Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A Little Ray Of Sunshine

  Dress (Car Boot sale), Boots (River Island), Jewellery (India), Gold Disc (my talented boyfriend), 1960's Kitsch prints (Car Boot sale), Gilt Mirror (retrieved from a skip)

An otherwise dull, cold and grey mid-week morning was transformed by an award from the lovely Sharon at My Style-Thrifting , Fashion and Me. As part of the tag I have to share a fantasy bag. Here's one I already own and love to bits.

Tooled leather saddle bag (Salvation Army 99p)

I was thrilled to discover that my favourite car boot sale re-opens tomorrow so I've packed my booting essentials ready for an early start.
Woolly hat, tape measure, tissues, lip balm, purse with plenty of small change, Stratton compact, fold-up shopping bag.
Jon's cracking on with the staircase, the steps are now rubbed down and stained Jacobean Oak and the risers are papered with some vintage wallpaper from my collection.


I'd forgotten about this dress I picked up at the end of the car boot season. I spotted the vibrant print and the ILGWU label and asked the stall holder how much his clothes were. He replied £5, which I thought reasonable for a bonafide hippy frock, only to discover that he meant the entire contents of his stall!

Bargainacious - hope I do as well tomorrow.

Early-ish night for me then. An early Vix catches the bargains.

Oh yes, I mustn't forget to tag four lovelies who haven't got any awards yet. Come on ladies, share your bag of choice and the contents.


  1. Vix, that dress is The Awesome. It deserves its capitalisation. It is fab!

    I'm also dying with envy because of that staircase. Amazing stuff!

  2. Car boots on a thursday?! That is my idea of heaven! Mid-week car boots should definitely be the way forward.

    I hope you get some lovely goodies! The stair look wonderful btw, very talented man you have there.

    And beauty of a dress!

  3. I love that dress, truly madly deeply!!

  4. Stunning dress Vix, you look decidedly glowing today & altogether wonderful!
    I love what Jon's done with the staircase, what a brilliant idea to paper the risers...very effectful!
    Have a fab time at the car boot sale, I have no doubt you'll bag some fantastic stuff.

  5. That is such a great bona fide hippy dress for sure! Oh, and I love love your stairs!!!

    <3 Kimberellie

  6. Oh how much glorious stuff to comment on in this post?

    The dress is just all kinds of marvellousness and the staircase is just wonderful. Clever Jon, he's done a great job with it.

    And thank you ever so for the award :) I have no idea what to do with tags but I'll go and puzzle it out now.

    May I be nosy and ask what the gold disc is for?

  7. Your stairs look amazing. I love the paper & I've never seen stairs done like that, what a clever idea!

    Good luck at the carboot tomorrow :)

  8. Gorgeous collection of goodies - especially the leather bag the pattern on it is gorgeous!

  9. That dress is gorgeous. Car boots can be fantastic x

  10. Vix, you are fabulous and so pretty ! Your dress is just perfect! I adore your wardrobe !

  11. That is one hell of a frock!!!A ray of fabulousness!!!
    J is doing a lovely job of that staircase,and I'm loving the wallpaper!That would look rather nice in my sewing/dressing room!!!
    Thanks for the tag,I shall have to give some thought to it-will it be a fantasy bag I already have,or one I desire?Hmmmmmmmmmm.
    Helga XXX

  12. I absolutely adore you. I just need you to know that. You are one of my favorite bloggers ever. This fabulous and gorgeous dress just validates that! You look so lovely in it. I also am freaking out over that bag and your staircase. :)

  13. Hi there-looking so lovely as usual, a really fabulous bargain dress!! lucky you with the boot sales, I cannot wait for them to restart around my way-looking forward to seeing your bargains later!!

  14. Wow I adore your stairs!! They are beautiful.
    And that dress is gorgeous.
    The fantasy bag is stunning, I have a leather satchel style bag my nan gave me years ago, might have to take a pic to show you.

    X xx

  15. love the idea of the stairs! very unique!

  16. The dress is beautiful, and what a creative way to decorate stairs! Congrats on the award :)

  17. Sounds like the dress is a keeper, then! Sound go down a treat come the festival season.
    Thanks for all your lovely comments, I've just noticed that I've got 100 followers!!!!

  18. I'm not at all surprised you've got 100 followers, your blog is fantastic =)

    The dress is absolutely stunning and I'm in love with that wallpaper. The best wallpaper I ever saw is the Dolly Parton wallpaper in the ladies' at the Deaf Institute in Manchester.

    Thank you for the award xx

  19. I love this outfit !
    I'm jealous about your wild jacket ! So beautiful !


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