Monday, 8 February 2010

The New Lady In My Life


Regular readers may have noticed my love for all things kitsch, especially vintage framed prints of pretty ladies. My lovely friend, Jacqui found this beauty in the loft of her new house and immediately thought of me.


I think she'll be very happy with me and the rest my collection.

Skinny jeans, suede jerkin, hide belt and 1930's silk scarf (all car boot buys), Ankle boots (Local market), Chartreuse top (TopShop), Jewellery (Thrifty finds)


  1. Loving the bright yellow on you! And that is a lovely pretty lady you have there, the pink dress she is wearing is enviable!

  2. The jerkin is back! LOVE that thing!

    How kind of your friend to think of you when she found such a wonderful picture. I think it'll fit right in alongside your other beauties!

  3. amazing find! and great outfit as ever x

  4. I can't believe she found that in her loft!
    I found a dead pigeon in ours. :(

    Love that belt, and the jerkin is fab.

    X x

  5. love the outfit!

  6. amazing! I love it, and the lady above your bed i think it was. I wish i had more wall space for things like this!

  7. This painting is so perfect for yoU!!!! I love your brown vest, it is a great length and the buckles are such an amazing detail ;)

  8. Aw that was so nice of your friend, and that will fit in so well in your house! I love the colour of your top and your boots!

  9. Once again a fabulous outfit- you have such a great style you make it look too easy! What great find that painting is- there was only some old roller boots in our loft when we moved in lol xx

  10. Love the fasteners on the waistcoat! That picture will look fantastic in your house =) x


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