Sunday 21 February 2010

About Last Night

What I wore last night. 

The dress is another from my stash of 11 vintage shifts I found at a jumble sale this week. To be honest I'm not a lover of pink and despite my high heels and long hair I'm not what you'd call a girly-girl. Chocolate and cupcakes don't float my boat, I can't get interested in chick-lit or rom-coms and I'm more comfortable with a pint of real ale down the pub than a glass of the bubbly stuff in a city centre wine bar.


I played down the colour of the dress by going overboard with the turquoise accessories. The bag was a hand-made gift from a talented friend and the shoe boots are Dune seconds from a stall on my local market.

The cost of the outfit?
Vintage 60's dress - 20p
Shoe boots - £7
Vinyl gloves - 99p
Tights - Gift
Bag - Gift
Earrings - 60p

Total - £8.79

Thanks for the lovely comments left on my last post. In answer to those who left questions:

Bella - I like to browse the high street for inspiration and trawl the charity shops and boot sales for similiar pieces. I agree with you, fashion is usually a rehash of past styles just put together in a different way. 

Vicki - Thanks for the compliment! Yoga and lots of swimming keep my arms toned. They used to be embarrasingly scrawny but plenty of exercise have at last made them fit for public inspection!

Rose & Bird: I search my local newspaper's Classifieds on-line for jumble sales and I'm always scouring the adverts in local shop windows and community centre noticeboards. 

Heart Shaped Bruise: Thanks for following. I'd love to follow you but I can't seem to access your blog.


  1. Gorgeous as always! I love pink - I'm such a girly girl. I think the mix of pink and turquoise is utterly divine!

  2. Another really lovely dress, the shape, colours, print it's all perfect.
    You look so pretty and fresh in it and ready for Spring!
    Vicki xx

  3. Pink & turquoise isn't a combination that I'd think of normally, but it really works! I now really really want some tights that colour.. can definitely see them fitting into my wardrobe..!

    Thanks for the mention :) I have absolutely no idea why you can't access my blog - I just went back to my comment to check I wrote the address right (it was rather late by that point!), but it is & works for me.. so I don't know! Obviously wasn't meant to be I guess! :(

    Take care

  4. Wonderful outfit, and cheap!! Love that bag your friend made, talented lady!

    I'm a bit of a girly girl, love pink, rom coms and cupcakes but also love cider, football and going to the dogs. Evens the balance!

    X xx

  5. you look so great! cant believe it was all so cheapp!

  6. this is just amazing. I've never really thought pink went with green shades until now.

  7. I'm very girly and love pink and i would have never put those colours together myself. They look fantastic! xx

  8. wow another stunning outfit, I love your attention to detail even adding macthing nail varnish on your toes x

  9. I love all the bright colors, and i love the monochrome with the tights and shoes, amazing ;)

  10. OOOOHHHHH !!!!!!!!!! I want your dress !!!
    You're so pretty !!!!

  11. Your posts really are, quite literally, inspirational. Myself and Edward (over at BIG BISCUITS) have had our vigour for charity shopping renewed by the discovery of your blog. Keep up your sterling work!

  12. I hate pink. Really hate it - don't own anything pink except one pair of socks. But it doesn't stop me admiring it on other people and I think you look gorgeous in this outfit Vix.

    I hope the other dresses get an airing soon - the two we've seen so far have been fantastic.

  13. I adore that cotton candy pink dress, the print is divine and the way you've teamed it with a kick-ass contrasting colour is just pure genius. I really liked your outfit yesterday but this one I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can't help but to feel jealous at such a bountiful hoard of vintage dresses especially when they are as rocking as the two you've showcased & 20p...sheesh, I do believe I am quite literally turning green! I'm so with you on the girly-girl subject, I too may wear a frilly dress but I’m so not a fluffy honey bunny princess. As for cupcakes & champagne…I just don’t get the hype?

  14. Hi there-you've worn the dress really well, with a perfect choice of accessories. These dresses were an absolute steal, well done!!

  15. Oh, I am in love with your shoes. Great outfit!! So pretty with the tights!

    --Thanks about the pants. It's funny, because I was thinking they didn't look that great in the pics. Maybe it's just that they look better in real life! Al

    Also, my hair isn't so much a "hair cut" as a "I've been growing it out since summer and trim it myself once a month!"

  16. Hi,

    i'm new here & i love how you match oufit in an interesting & vibrant way. Love the colors used.

    Happy days!

  17. Love the turquiose colour on you, it really compliments the dress!


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