Monday, 14 December 2009

Gold, Frankincense and Murs

It's officially the festive season and having spent the last ten years holidaying in India I've forgotten what on earth it is I'm supposed to do in the run up to Christmas. Our decorations were given away years ago, I own nothing with sequins and now British Airways have announced strike action so it looks like my New Year travel plans have been well and truly scuppered. Still it's not all Bah humbug - there's loads of parties and nights out with friends planned for the next fortnight and if we have to travel a couple of weeks later then so be it.

I picked up a kids' "Make Your Own Beanie" kit for 10p at Saturday's jumble sale and ammended the instructions to create this longer more festive version using a skein of vintage gold lurex thread found at a car boot sale.

To take my mind of today's frustrations I added three drops of Frankincense along with two tablespoons of organic olive oil to my bath, a good essential oil for soothing the senses and restoring the mind's natural balance.

.......And finally it's the end of Simon Cowell's domination of the weekend TV schedules for another year. I've seen some of the series but don't go out of my way to watch the X Factor and certainly won't be buying the winner's single. I'm backing Rage Against The Machine's campaign to be the Xmas number one.


  1. Lovely hat. So inventive and festive!

    Shame to hear about the strikes... I've never been away at Christmas and cannot imagine it! Although I'm angling for a trip to NYC next year... :)

  2. Those kits are great - you can knock up a hat in a couple of hours. I can see all my pals ending up with one!


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