Tuesday, 15 June 2010

It's All About The Music, Man!

Reading the lovely Sarah's post about Glastonbury earlier reminded me that we'll be travelling down Somerset way this time next week. I might be a long-time festival-going chick but I'm rubbish at packing practical stuff and having Gilbert, the VW camper, means I tend to stuff him to the gills with all manner of nonsense.

What I can tell you is that we ALWAYS get stopped and searched by the cops. Sniffer dogs, hair searches, fully body frisks, I've even had my bra investigated...dunno what it is about us that shouts dodgy to the boys in blue....perhaps they're Sex Pistols fans, "Never trust a hippy" and all that.

After spending a festival weekend last year in nothing but the clothes I stood up in I'm not really too fussed about my wardrobe. Cut-off denim shorts are always good, they can be layered with long socks and opaque tights when the evenings get chilly, as can super-short vintage mini dresses.

I cannot exist without a maxi dress (or skirt) but I don't recommend that you wear one that trails behind you unless you want to soak up the contents of the Portaloo like a sponge...mmmmm, nice!

As long as I've got my trademark ethnic jewellery, huge vintage shades, a litre of Kopparberg and some fabulous tunes I'm a happy Vixen.

Today's outfit got me a huge discount in a second-hand shop, some free jeans and an invitation to lunch by rather a cute Indie-boy perusing the vintage vinyl in my local hospice shop!

 Psychedelic top courtesy of my antipodean twin sister, Helga
Customised Diesel jeans (Jumble sale), Suede ankle boots (Car boot sale)
Vintage leather Gladstone bag (Jumble Sale)
Ted Lapidus shades (Charity shop)
Scarab pendant (Car Boot sale), ethnic bangles and rings (India and my mother)


  1. I do adore that ring.

    Long socks would/will look fabulous with those shorts.
    You got the legs I should have had! Except you are younger than me. But you got way better legs than I have and that seems so unfair!!!

    Twin sister in Oz? How exciting. How does that work? Or is that a spiritual twin? Nosy of me. Sorry.

  2. I bet you are super excited for Glastonbury! We always used to go when I was younger :) Do you go in to Glastonbury itself? There are some lovely shops including Dilliway and Dilliway (my fav!) http://www.dilliway.co.uk

  3. Oh I am utterly jealous of you going to Glastonbury!I hope you have a brilliant time. You have such amazing legs, no wonder indie-boys are drooling in your wake! :D

  4. Vix, I think that top was made for you - it's gorgeous!

  5. I totally agree, that top was made for you, and i'm extremely envious of your sunglasses...and your glasto ticket!


  6. A camper & glastonbury - jealous? Moi? Yep ;)

    Enjoy - hope the boys in blue are gentle with you ;)

  7. You look stunning, and your mum was right, you have cracking legs!! Is that tan natural?
    Love the rings as always, sure you'll pick up some more at Glasto, I used to make sure I picked up at least 5 new rings. :)
    Hope you have a fab time, I'm so jealous, wish I was going as I could have met you! double whammy!

    X x

  8. I love this outfit! I haven't been to Glastonbury for years wish i was going! Have a lovely evening xxx

  9. Wow - those shorts look great on your fabulous legs. Love the top too. Pass the indie boy my way will you? xx

  10. You sure know how to accessorize! All those rings make me smile.

  11. I love this outfit! Esp the jewellery and booties <3
    You have great legs!

    x x x

  12. I can just see you adding long socks and looking amazing. Perfect way to warm up a little bit x

  13. Thanks for the shout-out, chicky! I'm always jealous of the girls in shorts - I've never had the leg or bum for them but they're super practical!

    I still can't believe you lasted a festival with no changes of clothes. After not bringing enough to the first Glasto I went to (when it flooded... a lot) I'm too scared to pack light!

    So jealous of your camper - a friend of mine used to come in a converted double decker that belonged to her friend, it's not coming this year though and she's freaking out at the thought of having to sleep under canvas!!

    Finally, mmmmm, Kopparberg. :) xx

  14. vix, looking great again. What lovely pins you have. I've tagged you in my blog for a whats in my bag thingy :-) I'm just nosey lol.

  15. really love that top. its so cute.
    wish you a great week

    xx ediot

  16. Arrggh I am so jealous of you right now. It's winter here in australia so no festival, I'm killing for spring/summer to start.
    The outfit looks great.

  17. Wow, you have such great legs, I'm not surprised you got chatted up!
    I got searched 3 times when travelling alone to Florida, what was that all about???
    Vicki xxx

  18. Schwing!No wonder you got a discount,a date offer and some free jeans!Those LEGS!!!Woof!!!
    All in all that is one hot look I'd love to emulate,but would fail miserably.
    We get checked out in the Kombi a lot too.They see G with his long hair,he's in a Kombi,MUST be a degenerate.LOL!
    That jewellry is too gorgeous!!!
    LOVE Helga XXX
    (You'll blow 'em away at Glastonbury!)

  19. the colors of the top is gorgeous! i really like the way you mix bold colors together but not overwhelming ..those jewelry are the perfect touch!! love them all**

    **come enter for my Summer Love giveaway!**

  20. How perfect you are ! I'm jealous !

  21. The maxi skirt tip is a good one! The stop and search routine seems absolutely ridicilous (having just come back from a city where people just light up - and I don't mean cigarettes - in public, it seems even more silly). Your outfit looks beautiful and shows the professional festival-goer. Only a few more days to go! xxx

  22. Vix, I love how versatile your style is! One day you're dressed for a tea party, the next you look rock chick-y, and both are equally gorgeous!

  23. Amazing outfit! No wonder you got a discount with those fab pins on show!!

  24. I'm very envious - I love Glasto, although I've only been twice and not since we moved to Bristol (only really a stone's throw away). Hate the crowds and the ticket price though!

  25. Fantastic outfit. Those legs show off your great legs. Not surprised you got all that attention! x


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