Sunday, 27 December 2009

Leavin' On A Jet Plane.........

Kate Moss at TopShop blouse (Xmas present), Customised jeans, ripped dance tights and tiger buckle belt (Jumble sale), Vintage braided waistcoat (Charity shop), TopShop vest (Car boot sale), Leather ankle boots (Local market), Earrings and turquoise bangle (Xmas presents), Other jewellery (India)

My bags are packed, my eyelash extensions applied, I'm epilated to within an inch of my life, the contents of the fridge have been eaten and we're ready for a 3am getaway tomorrow morning. The itinery is Manchester - Heathrow- Chennai , landing at 1am local time where the estimated ground temperature is 32 degrees centigrade.

Happy New Year to all my lovely members and anyone else reading!

See you on 17th January, 2010


  1. have a wonderful time! i love the blouse! x

  2. Have a great time!!
    Love the outfit, I want your jewellery box!!!

    X xx

  3. Have a lovely time & a safe journey.

  4. Have a fabulous time and a wonderful 2010. xxx

  5. 17th Jan? Yeeeesh! Such a lovely, long break for you - enjoy it!

    You look DELIGHTFUL, by the way! :)

  6. Have a great time !
    Happy new year !


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