Monday, 9 November 2009

Wear the old coat and buy the new book

My Grandma always told me that a coat was an investment piece and it was a waste of money buying a cheap coat that had to be replaced annually. At this time of year I'd much rather splash my cash on a flight to India than buy a sensible coat so I search for top quality second-hand versions instead.

This 1960's wool coat is Finnish and made by "Hokia Modells". I bought it from a jumble sale back in August for 25p. It's not so different to the Marc Jacob's Winter '09 checked coat currently on sale at Net-a-Porter for £595.

My tips for vintage coat buying:
  • Always look out of season, some of my finest coat finds have been on blazing hot summer days when sellers at boot sales, jumble sales and charity shops want them out of the way.
  • Check for moth damage as this can lead to the rest of your wardrobe becoming contaminated.
  • Dry clean at the end of winter and store in a sealable suit carrier on a cedar wood hanger.
  • Carefully inspect for wear and tear. Satin linings, seams and hems can be restitched but worn away cuffs and elbows require costly professional repair.
  • Freshen your coat up by tumble drying with a damp muslin sheet sprinkled with a few drops of your favourite essential oil.


  1. You're SO right about cheap coats. Last year I bought one from H&M for £30. I went to get it out a few months ago and it looked shabby - really bobbled, misshapen and so not stylish! Yesterday I thought 'hey, I'll stick it on eBay instead'... but didn't even do that because it's in such poor condition.

    This year I found my fab Diesel parka for £35. I'm hoping that will last, but I'll keep my eye out for a second hand find! :)

  2. Your Diesel coat was a real bargain!

  3. Great coat, it does look alot like marc jacobs! Thanks for tips, I love vintage but always have the hardest time finding good pieces.



  4. that is one fantastic coat
    (and in my opinion, nicer than the Marc Jacobs one)

  5. Thanks, girls! I wore it today and had lots of compliments from posh older ladies (always a sign of a quality item in my opinion)! xx


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