Sunday, 8 November 2009

A good read with Madonna and Gina

Searching through the bookshelves at my parents' house today lead to the discovery of "Harriet Love's Guide To Vintage Chic". Not only useful, timeless advice but some cute photographs of a very young
Madonna and Gina Davis.

"Today's antique clothing has become high style - museums and investors collect it: the world's leading designers copy it: glamorous men and women popularize it. In Harriet Love's Guide To Vintage Chic, the first lady of antique fashion offers authoritative advice and inside tips about where to find vintage clothing, how to care for it; what items are most prized and why; how to save money; and above all, how to put it all together with contemporary flair."

ISBN No: 0-03-056239-2


  1. How fabulous. I can imagine reading it is like stepping back in time.


  2. It was a treat to reread. It was a present when I first became interested in vintage and Madonna wasn't even on the scene then. xx


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