Thursday, 11 February 2010

Shady Lady

I admit to an ever increasing collection of over-sized sunglasses. Vintage or modern, designer or high street, as long as they cost under a fiver I don't really care. There's everything here from vintage YSL, Dior and Gucci through to Matalan, M&S and River Island.

A few of my favourite finds:

Red & white 1980's shades - Salvation Army 25p

Huge YSL 1970's specs - Car Boot Sale 50p

Purple Coccinelle sunglasses - Oxfam £3.95

Massive orange framed bins - 99p Car Boot Sale

Skinny jeans (Car boot), Grapevine blouse (TopShop), Otto Glanz belt and Renata "Couture" shoes (Charity shop), Jewellery (Thrfited)

Jeans? twice in a week? Unheard of. I must be ill.


  1. Awww, what a cute collection!, are they real vintage diors/ysl' you have an eye for a bargain, x

  2. I love the 1st pair..the ones with gold rims, all lovely

    :) G

  3. Oh I really wish there were better car boots / any jumble sales around here!!
    Can't wait for the sun to come back to us so that I can accessorise with some lovely sunnies...
    Thank you for your lovely comments as ever :)

  4. I love the pair, top row, end right. Lovely colour.
    But what a collection! I love sunnies, however so does the dog and for fear of her eating yet another pair it's Primark all the way for me.

    Nice outfit aswell, jeans twice in a week but worn really differently, that's ok to me! Hope you are feeling better?

    X x

  5. wow, what a collection! love your outfit x

  6. the glasses are all wonderful, i love the huge YSL ones :)

  7. the YSL ones are truly amazing! and I keep sneaking glimpses of your house in the background of your pics and it really does look like my dream house! The cushions! Please show us them soon! :)

  8. you are rocking the sunglasses! love it!
    i am in need of a new pair of sunnies...perhaps retro Ray Bans!
    xoxo alison

  9. Such amazing sunglasses! I'm so, so jealous because sunglasses are a real expense for me - I have to have prescription lenses fitted, which means the frames must be flat rather than curved and really good quality. I've spent £200 on sunglasses (including the lenses, which are £100 alone!) in the past so I only have two pairs. I'd love to have such an extensive collection. Look at those YSLs!

  10. I really miss carboot sales! Must get to some this summer.. I love the look of your decor too :o)

  11. The rainbowy ones on the top row are amazing! (I'm nothing if not predictable)x

  12. Middle top rainbows are my faves there. I love sunnies and get them out whenever I can. I only buy cheapies as I lose them or break them.

    @jen - my hubby has the same problem. Could you get disposable contacts and buy normal sunnies?


  13. another awesome outfit,I totally love your style, those shoes are so gorgeous.

    p.s you really suit oversized sunglasses, what a fab collection xx

  14. I have the same problem as Jen, only I can't quite afford any prescription sunnies. So I only don my one pair of Jackie O's when it doesn't matter that I'll be a bit blind (usually when blind drunk!) I turn into such a poser when I put them on, they have some kind of evil enchantment over me.

    Are those the cushions you were talking about making the other day? They look wonderful.

    Also, any chance of some wardrobe pics? I do love the glimpses into your amazing house.

  15. i'm jealous of all your glasses. :)

  16. I used to love sunglasses, but now I'm wearing glasses and not contacts, I can only wear them when I don't mind being a bit blind (ie, not when trying to walk about or cross the street.)

    I like the blouse, it looks great with those turned-up jeans.

  17. I am slowly building a collection of sunglasses myself. Hubby asks me why I need so many pairs - they just don't understand do they?

    I only ever pay less than a fiver for them too. I picked up a lovely pair at the car boot for just 10p - at that price how could I resist?


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