Tuesday, 31 August 2010

All The Leaves Are Brown....

Paisley Print Maxi (Scope £5.95) 1970's shirred sleeve blouse (Car Boot 10p) Black suede ankle boots (Car Boot sale 50p) Vintage scarf (The lovely Alex)

...and the sky isn't grey, but rather chilly round these parts and feeling distinctly Autumnal so the long sleeves have made an early appearance.

Our blackberries are ripe and ready for the picking and Jacob's starting to sleep a lot more.

My pet tortoise, Jacob, now in his 34th year.

I'm hoping for an Indian Summer so we can use our latest acquistion for some countryside picnics.

We bought this fab Fortnum & Mason wicker hamper £2 from a car boot sale on Saturday morning

This vintage pendant has been waiting for an Autumnal outing


  1. Lovely, Autumnal post..I love this time of year, the colours, the slow cook food, getting the warmer clothes out and digging out my boots! Love it. Jacob is the best name ever for a tortoise. When I was a little girl, I had one called Ivor and I used to put him into a box of straw for hibernation like they told me on Blue Peter! x

  2. I can't wait for August, I bought my new warm coat from a charity shop so am all prepared for the chilly days! x

  3. Autumn is my favourite time of the year, I love being able to wear long sleeves and layers!
    This outfit is lovely, I adore the colours!

    Jacob is such a cutie! x

  4. your copper leaf pendant is so to die for! i wonder what outfit you'll pair it with.
    & jacob is 34 yrs old! gee! how long have you had him?

  5. I feel a blackberry crumble coming on. Love this outfit. The blouse is gorgeous and the print on that skirt is amazing!
    I had a pet tortoise when I was very little.

  6. Hi there-your autumnal outfit is just perfect and lets hope we do get an Indian summer huh, Essex is really quite nice and sunny this week! x

  7. I used to have a dress in the 70's with a shirred top half very similar to your top!, that whole outfit is perfect for autumn days. We have been lucky here up north today - gorgeous late summer sunshine. xxx

  8. I love ur pendant..its gorgeous. I love fall colors - nature at its best:-)

  9. Autumn is my favourite season, especially when we had a real hot summer. Thank you for this beautiful post!

  10. Hi Vix, i love your hamper basket and the necklace is beautiful. xxx

  11. Have you had Jacob for 34 years? Wow!
    Today's been a weird day for weather - this morning felt really autumnal, but then it brightened up!

    Lovely pendant!

    Lou x - craftyandquirky.blogspot.com

  12. Lovely pictures! I love tortoises, they are such characterful creatures. It has been cold today; I was sat in the office with thick tights and two cardis on - simply wrong for August even if it is the last day! xx

  13. You've now got a great song in my head. Thanks! :)

    Love Autumn, home cooked stews, dusky evenings and cider to warm you up. Crunchy leaves, fresh sharp air...and fab clothes no doubt!


  14. Aw,wee Jacob is so sweet!
    Pretty leaf pendant!! The picnic hamper was a major score-even I'm familiar with Fortnum & Mason!
    Love that blouse...actually,your post is so lovely and Autumnal,I almost feel like I'd like to see the leaves fall agaon..but,NO! I'm gagging for some Summer sunshine!Spring is offically here,and I am stoked! Might just have to piant my toenails Spring Green on the w/end to celebrate!!

    LOVE Helga xxxXXXXxxx

  15. I love the shirring on your top. And Jacob is the coolest pet EVER! Your going into Autumn today is the first day of Spring here!


  16. There is a bit of a chill in the air at the moment isn't there. Perfect autumn colours and a gorgeous pendant. What a fab find with the Fortnum and Mason hamper! x

  17. Dear Vix, another great look. Perfect for autumn. It's been hot and sunny here today, you never know what's going to happen from one day to the next though do you?

    The Fortnum's picnic basket's lovely!

    That's cool you have a tortoise! My dad had one for fifty years called Hettie. He took her to a tortoise sanctuary last year. She'd never seen another tortoise before but she loves it and is very happy. My dad goes back to visit!

    There's a tag over at mine for you. I'm sure you get loads, but if you can be faffed to do it I'd love to hear your answers xx


  18. Dear Vix,
    I couldn't believe the parcel that arrived today...so many gorgeous goodies!
    I have been in my grotty 'houseclean get-up' today...so I'm skipping my ensemble pics ;)
    It's kind of funny in a way, that a get-up that I deem not good enough of daily outfit pics is what the majority of peeps in this neck of the woods wear i.e. jeans & tee.
    I've got more cleaning scheduled for tomorrow but I'm not quite so dispirited about it as I was this morning cause you my dear have brightened up my weak no end!
    I love the autumnal outfit & that copper leaf pendant is lovely.
    Jacob & I are of the same generation…how fabulous, ROCK ON JACOB!

