Thursday, 15 July 2010

Pin-Up Girl

Today's Outfit: 1970's dagger collar blouse (50p, car boot sale) Cut-off jeans (20p, jumble sale), Vintage suede boots (£4.99, British Heart Foundation), Playboy belt , Flower (50p, carrier bag full, jumble sale)

Starting with the kitsch Playboy belt I bought today there's definately a pin-up theme with my car boot finds this week. 

In my opinion old school starlets were definately more attractive without the aid of liposuction, breast implants and lip fillers.

This 1956 edition of Blighty cost £2 and features Lili Berde, a Greek classical dancer, as the cover star. The pin-up publication ran from 1916 until 1958 until it was rebranded as Parade and was intended as a humorous magazine for servicemen.

Inside we have snaps of Anita Ekberg as a slavegirl in the film "Zarak"

Diana Buckingham from Yorkshire.

Some rather risque photographs of "glamorous Pat Williams" and "Muscleman Charlie Naylor" indulging in some "beach games".

These Pin-up Girl seamed stockings and 1950's bathing beauty cocktail glass markers are more of this week's purchases.

I'm sure the male guests will enjoy these curvy beauties dipping their toes in their wine on Saturday evening.

Sadly I'm lacking in some of the assets those beauties were blessed with.

3 Foot tall cinema advertisement for cigarettes we bought a couple of years ago from a car boot sale.


  1. Great finds, I think those cocktail markers are great! And love the flower in your hair :)

  2. I love that belt! Bit of fun isn't it!
    Cute pin-up themed stuff!

    I agree about old school pin ups rather than the airbrushed over inflated women we see today.

    x x

  3. The belt is wonderful. I'm totally with you on the pin-ups - so much more attractive when "normal" looking and covered up a bit. Can't bear all this fake glamour nowadays.

    The blouse you're wearing is rather fab. I do like a good print.

  4. Highly disapproving of the Playboy ethos but the belt does look great. And that shirt! Fantabulous.

    I'm well-endowed in some departments but my footballer's legs detract somewhat from my other features.....

  5. Agree here too with the pinups, were so much more beautiful as real women. I love your brown boots, I am sure I had the same ones years ago and I paid a small fortune for them at the time, I wore them until they broke!
    Kandi x

  6. Love that belt! The whole outfit, actually, just awesome! And I love pin-ups, oh so retro, oh so fun! XO!

  7. ur belt is so unique --havent seen anything like that!! love the boots and shorts combination ...And those wine glass markers are hilarious!!

  8. Hi Vix, I love this outfit, that belt is fantastic! Hope you are having a great evening xxx

  9. I love your outfit those brown boots are gorgeous xx

  10. Love that blouse! Those pin up glass markers are an amazing find! You definately have the legs for pin up!!

  11. I totally agree - the 'work' that stars have now is pretty horrible on the whole. These ladies show us how it should be done. xx

  12. Wow your wardrobe is amazing.
    That blouse is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time...
    I bet your house is a complete treasure trove!

  13. I adore old fashioned pin-ups. Love Diana from Yorkshire - a home girl! x

  14. You are the coolest person in the world. I am so certain. :)
    I adore your Playboy belt. How adorable and fun! And that pretty yellow flower in your hair looks stunning. xoxo

  15. Assets!?My god,darling Vix,you have 'em in spades!!!!
    I am sooooo envious of your pin up scores!G would wet himself for that belt!Too divine!Those cocktail markers!OH!
    Looking damned hot,Ms Vix!Sweet flower!
    Yep,dig those old school faxy minxs,when women were real!!!Huzzah!
    LOVE HelgaXXX

  16. Great collection and very interesting beach games... Nah, you are missing nothing, lady! xxx

  17. Love this post,
    you have an amazing blog!
    Will be coming back heaps more,
    keep up the awesome work :)

    Would love it if you checked out mine
    in your free time and maybe even

  18. that belt is so awesome!! and i love those glass markers! i can just picture how cute they would look while dipping in their toes..rare finds!

  19. my brother-in-law collects Playboy and has every issue ever published. He adores Marilyn and agrees that old-school beauties were far more appealing. I use my real name,Reva, because of him. My family calls me Susie (middle name). He said it is more exotic and lovely and always called me reva, the dear. You collection is right up his alley. love the cock-tail ladies, and you look great as usual :) The belt is great

  20. Vix! Thanks for stopping by Pondicherry Cottage! No, I've never been to India (yet)but I read an article on Pondicherry and imagine that it must be a lovely place. I LOVE your outfits! You are so slender, you could make a pillowcase look good!

  21. Love your shirt and boots and shorts! Esp. love the shirt! You look awesome.

    Oh, and I love vintage pin up stuff! It is so much fun. It has a real classy sexiness about it. A sort of playfulness that is lacking in today's smut. A sort of innocence I think.

  22. Great outfit!
    I have a similar Playboy belt that I wear all the time. I have had it for years and it will not be thrown out anytime soon!

  23. You find the most unique pieces at bargain prices. Am quite in love with the belt, footwear, blouse and those sexy shorts!
    The flower in your hair is so charming, too!
    Happy Friday;-)

  24. Love your outfit. Love your blog. And you're absolutely right about female stars of old - bring back real women!

  25. Vix, I have missed you dreadfully in my time away! Your outfits and your spirit are so wonderful, and today's is no exception.

    I spotted the most gorgeous vintage outfit in a shop the other day, and I thought of you at once. It was so unusual and so different from the high street and I knew you'd have loved it - wish I'd taken a photo!

  26. I always think about teaming shorts with boots, but I never seem to be brave enough to venture outside... I will now though!

    Lou x -

  27. I agree with you...these pinups look absolutely stunning. Alot more beautiful than many women today with all the plastic surgery!

  28. this look is dynamite! i love the belt and the tough-chic boots. you're so cool!!

  29. Hi Vix! What fun this post is! i love the playboy belt. at this point it is pop art! the buckle is so understated that it frames it in a very modern way. i like how you rolled up the cut offs too. a different more refined edge. you look great! thank you for your comments on my rubber necking post. i always think of my friends wherever i go.

  30. I LOVE that playboy belt!! What a cool find!

    Love all the pin-up stuff too ... but especially the cocktail glass markers :D

    Have a great weekend!

    Sal xXx

  31. What a brilliant magazine find! The blouse looks great with those shorts, very unexpected but just right as usual.


  32. AWESOME belt! think everybody is envying that belt of yours...:)

  33. love your shirt and the flower in your hair!


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