Monday, 16 August 2010

Sunshine, Tags and General Loveliness!

It's summer again! If only it could stay like this for another week so I don't have to endure a wet festival weekend in Wales I'd be a happy Vix.
My lovely friend, Reva tagged me with the following questions:  
1. If you won a free vacation, would you choose Mountains or the Beach ? and of course, Why ? I'm a beach babe but I've always wanted to trek the Himalayas so if it's free I'd do that.
2. What is your favorite Movie of all time ? Monsoon Wedding
3. Sent to a desert island for a whole month ! What 3 things must you take? Bikini's not allowed ;) A barrel of rum, A suitable Boy as it's a really gripping (and long) read and my man.
4. I just gave you 500 bucks to shop with!  Which store and why ? The local Salvation Army Charity Shop because it's full of cheap vintage goodies and serves chip butties and mugs of tea, too.
5. What would your life's theme song be ? Why ? Wild Thing by the Troggs, it was playing when my Mum gave birth to me and sums me up.
6. If you could teach a child one thing you've learned, what would it be ? Love yourself, no-one else will if you don't.
7. Who is your Hero ? Michael Lang for organising Woodstock and being a thoroughly nice guy with bang-on hippie credentials
8. And last but not least! If you could ask God one question, what would it be ? Can you make the British Summer hot and sunny and 12 months long, please? 
And an extra, though you don't have to answer. Shaving or waxing ? Shaving because it's cheap and quick and I can do it myself. 

 The equally lovely Vicki tagged me with these questions:

1. What is your dream job? Quality testing the sand on Arambol beach, Goa.
2. What is your favourite item of clothing? My 1970's leather jacket I bought 18 years ago on my first charity shop date with Jon.
3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Still alive, dressed to the nines and having fun.
4. Who is your celebrity crush? Changes on a regular basis but Jarvis Cocker's a long-time favourite.
5. If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world where would you go? India
6. What made you start blogging? I'd run out of real-life friends to bore about shopping.
7. If you had unlimited funds and could splurge on one item what would it be? A flight to New Zealand so's I can go play with Helga.
8. What never fails to make you smile? I'm always grinning insanely, complete strangers call me "smiler".

Still awake? Any blogger who I follow in my sidebar is tagged in return and if you fancy answering these questions yourself, please do. I only follow blogs I'm interested in and love finding out more about my cyber-friends.

Vintage lime green cheesecloth shirt (Salvation Army £1.25), Kate Moss@Topshop shorts (Car Boot Sale £1), Italian suede & leather boots (British Heart Foundation £4.99), Retro Pendants (Salvation Army 99p and 50p), Bangles and rings (India), Vintage YSL sunglasses (Car Boot Sale 50p)

Whilst on the subject of tags, a massive thank you to:

Lovely Lydia at Hooking With LaLa 

The awesomely talented, Sangu  

The cute and fabulous Vintage Birdy and the wondrous and inspiring, Dusk

Ladies, you all rock! 


  1. That's a particularly delightful green. I wonder if our local Sally Army shop does chip butties. Not that they'd do me any good but you can't help your appetites. ;o)
    If I didn't like you so much I think I'd hate you for having such gorgeous pins when I've got table-legs . And where's the cellulite? You don't have any! You are SO lucky. Tell us you work really hard down the gym to look the way you do.

  2. uhuh sister... YOU rock!!! LOVE love love love love LOVE this look, LOVE this apple green on you, wow and damn Vix... your legs...

    "quality testing the sand..." hahahahahaha!!!!

    Coincidentally I just recommended A Suitable Boy to someone who wanted a loooong and gripping read!!!

    Thank you for your answers, I love finding out more about my favourite bloggers and hmm...I just may do this too!! xoxo

  3. Jaljen's right you have a fabulous figure and make everything you wear look great - I too am sooo jealous. I love your advice to a child to always love themselves, working as I do with children with special needs it's such a good philosophy, I sometimes think I could do with heeding that bit of advice too. xxx

  4. Chip butties and Tea at the Sally Army - oh man, I wish we had one! That is just my idea of heaven...
    Kandi x

  5. Ah, those shorts are so sexy and playful.
    I might have to pinch that green blouse off you when next in England. I see you have shorts weather after all that rain;-)
    Ah, to look as gorgeous as you do - am still working on it. lol. Thank you, my sweet friend, for the nice mention and award.


  6. A charity shop where you can have a chip butty and a cup of tea? That is my idea of heaven!!

  7. Just stumbled upon your blog , you say in your profile that you love India , how nice :) have you been here anytime ?
    P.S i'm loving it here , your style and energy :)

  8. You rock yourself, Vix. Love your answers (Wild Thing by the Troggs is on my playlist too and I'll always say YES to sun and beach.) I had a moment of 'this girl really knows how to enjoy herself' when I read: 'a suitable boy and my man' - but oh hey, it's a book, dah!

  9. I love the color of ur top and ur dream job description:-)

  10. I'm glad you read my comment yesterday about getting your pins out! You look fab in shorts.

    I saw Jarvis Cocker on the Eurostar in April. He is so cool it's not fair!

  11. Dear Vix, I love your outfit, that green is gorgeous! The glasses are great too! xx

  12. Love this outfit, this is one of my favorites! Gorgeous, hope it stays sunny for the festival! XX!

  13. Rocking those shorts and boots! I too ran out today in short shorts to grab some badly needed vitamin D. I read all your answers - they were very funny - please keep the pressure up on God!

