'm a tad mesmerized by all the beautiful prints peeking out of that one.

  2. I love this! Tropical blooms do seem to suit you really well. The picture of you cooking is really cute!

  3. What an interesting blog, I will have a further look.

    Along with Alex, i would also love to see more of your wardrobe and the secret to the bechamel sauce please? All my white sauces are disasterous...

  4. ONE of your wardrobes?! Jealousness.
    I love Vegetable Lasagne (nicest meal EVER) and Barry M nail polish. It last at least a week without chipping!

    x x x

  5. I will be answering these questions soon!
    So interesting to get to know you a little more Vix :)

    Lou x -

  6. What is the primary purpose of the peanut duck? Is it really for peanuts? He's quite an unusual character.

  7. I would really like to get to know you :)

  8. Cheers, Vix! I enjoyed this so much and I'm sure not only non-blogger friends would call you 'fun, positive and glamorous'. Wonderful pictures, too!

  9. I love these tag things it's great to get to know more of our blog friends. I refer to people (like you) that I have never met as friends in the real world, I say oh Vix would love that etc. and people think I'm mad :)
    Kandi x

  10. I love posts like this since I get to know more about u:-) love the top in the last pic..

  11. It's SO much fun to get the "inside" view of your house & everyday settings! Getting to know you IS interesting. Cheers!

  12. Hi Vix, i love this post. Hope you are having a great evening xxx

  13. Vix, I adore this post !
    (And I adore YOU !!! You're so adorable !)

  14. OOOOh, First: Your dress is lovely and I too could easily wear a different outfit for a year;)
    And, your home is amazing. I LOVE it. So much character. as I have said before, we settled, and live in a 60's impersonal ranch flat. It reminds me of an newer apapartment (faux white wood grain doors, very square), thus my need to "me" it up all the time.
    I gave up and did boring palettes.
    2. you and your true love met around the same time as me and Rod :)
    3. I knew u would be a morning person :) I too am a vampire ~
    Oh and Milk Dud's are chewy caramels covered in a thin wisp of chocolate. They are a movie theatre staple. Duds, Popcorn and a Pop :)
    I like getting to know u better and am hoping you might oblige me in an interview for my Blog Birthday (sometime in Oct), not really sure. I am terrible with dates ;)

  15. You always look so fabulous. I wish I had your confidence you look so lovely xx

  16. Really great to find out more about you! I am very blunt, but usually to tell people what nobody else has the guts to say to try and help them not to be nasty. I do put my foot in it though, I don't have that filter switched on to tell me what I can and cant say. :-) I also get nagged 'when are you going to have babies?'. It's just not for me and I get really annoyed that there's always this pressure to conform. :-)

  17. Great answers, I do love a good nose into other's lives!!

  18. One of your wardrobes! ha ha! love it.
    Lovely post - love the story of how you got together with your man and thanks for sharing a slice of your life with the pics of your home. (love the nailpolish photo)

  19. This was a great post! LOVED knowing more about you. You sound so much fun and interesting. Love all your pictures with some small details about you and your homely life :)

  20. Aww. I love your life! I love the way you can make any oufit look good. I am slightly afraid of wearing vintage, or colour, ut I really want to rock vintage tea dresses. The 40s, 50s and 60s look so glamourous to me, but when I see vintage shops, or charity shops, I get bit overwhlmed by the choice. MAybe I'll get their one day with the help of your blog!! Thanks you! Hope you have had a great summer! Emma xx

  21. This is a fun tag Vix! I will def be doing this one. WOW! You and Jon have been together for 18 years! That is truely amazing. I am very basic with make up as well. I rather spend money on clothes. I think the older you get the comfortable you are with yourself. I am slowly more comfortable in my skin.
    Oh and about the Kangaroo, I'm a big animal lover too. I get excited when I see roo's on the side of the road. It's sad they that jump across the highway at the wrong time.


  22. Freaky twin,freaky twin!!!
    How fabulous are you?!
    Hahahaha,great questions,great answers-I'll give thses a shot in the next couple of days...and we can freaky twin away!
    LOVE Helga xxxXXXxxx

  23. It's so fab to read your answers. India 15 times! Hadn't realised you'd visited as much as that - guess there's still so much to see and do. xx

  24. It's great to getting to know you more and more Vix. I feel like you are a next door neighbor and and can drop by anytime for coffee/tea and a chat. Funny this blog world isn't it?

    As for the pull you feel for India, I am pretty confident you were Indian in another lifetime. Re #10, you do look happy Vix, like someone who is comfortable in her own skin. And congrats to 18 years with Jon!

    ~Bonnie xxx

  25. Hi there-I so enjoyed this post and the pics too, you and your other half look so happy and how wonderful that you both truly adore each other and the life you lead, am so very pleased for you as you are such a gorgeous gal ;-) xx

  26. I love that story of how you met your man, I think you are even way cooler than I originally thought you were ;) What an adorable couple you two are.
    That picture of you in your kitchen rules!


  27. This was great. You are so fascinating. I think I will have to do this one. Oh, and LOVED seeing more of your house.

    ps. where is your bathroom sink located? (see, I'm nosey too!)

  28. I am a night person..which is why I am typing away at nearly midnight :)
    I am also a bit jealous of your Goa pics...I've always wanted to go.

  29. Hi Vix - just catching up on everybody's blogs - can't believe how much you've all written since I've been away! Quite agree with you about being in one's forties - without a doubt for me, the happiest and most contented I've been in my life yet! xx

  30. This was such an interesting read. I love finding out more about your life! Glad you feel so settled and content with life now. I think a lot of us would love to have your assuredness! :) x

  31. You are such an inspiration; I loved this post, simply because I love finding out more about peoples lives. Again the glimpses of your house look stunning, I’m in complete and utter awe! Its such nice to see a real insight into all aspects of your life not just clothes, (but my that wardrobe sure does look like a treasure trove of goodness)
    India sounds like such a magical experience too xxx

  32. you are amazing! love your second response and the picture with the love of your life:)) sigh~ and great answer on the fourth query. he.. he.. yes, we are biased but so glad you love india. you are so cool!!!

  33. Vix... you are a Goddess!! Your blogging friends too would describe you that way!!... I swear you must have been Indian in a past life!

    Love geting to know more about you, just love your personality and I am a big fan of people who speak their minds, even if it is brutal...

    Your house!!!! I LOVE all these glimpses of decor and style and bits and pices... you have such wonderful eclectic taste! I LOVE it! Also love that peanut duck and party tree!

    I can't cook, am a night owl and need salt and sugar!!

  34. Aww this was great! Loved reading your answers. I love that you are so passionate about India, I really want to go! x

  35. I love finding out more about people - I have responded to your tag in my latest post. You have also inspired me today, whilst shopping I noticed some Barry M nail varnish, thought of your blog and bought a gorgeous purple colour! xxx

  36. I love reading about the people behind the blog. I might steal this tag xx

  37. Great post Vix, loved finding out more about you!

  38. Dear Vix, you are wonderful. I knew I liked you as soon as I started reading your blog. I think I can tell what someone's like within seconds.

    Brilliant answers. I love the way you met Jon! That made me smile. I really enjoyed reading that, thank you xx

    PS. Love your kitchen and the party tree!!

  39. PS. Sorry for taking so long to read this but Fee's interview took me forever! So glad it was worth it though xx


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