Tuesday, 26 January 2010

In The Bedroom....

Take a peek at our bedroom. The bed and antique Indian rug were eBay bargains, the Edwardian dressing table, Lloyd Loom ottoman and 1950's lampshades were charity shop finds and the snake's head brass wall sconces and vintage "Tina" print both car boot buys. The Lloyd Loom bedside table is one of a pair salvaged from a local skip scrubbed and spray painted.

The black crystal chandelier was a birthday present. The feature wall is covered in Laura Ashley's Kimono paper and the remainder painted in Farrow and Ball's charcoal grey "Down Pipe".

Today's outfit is a TopShop tapestry detail smock (£5 sale purchase) worn over a vintage Jeff Banks "W1 Boutique" blouse (50p Car Boot Sale).

Finer points:

The shoe boots were found in the British Heart Foundation, unworn and with the store labels still attached. The opaques are grey.

No outfit really feels my own without my trademark tribal jewellery.


  1. Oh wow!, yr bedroom is stunning!!! it looks like a room from a stately home!! *drool* lol.

    :) G

  2. gosh, dream room!! loving the outfit too.

    so jealous of the tina print too, that would be my perfect car boot find!

  3. I knew your bedroom would be my favourite room so far! I love decadent beds like this. I bet you feel so regal on a morning, waking up in such sumptuous surroundings!

    Gorgeous outfit, too. You're just all-round fabulous!

  4. Grand room! especially your snake lamps. Whats your name by the way? obviously you don't need to give your surname out :P

  5. I adore your bedroom !
    And you're so lovely with your fabulous dress !

  6. Are you called Vixen because you are such a fox? My hubby thinks you are fab. Your room is amazing.

    I'm planning on hitting second hand shops tomorrow. You are an inspiration!

  7. Thanks for the comments!

    P: I'm Victoria but known as Vix or Vicky.

  8. This is amazing, the bedroom, the outfit, just amazing.
    I love the Tina print, you make bargain hunting foxy!! :)

    We are yet to decorate our bedroom, but I'd love it to look like yours.

    X xxx

  9. Your outfit is gorgeous, I love those berry colored sleeves. I am super in love with your house!! The interior decoration looks amazing!!

  10. I love the colour and the sleeves on that blouse! Suits you so much.
    Your bedroom is so decadent and glamorous, I especially love the light fitting and the ottoman. You have such a good eye for beautiful pieces!

  11. Ahhhhhhh! Shoes = AMAZING. I want them very badly.

    And every piece of furniture in your house, please. x


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