Saturday, 23 January 2010

Saturday Morning Jumble

It wasn't a great jumble sale this morning but we managed to find a few bargains in amongst the tat.

This sweet 1930's bentwood armchair reminded me of a similiar chair I'd admired in Laura Ashley. I'm not sure whether to recover it or leave the shabby chic fabric as it is.
I loved these kitsch rose print placemats, still in their original box. An unwanted 1950's wedding gift, perhaps?

Still on the kitsch theme I couldn't resist this pretty glazed Italian print:
This atomic-era sputnik heater still works perfectly.......
.....and the vintage enamel bread bin is a perfect addition to our growing collection of retro kitchenalia:
Total morning's spend - £5. Not bad, eh?


  1. wow! i am jealous of all of these! the chair, the placemats and the bread bin! I need to know what area of the country you're in so i can muscle in on these bargains! and for a fiver?!

    I went to one this morning too! spent £25 on lots and lots but nothing as amazing as those bits!

    and yes, i agree, i think we are long lost twins! haha. x

  2. totally lacking words today,
    but wanted to tell you I loved this post, fab finds! x

  3. Those placemats are so cute x

  4. The chair is so wonderful - I seethe with jealousy! I know how perfectly it'll fit into your house of treasures. I think you should leave the fabric as is... or maybe you could recover with Laura Ashley fabric and cheat your way to the chair of your dreams? :) xxx

  5. Such amazing finds. All the jumble sales/car boots this way seem to be filled with overpriced 90s tat

  6. That chair is such a find! I love the material on it now.

    Ladybug seems to have the same sort of stuff I find at our local jumble sales/car boots!

  7. I must say that you visit some ace jumble sales & bag bargains of such impressive magnitude it all leaves me rather stunned. All that for a fiver, my mind just boggles!
    I spied a similar bread bin to the one you got at my Sunday boot sale and the seller was asking a tenner for it, as for the armchair & those adorable placemats, simply frigging marvellous :)

  8. Living in what often feels like the least stylish place in the UK certainly pays off when it comes to vintage shopping!
    We picked up these pieces at least 30 minutes after the jumble sale kicked off.
    Judging by what the other jumble salers were carrying it appears most Midlanders faded Ikea prints and flat pack furniture.


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