Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Love Boat

Being a roughing-it, back-packing kind of chick when it comes to travel I've never been on a cruise, but that doesn't mean I haven't got my poolside attire planned just in case it ever happens.

Today's ensemble: West German-made turban (Charity shop), Embellished kaftan (Tamil Nadu, India), Another pair of Vintage Ted Lapidus shades (Charity shop), Pink denim clogs (Car boot sale), Pink statement pendant (Charity shop), the usual bangles and rings.

I'm just waiting for Jon to bring out the cocktails but he doesn't seem to want to play, in fact he tells me that I'm "cruising for a bruising" with my finger-clicking cheek.

This is exactly how my darling mother used to dress for the beach when I was little. Residents of Hope Cove in South Devon never knew what to make of it when she hit the sand resplendent in high heeled mules and gold jewellery.

I picked up this 1950's revolving glass stand complete with novelty cocktail stirrers from a Scout Bric-a-Brac sale a fortnight ago. In it's original box and priced at 50p, it's a crying shame that we've only got lager in the fridge.

Following a plea here's a close-up of my clogs especially for Jenni. Not too close, though, my Barry M Tangerine polish needs touching up.

What a fantastic day it's been here in the UK, long may the Great British summer continue.


  1. overboard! turban in turquoise. people would pass out if i wore a turban to our pool. that is why i love this post. you must wear this out somewhere. please! do it.

  2. Oh, my, this is so tropical chic - perfect for sailing or a cruise with one's partner. Tangerine nail varnish? Ah, images of Caribbean tangerines come to mind. Oh, and your sunshades are seriously stylish, did you hear me? Have I mentioned my fancy for that turban and kaftan? Sweetie, you are ready for the pool at one of the grand hotels along the French Riviera;-)

  3. I love this look, Vix - you totally rock it! We went for a day out at Hope Cove only a few weeks ago - love that part of the Devon coastline.

  4. You've always been creative and gorgeous on your outfits, but I must tell you that if it is possible, you're getting even better!
    I need to visit England, I only did it once, ages ago for a way too short period :(
    And when I do, I'll need some tips about the jumble sales and all those awesome places you shop at ;)
    Here in Germany, the weather has been bad for the last few days, it seems that all we were allowed this year was a "glimpse of summer" :'(

  5. That kaftan is stunning. I don't know anyone else who could rock a turban like you xx

  6. Looking lovely and ready for the hot weather to really begin!

    Was this today? It wasn't very hot where I live... I just wore jeans – I’m itching to wear shorts or a summer dress!!

    Lou x –

  7. stunning legs!! love ur kaftan and ur whole ensemble..u look as if u have stepped out of a Vogue photo-shoot:-) hot!!

  8. Wow you look like the fabulous one who did it in an Agatha Christie novel!
    Poor Jon with your clicking, perhaps you should use a bell instead? :)
    Kandi x

  9. Ah,I love how you took the idea and totally ran with it!!SO inspirational!!!Those legs!
    The turban is a happening thang!Freakin' love the ensemble,tres,tres chic,my lovely!!!
    Those swizzle sticks are too gorgeous!!Gasping for a swanky cocktail!(Or 3)
    Bugger Jon for not playing the game!!!

    LOVE Helga XXX

  10. That kaftan is absolutely unbelievably fabulous! You look so chic and summery and glamorous. Sigh. LOVE!!

  11. Wooden clogs. Pink. High. Gimme. Not that I could walk in them...Hope Cove. Memories. Involving a poodle.

    Very Jackie Collins. I can see you in an episode of Columbo (Colombo??). You'd be the killer. Very haughty.

    Pure class.

  12. Really has been a beautiful day :)

    Check out your legs madam - wow! If I had legs like that, I'd never cover 'em up!

    I'm in love with your necklace - statement piece, that's for sure!