  19. The pendants great with that top, and I love Jacob! I can't believe its getting cold there already, obviously we have opposite seasons but its now so warm kids have already been swimming in outdoor pools for 4 weeks!

  20. OMG you have a 34 year old pet tortiose -called Jacob-?! Forget the clothes (even though I do love the maxi skirt and long sleeves), he deserves the attention!
    x x x x

  21. I really like the paisley skirt and the colors in it!

    Read your auction post today, too! Seems like a lot of wonderful finds! I'm sorry that I sold my dressmaker form at a garage sale. After selling it, I now see all KINDS of ways I could have used it. (I'd found it on a trash pile...)

  22. Dear Vix, thank you for your lovely comments over at mine. This is the last interview I did, I think you'll like it. You'll probably need a couple of cups of tea to get through it... New interview will be posted on Friday xx


  23. nice maxi!! i have yet to try to wear a maxi dress this way, but i miss soon now that the weather is cooler!
    and aww jacob! i have two small turtles too, they are almost 10 :)

  24. Feeling a little California Dreamin' coming on, Vix? You look great and I love the details in that blouse. You are channeling the 70s for sure.

    I used to have a little green turtle many years ago as a child. Her name was...Myrtle.

    The wicker hamper is gorgeous, I've always wanted one just like that! Lucky you!

    Look forward to your next post as always, Bonnie

  25. I think I am officially ready for Autumn as September arrives :) Love Loveeee your pendant. You do get the best stuff at a bargain!!!

  26. Looking lovely as always, vix!
    I so love Jacob !!!
    I had a turtle for a while named Mr. Tur-Tur, but he died. a friend of mine sent me a card "on the loss of your turtle". How in the world she found it, I'll never know!
    I am spending way too much time playing with images. I am gonna start said project tomorrow and will document it. I just put my first photos on Redbubble. very exciting! I hope to do a bunch of greeting cards :)
    It is sooooo Hot here :(
    Sweaty and steamy. That's cincy for ya.
    Hot, Hot, ......Cold ! :)

  27. That blouse is beautiful, must try to make one :) I'm hoping for some warm weather, but here the night frost is coming so clear and cold will do.

    Thanks for the comment on my tunic.

  28. I heart Jacob!

    You look amazing - the skirt is so cool!

  29. Your blog left me spellbound, Vix.
    No really. :D
    I found it to be this fantasy-coloured, AUTUMN-flavoured(yes) discovery! Can 'love' do for now? I LOVE your blog. And I adore your style. Total awesomeness! ;)

    PS. Kudos for your work on the 'A Century of Style' series!

  30. The blouse is wonderful and the hamper is so lovely, I can imagine it can be packed full of wonderful delights.
    I always see it as such an exciting style transition into the Autumn months. Digging out the wools and warmer fabrics is easily my favourite thing xx

  31. Fabulous Autumn look! We still have a bit to go here in the South before it cools down! The coloring really suits you, Vix!!

  32. Congrats on winning the books! And I love how you're channeling hippie look! You look stunning! And the turtle is just too sweet, Vix!

  33. Beautiful...I love to see 1970s gothic-revival things being worn again, and that top is so perfect for this time of year! I look forward to pictures if you manage that Indian Summer picnic.

  34. How exciting to see the scarf make such a quick blog appearance. Aren't the colours just wonderful and autumnal?

    I had a huge blast of excitement for scarves and dead leaves and mugs of hot blackcurrant squash earlier. Oh I love autumn.

    (and I'm another one with the song stuck in my head now!)

  35. you look so warm and cozy. it is still too hot to dig up my sweaters. i am wearing short shorts with a lightweight button down. so llbean of me. i like the gold leaf pendant. i think i used to have a gold leaf pinecone - equally cool.

  36. Wonderful autumn outfit, Vix. I'm not really ready for the cold, but this gives me hope. Or I could just go to sleep like Jacob... xxx

  37. Gorgeous outfit, love the headscarf! What a lovely photo of your sweet Jacob.

    Shirl x

  38. There is definately a chill in the air, fingers crossed for an Indian summer!! That leaf pendant is stunning1


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