Friday, 22 January 2010

Rock 'n' Roll Woman

Vintage tee shirt and skinny scarf (Jumble sale), Skirt (River Island), Ankle Boots (Miss Selfridge), Jewellery (India)

It's a great time of year for us thrifty girls - the sales leftovers have now been marked down to peanuts and there's more bargains to be had on the high street than in our favourite charity shops.

My River Island skirt started life at £24.99 but snaffled for £3.75......

...........and these leather boots were reduced from £70 to £20.


  1. love the skirt! what an absolute steal!

  2. I have a really similar Ramones t-shirt I bought years ago, going to dig it out now and wear it with a skirt!

    You get such great bargains! Love those boots. And you know I'm in love with every piece of jewellery you own! ;)

    X x

  3. How awesome was the RI sale?! I LOVE this skirt and the pop of colour it adds. I can image it working with everything already in your wardrobe - so versatile.

    As always, love the backdrop to your photo!

  4. I'm loving the wallpaper! My husband has a real irk with all the teenagers wearing Ramones t shirts because they have probably never heard of them. Looks fab with that skirt - what a bargain!


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