Friday, 26 March 2010

Name Dropping

 Trying to cheer up yet another wet saturday afternoon I browsed eBay and spotted this "Dollyrockers by Sambo" skirt. My heart beat rapidly, I went hot all over and my palms were clammy, not only my dream label and colourway but in my size, too! 

As we were off out for the night I popped a snipe in for my maximum bid. I could hardly think of anything else all evening and the minute we got back in the house, even in my inebriated state, I raced to check the computer. I never for a moment thought that nobody else would bid on it and I'd win it for 99p!!!!

It turned up this morning, every bit as beautiful and perfect as I'd hoped and it's so coming to Goa with me next week. We grasped a rare break in the rain to rush outside and take a few snaps in the wilderness we call our garden.

I'm wearing the skirt with my trusty denim waistcoat, a ribbed vest and some beaded earrings I picked up from the Auroville Ashram in Pondicherry, India.

I spotted these fab shoes in the window of a charity shop in town earlier, labelled "Bruno Magli" and priced at £3 I'd have been mad not to, quite frankly!

If you're ever in need of information on a vintage clothing label you can't get do much better than
consult this useful website. Thanks for the top tip, Jem.

Tonight's plans have been scuppered as our fab friend, Adrian's gone down with the lurgy for his birthday so it looks like a night in with another of my favourite labels, Bacardi.

Have a fab night!


  1. You and your bargains lady. I need some of your luck!

  2. What a great skirt Vix! Isn't it satisfying when you get what you want at a great price. :)

  3. Looking gorgeous in these photos! Love that print on the skirt.
    Ah the vintage label of Barcardi...perfect! :)

    X xx

  4. Hi there-wishing you a lovely night in my dear, the skirt looks positively stylish and gorgeous on you, great ebay find indeed!

  5. Congrats, its lovely! And for 99p !

  6. Beautiful skirt, perfect for your indian summer!

    Have a lovely friday night! :D

  7. What a lovely skirt with a fab price. Your garden looks like somewhere to be explored! x

  8. Gorgeous skirt, i love it with the tights too :)

  9. Hey, loving the skirt what a bargain, but frankly I've just consulted my vintage bible and discovered that the Bruno Magli shoes are an even bigger bargain. Well done you. I love them too, very elegant. I bet Goa will be amazing! x

  10. Beautiful skirt, at a ridiculously good price - can't go wrong!

    The weather where you are looks much brighter than what we've had all day - I know you said you went out in a quick break in the rain, but it's not stopped here today! Wet, grey & miserable ALL day.

    Thanks for the comment - I don't feel smug as such, but I do feel lucky that actually I am valued at work.. Yes, to the extent that they won't let me leave!

  11. gorgeous outfit and great blog too! :)

  12. Gorgeous skirt Vix. I really like the long vest and short waistcoat as well, such a flattering length and shape.

  13. I adore the lovely print & the colours of your for the price, well Vix, what can I say, 99p for that beauty is amazingly cheap!
    Great laidback hippie chic outfit too!
    When I first started buying second hand/vintage, I didn't have the first clue about different designers etc, I would just buy the things that I fell for.
    I still do that but I have to admit that since discovering 'The Vintage Fashion Guild' & its thoroughly marvellous label resource I do peek more frequently at the garment labels.
    It’s not so much that I care about an item being by a well-known designer as such but I really like the notion of owning something that was originally bought from a swinging 60s groovy Carnaby Street boutique & might have been worn by a Twiggy wannabe ;)
    To be absolutely truthful, if I did happen to stumble upon a vintage 'Holy Grail' like an Ossie Clark dress for instance, I’d probably sell it on…I can’t get over how much cash those bad boys fetch on eBay…it's a bit bonkers!

  14. Dollyrockers!Woohoo!It is divine,darling!!!Great colours,and you will look lovely swanning around Goa in it!!!Perfecto!!
    Love the shoes!!
    Barcadi is a celebrated label indeed!I like it with pineapple juice,myself.Last night I got terribly fond of the Bombay Sapphire label.A little too fond.Bit sorry for myself today......!!
    LOVE Helga XXX

  15. Beautiful skirt, and I love the color combination of your outfit :)

  16. Perfect for a trip to Goa I think. Make mine a Cuba Libre :)

  17. Oh Vix, you're such a treat for the eyes! I adore this skirt and with the faded denim waistcoat, it just POPS! Fab, fab, fab. xx

  18. perfect for Goa, you lucky thing!
    I'll be staying in with my favourite label tonight as well 'Gordon's Dry'!!
    Have a great weeknend

  19. Beautiful skirt and what a bargain! When do you go away? I can't believe it has come around already xx

  20. Love that skirt - it's such a great feeling when you get something on eBay for far less than your max bid, isn't it? Fab shoes, too x


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