  14. This green outfit is triggering my green eyed monster. I don't know how many times I have commented on this but your legs...! One day you'll have to share your secret to those pins with us all

  15. Green suits you so much, what a summery outfit, you look great.
    Those Kate Moss Topshop shorts are adorable, there’s a Kate Moss embroidered jacket I've been after for a few years now, but it's never turned up on my travels...yet!

    And I just heart your sunnies. YSL for 50p! Now that is something to smile about :)xx

  16. I love this look! You are cuter than cute! And those sunnies are fabulous!

    Oh, and I ADORE the reason you started blogging! LOL! Ah, and now I must put my baby to bed...he is up past naptime and thus is entertaining himself by looking at picture's very cute. But still, it's nap time!!!

  17. Great answers - haven't got round to reading A Suitable Boy yet, but one of these days...
    Love the colour of your shirt and you got those Kate Moss shorts at an amazing price, well done. xx

  18. OMG,you hot tamale,you!!!PHWOAR!!!!
    Looking superb,m'darling!
    Great questionaire,I'll be keen to tackle one of those!
    I'm impressed that your local Sallies serve chip butties!Yummo!

    LOVE Helga xxxXXXxxx

  19. Another stunning outfit! I love the way you've teamed up the necklaces with the deep 'v' of the shirt. Sexy, but subtle.

    Look out for my answered questions appearing on my blog soon - I love these sort of things.

    P.S. YSL @ 50p? - You're a complete bargain magnet, Vix

  20. I love your dream job. And you look amazing.

  21. Oh Vix! You never disappoint! Those answers were great and this outfit is one of my fav.s so far!
    The shorts are killer and the blouse is perfet with them. I hope my letter to Anonymous wasn't "bitchy", I really didn't intend it to be. I have seem so many sweet bloggers get smacked by someone for no reason, and it can really be hurtful, but then I decided to stop editing my own blog for lack of approval from others ;) and wrote what was in my heart. Now I am kinda wishing I'd kept it to myself. Some anonymous comments are sweet :)
    I'm heading to the library site to see if Monsoon Wedding is there, and I too am a beach babe all the way. I think if I could do either, I'd still hit the beach ;)

  22. Excellent outfit and excellent answers too! Top notch stuff as usual =) xx

  23. You look like a dream, Vix! Love the short shorts - your legs are killer. xx

  24. 'twas really fun to read your answers. I love what you'd do with $500! And I'd love to go with you and watch you spend it. You come out with the best stuff.

    The sunglasses are cool; and you wear short shorts like no other blogging friend!

  25. Dear Vix,
    big YAY for those fantabulous shades!
    I really enjoy reading other peeps random Q&As.
    We both opted for green in our outfits today :)

  26. Your such a stylish woman Vix! You have lovely long pins too. I love how you put colour in your outfits. I need to follow you in the colour department.
    Great tags too. I love how you and John went on a charity shop sweet. I think that's probably the only time Ben will go into a shop with me..a second hand/thrift store. He likes finding old school jackets...he really thinks he was part of the early hip hop era :)

  27. Loved reading your answers :)
    Awh shucks, just noticed now that I'm linked in your sidebar. If/when I got a 'blogs i heart' sidebar thing I would link to your blog. (I read every post hah)
    x x x

  28. I think there's a bunch of us that would like to hang out with you at your dream job, Vix! Great legs btw, and I love that green blouse. Fab finds!xxx

  29. You are rocking this look. I love shorts and they look smashing on you! The shirt is awesome too.

    Always fun to learn about my fav. bloggers! :)

  30. Love the shorts, they really suit you! Thanks for the tag, it's my first ever.x.

  31. great Q&A and i love your sunglasses!

  32. What a brilliant posting...and how fab are your legs?! You are the business, Vix. x

  33. i totally adore the green blouse plus the shorts the make it look wonderful.

  34. Gorgeous as always!

    Your posts brighten my day and I always look forward to teatime. I think I'm living a fashion life vicariously through you!

  35. I responded re. Eat,Pray,Love under your comment following my post. (Should have just copied and pasted it here, but didn't think of it till I arrived...)

  36. Lovee the rings ;-)

  37. Those are gorgeous shorts... and you certainly have the legs for them. You look great. I hope that the weather is great for Wales... especially since I'm off camping this week too! xx

  38. I can't get over how fab your legs are!!! Gorgeous outfit, and fab answers!

  39. Oh you sassy minx! I would probably kill (well at least commit GBH) for legs like yours. Gah, if only I wasn't so short and stumpy.

    And just to catch up on the posts I missed - I am still drooling over your new pendants. What unbelievable bargains! The Georgian style one is just stunning. Envy!!

  40. I love this outfit Vix, your shorts are gorgeous! Have a great day! xxx

  41. That is such a great outfit, Vix! I love how you've balanced the short length of the shorts with the shirt to make it classy and cool.

    I fear the summer's pretty much over in East Anglia :-(

  42. Luuuurvely sunglasses, hope the weather perks up for this weekend!

  43. Vix you look fab I love the whole outfit. Really wish I could get away with something like that. Boots and shorts are such a fab combination.

  44. This is my favourite outfit! Love everything about it! You look so sharp! :)

  45. Had to come back a post and see what I had been missing and woweee! How hot are you!?! Nice shorts, even nicer stems. x

  46. Whitwoo look at you in those shorts .. you look fan bloody tastic m'dear :D

    Sal xXx


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