Saturday, 27 March 2010

Things Making Me Smile Today....


....Painting my toenails sunshine yellow.

A delivery from Lush.

Planting my spring windowboxes.

Jacob enjoying a post-hibernation lettuce.

Evidence of spring in the garden.

A pile of unread books.

An award by the fabulous Sabine!

What's making you smile?


  1. Your yellow toenails definitely make me smile - and right now, it's our grandkids that make me smile. They say the funniest things! (Such as "I want a new mom". "Why?" I asked. "Because my old mom doesn't let me do everything I want.")

    The thought of getting out tan and khaki skirts makes me skies and sunny days make me smile.

    Finding a new Adrianna Trigiana book on the library shelves yesterday REALLY made me smile!

  2. Ohh what brand is the yellow nail polish? it looks so summery gorgeous

  3. Playing on the beach with the Aussie has made me smile today. I'm loving the yellow toes and happy lettuce to Jacob

  4. Fab nails, yellow is definately an instant happy colour!

  5. what pretty feet...that colour is fab, would have gone well with my tights today.

    I'm smiling because spring is neary here and it's been a long time coming!

  6. You make me smile,sweetheart!!
    That yellow nailpolish is FABBO!!! Mine are in need of painting,I might do them blue!
    What else makes me smile?The thought of flannelette sheets and snuggling,crumpets and roast dinners during the coming winter....cuddley Boris,G amn when he is rumpled and sleepy in the morning,FROCKS!!!!
    LOVE Helga XXX

  7. Your toes make ME smile! I love that sunny yellow shade.

    Other things making me smile today include the DKNY bag I snaffled for 99p at the charity shop, my lovely boyfriend who's currently redesigning my blog and my lovely preggers friend who brought a big stack of magazines round for me to read. :)

  8. I bought bright yellow nail varnish the other day, because it was 50p & it reminded me of Summer, & now I'm tempted to do my toenails with it!

    I can see why all these things are making you smile - nice post :)

  9. Flowers, sunshine and a great big lie in. Bliss.

  10. l have been reading your blog for ages.....its has really opened my eyes lol..... its fab it would be great if you could start this week with a blog run down to your do you manage to pick out which clothes you take with you? how do you pack your clothes? what things do you leave to the last minute.....hope you have a great fun time away xxx

  11. Love that yellow nail polish! And great pic of Jacob, too x

  12. Hi there-cute tootsies my dear!! I'm easing into Sunday very gently and am smiling because its nice to just relax and chill for the moment! Have a nice day too!


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