Tuesday 15 December 2009

Oh So Wrong!

 Pussybow blouse and waistcoat (Kate Moss at TopShop), Acid wash high waist jeans (Market) Tod's python boots and silver tassel earrings (Car Boot), Knitted beret (Jumble sale), Silver jewellery (India), Toile de Jouy curtains (Car Boot), Antique Indian rug (eBay)

There's something so wrong about these jeans. I wouldn't have been seen dead in acid-wash denim back in the 1980's but now they feel kind of trashy but fun. The high cut isn't the most flattering but it's a change from the low risers I've been wearing for years and a lot warmer than exposing all that flesh.

I bought this cute kidney-shaped bag for a £1 from a charity shop this morning. It's big enough to get all the crap I usually carry around with me and the faux leopard fur always adds a touch of trashy glamour.

I used to give pound shops a wide berth until I actually ventured in one and found a vast array of treasures awaiting me. Now I can't resist popping in whenever I pass. Here's today's treats.

Pascall's Coconut Mushrooms, Treaclemoon handcream, "Tree Hugger" purse.


  1. ooh I love coconut mushrooms! yum!
    That purse is lovely.

    Pound shops are great sometimes, the one near me does great shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, and the sweets you can get are great!!

    Love the blouse, and I always drool over your jewellery, love silver jewellery and that ring you have on is amazing.


  2. The pound shop near my work is a gold mine. My top tip for pound shops is the posting stuff - padded envelops, bubble wrap, brown paper, postage boxes! SO good, SO cheap!!

    Great jeans... high waisted is the way to go! And those boots are surely your best find ever?

  3. I have that coconut flavour in a huge shower gel from tesco!--its good enough to eat, i may go and raid my local £1 shop!.

    :) G.

  4. Hooray for pound shops! I get my eBay packaging supplies from them, too(tissue paper, sellotape and A5 envelopes).
    Poundland have some fantastic books and Dvds.
    Those Tod's boots are one of my ultimate bargain buys and amazingly comfy,too.

  5. I swear you can do no wrong,
    and omg, craving coconut mushrooms like MAD now.


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