Saturday, 26 December 2009

Vain as a peacock

Vintage dress (Clothes Show), Patent platforms (Market), Necklace and bag (Xmas presents)

Well, it wasn't too bad a day after all! Spending time with our nearest and dearest, amazing pressies, the Royale Family on the TV, curry for lunch and even a touch of snow on the ground.....

One of my lovely pals made me this beautiful peacock feather bag....

......and this pewter sci-fi necklace is another fabulous gift.

Off for a night out on the town, the last chance to catch up with pals before we jet off to India on Monday morning. Catch you all later.


  1. Haha you are Cool! I love that you are quirky! I went to the clothes show with school!
    Tomorrow x

  2. You look fab. I loved the Royale Family, Oneeeeeeeeee do do do onnnneeeeeeeeeee x

  3. Lovely dress :)
    Hope you have a lovely trip!!
    follow me on <3

  4. very gorgeous look, really love it :)

    drey jewelry design


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