Sunday, 16 May 2010

Vintage Birds

Like a naughty little girl I was sent upstairs and made to tidy the bedroom today. Jon was fed up with tripping up over discarded shoes, scarves and handbags and having to move mountains of frocks to get into bed each evening so he's finally relented, allowing me to have the hanging rail in his wardrobe for my overspill. Now I have a wardrobe for separates and another for dresses and jumpsuits, it's like a whole new world, I can see all my clothes at a glance. He's just the best.

I unearthed this maxi dress from the bottom of the pile, bought on eBay a few weeks ago for the grand total of £2.24 (including P&P). It came with a purple sash which looks a bit too Abigail's Party for day wear so I'm wearing a 50p faux leather belt I found in the YMCA charity shop and hippy-ed it up with some wooden jewellery I've picked up over the years at markets and car boots.

I bought these oversized "Googles" sunglasses, complete with original case for 10p at Thursday's car boot sale . Googles was a West German label and the height of fashion back in the late 1970's. Even as a kid I was sunglasses-obsessed, my faves were white plastic heart-shaped Lolita glasses which I wore with my patchwork flares and "Love Is" teeshirt during the long hot summer of '76.

Remember my 1950's goatskin clutch I bought for 50p at a car boot sale in March? I didn't...I found it stuffed in my basket of clutch bags.

Here's some more of the fab vintage stuff I bought from the seller I bought the hats and scarves from at Thursday's car boot sale. These beautiful ladies are all original black and white framed photographs from yesteryear, I can't resist a pretty lady.

1920's Flapper enjoying an ice cream

Classy 1930's (?) blonde sporting a Marcel wave

All dressed up for a night out

This 1920's bathing beauty has to be my favourite, isn't she a stunner?


  1. Those b&w photos are such treasures!! As is this dress. And that peace bangle too!

    hahahahaha!! My husband gets a bit fed up of my clothes too!! Oh well, tis the price of loving style divas!!

    As always hon, you look gorgeous!

  2. Great outfit & well done you for sorting your wardrobe - & John it seems for donating his!

    Those black & white photos are gorgeous - I'm glad you've got them & will appreciate them, because I think it's so sad that anyone would ever want to get rid of things like that..

    Thank you for your comment on my post all about gorgeous guys :)

  3. That dress is fabulous. You are such a bargain queen, I love it. Also, your photographs reminded me that I have a stash of postcards somewhere depicting the various Coventry 'actresses' who have been Lady Godiva over the years... now where on earth have I put those? You sound similar to me, forgetting what you have and that lol. Life's too short to catalogue :-)

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment and for becoming a follower.

    You have amazing thifting skills and found the most beautiful things at the car boot sale. I never have any luck thifting but I am a big ebayer xoxo

  5. what a gorgeous dress!


  6. Fab dress, love the belt with it.
    Those pictures are great, love the marcel wave, and the bathing beauty? that's how woman should be today, curvy, happy and healthy!

    I've been on the tidy today, unfortunately a discarded dog biscuit is about as exciting as I got!! damn dogs!

    X xx

  7. Love the black and white pics, and your maxi dress is utterly gorgeous x

  8. Loving the dress it's beautiful! The bathing belle is my fave too she is gorgeous! I think I was born 50 years too late - oh to have lived in the 20's and 30's....
    Kandi xx

  9. Beautiful dress, and I love your sunglasses!

  10. I love the oversized glasses. You really do put me to shame with all your fabulous bargains. It's so easy to rely on the high street but there's so much interesting stuff out there at a fraction of the price. Oh and well done on comandeering a section of Jon's wardrobe - what a good'un he is! xx

  11. Love it, love it LOVE IT!!! think you need to do a guide for how to get good ebay bargains now for us please!

  12. You're not alone; I had to buy another wardrobe recently as I had ran out of room and felt guilty about nicking OH's rail as he has suits that need to hang! x

  13. The bathing belle is stunning! Are you planning on putting the pics on display or do you just keep them in a stash and enjoy looking through them from time to time?

  14. Wow you look stunning in that maxi dress! You looks straight from the 70s... What a cool look. You pull it off very welL!

  15. Hi Vix,
    Another fabulous frock, you really have the knack for searching out the bargains of eBay. I haven't had any success on eBay for ages :(
    I love the print & colours...who knew that grey & purple would be such perfect partners.
    The peace symbol bangle rocks as do the Googles, yay, what a fab name!
    I can just envisage a young Vix with her cheeky smile & heart-shaped Lolita glasses; have you any pics from this era cause I'd love to see them!

  16. He is the best,isn't he!?haha!Just as you deserve!Funnily wnough,I live with G strewing clothes all over the bedroom....I'm more inclined to make 1 pile in my room!!
    Those blk & whts are amazing!!
    love that frock,and the wooded jewlellry is a treat!Yay for big sunnies too!I have 1 pair,but I usually have my specs on,so wear special ones that go over them.Meh.
    yes,lets see pics of a young Vix/Lolita!

    LOVE Helga! XXX

  17. Oh ! Vix ! I'm in love with your wardrobe !

  18. oooh i lurve this outfit the dress is stuning i love the colours, omg that bag! it looks amazing

  19. LOVE this maxi, it's fabulous!!
    Also you'ver reminded me that i will have to dig out my Abigail's party DVD and watch again, Top Up Tony?!

  20. the dress is absolutely perfect! you look gorgeous, my dear!

  21. Hello's oh how your comment made me chuckle, so gald I'm not the only one who does phone doodles haha.
    By the by, that dress is super cool, it suits you so so well, a long dress would just drown me!
    have a great day ;)
    prettyneons X

  22. wow really, the same one from online store sophistix in singapore! :O
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  23. If I could steal your wardrobe, I would.

    I can't begin to describe how amazing it is to clean/tidy/organize your wardrobe after a long time and suddenly find all these treasures you'd forgotten about, get rid of the junk you no longer like, and suddenly be able to see everything! It must have been such fun for you!

  24. what a gorgeous dress!

  25. My Mr always has a go at me for my messyness when it comes to my clothes! Love that maxi


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