Sunday, 21 March 2010

More Jumble Sale Finds

As promised here's a few more of the vintage treasures we unearthed at yesterday's jumble sale. The most expensive item (the tin trunk) cost 50p.

A trio of leather clutch bags in metallic shades.

This gorgeous linen tablecloth featuring crinoline lady and hollyhock embroidery is typical of the 1930's.

Three pretty rose print coasters which bizarrely match the placemats we bought from the last Scout jumble sale.

A lockable tin trunk which is already packed with our VW camper tool set ready for our next trip.

English-made 1960's "Snow Maids" leather boots complete with boot shapers and my size, too! Also a 1950's era Danish Viking in wood.

A groovy 1970's fringed bed cover which fits our bed rather splendidly. There were three of these in various colourways, all in perfect condition.

We bought this 1950's plaster head from a car boot sale last year for a quid. After consulting various books we discovered she was originally a table lamp. Jon managed to snaffle a lamp and a vintage shade yesterday and she's now restored to her former glory.

Thanks for coming back for a second instalment.
I've had a few requests for more photos of our garden so if the weather stays dry enough to mow the lawn I'll try and do a post later in the week.


  1. Oh this are brilliant. I've been lusting after a bust lamp for ages!

    And how amazing you found the coasters to match! Thats serendipity for you! x

  2. The lockable trunk is utter perfection - I saw one very similar in Ikea the other week, for £40! Will definitely keep my eye out as we need one to store our various quilts and blankets!

  3. The trunk is just wonderful and the boots are lovely!

    What colours were the other two bedspreads?

  4. I love these pictures of your "finds"! Congratulations! I think you have a great eye for good "stuff". I would have been happy with any of them--especially the tin trunk and the bed cover!

    My excursion on Saturday was not NEARLY as successful as yours! I handled a few things and put them back and now wish I'd bought the vintage oil painting. Oh well. Next time.

  5. Do you ever have a bad jumble? Or can you always find something special?
    Yet again, amazed at your finds!
    Vicki xxx

  6. Amazing bits again! I love the clutches and the trunk too xx

  7. What lovely finds, you certainly have an eye for picking out amazing things! x

  8. That lamp is made out of my dreams.

  9. I so love to see your bargains! FAB lamp x

  10. how gorgeous. these pieces are for keeps. love the lamp, it's epic.


  11. amazing ......................great finds ....l will really like to see a post about your fab amazing bathroom :) why u choose the things u have in there and ur bath lol

  12. You guys seem to be an outrageously well-matched couple!
    I wish my hubby shared my love for car boot sales but alas he doesn’t and as for restoring things to their former glory & general DIYing around the house; well to put it mildly, it is not my hubby’s forte nor is it his devotion.
    I suppose my unhinged enthusiasm is enough for the pair of us ;)
    I love every single one of your jumble finds!
    The bedspread is divine & I really can’t get over how awesomely awesome that lamp is, you really are a superlatively skilful jumble sale aficionado…
    I hereby crown thee -
    The Queen Vix of the Jumble.

  13. O,the Divineness that is Queen Vix of the Jumble!!I worship at your altar!!!
    Love and nibbles,HelgaXXX

  14. I too am envious of you and your OH's shared love, mine isn't interested at all and thinks carboots/jumble sales etc are full of tat :(

    Love the lamp :)

  15. Hi there-wow, the trunk is an awesome find, I so want one too, LOL!! Love your other finds, especially the boots-you are most certainly the best at bargains at the jumbles, Lucky you indeed!! Have a great week ahead my dear!!

  16. Oh I adore the lamp, she is really rather splendid. Some fine fine bargain hunting xx

  17. The lamp looks really cool, and love those metallic clutches. Great finds!

  18. Well done on your finds, Vix, I was sorely disappointed at the car boot I braved yday morning, but your posts are continuing to inspire me to try again!!

  19. You're definitely a vintage expert. I wouldn't know where to start. Love your finds, the lamp is so funny and special.

  20. I really love the clutch bags..though of course all your finds are fantastic!

  21. Looks like you found yourself a lot of goodies. I like the bags, tablecloth and coasters but the lamp.... A little disturbing to me. I don't quite like sticks sticking out of someone's heads. Nevertheless, still good.

  22. Thanks all!
    Alex - the other bed covers were a brown and orange combo and a beautiful lime green, pink and turquoise (poss my fave).
    Vicki - There's loads of jumbles held round here each weekend. I only go to the ones I know are good, Scouts and Catholic churches are always well-supported.
    Queenie and Jem - I am so lucky we share a love of kitsch and vintage clothes. Past relationships were at a loss to understand my passion.
    Char - Still a bit early for boot sales as it's still mainly hardcore sellers. Give it another month and there'll be bargains galore...promise.
    The lamp is epic, I love her!
    Ps Thanks for the request! A bathroom post will be forthcoming very soon!


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