Friday, 4 June 2010

Worthy Farm Here I Come!

Hooray! Our Glastonbury Festival tickets arrived this morning so with the added bonus of a Glastonbury article in today's Guardian G2 magazine I got my hungover head into gear in an attempt to create a festival-worthy outfit.

I'd snaffled a shoebox stuffed with artifical flowers for a quid at a car boot sale a fortnight ago with creative thoughts in mind. I pulled the flowers apart and individually hand-sewed the petals and leaves on to a cheapo elastic headband.

 It was such fun sitting in the sunshine with my sewing box that I ended up making three.

At least I've got a choice if the rain holds off.

The vintage "Pia & Paula" Finnish-made maxi skirt was a £4.99 find on eBay last year. I can't for the life of me think why no-one else placed a bid on such a beauty.

The top was originally a 1950's satin scarf I cut up and refashioned.

Mmmm, what shall I create next?

Thanks for all the lovely comments and well-wishes for yesterday. It turned out to be a beautiful day and a fitting tribute to my wonderful Mum.


  1. the floral head piece is just lovely, you are oh so creative.

    i'm glad everything went okay yesterday, m'dear.

    love, jazzabelle. x

  2. You clever thing, those headbands are really pretty and unique! That skirt is devine, at first glance I thought you looked like an aztec princess, wow!
    I was thinking of you yesterday I am glad you got through it.
    Kandi x

  3. You lucky lady - I'd love to go to Glastonbury - I shall instead by a TV festival goer!!

    However my festival turn comes in July when its Latitude just up the road from me.

  4. Loving your Glasto outfit!!! Glad you got though yesterday ok as I know how hard it is to lose a close family member and pick yourself up and go on as they would want you to do x

  5. Fab outfit - I absolutely love that skirt.

    Glad it all went well yesterday.


  6. Oh my that skirt is beautiful, i can't believe it was £4.99. I'm glad yesterday went well xx

  7. I'm guessing that's your garden? Lush! In both senses of the word.

    Glad about yesterday.

    You'll be the belle of the festi-velle.....
    Seriously inspired ensemble.

  8. Glastonbury Festival - is this the famous music festival?? ur outfit is great..cant believe the price on that skirt..its beautiful!!! have fun!!

  9. You're so glam - and your garden looks idyllic. Glasto will be fun - have to admit to only ever having been to a festival for the day, never camped out. You'll have a ball - I'm quite envious! xx

  10. You define festival chic my lovely!! x

  11. Festival loveliness personified, Vix. I'm glad that yesterday went off OK. xxx

  12. I love this outfit; very festival-ish :D
    The headbands are very creative, you should so sell them! You would make a mini fortune. I would buy one!
    Glad everything went ok yesterday :)
    And the scarf/top is a great idea!

    x x x x

  13. That skirt is awesome! And aren't you the creative cat? CLEVER. I suppose no one bidded on the maxi skirt because they weren't "in" last year. But you see beyond trends! You are just naturally stylish!

  14. This may be my favorite outfit so far!!! I too am on a stitch binge and accessory fit. I have some cool bandannas (that are really napkins from World Mkt)to make into tops. I even have a name for them. When I start my etsy shop, I am gonna call them...... I'll E-mail ya it's so friggin clever ;) I'm so bad ;) I'm also high on nausea meds. right now, so better go........ I love your creative spark!

  15. I love this look, the skirt is gorgeous. The bold print is intoxicating.

    Beautiful! YOu must post pictures of the festival, yay!

  16. O,my darling!Haven't you done yourself proud!?Fantastic efforts & jobs done on headpieces and scarf/top!!Feck I love that skirt!!You sooooo look that aprt for Glastonbury!Wish so hard I was going to be there rocking out with you!!!
    LOVE HelgaXXX

  17. That coronet is gorgeous!
    You always have the most unique stuff :)

  18. Great skirt what a bargain. I love the headband too.

    Also just catching up on your posts. the Victorian family heirloom jacket is wonderful and I am sorry for the occasion but you look fabulous and I'm sure that's what your mother would have wanted xx

  19. That is a super worthy Glastonbury outfit, Vix! Somehow I think you were more fashion forward when you bought this gorgeous dress - NOW there would be heaps of bidders for it. Love your headband!

  20. the headpiece is gorgeous! and perfect for a festival xx

  21. What a beautiful skirt! And I love the flower headbands! I bought one similar at a festival last year! x

  22. Beautiful outfit, I love the floral headband!

  23. Fabulous festival fashion! You're ready to go!

    I'm so glad everything went well the other day and your were happy with your lovely mams send off. Was thinking about you. x

  24. Your "candy" is incredible! How intricate yet simple you appear - elegance with "bling" - that's for sure! Both outfits have such energy. I feel peppier just looking at you.

  25. Love the outfit, you look fab x

  26. Gosh Miss Vixen... you are such a fox!!!!!!!

    Actually... you're a forest Queen. Much loved at the festival you shall be.

    That skirt was a steal. Robbery almost!!!

    ...I hope that you are well darling Woman... xo

  27. Lovely outfit! What luck to find so many flowers!
    Have a fab time at Glasto - I'm SO gutted I'm missing it this year.
    Lou x

  28. love the skirt with its beautiful print!! and the top is perfect sexy for the long flowly skirt!!

    follow if u like what u see?



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