Wednesday, 27 January 2010

It's Vintage, Darling!

This was the dress I wore on Saturday night, you might be mistaken for thinking it was vintage but it's actually a £5 Peacock's sales bargain. I love it! The quality, style and vibrant colour all shout sixties Go-Go dancer. 

I kept the accessories to a minimum with black opaques and patent platform heels (ex-Faith, local market £5) and dug out some of my stash of sixties perspex and plastic costume jewellery. The huge orange ring was worn by my Mum when she was expecting me, almost an antiquee!

On the theme of pink, I have to say I'm tickled pink by the award the lovely Kel at Silver Peacock sent me:

I've got to list seven weird and wonderful things about myself that you might not already know, so here goes:
  • I'm a natural blonde but reinvented myself as a raven-headed girl four years ago. I even had my eyebrows tattooed on in black to match.
  • I've had a total hip replacement and opted to stay awake during the operation - a bizzare experience. 
  • I've had my pet tortoise, Jacob, since the long hot summer of 1976.
  • Even though I've been a vegetarian most of my life I'm also a qualified chef and ran several restaurants during my 10 year career in the hospitality business.
  • I've ridden across the Sahara desert on a camel.
  • My boyfriend was the original lead guitarist for Madchester band, The Charlatans - suppose that makes me a real live groupie.
  • I've posed nude for art students.
I'm tagging the following beautiful bloggers:


  1. lovely outfit!

    I've recently started a fashion blog and would love it if you dropped by/exchanged links with me.


  2. You look gorgeous in pink, it really suits you. I've always wanted to have a pet tortoise since i was a little girl so i'm very jealous x

  3. I think you're the most interesting person I've ever known in my life. I didn't know ANY of these things about you! Cannot imagine you as a blonde - you suit the dark side so much!

    I love the history behind the ring. Imagine that? Wearing a ring you first wore (kind of) before you were born! Amazing.

    And yes, you look fab in pink!

  4. Such great facts!! I always wanted a tortoise when I was younger. Is Jacob tucked away in a box at the moment?

    Love the dress and the ring, such a great story behind it.

    x x

  5. The color on that dress really pops ... loved how you wore it!

    Here's to more awards coming your way!

  6. You are so pretty ! I love the color of this dress !
    Congrats for this award, and thank you so much !

  7. Hi! Thanks so much for your comment and for following me!
    Love the colour of that dress, you have such a lovely figure too looks fab on you! A perfect dress for shaking your thang!
    What an interesting and varied life you have lead, you should write a book! Oh and I love the Charlatans and lots of band from that 'scene', is your boyfriend still a musician now?


  8. Jealous jealous jealous, I got this dress as a bargain from Ebay but I am far too curvy to work this kind of layered shift. You look utterly fabulous in it. It's currently heading to a charity shop in Colchester if any other bloggers fancy it...

    And have seen The Charlatans so many times, what great and interesting facts!

    Love the blog. Am currently setting up my own for post-move new-life musings...(aka RainyWednesday)

  9. I wrote a big reply to this yesterday but obviously didn't publish it! Oops! technophobe - we didn't have 'puters when I was at school.

    I was a Charlatans fan too. I guess your OH would have played on Some Friendly then?

    My eldest son is called Jacob - I always thought it was such a cool and unusual name. I had decided as a youngster (probably around 1976 too!) that I would have a boy called Jacob and a girl called Charlotte.

    Thanks for the mention! I'm up to 14 followers now! I'm so chuffed!

  10. Cheers for the tag my dear :)
    I love the fabulous ring, the fact that it used to belong to your mum & that she wore it whilst carrying you makes it all the more special, a personal little treasure!

  11. Thanks for the comments and hooray for mums everywhere! Mine has the ability to drive me crackers especially when she tells me about the Biba, Granny Takes A Trip and Bus Stop clothes she's had and chucked away...grrr!
    Yes, Jon played on Some Friendly so each time you hear "The Only One I Know" you know we've got money on the way.


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