    I live not all that far from Hope Cove - only been there once though, a couple of years ago, on a road trip with some friends - that's where we ended up. Gorgeous :)

    Thanks for the comment - out of the dresses I posted yesterday, that purple maxi dress is the only one I'm actually seriously considering purchasing.. I definitely feel I need it in my life..

  13. I love the Ted Lapidus glasses, I have a pair I also got from a charity shop but they're not as nice as yours! Your Mother must have been a very stylish lady.

  14. From the turban to the clogs and everything in between - you are one glamorous lady. You really belong on an exotic Mediterranean beach. Jon should be booking that cruise RIGHT now!

  15. I have some of those cocktail stirers, or very similiar. No stand though.

    You look so glam, and bet your mum did also. I love the turban on you, and the jewellery as always is amazing.

    Those clogs are making me want some, but I can't walk in them.

    X xx

    p.s thanks for the tanning tip. I'm on it!!

  16. look at you! i love the shoes!

    and i CONSTANTLY get the love boat theme song stuck in my head. you know it is circling in there RIGHT NOW because of this post! :)

  17. This outfit is so much fun. I love the cheeky vintage cool of it! It has attitude! (so it suits you perfectly ;-). Oh, and I can just imagine how you said your mum would go to the beach with gold bangles and all! How much fun is that?

    I hope one day my son has such fun and eccentric memories of me (I am sure he will!).

    heart: ME

  18. Your legs are fab Vix! And that kaftan is gorgeous- I love that you can pull off that turban- so hard but you look fab in it!

  19. You really do rock that turban! Love the clogs too.

    I don't think I'm a cruise kinda gal either, but it's always fun to play dress up! :)

  20. Brilliant!! I do really love the turban. I'm in need of a turban - can you recommend where to get??

  21. This reminds me of SATC 2. (Sorry if you hate that movie! ha)
    Your clogs are AMAZING! They are the perfect clogs. I really want to get a pair but I don't like the ones in the highstreet. I just might rob yours sometime....
    Oooh the cocktail stirrers are just too cute!
    <3 <3 <3


    x x x x

  22. Vix,
    you look AWESOME!
    The turban is funky as hell & I'd definitely wear it, especially teamed with those fabulously chic sunnies!
    I love the cute vintage cocktail stirrer stand...I'm thinking 70s-esque cocktail/pool party with food on sticks (especially cheese & pineapple) teamed a plethora of exotically colourful cocktails containing spirits like Blue Bols & Pisang Ambon!
    How much fun would that be :)

  23. Vix, this is one the best outfits you've posted yet. Love it. Quintissential 70s does 40s.

  24. Hi Vix, I don't know if I'd ever have the guts to wear a turban. They somehow remind me of Norma Desmond.

    Loved this post and your tangerine nail polish. Your look is totally cruise worthy!


    PS - loved those cocktail stirrers

  25. Love Boat, indeed, Vix! You look super glamorous! Your Mom must've been such a fashionista way before her time!

  26. OOOH! so chic! You look like a girl on a cruise to somewhere tropical ;)

    Classique chérie

  27. Just a word my dear : BEAUTIFUL !
    (I'm so in love with your fabulous style !)

  28. Looking gawgeous! That turban is perfect, and those stirrers made me squeal ever-so-slightly. :D

  29. Amazing, you need to get on a cruise ship fast! Love those cocktail stirrers! I remember going to Hope Cove alot when I was little, haven't been for years!

  30. lovely lovely lovely! you look chic :D

    {no, it's not about birds}

  31. Those heels are swoon-worthy, Vix!

  32. Oh lady, you rock this turban! (I just commented on another blog that the turban would be too challenging for me, but definitely not for you - and bless your mum!). The kaftan and pink clogs are just perfect with it. I'm still waiting for the sun here in the East... perhaps tomorrow? xxx

  33. Fabulous look. I think I'd love a cruise - the Riviera would do me fine! xx

  34. Poolside princess! Those cocktail stirrers are just heavenly.... jealous! x

  35. so far im loving ur style way tooooo much!!!!!!!!!! this is nuts and beyond fabulous...


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