Sunday, 6 June 2010

Stormy Skies

Honest Guv'nor, it's been a fabulous weekend here, mostly spent pottering around the garden and snoozing in the sunshine. Typically no sooner do we get a barbeque invite and stock up on the Stella Artois than the heavens open.

Naturally we popped to the Saturday morning car boot sale where I purchased this vintage bone and turquoise wolf choker for 50p. It's so fabulous I planned today's outfit around it just to show off it's complete and utter marvelousness. The turquoise beaded hoop earrings are from Mumbai.

I've no idea as to it's origins, it was at the bottom of a box of odd items from a deceased estate but I'm imaging North American.

1970's maxi skirt courtesy of my bestest pal, Helga, TopShop vest from a jumble sale and my ubiquitous denim waistcoat, possibly the most worn and best travelled garment I own.

Today's arm (and finger) candy:

Bangles from top left:
Silver etched bangle (Car boot sale 25p), Wooden bangle with silver studs (bought in India for a few rupees but I spotted one in Accessorize retailing at £18), Silver bangle with Arabic coin (Bought from the Middle East by my Dad for my Mum in the 1960's), 1970's beaten silver bangle (belonged to Mum)

Silver finger ring (Kashmiri tribal piece bought in India for around £6), Lapis Lazuli ring (Bought by Dad from Tel Aviv as a reward for passing my Eleven Plus in 1977. I thought I'd lost this years ago but found it amongst some of Mum's things)

Jon commissioned this turquoise ring from a jeweller in India for my 35th birthday as turquoise is my birthstone.

The calm before the storm.

Reckon the BBQ's going to become a pizza party! Better dig out my Mary Quant rain poncho and wellies.


  1. Stunning. Bloody stunning!!
    Love the new find, very unusual! And I love the rings so much.

    We had planned the same bbq today (after I spent all day in London getting drunk yesterday!) but we are still cooking on the bbq, just eating inside. Typical English bbq.

    X xx

  2. Your jewellery collection is just fantastic, that wolf choker is something quite amazing.

    It is threatening to rain here, must pop out and feed the ducks before it does. Enjoy the party

  3. Your skirt is fabulous. I adore this colour !

  4. Its great to see your jewellery close up you have some beautiful bits there. Our kids camped out in the garden last night and we swiftly put the tent away this morning before the rain came. Have a lovely night in or out.
    Kandi x

  5. Lovely jewellery! You're very lucky. I've got a couple of turquoise pieces. It's a beautiful stone. Oh, and I'm loving George & Mildred! Have a good night. xxx

  6. You have the best collection of hand and arm candy I have ever seen. The choker is beautiful as well..
    Do you sell any of your goodies?
    Wish we had car boot sales here in the states.

  7. Stunning necklace. Don't think I've seen the Mary Q poncho yet? Hope you'll put a pic on. xx

  8. You look gorgeous. Love your eclectic and ethnic jewellery!

  9. you look wonderful! the necklace is fab. :)

    {no, it's not about birds}

  10. That necklace is so, so cool! I love wolves (:

  11. Has to be native American, doesn't it? Turquoise. Used very frequently.

    You have genuine vintage Mary Quant???? What would I not give for some original MQ cosmetics? Or Biba. They but rarely come up on ebay.

  12. That ring is really something special. I can't think of a better birthday present. Well done John!

    We were at a BBQ today too. It HAS to rain when you're going to a pre-organised outdoor event in summer. That's just the way it is! :) x

  13. Gorgeousness!
    Of course it'll rain,it always does when there's a bbq invite!What the hell,you'll look amazing as is with the MQ addition!!Mary Quant!I remember having some MQ makeup when I was very young....wish I still had it.
    My goddess,that jewellry is super awesome!!!I love every piece,and I reckon that the wolf is Native American too.I especially love the lapis lazuli ring!And the earrings,the most!The blue skirt goes fabulously!!!
    LOVE Helga XXX

  14. You own by far the most beautiful jewellery ever!

  15. I hope the weather cleared up for the bbq - I was at a bbq today (my first one of the year - a travesty!) & actually it stayed surprisingly bright & warm..

    As you know, I'm a fan of jewellery, particularly my rings, so these type of pics really excite me! I absolutely LOVE every single piece you're wearing here - & I love that they're either ridiculously cheap (love a bargain!), or really meaningful & special in some way - amazing pieces.

  16. oh my! i love your jewelry collection!! specially the turquoise ring! its so beautiful!

  17. Hi, followed over from Rebecca's blog. You actually have a vintage Mary Quant? Amazing!
    Hope the weather has let up.


  18. Maxi skirt! Looove them! And a Mary Quant rain poncho? EXCITED!! I love mary quant :)

    Classique chérie

  19. I adore the colour of your skirt - it is stunning!! :o)


  20. Great photos. I really like your whole ensemble. The choker is really awesome.

  21. Lovely. I really need to start visiting more car boot sales. Went to one the other day, though, and bought some absolute treasures!

  22. Did you have nice weather for the BBQ? Your skirt is so beautiful - "Beautiful" is over-used, I know - but I really adore the colour and form - so long and flowing. The jewellery make a wonderful contrast, too. Trust all is well.

  23. I love this ensemble hon! You find the best things, I am in awe of some of the things you find at the prices you find them at. Even doubling that with the Aus $, these are all such amazing bargains.
    ...amazing're the Alpha Vixen...

  24. Just found your blog - I covert that denim waistcoat!!!


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